New Venture Fund (NVF)




Tax ID:


Tax-Exempt Status:


Budget (2017):

Revenue: $358,858,641
Expenses: $329,784,536
Assets: $383,435,182


October 2006

Tax-Exemption Received January 2007


Arabella Legacy Fund (2006-2009)

Board Chair:

Eric Kessler


Lee Bodner

Eric Kessler (2006-2015)

Managed By:

Arabella Advisors

Latest Tax Filing:

2019 Form 990

The New Venture Fund (NVF) is a 501(c)(3) funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit that makes grants to left-of-center advocacy and organizing projects and provides incubation serves for other left-of-center organizations. The fund focuses primarily on social and environmental change, issuing grants for a variety of projects that include conservation, global health, disaster recovery, education, and the arts. [1] It is the largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the network of four nonprofits created and managed by Arabella Advisors, a Washington, D.C.-based philanthropy consulting company that caters to major foundations and organizations on the political Left. A January 2020 profile of Arabella Advisors’ network by Inside Philanthropy noted that the company “handles over $400 million in philanthropic investments and advises on several billion dollars in overall resources.” [2]

Critics, including the New York Times, argue that New Venture Fund is a “dark money” organization, serving as a way for left-leaning groups to anonymously funnel money toward various political advocacy issues, such as attacking vulnerable Republicans or pushing environmental restrictions. [3] In April 2021, the New York Times criticized Arabella’s “system of political financing, which often obscures the identities of donors,” as “dark money,” calling the network “a leading vehicle for it on the Left.” [4] However, NVF also sponsors a number of “philanthropic projects” that engage in charitable causes. [5]

NVF often operates alongside its 501(c)(4) “sister” nonprofit Sixteen Thirty Fund, which provides similar funding and fiscal sponsorship services to center-left advocacy organizations. Both groups are administered by Arabella Advisors, a Washington, D.C.-based philanthropy consulting firm that caters to left-leaning clients. New Venture Fund’s board of directors includes officers from Arabella Advisors, including the firm’s principal Eric Kessler.

The Hopewell Fund and Windward Fund are also 501(c)(3) nonprofits managed by Arabella Advisors that work closely with NVF and Sixteen Thirty Fund.



Also see Eric Kessler

The New Venture Fund was created on October 25, 2006 in the District of Columbia as the Arabella Legacy Fund; the 501(c)(3) nonprofit received IRS recognition of its tax exemption in January 2007. In October 2009, the Arabella Legacy Fund was officially renamed the New Venture Fund. [6]

At the time of its formation, Eric Kessler served as president of the Fund. Kessler is the founder and senior managing partner of Arabella Advisors, a philanthropy consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Fund’s founding board of directors in 2006-2007 consisted of Kessler, then-Illinois Nature Conservancy executive director Bruce Boyd, and then-Western Conservation Foundation executive director Adam Eichberg. [7]

NVF was created with grants from an unknown source totaling $3.725 million. From the start, it also had an administrative services agreement with Arabella Advisors (then Arabella Philanthropic Investment Advisors) to provide management and consulting services to the NVF. According to its description of activities, the NVF was created to pursue two purposes: [8]

[F]irst, it will engage in a program dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment from the detrimental effects of off-road vehicle use; second, it will engage in a program dedicated to the American Christian Evangelical environmental community, building a grassroots movement of Evangelicals and educating the American public regarding the Evangelical environmental message.

The NVF’s founding document further quotes three Psalms from the Bible in support of advancing an environmentalist agenda. The NVF also explained in the document its intent to provide an “Environmental Toolkit for Pastors”: [9]

The Environmental Toolkit for Pastors will be designed to enable Pastors to integrate creation-care teaching into their ministry. An important part of [the] Pastor’s toolkit will be materials for worship services that will celebrate all of God’s creation and explore how mankind can be better stewards of the His [sic] creation, including suggestions for hymns (including processional, worship and offertory hymns and hymns of commitment), invocations, New and Old Testament lessons, responsive readings and sermon outlines (or “seeds” whereby Pastors can create their own sermons).

Worship materials will be created for various topics, including global warming, air and water pollution, endangered species and the environment’s effect on human health . . . . In addition, the Pastor’s toolkit will include materials . . . to educate Pastors regarding creation care’s basis in Scripture, as well as fact sheets for Pastors and their congregations on various environmental topics and suggestions for how congregations can take action to care for God’s creation.

“Fake” Groups

The New Venture Fund, like all four nonprofits managed by the for-profit consultancy Arabella Advisors, primarily exists to sponsor a number of “fake” groups: websites designed to look like standalone nonprofits. These “fake” groups rarely become fully-fledged nonprofits; instead, they typically exist to effect an issue advocacy campaign pushing left-wing policies and may disappear after the campaign is finished. The New Venture Fund the oldest of Arabella’s four nonprofits, and was founded as the Arabella Legacy Fund in 2006. The groups it sponsors encompass a wide range of issues and policy areas. [10]

The New Venture Fund describes its mission as “dedicated to supporting innovative and effective public interest projects” through fiscal sponsorship and grants. [11] According to its 2018 IRS Form 990 filing (archived here), NVF identified three program areas in which it spent money:

In 2018, NVF spent $90,387,850 on “civil rights, social action, and advocacy,” of which $44,453,476 was spent in grants to other nonprofits: [12]

NVF’s civil rights, social action, and advocacy portfolio spans a broad spectrum of projects, including those which seek to protect the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality; inspire and implement new ideas and processes for the betterment of society; and foster public participation in the debate on important social issues to ensure that communities have a voice in public policies that impact their lives.

In 2018, NVF spent $87,959,941 on “environmental programs,” of which $60,616,035 was spent in grants to other nonprofits: [13]

NVF’s environmental programs focus on a range of conservation, climate, river conservation, alternative energy sources and reduction of fossil fuels, protection of ocean life, wildlands conservation, ecological agriculture, and habitat restoration. Activities among these projects include grantmaking, communications, coordination among stakeholders, civic and media engagement, and public awareness campaigns.

In 2018, NVF spent $66,008,606 on “youth development and education-focused projects,” of which $36,037,962 was spent in grants to other nonprofits: [14]

NVF operates a variety of youth development and education-focused projects. These projects work in a range of areas to support the development of youth and improvement of education in the U.S., such as early learning in vulnerable populations, literacy, connected learning, support to teachers and other educational professionals, and advocacy for effective teaching practices and education reform. Our work primarily includes grantmaking, convenings, and strategic communications support.

In addition, NVF spent $108,608,263 on unnamed program services, of which $64,243,743 was paid out in grants to other groups. [15]

The New Venture Fund claims it has sponsored over 280 projects since its inception in 2006 touching a broad range of center-left issues. [16] The following are a handful of known NVF-sponsored projects or areas funded by the nonprofit; more of its projects are listed at the bottom of this profile (under “Child Organizations”).

Known New Venture Fund Projects

List also includes former NVF projects that have since become standalone nonprofits

Allied Progress

Also see Allied Progress (Nonprofit)

In 2015, Allied Progress was formed using money from New Venture Fund to push for Congress not to overturn the country’s ban on crude oil exports. Allied Progress ran an advertisement campaign in Colorado, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, and New Mexico, urging voters to tell their senators they wanted to keep the ban. [17] Allied Progress Action is the sister to Allied Progress and a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund.

Campaign for Accountability

Also see Campaign for Accountability (Nonprofit)

SiliconBeat reported that New Venture Fund was behind Campaign for Accountability, which did extensive research into Google’s relationship with the Obama White House and created the Google Accountability Project, a website that pointed out the tech giant’s heavy influence with the Obama administration. [18] The publication noted that New Venture Fund has received financial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ($94 million between 2014 and 2016) and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation ($17 million during that period.)[19]


New Venture Fund gave about $4 million to a failed Mississippi initiative in 2015 that would have given state judges power over school issues, including increased education spending. [20]

In a report over the National Education Association’s $138 million in spending in the 2016 fiscal year, Dropout Nation, an education reform website, pointed out the national teachers union gave $62,657 to New Venture Fund and $550,000 to Sixteen Thirty Fund, an endowment developed by Arabella Advisors. [21] Eric Kessler, the president and board chairman of New Venture Fund, also founded Arabella Advisors. [22]

Controversies and Criticism

Unlawful Private Funding of Elections Lawsuit (2020)

Also see Center for Secure and Modern Elections (Nonprofit) and Center for Tech and Civic Life (Nonprofit)

On October 2, 2021, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry sued the New Venture Fund (as the parent organization of the Center for Secure and Modern Elections, or CSME), the Center for Technology and Civic Life (an allied organization), and the consulting firm Full Circle Strategies (which represented both organizations locally) “to prevent the injection of unregulated private money into the Louisiana election system and to protect the integrity of elections in the State by ensuring against the corrosive influence of outside money on Louisiana election officials.” According to the lawsuit, “private contributions to local election officials are unlawful and contrary to the methods for election funding established by law in the State of Louisiana”; the Attorney General sought to have CTCL’s funding declared illegal and be permanently enjoined. [23]

The lawsuit alleged that CTCL and New Venture Fund (under the name “Center for Secure and Modern Elections”) had unlawfully “targeted 13 parishes” for elections grants, some of which exceeded $500,000, requiring local registrar’s offices to provide “detailed information about [their] operations, conduct, and expenses” in turn. These transactions were allegedly facilitated by Dawn Maisel Cole, the principal for Full Circle Strategies, who “directly solicited registrars and clerks of court to accept contributions from CTCL and New Venture for the operation of their respective offices.” Besides breaking state law, the Attorney General’s office argued that private funding of elections is barred by the Louisiana state legislature and U.S. Congress for “obvious” reasons: [24]

  1. The influence that would inevitably accompany private financial contributions to local elections officials;
  2. Outside donations to local election officials sow distrust in the administration of the election system;
  3. Private contributions would inevitably spawn competition for party and corporate control over local election funding and would lead to bidding for election favor by party and private interests;
  4. Private contributors are likely to be political parties or large corporations that have partisan and/or economic objectives to foster with their contributions to election officials;
  5. Private interests, as in this instance, fund particular parishes and particular aspects of the election that they believe advance their election goals and objectives;
  6. Should registrars and clerks become reliant upon private funding of their governmental activities, they may well be compelled to respond to the objectives of those providing the funding in order to ensure that the funding continues;
  7. Such private funding, washed through non-profit organizations, invites the potential for contributions from foreign governments to the Louisiana system and its election officials;
  8. Private contributions open the door to election suits and contests based upon perceived or actual influence on the part of local election officials in the conduct of an election.

A state judge ruled against the state on October 26, 2020, on the grounds that the Attorney General’s office had “no cause of action” for the lawsuit and it was dismissed. [25]

Illegal Election Intervention Complaint (2021)

On May 15, 2021, the right-leaning watchdog Americans for Public Trust (APT) filed a complaint (archived here) with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), which oversees political groups’ spending, alleging violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act by Hansjorg Wyss, the Wyss Foundation, the Berger Action Fund, the New Venture Fund (in its capacity as the parent of the Hub Project), and Sixteen Thirty Fund. [26] According to APT, “Mr. Wyss indirectly funded federal electoral advocacy through his nonprofit organizations,” failing to set them up as political action committees (PACs), and “the intended recipient of these funds was ultimately a variety of organizations whose primary purpose is to engage in electoral advocacy.”

Organizations which receive contributions in excess of $1,000 or makes contributions in excess of $1,000 in a calendar year is considered a PAC for the major purpose of influencing elections. PACs are subject to strict financial reporting requirements that 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) nonprofits are not. [27] The complaint points out that the Wyss Foundation, Berger Action Fund, and New Venture Fund, which are all 501(c) nonprofits, have failed to file a statement of organization with the FEC, despite Wyss contributing at least $56.5 million from the Wyss Foundation to the New Venture Fund and another $135 from the Berger Action Fund to the Sixteen Thirty Fund. The 501(c)(4) Sixteen Thirty Fund spent $30 million influencing the 2018 midterm elections in order to favor Democratic candidates, “thereby triggering classification as a political committee,” according to APT.

U.S. law strictly prohibits foreign nationals from making direct or indirect contributions to political action committees. [28] Wyss, who was born in Switzerland, resides in the U.S. under an “E-2 VISA” (which is intended for foreign investors who live and work in the country) and “is not a permanent resident of the U.S. under a ‘green card,'” according to his attorney. [29] The complaint cites $41,000 in illegal federal campaign contributions Wyss paid between 1998 and 2003, claiming that, “Since that time, [Wyss] has made indirect contributions and expenditures by means of an intricate network of organizations in a scheme to obscure his role as the source of these funds.” [30]

APT alleges that Wyss established the Hub Project, a front for the “dark money” funder New Venture Fund and the recipient of significant funding from the Wyss Foundation, in order “to avoid any connection with the sizeable election activities carried out by the Hub Project and Change Now,” a super PAC associated with the Hub Project. “Operating since 2015
without the requisite FEC filing,” APT writes, “the Hub Project has been immune to any oversight and accountability despite significant spending in federal election.” It adds:

The Hub Project has served as a vehicle for the political spending of Mr. Wyss. This is demonstrated by the fact that Mr. Wyss has not publicly disclosed his role in founding the Hub Project. Neither his influence nor his financial support can be found anywhere on the group’s website. Rather, information regarding his involvement with the Hub Project was the result of “interviews with five people with knowledge of The Hub Project, an internal memo from another liberal group that was obtained by The New York Times.”

“Dark Money” Criticism

For more information, see Arabella Advisors (For-Profit) and Sixteen Thirty Fund (Nonprofit)

The New Venture Fund has been criticized by right- and left-leaning observers for its role as the largest member of a multi-billion-dollar nonprofit network of pass-through funders administered by Arabella Advisors, a for-profit consultancy in Washington, DC. Arabella and its nonprofit network have been criticized as “dark money” funders both for channeling hundreds of millions of dollars to left-wing organizations and for hosting hundreds of “pop-up groups”—websites designed to look like standalone nonprofits that are really projects of an Arabella-run nonprofit. [31] [32]

In April 2021, the New York Times criticized Arabella’s “system of political financing, which often obscures the identities of donors,” as “dark money,” calling the network “a leading vehicle for it on the Left.” [33] In May 2021, the New York Times criticized New Venture’s 501(c)(4) “sister” nonprofit, the Sixteen Thirty Fund, for its close ties to and funding from the foreign-funded Wyss Foundation, calling Sixteen Thirty Fund one of the “leading dark money spenders on the Left” responsible for distributing more than $63 million in super PAC donations that hurt Republicans and aided Democrats in the 2020 election, as well for “help[ing] create and fund dozens of groups, including some that worked to block Mr. Trump’s nominees and push progressive appointments by Mr. Biden.” [34]

In November 2019, Politico criticized the Sixteen Thirty Fund, the 501(c)(4) advocacy wing of Arabella’s nonprofit network, as a “little-known,” “massive ‘dark money’ group [that] boosted Democrats” in the 2018 midterm elections with $140 million. “The money contributed to efforts ranging from fighting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and other Trump judicial nominees to boosting ballot measures raising the minimum wage and changing laws on voting and redistricting in numerous states,” the left-leaning website reported. Politico also noted that Sixteen Thirty Fund’s biggest single donation (made anonymously) was for $51.7 million, “more than the group had ever raised before in an entire year before President Donald Trump was elected,” adding that “the group’s 2018 fundraising surpassed any amount ever raised by a left-leaning political nonprofit.” [35] However, Politico failed to tie the Sixteen Thirty Fund to Arabella Advisors and its other three nonprofits.

The left-leaning Washington Post further criticized Arabella’s Sixteen Thirty Fund as a “big campaign donor” in a November 24, 2019 opinion by the editorial board, which called on Congress to change nonprofit disclosure laws, noting in particular a $26.7 million anonymous donation to the Fund. [36] However, the Post also failed to connect the Sixteen Thirty Fund to Arabella Advisors and its other three nonprofits.

In a November 24, 2019 letter to the editor published by the Washington Post, Capital Research Center president Scott Walter identified the $26.7 million donation as originating with the New Venture Fund, the largest of Arabella’s in-house nonprofits, and confirmed Politico’s suspicion that the Sixteen Thirty Fund is “part of a larger network of dark money.” [37]

Hiding Political Agenda Behind “Fake News Sites”

The nonprofit watchdog OpenSecrets (published by the Center for Responsive Politics) reported in May 2020 on Arabella’s involvement in numerous “fake news sites,” pouring millions of untraceable dollars into advertisements and other digital content “masquerading as news coverage to influence the 2020 election.” [38]

OpenSecrets identified five Facebook pages (Colorado Chronicle, Daily CO, Nevada News Now, Silver State Sentinel, Verified Virginia) that “gave the impression of multiple free-standing local news outlets,” but are in fact “merely fictitious names used by the Sixteen Thirty Fund,” Arabella’s 501(c)(4) lobbying nonprofit. [39] These pages published Facebook political advertisements that favored Democrats and left-wing causes during the 2020 election. After the report was published a number of these pages were deleted.

States Newsroom, which runs another network of left-wing “fake news” websites, was originally created as “Newsroom Network,” a project of the Arabella-run 501(c)(3) Hopewell Fund. In June 2019, States Newsroom was spun off as an independent nonprofit with its own 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, but a number of its local affiliates are used by the Hopewell Fund as its own legal aliases. [40]

While States Newsroom does not disclose its donors (and is not required to by the IRS), [41]

IRS application records obtained by OpenSecrets show the States Newsroom was offered a $1 million donation from the Wyss Foundation, a private foundation primarily funded by Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, who made his fortune as CEO of a controversial medical device manufacturer called Synthes.

A financial statement in the IRS records obtained by OpenSecrets shows that the States Newsroom plans to bring in more than $27 million in contributions before the end of 2021.

And in 2018 the Hopewell Fund gave $1.72 million to News for Democracy, which OpenSecrets points out “was at the crux of a network of seemingly independent Facebook pages disguised as news outlets that started spending on digital ads in 2018,” with backing from the Sixteen Thirty Fund and Investing in US, an investment vehicle funded by LinkedIn founder and liberal billionaire Reid Hoffman. [42]

Also among these “dark money” groups was ACRONYM, which raised $9.4 million from “secret donors” through April 2019, including $250,000 from Arabella’s 501(c)(3) New Venture Fund. ACRONYM is affiliated with a super PAC, PACRONYM, which spent close to $18 million aiding Democrats and hurting Republicans through independent expenditures in the 2020 election. [43] ACRONYM also owns and operates Courier Newsroom, which in turn manages a network of left-wing websites that present themselves as local news outlets while spreading “hyperlocal partisan propaganda,” according to the centrist watchdog Newsguard. [44] Courier Newsroom spent at least $20,000 in digital advertising campaigns on Facebook between March 2019 and May 2020; its total spending in Facebook ads as of June 2021 is nearly $1.4 million. [45] [46]



Lee Bodner is president of New Venture Fund and is a former managing director for Arabella Advisors. [47] He was founding executive director of ecoAmerica, a nonprofit focusing on educating the American public on conservation issues. While there, Bodner helped launch the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, which brought the climate change issue front and center in higher education. [48] Bodner received total compensation of $384,144 in 2019. [49]

Eric Kessler serves as chairman of the board of directors. He founded and serves as senior managing director of Arabella Advisors, a social venture firm working to increase the effectiveness of philanthropy that works in conjunction with New Venture Fund. [50] Kessler helped manage conservation issues around the globe for the Clinton administration. [51] Kessler was founding president of the NVF from 2006 to 2015. [52]

Board of Directors

The New Venture Fund’s board of directors consists of (including former board members): [53] [54]

  • Eric Kessler (2017 board chair; board secretary through August 2019), founder and managing director of Arabella Advisors
  • Thomas Gibian (board secretary since September 2019), head of school for Sandy Spring Friends School (in Sandy Spring, Maryland) and former COO for the AIG African Infrastructure Fund
  • Katherine Miller (board treasurer and vice-chair), senior director of food policy advocacy for the James Beard Foundation, the former managing director of Hattaway Communications, and a NARAL Pro-Choice America board member
  • Adam Eichberg (2018 board chair), a Windward Fund board member and environmentalist consultant running the Denver based Headwater Strategies, a legislative advocacy organization that focuses mainly on environmental issues;
  • Wilbur Priester, Arabella Advisors chief financial officer
  • Andrew Schulz, Arabella Advisors general counsel, who received compensation from NVF totaling $25,965 in 2018
  • Daryn Dodson, managing director for the private equity firm Illumen Capital and board director for Ben & Jerry’s
  • Harry Drucker, president of the real estate advisory firm Revere Corporation and a trustee for the Nature Conservancy
  • Vatsala Pathy, owner of the healthcare consultancy Rootstock Solutions, former State Innovation Model director for Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D)
  • Yanique Redwood (former board member, through January 2019; listed as Yanique Gibian in NVF’s 2017 Form 990), president and CEO of the Consumer Health Foundation and a former senior associate for the Annie E. Casey Foundation; [55]

Key Staff

In 2019, NVF reported spending $59.3 million in employee salaries and compensation. The following were key staffers for the NVF in 2019: [56]

Andrew Schulz is general counsel for New Venture Fund, as well as Arabella Advisors and its three “sister” nonprofits. In 2019, his total compensation from NVF was $24,528.

Wilbur Priester was chief financial officer for NVF through September 2019; he received no compensation from the group that year.

The New Venture Fund’s highest-paid staffer in 2019 was Pamela O. Foster (total compensation: $460,610), chief operating officer for the NVF social advocacy project Co-Impact and a former managing director for the Rockefeller Foundation. [57]

The New Venture Fund’s highest-paid staffer in 2018 was Marc Kastner (total compensation: $354,197), an NVF project director and president of the Science Philanthropy Alliance (an NVF project).

Valerie Conn is an NVF project director and executive director of the Science Philanthropy Alliance; in 2019, she received total compensation of $379,734.

Heather Joseph is an NVF project director and head of SPARC (an NVF project); in 2019, she received total compensation of $362,639.

Arkadi Gerney is an NVF project director and head of the Hub Project (an NVF project) unlisted in NVF’s 2019 Form 990. In 2018, he received total compensation of $339,517.

Candy Marshall is an NVF project director and president of TheDream.US (an NVF illegal immigration project) unlisted in NVF’s 2019 Form 990. In 2018, she received total compensation of $317,073.


Between 2009 and 2019 (Quarter 3), the New Venture Fund spent $9.3 million in lobbying expenditures in the U.S. Congress (a version containing the bills lobbied for is available here): [58]

YearQuarterAmountLobbyistLobbying Firm
20193$60,000Ed Pagano, Hunter Bates, Denise Desiderio, Jamie Tucker, Brendan DunnAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
20193$10,000Megan Dapper, Amelia Jenkins, Kai Anderson, Kelley HudakCassidy & Associates, Inc.
20193$40,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20193$10,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Emily VaughnJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20193$460,000No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20193$10,000Rachel Motley, Robert RabenThe Raben Group
20192$60,000Ed Pagano, Hunter Bates, Chase Hieneman, Denise Desiderio, Jamie Tucker, Brendan DunnAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
20192$10,000Megan Dapper, Amelia Jenkins, Kai Anderson, Kelley HudakCassidy & Associates, Inc.
20192$40,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20192$10,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Emily VaughnJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20192$190,000No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20192$10,000Jack Krumholtz, Brian Gaston, Gina FooteThe Glover Park Group
20192$10,000Timothy Lynch, Rachel Motley, Robert RabenThe Raben Group
20191$60,000Ed Pagano, Hunter Bates, Chase Hieneman, Denise Desiderio, Jamie TuckerAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
20191$40,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20191$10,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Emily VaughnJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20191$15,000David Anderson, Mitch Butler, Sara TuckerNatural Resource Results LLC
20191$180,000No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20184$60,000Ed Pagano, Hunter Bates, Hans Rickhoff, Geoff Verhoff, Chase Hieneman, Denise DesiderioAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
20184$40,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20184$30,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20184$20,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20184$30,000David Anderson, Mitch Butler, Sara TuckerNatural Resource Results LLC
20184$200,000No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20184$30,000Matt KeelanThe Keelan Group, LLC
20183$60,000Ed Pagano, Hunter Bates, Hans Rickhoff, Geoff Verhoff, Chase Hieneman, Denise DesiderioAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
20183$40,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20183$22,500Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20183$30,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20183$30,000David Anderson, Mitch Butler, Sara TuckerNatural Resource Results LLC
20183$230,000No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20183$30,000No ActivityThe Keelan Group, LLC
20182$60,000Ed Pagano, Hunter Bates, Jamie Tucker, Hans Rickhoff, Geoff Verhoff, Chase Hieneman, Ryan Ellis, Denise DesiderioAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
20182$40,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20182$22,500Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20182$20,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20182$30,000David Anderson, Mitch Butler, Sara TuckerNatural Resource Results LLC
20182$344,090No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20182$30,000Matt KeelanThe Keelan Group, LLC
20181$50,000Ed Pagano, Hunter Bates, Jamie Tucker, Hans Rickhoff, Geoff Verhoff, Chase Hueneman, Ryan Ellis, Denise DesiderioAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
20181$40,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20181$20,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20181$20,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20181$170,561No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20181$30,000Matt Keelan, Stephen BorgThe Keelan Group, LLC
20174$50,000Ed Pagano, Hunter Bates, Jamie Tucker, Hans Rickhoff Geoff VerhoffAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
20174$40,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20174$20,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20174$20,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20174$180,000Daniel SchumanNew Venture Fund
20174$30,000Matt KeelanThe Keelan Group, LLC
20173$20,000Ed Pagano, Hunter Bates, Jamie Tucker, Hans Rickhoff Geoff VerhoffAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
20173$50,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20173$20,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20173$20,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20173$345,000Sean Vitka, Daniel SchumanNew Venture Fund
20173$30,000Matt KeelanThe Keelan Group, LLC
20172$50,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20172$20,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20172$30,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20172$430,000Sean Vitka, Daniel SchumanNew Venture Fund
20172$30,000No ActivityThe Keelan Group, LLC
20171$50,000Libby Greer, Rachel MillerForbes-Tate
20171$20,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20171$30,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20171$401,346Sean Vitka, Daniel SchumanNew Venture Fund
20171$30,000Matt KeelanThe Keelan Group, LLC
20164$30,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20164$20,000Daniel Ritter, Sean McGlynnK&L Gates LLP
20164$30,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20164$201,436Daniel SchumanNew Venture Fund
20163$30,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20163$20,000Daniel Ritter, Sean McGlynn, Paul StimersK&L Gates LLP
20163$30,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20163$260,000Daniel SchumanNew Venture Fund
20162$10,000Peter UmhoferE2 Strategies, LLC
20162$30,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20162$20,000Daniel Ritter, Sean McGlynnK&L Gates LLP
20162$30,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20162$150,000Daniel SchumanNew Venture Fund
20161$10,000Peter UmhoferE2 Strategies, LLC
20161$30,000Darin Gardner, James Jochum, Andrew Shore, Amber Fahy, Michael KatzJochum Shore & Trosssevin PC
20161$20,000Daniel Ritter, Sean McGlynn, Steven Valentine, Slade GortonK&L Gates LLP
20161$30,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20161$18,432No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20154$20,000Peter UmhoferE2 Strategies, LLC
20154$40,000Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Sean McGlynn, James Walsh, Steven Valentine, Slade Gorton, Dennis PotterK&L Gates LLP
20154$40,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher Sullivan, Michele WymerKyle House Group
20154$500,000No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20153$20,000Peter UmhoferE2 Strategies, LLC
20153$60,000Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Sean McGlynn James Walsh, Steven Valentine, Slade Gorton, Sarah Beason, Tim Peckinpaugh, Stephen MartinkoK&L Gates LLP
20153$40,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher Sullivan, Michele WymerKyle House Group
20153$200,000No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20152$20,000Peter UmhoferE2 Strategies, LLC
20152$60,000Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Sean McGlynn, James Walsh, Steven Valentine, Slade Gorton, Sarah Beason, Dennis PotterK&L Gates LLP
20152$40,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher Sullivan, Michele WymerKyle House Group
20152$150,000No ActivityNew Venture Fund
20151$20,000Peter UmhoferE2 Strategies, LLC
20151$60,000Elise Sweeney Anthony, Paul Stimers, Sean McGlynn, James Walsh, Steven Valentine, Emanuel Rouvelas, Slade Gorton, Sarah BeasonK&L Gates LLP
20151$40,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher Sullivan, Michele WymerKyle House Group
20151$200,000Christine SoderstromNew Venture Fund
20151$20,300Christine SoderstromNew Venture Fund
20144$40,000Steven Valentine, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Ryan Severson, James Severson, W. Dennis Stephens, William Kirk, Dennis PotterK&L Gates LLP
20144$50,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20144$95,000Christine SoderstromNew Venture Fund
20143$40,000Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Steven Valentine, James Walsh, Sean McGlynn, Nicholas Leibham, Ryan SeversonK&L Gates LLP
20143$50,000Porter DeLaney, Christopher SullivanKyle House Group
20143$50,000Christine SoderstromNew Venture Fund
20142$50,000Steven Valentine, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Barton Gordon, James Walsh, Sean McGlynnK&L Gates LLP
20142$50,000Porter DeLaney, Michele WymerKyle House Group
20142$20,000No ActivityPenn Hill Group
20141$10,000Teddy EynonGreenberg Traurig, LLP
20141$50,000Steven Valentine, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Ryan Severson, James Walsh, Sean McGlynn, Barton GordonK&L Gates LLP
20141$30,000Porter DeLaney, Michele Wymer, Martin Bayr, Vrudhi Patel, John ArialwKyle House Group
20141$55,000Christine SoderstromNew Venture Fund
20141$10,000No ActivityPenn Hill Group
20134$40,000Steven Valentine, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Ryan Severson, James Severson, W. Dennis Stephens, William Kirk, Dennis PotterK&L Gates LLP
20134$20,000Edward Eynon, Erica StockerMcDermott Will & Emory LLP
20134$30,000Robert Raben, Haley Griffen, Joseph OnekThe Raben Group
20133$60,000Steven Valentine, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Ryan Severson, James Walsh, W. Dennis Stephens, William Kirk, Dennis Potter, Bart GordonK&L Gates LLP
20133$20,000Edward Eynon, Erica StockerMcDermott Will & Emory LLP
20133$10,000Victor F. Klatt III, D'Arcy Philps, Alexander G. Nock, Rich StombresPenn Hill Group
20132$70,000Steven Valentine, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Ryan Severson, James Walsh, W. Dennis Stephens, William Kirk, Dennis PotterK&L Gates LLP
20132$6,428Porter DeLaney, Christopher Sullivan, Michele WymerKyle House Group
20132$20,000Edward Eynon, Erica StockerMcDermott Will & Emory LLP
20132$20,000Victor F. Klatt III, D'Arcy Philps, Alexander G. Nock, Rich StombresPenn Hill Group
20131$70,000Michael O'Neil, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Ryan Severson, James Walsh, W. Dennis Stephens, Steven ValentineK&L Gates LLP
20131$6,428Porter DeLaney, Michele Wymer, Martin BayrKyle House Group
20131$10,000Edward Eynon, Erica StockerMcDermott Will & Emory LLP
20131$10,000Victor F. Klatt III, D'Arcy Philps, Alexander G. Nock, Rich StombresPenn Hill Group
20124$70,000Michael O'Neil, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Ryan Severson, James Walsh, W. Dennis Stephens, Steven Valentine, Nicholas LeibhamK&L Gates LLP
20123$70,000Michael O'Neil, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, Ryan Severson, James Walsh, W. Dennis Stephens, Steven ValentineK&L Gates LLP
20122$70,000Elise Sweeney Anthony, Michael O'Neil, Daniel RitterK&L Gates LLP
20121$100,000Elise Sweeney Anthony, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, W. Dennis Stephens, James Walsh, Steven Valentine, Dennis Potter,Ryan Severson, William Kirk, Nyasha Akila Green, Chad See, Slade GortonK&L Gates LLP
20121$20,000Victor F. Klatt III, D'Arcy Philps, Alexander G. Nock, Rich StombresPenn Hill Group
20114$30,000Richard Gephardt, Kyle Mulhall, Scott BrennerGephardt Group Government Affairs
20114$60,000Elise Sweeney Anthony, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, W. Dennis Stephens, James Walsh, Steven Valentine, Emanuel Rouvelas, Slade Gorton, Irene NsiahK&L Gates LLP
20114$40,000Elise Sweeney Anthony, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, W. Dennis Stephens, James Walsh, Steven Valentine, Dennis Potter, George Koch, Emanuel Rouvelas, Slade GortonK&L Gates LLP
20114$20,000Victor F. Klatt III, D'Arcy Philps, Alexander G. Nock, Rich StombresPenn Hill Group
20113$40,000Elise Sweeney Anthony, Daniel Ritter, Paul Stimers, W. Dennis Stephens, James Walsh, Steven Valentine, Dennis Potter, George Koch, Emanuel Rouvelas, Slade GortonK&L Gates LLP
20113$10,000Michael StrattonMr. Michel Stratton
20113$20,000Victor F. Klatt III, D'Arcy Philps, Alexander G. Nock, Rich StombresPenn Hill Group
20112$5,100Mykel BybeeBybee Consulting
20112$10,000Elise Sweeney Anthony, Daniel Ritter, Irene Nsiah, Stephen Roberts, Ginger Niemann, Dennis PotterK&L Gates LLP
20112$20,000Michael StrattonMr. Michel Stratton
20112$20,000Victor F. Klatt III, D'Arcy Philps, Alexander G. Nock, Rich StombresPenn Hill Group
20111$5,000Mykel BybeeBybee Consulting
20111$10,000Elise Sweeney Anthony, Daniel Ritter, Chad See, Steven Valentine, James Walsh, Stephen Roberts, Irene NsiahK&L Gates LLP
20111$10,000Victor F. Klatt III, D'Arcy Philps, Alexander G. Nock, Rich StombresPenn Hill Group
20111$12,000Thomas Sheridan, Sara GuderyahnThe Sheriden Group
20104$5,000Mykel BybeeBybee Consulting
20104$10,000Elise Sweeney Anthony, Amy Carnevale, William Kirk, Pamela Garvie, Daniel Ritter, Chad See, W. Dennis Stephens, Paul Stimers, Steven Valentine, James WalshK&L Gates LLP
20104$36,000Thomas Sheridan, Sara GuderyahnThe Sheriden Group
20103$36,000Thomas Sheridan, Sara Guderyahn, Kevin MathisThe Sheriden Group
20102$36,000Thomas Sheridan, Sara GuderyahnThe Sheriden Group
20101$36,000Thomas Sheridan, Sara GuderyahnThe Sheriden Group
20094$48,000Thomas Sheridan, Sara GuderyahnThe Sheriden Group
20093$20,000Thomas Sheridan, Sara GuderyahnThe Sheriden Group
20092$37,500Thomas Sheridan, Sara GuderyahnThe Sheriden Group
20092$30,000Thomas Sheridan, Sara GuderyahnThe Sheriden Group


Financial Overview

The New Venture Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. In 2019, NVF reported total revenues of $461 million, total expenditures of $421 million (including grants paid totaling $243 million), and net assets of $407 million. [59]

An overview of NVF’s total revenues (including a percentage change from year to year), total expenditures, grants paid, and net assets from 2006 to 2019 is provided below: [60]

New Venture Fund: Financial Overview
RevenuesRevenue % ChangeExpendituresGrants PaidNet Assets

Donors to New Venture Fund

Between 2007 and 2018, the New Venture Fund received approximately $842 million in grants from 501(c)(3) public charities and private foundations. [61]

In 2014, the Ford Foundation gave $250,000 to the New Venture Fund in order to “foster collaboration.” The donation was listed as a transaction, and not a grant. [62]

While the IRS does not require NVF to report its donors, it is required to report its donation sums. In 2018, NVF’s biggest donations were for $63 million, $34 million, $24 million, $21 million, $18 million, $14 million, $11 million, $8.6 million, and $8.5 million. [63]

In 2019, NVF’s biggest donations were: [64]

  • $83,125,033
  • $26,836,198
  • $19,601,000
  • $14,878,561
  • $13,315,000
  • $11,155,000
  • $10,948,000
  • $10,479,396
  • $10,239,000
  • $10,148,500
  • $9,531,566
  • $9,500,000
  • $9,471,456
  • $9,150,000

In 2018, Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) donated $6,838,000 to New Venture Fund for “general nonprofit support.” [65] In 2019, SVCF gave $9,817,396 for “general nonprofit support” to NVF. [66]

The Wyss Foundation, a grantmaking foundation funded by Swiss billionaire and retired biomedicine entrepreneur Hansjorg Wyss, is a major donor to New Venture Fund. Between 2007 and 2018, the Wyss Foundation donated $37,712,600 to NVF. It isn’t clear how that money was spent since the grant descriptions do not provide specific details about which NVF projects they supported. [67] Part of this sum came from the HJW Foundation (as in “Hansjorg Wyss”), a separate foundation associated with Hansjorg Wyss that was folded into the Wyss Foundation in 2013. [68]

The following chart denotes grants made to the New Venture Fund over that period: [69]

New Venture Fund: Donors (2007-2018)Year(s)Cumulative Total
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation2008-2018$304,035,518
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund2012-2018$197,295,998
Gordon E and Betty I Moore Foundation2012-2018$92,451,466
Ford Foundation2009, 2012-2018$60,306,860
Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation2012-2018$59,141,842
William & Flora Hewlett Foundation2007, 2009, 2011-2018$54,843,500
Silicon Valley Community Foundation2010-2011, 2014-2019$33,215,411
W. K. Kellogg Foundation2009-2017$32,111,025
David And Lucile Packard Foundation2008, 2011-2016, 2018$28,823,416
Rockefeller Foundation2011-2012, 2014-2018$27,028,174
Skoll Fund2014, 2016-2018$21,550,000
Wyss Foundation (and HJW Foundation)2007-2018$37,712,600
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation2015-2018$20,568,594
John D & Catherine T Macarthur Foundation2011-2018$16,280,000
Howard G. Buffett Foundation2009, 2010-2017$15,404,196
Walton Family Foundation2012-2016$14,925,829
JPB Foundation2013-2014, 2016-2018$11,925,000
Novo Foundation2014-2016, 2018$11,848,000
Sean N Parker Foundation2013, 2015, 2017-2018$9,580,000
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Inc.2009-2012, 2014-2018$8,636,116
Wellspring Philanthropic Fund2017$6,796,500
Leona M. And Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust2013-2014, 2016-2017$6,207,593
Schwab Charitable Fund2011-2014, 2016-2017$5,463,885
Pershing Square Foundation2016$5,250,000
Blue Moon Fund2015-2016, 2018$4,999,998
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program2010-2014$4,839,302
Kresge Foundation2011-2013, 2015-2018$4,540,000
Public Welfare Foundation2012-2016$4,417,000
Heising-Simons Foundation2014, 2016-2018$4,270,000
Foundation To Promote Open Society2009, 2013-2016$4,092,000
Rockefeller Brothers Fund2007-2008, 2010-2013, 2015-2016$4,009,122
Charles And Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation2013, 2015-2016$3,938,000
Joyce Foundation2010-2013, 2015-2016$3,643,492
Bloomberg Family Foundation Inc.2015-2016$3,578,446
Tides Foundation2007-2008, 2010-2014, 2017-2018$3,465,086
Carnegie Corporation of New York2008, 2010-2011, 2013-2016$3,339,500
Oak Foundation USA2012-2017$3,245,344
Democracy Fund Inc.2015-2018$2,850,000
Satter Foundation2011-2013, 2015-2016, 2018$2,650,000
Combined Jewish Philanthropies Of Greater Boston Inc.2015-2017$2,550,500
Neubauer Foundation2015-2017$2,550,000
Edna Mcconnell Clark Foundation2016$2,500,000
California Wellness Foundation2015-2018$2,480,000
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation2011, 2014, 2016, 2018$2,355,000
S. D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation2014-2018$2,265,000
Bauman Family Foundation2012-2015, 2017$2,216,800
Dick And Sally Molpus Foundation2014-2018$2,200,000
Klarman Family Foundation2015$2,200,000
GHR Foundation2012-2015$2,127,297
Mississippi Common Fund Trust2015$2,100,000
JPMorgan Chase Foundation2017-2018$2,069,200
John Merck Fund2008, 2012, 2014-2017$2,028,500
Annenberg Foundation2014-2017$1,592,778
Wallace Global Fund II2013, 2015-2017$1,581,000
Kendeda Fund2014-2017$1,540,000
Eli And Edy Broad Foundation2011-2012, 2014-2016$1,505,000
Lumina Foundation For Education Inc2012-2014, 2018$1,500,000
Gill Foundation2015$1,490,000
Surdna Foundation Inc.2011-2013$1,462,302
Nike Foundation2011, 2015-2016$1,461,000
McKnight Foundation2013-2106$1,276,000
Christensen Fund2011-2012, 2015-2016$1,275,500
Campion Foundation2015-2018$1,255,000
Alfred P Sloan Foundation2010-2011, 2013, 2015-2017$1,212,940
Shimon Ben Joseph Foundation2018$1,100,000
James & Rebecca Morgan Family Foundation2013, 2016-2018$1,038,000
Chicago Community Trust2014, 2016$1,024,250
ECMC Foundation2018$1,000,000
John S. And James L. Knight Foundation2014, 2016-2018$985,000
Richard W Goldman Family Foundation2014, 2016$985,000
Wunderkinder Foundation2011, 2018$970,000
Wallace Genetic Foundation II2018$950,000
True North Foundation2012-2018$932,000
Raikes Foundation2015-2017$929,000
Entertainment Industry Foundation2011, 2013$921,628
Ford Motor Company Fund2018$892,366
Leonard And Sophie Davis Fund2013, 2015-2016$845,000
One8 Foundation2015$840,500
Seattle Foundation2010, 2014-2018$817,640
Swift Foundation2012-2017$813,200
California Endowment2010-2011, 2013-2017$791,250
Woodcock Foundation2014-2017$790,000
Marisla Foundation2012-2014, 2016$755,000
Bruce And Cynthia Sherman Charitable Foundation Inc.2015-2016$754,538
Civic Ventures2014$751,836
Perelman Family Foundation Inc.2015$750,000
Bobolink Foundation2012, 2018$729,444
Westwind Foundation2012-2017$726,250
General Service Foundation2012, 2014-2016$725,000
Pisces Foundation2015-2017$718,100
Simons Foundation Inc.2013, 2015$705,000
Osprey Foundation Inc.2012, 2014-2015, 2018$653,020
Fink Family Foundation2012-2013, 2015-2017$650,000
Robert W Deutsch Foundation2013-2018$635,000
Overdeck Family Foundation, Inc.2015-2016$625,000
Skoll Global Threats Fund2015-2016$625,000
Energy Foundation2010-2012, 2013-2017$623,000
Irving Harris Foundation2008, 2011-2012, 2014-2015$603,450
Proteus Fund Inc.2016-2018$587,500
Air Products Foundation2014-2016$575,000
Quixote Foundation Inc.2011-2012, 2014-2016$527,500
Annie E Casey Foundation2010, 2012, 2014-2016$516,000
Ppl Foundation2016-2017$515,500
Chorus Inc.2015-2016$510,000
Foundation For Aids Research2017$500,000
Grand Victoria Foundation2016, 2018$500,000
Humanity United2017$500,000
California Community Foundation2015-2016$491,000
Rudolf Steiner Foundation Inc.2013-2015$470,000
Arca Foundation2007, 2015-2016$460,000
James Irvine Foundation2017-2018$460,000
Compton Foundation Inc.2011-2012, 2015-2016$455,000
California Physicians Service Foundation (Blue Shield of California)2016-2018$450,000
Robin Hood Foundation2016$450,000
Jewish Communal Fund2014-2017$420,912
William Penn Foundation2010, 2012-2013, 2015$419,316
Alphawood Foundation Chicago2014-2017$400,000
Charles And Helen Schwab Foundation2018$400,000
Everett B. Birch Foundation2016-2017$400,000
Einhorn Family Charitable Trust2015-2016, 2018$390,487
V Kann Rasmussen Foundation Inc.2016-2017$384,600
Aviv Foundation Inc2018$375,000
Passport Foundation2015-2016$375,000
Start Something That Matters Foundation2015-2016$375,000
Chicago Community Foundation2011$352,110
Claneil Foundation Inc.2015-2016, 2018$350,000
Sidney A Swensrud Foundation2014, 2016$350,000
National Philanthropic Trust2011-2012, 2016$335,000
Michael And Susan Dell Foundation2016$333,333
Grove Foundation2012, 2014-2017$325,000
Bridgeway Charitable Foundation2011$322,739
Schmidt Family Foundation2012, 2014-2016$322,250
Educational Foundation Of America2014-2016, 2018$316,000
Foundation For A Just Society2013-2014$310,000
Eleanor Crook Foundation2017-2018$305,000
Diller Foundation2017-2018$300,000
Wilburforce Foundation2007-2009, 2015-2016$295,000
Moriah Fund Inc.2012, 2014$290,000
Rosenberg Foundation2017-2018$283,333
Newschools Venture Fund2015$275,000
Casey & Family Foundation2016-2018$260,000
American Endowment Foundation2015-2017$250,527
Avatar Alliance Foundation2015$250,000
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation2017-2018$250,000
Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation2014-2016$250,000
Gold Bay Foundation2017-2018$250,000
Horn Foundation2018$250,000
Lenfest Foundation Inc.2016$250,000
Leon Lowenstein Foundation Inc2018$250,000
Marguerite Casey Foundation2015-2016$250,000
Musk Foundation2014-2015$250,000
Rappaport Family Foundation2018$250,000
D.N. Batten Foundation2013-2014$246,000
La Salle Adams Fund2014-2015$230,000
Boston Foundation Inc.2015-2016$229,500
Andy Warhol Foundation For Visual Arts Inc.2015-2017$225,000
Cambridge Community Foundation2018$225,000
Southern Education Foundation Inc.2014-2015, 2017$225,000
Walter S Mander Foundation2012, 2014-2018$212,429
Cricket Island Foundation2016-2018$210,000
Richard W Hotes Foundation2015$210,000
Hyams Foundation Inc.2015-2018$205,000
Park Foundation Inc.2013-2014$205,000
Cedar Tree Foundation2012$200,000
Denver Foundation2018$200,000
George Gund Foundation2017$200,000
Lumpkin Family Foundation2011-2012, 2014-2016$200,000
Mai Family Foundation2009$200,000
New Profit Inc.2017$200,000
Wells Fargo Foundation2016-2017$200,000
United Way Of Greater St Louis Inc.2016-2017$198,608
Arcus Foundation2017$198,601
Nature Conservancy2013$197,500
Coydog Foundation2012, 2015$195,000
J. R. Albert Foundation2012, 2014-2017$195,000
Kavli Foundation2016, 2018$195,000
Rider-Pool Foundation2014-2017$185,000
Chestnut Fund2016-2017$180,000
Atticus Trust2015-2016$175,000
Hull Family Foundation2014-2016$170,000
Laura And John Arnold Foundation2016$165,000
Odysseyre Foundation2011$162,300
Gaylord And Dorothy Donnelley Foundation2012, 2014$160,000
Michael Reese Health Trust2014-2016$160,000
Newman's Own Foundation2016-2017$160,000
Rockefeller Family Fund Inc.2007, 2010-2011$155,100
Wallace H Coulter Foundation2016$155,000
Lisa And Douglas Goldman Fund2014, 2017-2018$150,050
Mccall Kulak Family Foundation2018$150,000
Sara Blakely Foundation Inc.2015$150,000
William K Bowes Jr Foundation2016$150,000
San Francisco Foundation2011, 2014-2016$146,500
Family Alliance Foundation2010-2012, 2014-2016$146,000
Morningstar Foundation2013 ,2015-2016$135,000
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation2016-2018$135,000
Research Corporation2015-2016$132,500
Tow Foundation2014, 2017$130,000
Santa Barbara Foundation2017$128,200
Community Foundation For National Capital Region2013, 2015-2017$125,000
Eric And Wendy Schmidt Fund For Strategic Innovation2016, 2018$125,000
Kenbe Foundation2015-2016$125,000
Kroger Co Foundation2018$125,000
Paul G Allen Family Foundation 2010$125,000
Sara & Evan Williams Foundation2014$125,000
L R Bauman Foundation Inc.2017$123,600
California Healthcare Foundation2014$122,500
Jennifer And Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation2014-2016$121,938
Baltimore Community Foundation Inc.2013-2014$121,000
A. L. Mailman Family Foundation Inc.2013, 2016$120,000
Gates Family Foundation2016-2017$120,000
NEA Foundation for Improvement Of Education2017$117,500
Pew Charitable Trusts2015$115,486
Bank Of America Charitable Foundation Inc.2014, 2017-2018$115,473
Casey Family Programs2017-2018$110,000
Kate Mcgrath & J. J. Abrams Family Foundation2013, 2015$108,925
Town Creek Foundation Inc.2013-2016$107,500
Orr Family Foundation2011-2012$105,298
Acumen Fund Inc.2012$103,206
Mary Wohlford Foundation2015-2016$102,500
Ahearn Fam Foundation2015$100,000
Ajana Foundation2016-2017$100,000
Altman/Kazickas Foundation2017$100,000
Andrew W Mellon Foundation2018$100,000
Barra Foundation Inc.2014$100,000
Baton Rouge Area Foundation2010-2011$100,000
Bernard & Irene Schwartz Foundation Inc.2007-2008$100,000
Bondi Foundation2018$100,000
Brainerd Foundation2015$100,000
Butz Foundation2014, 2016-2017$100,000
Charina Endowment Fund Inc.2014$100,000
David A Dechman Foundation2016$100,000
Dobkin Family Foundation2015-2016$100,000
Jewish Community Foundation Of The Jewish Federation Council Of Greater Los Angeles2018$100,000
Lillian Wren Foundation2016$100,000
Linehan Family Foundation Inc.2016$100,000
Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation Inc.2014$100,000
MKM Foundation2011-2012$100,000
Orlebeke Foundation2017$100,000
Rosenthal Family Foundation2014, 2016$100,000
Shurl And Kay Curci Foundation2018$100,000
Southern Company Charitable Foundation Inc.2015$100,000
Stephen M Silberstein Foundation2015$100,000
Tiffany & Co. Foundation2013$100,000
Wallace Foundation2015$100,000
Wal-Mart Foundation Inc.2016$100,000
World Wide Technology Foundation2016-2017$100,000
Agua Fund Inc.2013, 2015-2016$99,500
John Templeton Foundation2015, 2017$90,000
Minneapolis Foundation2015-2017$89,500
Turner Foundation Inc.2015$85,000
Jewish Community Federation Of San Francisco The Peninsula, Marin And Sonoma2011, 2014, 2016-2017$80,000
Melampy-Lawrence Charitable Trust2017$80,000
Patagonia Org2014-2015$80,000
Scott W Fitzmorris Trust 12052012 - The Swf Immersion Foundation2017$80,000
Bank Of America Charitable Gift Fund2013$75,000
Barr Foundation2013$75,000
David Bohnett Foundation20,162,018$75,000
Harry J Brown Jr. Foundation Inc.2014$75,000
Tulsa Community Foundation2015$75,000
Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation2012-2014$75,000
Steward Family Foundation2016$71,173
Growald Family Fund Inc.2017$70,000
Johnson Family Foundation2017$70,000
Naomi And Nehemiah Cohen Foundation2014-2016$70,000
Philanthropic Ventures Foundation2014, 2016$70,000
Craig And Susan Mccaw Foundation2015$66,500
Spencer Foundation2011, 2016$65,000
Columbus Foundation2016$64,000
Kl Felicitas Foundation2010-2011$62,400
Greenbaum Foundation2015$60,000
Hispanic Federation Inc.2017$60,000
Kohlberg Foundation Inc.2008$60,000
National Fish And Wildlife Foundation2015-2016$60,000
Vatheuer Family Foundation Inc.2015, 2017-2018$60,000
William B Wiener Jr Foundation2012, 2016-2017$60,000
Ajana Foundation2018$52,500
Barth Family Foundation2014, 2016-2017$51,000
Alabama Power Foundation Inc.2015$50,000
Argosy Foundation2012$50,000
Arjay R & Frances F Miller Foundation2018$50,000
Barbara A Stiefel Foundation Inc.2017$50,000
Canning Foundation2016$50,000
Carsey Family Foundation2015$50,000
Community Foundation Serving Boulder County2013$50,000
Daniel B And Florence E Green Foundation2016-2017$50,000
Find Your Grind Foundation2018$50,000
Fink Family Foundation2018$50,000
General Mills Foundation2017$50,000
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund2018$50,000
Gordon Family Foundation2010$50,000
Gray Cary Foundation2015$50,000
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation2013, 2016, 2018$50,000
Leon Levy Foundation2017$50,000
Leon Levy Foundation2018$50,000
Marilyn & Jeffrey Katzenberg Foundation2018$50,000
Meyer Memorial Trust2012$50,000
Moser Family Foundation Inc2018$50,000
Nellie Mae Education Foundation Inc.2013$50,000
New World Foundation2015$50,000
New-Land Foundation Inc.2009, 2015$50,000
Overbrook Foundation2015$50,000
Pepsico Foundation Inc.2016$50,000
Ray And Dagmar Dolby Family Fund2016$50,000
Renker Family Foundation2017$50,000
Rita Allen Foundation2016$50,000
Scherman Foundation Inc.2016$50,000
Skillman Foundation2015$50,000
Sorenson Impact Foundation2017$50,000
Thalia & Michael C Carlos Foundation Inc.2016$50,000
Voya Foundation2014$50,000
United Way Of The Greater Lehigh Valley2016-2017$49,239
Pritzker Traubert Foundation2016$47,500
444S Foundation2016$45,000
Arkay Foundation2016$45,000
Delaware Community Foundation2016$45,000
Herb Block Foundation2011, 2014-2015$45,000
Peterffy Foundation2016-2017$45,000
Frederick Henry PrInce Testamentary Trust2015-2018$44,000
Ayco Charitable Foundation2009, 2011, 2015$43,000
Avocet Foundation2014$40,000
Frances Lear Foundation2014-2015$40,000
Gilbert And Jacki Cisneros Foundation2016, 2018$40,000
Summer Fund II2008, 2011-2012$40,000
Argyros Family Foundation2015-2016$35,000
Clarence E Heller Charitable Foundation2013$35,000
Common Counsel Foundation2015$35,000
Limestone Foundation2016$35,000
Meehan Foundation2016$35,000
Schooner Foundation 2010$35,000
Shachar Foundation Trust2015-2017$35,000
Sierra Club2009, 2016$34,500
Natembea Foundation Inc.2010, 2012$32,320
Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation2017$32,000
Barbra Streisand Foundation2013, 2017$30,000
Enlyst Fund Inc.2016-2017$30,000
Harlan E Anderson Foundation2016$30,000
Helen Clay Frick Foundation2017-2018$30,000
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation2015$30,000
Isabel Rose Foundation 2010$30,000
Lutron Foundation2016-2017$30,000
Porphyry Road Foundation2014, 2016-2017$30,000
Tecovas Foundation2013-2014$29,000
Sandy River Charitable Foundation2013-2017$25,500
Aetna Foundation Inc.2012-2013$25,000
Ag Foundation2016$25,000
American Express Foundation2015$25,000
Arthur M Blank Family Foundation2016$25,000
Azby Fund2010$25,000
Ben & Jerry'S Foundation Inc.2016$25,000
Chick-Fil-A Foundation Inc.2016$25,000
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation2014-2015$25,000
Craigslist Charitable Fund2015$25,000
Ebb Point Foundation Inc.2015$25,000
Emil Kirchheimer Trust2014$25,000
Ettinger Foundation Inc.2015, 2017$25,000
Faro Foundation2015$25,000
George Kaiser Family Foundation2015$25,000
Hawley Family Foundation2014$25,000
Helmerich Trust2015$25,000
Hundt Family Foundation Inc2018$25,000
Kathryn B Mcquade Foundation2015$25,000
Leslie & Roslyn Goldstein Foundation2017$25,000
Liberty Hill Foundation2015$25,000
Marin Community Foundation2013$25,000
Mary H. Storer Foundation2016-2017$25,000
Menemsha Family Fund 2010$25,000
Miami Foundation2015$25,000
Michael And Jill Stansky Family Foundation2016$25,000
Minneapolis Foundation2018$25,000
National Park Foundation2013$25,000
Paul And Joanne Egerman Family Charitable Foundation2016$25,000
Rose Foundation For Communities And The Environment2014$25,000
Russell Berrie Foundation2018$25,000
Samuel S Fels Fund2016$25,000
San Diego Foundation2015$25,000
Sierra Health Foundation2016$25,000
Stephen Case Foundation2014$25,000
Tomkat Foundation2016$25,000
New Visions Foundation2015-2016$24,000
Ronald W Burkle Foundation2014$22,622
Keith Campbell Foundation For Environment2013$22,000
Stuart Family Foundation2015-2016$22,000
Gaia Fund2015-2018$21,500
Koonce Family Foundation Trust2014-2017$21,250
Barbara Lee Family Foundation Inc.2013, 2015$20,000
Cornell Douglas Foundation Inc.2016$20,000
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation2017$20,000
Fine Fund2015-2018$20,000
Kalliopeia Foundation2015$20,000
Laird Norton Family Foundation2014$20,000
Lalor Foundation Inc.2017$20,000
Ms Foundation For Women Inc.2016-2017$20,000
Open Door Foundation2014$20,000
Sister Fund Inc.2014, 2016$20,000
Susman Foundation2011$20,000
Apatow Family Foundation Inc.2015-2016, 2018$19,500
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation2013$17,000
Hillsdale Fund Inc.2015-2017$17,000
Rauch Foundation Inc.2014-2016$15,500
Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation Inc2015, 2018$15,000
Nancy & Miles Rubin Foundation2016$15,000
Peninsula Community Foundation Of Virginia Inc.2012$15,000
Seed Fund Grants Inc.2017$15,000
Streisand Foundation2018$15,000
Telluride Foundation2017$15,000
Thornburg Foundation2015-2016, 2018$14,668
Leichtag Foundation2016-2017$13,000
Movado Childrens Foundation2016$12,975
Angelica Foundation2015, 2018$12,500
Benton Foundation2015-2016$12,500
Flora Family Foundation2013$12,500
De Ramel Foundation2010$11,750
Diana Oehrli Charitable Trust 2010$11,750
Ejmp Fund For Philantrophy2010$11,750
Ada Brandon Charitable Foundation Inc.2007, 2018$11,000
Horizons Foundation2018$10,750
Shell Oil Company Foundation2016, 2018$10,706
Allergan Foundation2016$10,000
Amlicke Family Foundation2017$10,000
Ben E Factors Foundation2015$10,000
Bernstein Family Foundation2016$10,000
Bushrod H Campbell And Adah F Hall Charity Fund2017$10,000
Carlo & Micol Schejola Foundation2010$10,000
Community Foundation Of Macon County2018$10,000
David Winton Bell Foundation2015$10,000
Donley Foundation2015$10,000
Dozoretz Family Private Foundation2018$10,000
Earl And Brenda Shapiro Foundation2012$10,000
Ellen And Alan Levin Family Foundation2016$10,000
Endurance Fund2018$10,000
Eos Foundation2011$10,000
George Lucas Family Foundation2015-2016$10,000
Hauptman Family Foundation Inc.2011$10,000
Head Foundation2011$10,000
Henry P. Kendall Foundation2015$10,000
Hodge Foundation Inc.2010$10,000
Hunt Alternatives2015$10,000
Island Foundation Inc.2014$10,000
Joan And Lewis Platt Foundation2016$10,000
Kathryn J. Dinardo Trust Fund2014$10,000
KRL Foundation2016$10,000
Lebowitz-Aberly Family Foundation2015-2016$10,000
Liberty Prairie Foundation2015$10,000
Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust2013$10,000
Loughridge-Williams Foundation2012$10,000
Myers Family Foundation Inc.2011$10,000
New England Biolabs Foundation2018$10,000
Nia Community Foundation2016-2017$10,000
Philip D & Tammy S Murphy Foundation2012$10,000
Rasmuson Foundation2013-2014$10,000
Recanati-Kaplan Foundation2012$10,000
Russell Family Foundation2014$10,000
S Kent Rockwell Foundation Inc.2017-2018$10,000
Samuel J & Ethel Lefrak Charitable Trust2015$10,000
Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation Inc.2014$10,000
Sunlight Foundation2014$10,000
Trehan Family Foundation Inc.2011$10,000
Underdog Foundation2013$10,000
Weingart Foundation2017$10,000
Western Union Foundation2015$10,000
Americana Foundation2015, 2018$9,150
Just Keep Livin Foundation2017$9,000
Women Donors Network2014$9,000
Cartinhour-Woods Foundation Inc.2015-2016$8,000
Erickson Family Charitable Foundation2015$8,000
Larry R Rogers Foundation2015$8,000
Northwest Area Foundation2018$8,000
David Rockefeller Fund Inc.2014$7,500
Harrington Foundation2017$7,500
New York Community Trust2014$7,500
Pittsburgh Foundation2018$7,500
David & Anita Keller Foundation 2010$7,200
Blum-Kovler Foundation2011$7,000
Daphne Foundation2011$6,240
Parsons Family Foundation2016$6,000
Globalgiving Foundation Inc.2016$5,179
1772 Foundation Inc.2013$5,000
A.M. Fund2015$5,000
Cjm Foundation2012$5,000
Conservation Fund2016$5,000
Corinthian Foundation2016$5,000
Edward W Hazen Foundation Inc2018$5,000
Farvue Foundation Inc.2011$5,000
Fullerton Family Foundation2017$5,000
Gerald B Cramer Family Foundation Inc.2013$5,000
Gruber Family Foundation2015$5,000
Hobby Family Foundation2018$5,000
International Paper Company Foundation2009$5,000
Kraft Foods Group Foundation2014$5,000
Lawson Valentine Foundation2018$5,000
Leo S. Guthman Fund2014$5,000
Lisa And John Pritzker Family Fund2011$5,000
Mead Family Foundation2008$5,000
New Priorities Foundation2018$5,000
Richard And Hinda Rosenthal Foundation 2010$5,000
Richard Meier Foundation2016$5,000
Rochester Area Community Foundation2017$5,000
Rotonda Foundation2015$5,000
Wege Foundation2015$5,000
Woodbury Fund2007$5,000
Zarley Fam Foundation2007-2008, 2017$5,000
Moore Charitable Foundation Inc.2016$4,800
Ceres Trust2016$4,000
Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation2016$4,000
Harman Cain Foundation2018$2,500
Winokur Family Foundation Inc2018$2,500
Spectemur Agendo Inc2018$2,000
Land Family Foundation2018$1,210
Greer-Solien Fund2018$1,000
Nell Newman Foundation Inc2018$1,000
Grand Total:$1,255,104,055

Donors to NVF Projects

Many donors to New Venture Fund projects have been identified, largely via grant descriptions. However, many donors to NVF do not publicly identify specific projects in their grant descriptions, making it virtually impossible to trace particular grants to individual projects.

The following are examples of known grants from major left-of-center grantmakers to specific NVF projects: [70]

NVF Project/IssueDonorYearAmount
Agricultural DevelopmentBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2014$50,559,457
Community Engagement GrantmakingBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2018$50,000,000
Agricultural DevelopmentBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2019$47,389,151
Community Engagement GrantmakingBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$30,000,000
Community Engagement GrantmakingBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2014$20,000,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2014$12,750,300
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$10,800,000
Women's Funds CollaborativeWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$10,000,000
Empower Women and GirlsBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2020$10,000,000
Agricultural DevelopmentBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2011$9,068,833
Family PlanningBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2009$8,257,381
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$7,900,010
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$7,900,000
To support public education about the social safety netFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$7,500,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2012$6,500,000
Catalyctic Capital ConsoritumJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2020$6,000,000
Climate and Clean Energy Equity FundWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$5,000,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2014$5,000,000
Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2018$4,740,107
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2020$4,365,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$4,200,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$4,129,981
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2020$4,000,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2011$3,910,431
Connected Learning AllianceJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2013$3,800,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$3,500,000
Discovery and Translational SciencesBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2010$3,350,855
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2013$3,213,686
Inform and Engage CommunitiesBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$3,039,426
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$3,003,938
Collaborative Action Fund For Accountability, Resilience, and Adaption (CAF).John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2020$3,000,000
Climate Equity Communications Accelerator ProgramWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$3,000,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2009$2,900,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$2,818,231
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2009$2,736,543
Access to Global Health SolutionsBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2012$2,500,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2014$2,266,215
Tipping Point FundJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2019$2,000,000
CyberPeace InstituteWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$2,000,000
We Mean Business CoalitionWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$2,000,000
Supporting local police reformsFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$2,000,000
Connected Learning AllianceJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2015$1,998,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2018$1,900,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2014$1,811,149
Postsecondary EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$1,569,978
Moving Beyond Oil ProjectWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$1,550,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$1,550,000
Climate and Clean Energy Equity FundJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2019$1,500,000
Vision First ProjectWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$1,500,000
Center for Applied Environmental Law and PolicyWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$1,500,000
Funders for Housing and OpportunityJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2017$1,500,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2018$1,500,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2012$1,486,321
NutritionBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$1,472,079
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$1,350,000
N SquareJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2018$1,300,000
Climate Education FundJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2016$1,250,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2019$1,249,205
NutritionBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$1,227,931
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$1,203,961
N SquareJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2020$1,200,000
Open Education program at the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources CoalitionWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$1,200,000
Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$1,200,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2013$1,150,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2012$1,116,519
Trusted Elections FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2020$1,000,000
Trusted Elections FundWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$1,000,000
Moving Beyond Oil Fund projectWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$1,000,000
Public Interest Technology University NetworkWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$1,000,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$1,000,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2019$999,999
Media Democracy FundFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$950,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2018$900,000
Negleted Tropical DiseasesBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2012$887,202
Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$803,540
English Learners Success ForumWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$800,000
Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)William and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$767,000
Trusted Elections FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2020$750,000
Zero Now FundWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$700,000
N SquareJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2019$700,000
Climate Advocacy Defense FundWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$700,000
Delivery of Solutions to Improve Global HealthBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$700,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2013$700,000
IllumiNativeJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2020$600,000
Collaborative for Student SuccessesWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$600,000
Dangerous Speech ProjectJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2019$600,000
Climate and Clean Energy State Equity FundWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$600,000
Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$600,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$557,613
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$550,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2014$531,915
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$529,544
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$527,359
SalmonState ProjectWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$510,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2013$500,049
Disnfo Defense League (DDL)John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2020$500,000
The Algorithmic Justice LeagueJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2020$500,000
2020 Census ProjectJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2020$500,000
Media Democracy FundJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2019$500,000
IllumiNativeJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2018$500,000
2020 Climate Education FundWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$500,000
Fund for a Safer FutureWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$500,000
Safety Net Defense ForceWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$500,000
Safety Net Defense FundJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2017$500,000
Connected Learning AllianceJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2013$500,000
Connected Learning AllianceJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2012$500,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$500,000
Next Century Cities projectFoundation to Promote Open Society2016$500,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2014$475,532
U.S. Impact Investing AllianceJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2017$450,000
Research and Learning OpportunitiesBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$440,000
Global Health and Development Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2009$401,468
Digital ActionJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2020$400,000
The Partnership FundsRockefeller Brothers Fund2020$400,000
The LeagueWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$400,000
SalmonState projectWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$400,000
Vision First projectWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$400,000
Climate Interactive’s Enroads ProjectWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$400,000
Fund for a Safer FutureJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2016$400,000
Fund for a Safer FutureJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2013$400,000
Coworker.orgFoundation to Promote Open Society2018$400,000
New Venture Fund's Youth Engagement Fund'sFoundation to Promote Open Society2016$400,000
Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)William and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$383,000
Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2011$378,000
U.S. Economic Mobility & OpportunityBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2020$372,859
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2019$372,159
Communities for Just Schools FundFoundation to Promote Open Society2018$350,000
Postsecondary EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$329,553
Fossil Fuel Reduction projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2015$325,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$303,067
The Tipping Point FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2019$300,000
The Partnership FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2019$300,000
Fossil-Fuel Reduction CampaignRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$300,000
Collaborative for Student SuccessWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$300,000
Collaborative for Student SuccessWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$300,000
Dangerous Speech ProjectJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2017$300,000
Fossil Fuel Reduction campaignRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$300,000
CREO SyndicateJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2016$300,000
Fossil Fuel Reduction projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2016$300,000
Dangerous Speech ProjectJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2015$300,000
PACENow ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2015$300,000
Fossil Fuel Reduction projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2014$300,000
Americans for Tax FairnessBauman Family Foundation2013$300,000
Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2013$300,000
Media Democracy Fund's Net Neutrality Legal Defense Fund and the Platform Accountability ProjectFoundation to Promote Open Society2018$300,000
Communities for Just Schools FundFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$300,000
To support organizations working on redistrictingFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$300,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2020$284,396
Climate InteractiveRockefeller Brothers Fund2019$265,000
Media Democracy FundFoundation to Promote Open Society2016$260,000
Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary EducationJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2015$252,000
Evergreen CollaborativeWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$250,000
Digital ActionJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2019$250,000
Census 2020 ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2019$250,000
Bristol Bay Defense FundWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$250,000
Education Outcomes fund for Africa and the Middle EastWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$250,000
Presidents' Council of its U.S. Impact Investing AllianceRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$250,000
The Partnership FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$250,000
Americans for Tax FairnessBauman Family Foundation2012$250,000
Tax Revenue ProjectBauman Family Foundation2011$250,000
Fund for a Safer FutureJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2011$250,000
Early LearningBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$250,000
AgroEcology FundFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$249,990
The Partnership to Strenghten Innovation and Practice In Secondary EducationJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2016$225,000
Family HomelessnessBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$225,000
Salmon State ProjectWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$210,000
Fair Representation in Redistricting ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2020$200,000
The Partnership FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$200,000
Fossil Fuel Reduction Project's International Energy InitiativeRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$200,000
Fossil Fuel Reduction Project’s International Energy InitiativeRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$200,000
The Partnership FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$200,000
Fossil Fuel Reduction Project's International Energy InitiativeRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$200,000
The Pluribus ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$200,000
Afghanistan Engagement projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$200,000
2020 Census ProjectBauman Family Foundation2015$200,000
The Pluribus ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2015$200,000
Afghanistan Engagement projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2015$200,000
The Pluribus ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2015$200,000
Connected Learning AllianceJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2014$200,000
The Pluribus ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2014$200,000
Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2018$200,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$200,000
2020 CensusFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$200,000
Coworker.orgFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$200,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2013$170,000
2020 Census ProjectBauman Family Foundation2019$150,000
Fair Representation in RedistrictingBauman Family Foundation2019$150,000
The Pluribus ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2015$150,000
Redistricting ReformBauman Family Foundation2014$150,000
Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2020$150,000
Research and Learning OpportunitiesBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2011$150,000
Demand Progress Education FundFoundation to Promote Open Society2018$150,000
Demand ProgressFoundation to Promote Open Society2016$142,000
Research and Learning OpportunitiesBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2016$141,443
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2017$132,121
Media Democracy FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2020$125,000
Demand Progress Education Fund-First Branch CenterWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$125,000
PACENationRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$125,000
Creation Care FundBauman Family Foundation2015$123,600
Creation Care FundBauman Family Foundation2014$123,600
Creation Care FundBauman Family Foundation2013$123,600
Creation Care FundBauman Family Foundation2012$123,600
Pluribus ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$122,359
Redistricting ProjectFoundation to Promote Open Society2016$120,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2018$110,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2017$110,000
Capacity Building FundBauman Family Foundation2013$103,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2020$100,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2019$100,000
The Pluribus ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2019$100,000
2020 Census ProjectBauman Family Foundation2018$100,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2018$100,000
Colorado River Sustainability CampaignWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$100,000
Alaska Heritage CampaignWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$100,000
2020 Census ProjectBauman Family Foundation2017$100,000
2020 Census ProjectBauman Family Foundation2017$100,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2017$100,000
Moving Beyond Oil Fund project's Auto Manufacturers CampaignRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$100,000
Americans for Tax FairnessBauman Family Foundation2016$100,000
2020 Census InitiativeBauman Family Foundation2016$100,000
Rapid Respone Lab pilot programRockefeller Brothers Fund2016$100,000
Americans for Tax FairnessBauman Family Foundation2015$100,000
PACENow ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2015$100,000
Americans for Tax FairnessBauman Family Foundation2014$100,000
PACENow ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2014$100,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2020$100,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2020$100,000
SPARC General Programmatic SupportFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$100,000
Media Democracy FundFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$100,000
Coworker.orgFoundation to Promote Open Society2016$100,000
SPARC's general programmatic activities in 2019Foundation to Promote Open Society2018$90,000
Public Awareness and AnalysisBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2019$87,913
Americans for Tax FairnessBauman Family Foundation2020$75,000
Americans for Tax FairnessBauman Family Foundation2019$75,000
Media Democracy FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2019$75,000
Alaska Native Women land and water protectors retreatWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$75,000
Americans for Tax FairnessBauman Family Foundation2018$75,000
The Pluribus ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$75,000
Americans for Tax FairnessBauman Family Foundation2017$75,000
Afghanistan Engagement projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$75,000
Youth Engagement FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2016$75,000
The Research FundBauman Family Foundation2015$75,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2015$75,000
Delivery of Solutions to Improve Global HealthBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2012$68,063
President’s Council of its US Impact Investing AllianceRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$65,000
Redistricting Reform projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$55,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$55,000
Effective Voter ProjectBauman Family Foundation2011$51,000
Supporting a more diverse, equitable and inclusive Open Education ConferenceWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$50,000
We Mean BusinessWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2020$50,000
N SquareJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2019$50,000
for support of Organizational diversity, equity and Inclusion capacity of SPARC.William and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$50,000
Climate Interactive's strategic planWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$50,000
Rework America Task ForceRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$50,000
Rework America Task Force of its project, SkillfulRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$50,000
Media Democracy FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$50,000
Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)William and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$50,000
The Research FundBauman Family Foundation2017$50,000
Media Democracy FundRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$50,000
SkillfulRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$50,000
Climate InteractiveRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$50,000
Effective Voter ProjectBauman Family Foundation2016$50,000
Climate Interactive Scoreboard projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2016$50,000
Effective Voter Participation ProjectBauman Family Foundation2015$50,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2015$50,000
Climate Interactive Scoreboard projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2015$50,000
Climate Mobilization Fund projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2015$50,000
Effective Voter Participation ProjectBauman Family Foundation2014$50,000
Early LearningBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$50,000
Coworker.orgFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$50,000
Lower Drug Prices NowBauman Family Foundation2019$45,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2015$45,000
Budapest Open Access Initiative Communications Working GroupFoundation to Promote Open Society2016$45,000
Funders Collaborative for Innovative MeasurementWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2018$40,000
Policy advocacy on sanctions in AfricaFoundation to Promote Open Society2018$40,000
Climate Mobilization Fund projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2016$35,000
Grantee's Redistricting ProjectFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$35,000
Salmon State fundraising strategyWilliam and Flora Hewlett Foundation2019$30,000
Fossil Fuel Reduction campaignRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$30,000
Media Democracy FundFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$30,000
Dangerous Speech ProjectJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2019$25,000
Mission 2020 ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2019$25,000
2020 Census ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$25,000
2020 Census ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2018$25,000
Redistricting Reform projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$25,000
The Pluribus ProjectRockefeller Brothers Fund2017$25,000
Center for Secure and Modern ElectionsBauman Family Foundation2016$25,000
The Research FundBauman Family Foundation2016$25,000
Past StrategiesRockefeller Brothers Fund2016$25,000
Redistricting Reform projectRockefeller Brothers Fund2016$25,000
To document price gouging practices in pharmaceutical industryFoundation to Promote Open Society2016$25,000
Bring together movement-based, faith-based groups to learn about policy options tackling overdose epidemic in OhioFoundation to Promote Open Society2018$24,500
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2014$21,000
IllumiNativeJohn D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2020$20,000
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2013$20,000
Federal Election Legal NetworkBauman Family Foundation2012$20,000
Effective Voter ParticipationBauman Family Foundation2014$11,000
Effective Voter Research ProjectBauman Family Foundation2013$11,000
Federal Election Legal NetworkBauman Family Foundation2011$10,000
The EncyclicalFoundation to Promote Open Society2017$10,000
K-12 EducationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation2015$7,879
Redistricting Reform ProjectBauman Family Foundation2014$5,000
Grand Total:$470,528,611

Grants from New Venture Fund

The New Venture Fund paid out $243 million in grants to other nonprofits in 2019, $205,351,216 in grants in 2018, and $154,740,778 in grants in 2017. [72]

It has consistently made grants to (unnamed) groups outside of the United States, including Central America and the Caribbean; South America; Sub-Saharan Africa; East Asia and the Pacific; Western Europe; Russia and Eastern Europe; and Mexico and Canada. These grants included support for, among other things, “advocacy,” “social action,” “civil rights,” and “environmental programs.” In 2018, NVF paid out $37,756,628 in foreign grants. [73]

In 2018, NVF reported that it paid out $14,566,321 in grants to other organizations that was used for lobbying purposes. [74]

Between 2007 and 2019, the New Venture Fund paid out $926 million in grants to other organizations: [75]

RecipientGrant AmountYear
Sixteen Thirty Fund$33,013,025 2019
Massachusetts Institute of Technology$10,540,000 2019
The Regents of the University of California$5,486,593 2019
Accountable.US$4,649,850 2019
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development$3,977,723 2019
Economic Innovation Group$3,533,285 2019
Last Mile Health$3,000,000 2019
JFFLabs$2,752,643 2019
America Votes$2,192,266 2019
Seafood Task Force$1,999,560 2019
Center for Community Change$1,999,000 2019
The Trust Project$1,433,250 2019
University of New Mexico$1,412,761 2019
Democracy Works$1,350,000 2019
Amazon Conservation Association$1,284,816 2019
Center for Advanced Defense Studies$1,277,218 2019
Nature and Culture International$1,268,000 2019
Pratham USA$1,250,000 2019
Ceres$1,106,141 2019
J David Gladstone Institutes$1,050,000 2019
National Low Income Housing Coalition$1,020,000 2019
Voter Registration Project$1,000,000 2019
John and Mary R Markle Foundation$994,517 2019
Meridian Institute$940,965 2019
Better Schools Better Jobs$931,000 2019
State Voices$915,000 2019
Alaska Center Education Fund$810,000 2019
The Arab American Institute Foundation$788,712 2019
Virginia Organizing$783,818 2019
Center for Public Democracy$745,000 2019
North Main Street Fund$725,000 2019
Johns Hopkins University$717,289 2019
NEO Philanthropy$708,059 2019
Society for Corporate Governance$699,563 2019
Panorama Global$684,334 2019
The B Team Headquarters$679,000 2019
Color of Change Education Fund$660,000 2019
Faith in Public Life$650,000 2019
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation$645,000 2019
New Florida Majority Education Fund$625,000 2019
Conservation International Foundation$615,769 2019
Council for a Strong America$615,000 2019
City of Oakland$583,374 2019
Code for America Labs$576,165 2019
Hopwell Fund$570,000 2019
Center for Civic Policy$569,000 2019
Naleo Educational Fund$550,000 2019
Ohio Organizing Collaborative$525,000 2019
Equal Chance for Education$524,063 2019
Campaign for Accountability$510,000 2019
The Leadership Conference Education Fund$501,050 2019
TakeAction Minnesota Education Fund$495,000 2019
William J Brennan Center for Justice$465,000 2019
Communities United$459,500 2019
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund$456,000 2019
New Virginia Majority Education Fund$450,000 2019
Stanford University$449,598 2019
Refed$447,755 2019
International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse$447,652 2019
National Congress of American Indians$440,539 2019
CDP North America$437,367 2019
Community Action Partnership$420,000 2019
Stand$411,559 2019
Padres Unidos$405,000 2019
Amazon Conservation Team$400,000 2019
Labor Community Strategy Center$395,000 2019
United States Fund for Unicef$375,000 2019
National Housing Trust$350,000 2019
National LGBTQ Task Force$350,000 2019
Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York$333,356 2019
Tides Center$330,000 2019
Foraker Group$325,000 2019
United We Dream Network$325,000 2019
Montclair State University$324,956 2019
Faith in Action$320,000 2019
Rudolf Steiner Foundation$308,000 2019
Community Partners$307,959 2019
Albuquerque Community Foundation$300,000 2019
American Library Association$300,000 2019
Casa De Maryland$300,000 2019
Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment$300,000 2019
Friends of Publish What you Fund$300,000 2019
Jewish Women's Foundation NY$300,000 2019
One Arizona$300,000 2019
Public Allies$300,000 2019
Sacred Spaces$300,000 2019
Thousand Currents$300,000 2019
WaterAid America$300,000 2019
Helvetas USA$297,500 2019
Business for Social Responsibility$297,499 2019
Global Greengrants Fund$297,496 2019
Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote$280,000 2019
Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower and Rebuild$280,000 2019
New York University$276,941 2019
National Womens Law Center$275,000 2019
Southern Echo$275,000 2019
Miami Dade College$268,507 2019
Nava Education Project$260,000 2019
Asian Americans Advancing Justice$250,000 2019
Community Funds$250,000 2019
Conservation Colorado Education Fund$250,000 2019
Council on Foreign Relations$250,000 2019
Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center$250,000 2019
Foundation for Jewish Camp$250,000 2019
Oklahoma Policy Institute$250,000 2019
Poverty Race Research Action Council$250,000 2019
Public Policy and Education Fund of New York$250,000 2019
The Cleveland Foundation$250,000 2019
The Tor Project$250,000 2019
White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood$250,000 2019
The University of Texas at Austin Office of Accounting$249,977 2019
Research Foundation of the City University of New York$246,000 2019
Brookings Institution Kimberly Churches$243,500 2019
Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity Urge$243,000 2019
The Seed House - La Casa de la Semilla$241,433 2019
Progress Virginia Education Fund$238,000 2019
President and Fellows of Harvard College$236,248 2019
Institute for a Progressive Nevada$236,000 2019
New Jersey Institute for Social Justice$232,300 2019
Mississippi Center for Justice$229,500 2019
NAACP Empowerment Programs$228,000 2019
Progress Michigan Education$227,000 2019
Proyecto Inmigrante ICS$225,000 2019
GSA Network$220,000 2019
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law$220,000 2019
Urban Strategies$220,000 2019
Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs$219,412 2019
Hip Hop Caucus Education Fund$215,000 2019
Isaiah$215,000 2019
Madre$210,000 2019
Make the Road New York$210,000 2019
Polaris Insitute USA$210,000 2019
Earth Island Institute$209,311 2019
Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership$206,800 2019
BOMA Project$206,000 2019
New America Foundation$205,000 2019
Sierra Club Foundation$205,000 2019
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network$200,000 2019
Center for American Progress$200,000 2019
Community Asset Development Redefining Education$200,000 2019
Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama$200,000 2019
Florida Philanthropic Network$200,000 2019
Greater Minnesota Housing Fund$200,000 2019
Impact Mapper PBC$200,000 2019
Join$200,000 2019
Maine Initiatives$200,000 2019
National Urban League$200,000 2019
NC Counts Coalition$200,000 2019
Partnerhsip for Housing Affordability$200,000 2019
Public Health Institute$200,000 2019
Research Foundation CUNY$200,000 2019
Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition$200,000 2019
Texas Organizing Project Education Fund$200,000 2019
United States Fund for Unicef$200,000 2019
United Way Worldwide$200,000 2019
National Network of Abortion Funds$195,000 2019
ProgressNow New Mexico Education Fund$195,000 2019
The Woman Project$195,000 2019
Western Organization of Resource Councils$195,000 2019
Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence$190,000 2019
ACLU Fund of Michigan$180,000 2019
Arizona State University$180,000 2019
Florida International University Foundation$180,000 2019
The University of Colorado$180,000 2019
Georgia Tech Research Corporation$179,751 2019
AMREF Health Africa$179,732 2019
Carnegie Mellon University$179,618 2019
University of California Berkeley$179,592 2019
Regents of the University of Michigan$179,387 2019
Arkansas Community Foundation$175,000 2019
Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Association$175,000 2019
Highlander Research and Education Center$175,000 2019
Synergos Institute$175,000 2019
Virginia Civic Engagement Table$175,000 2019
Tides Advocacy$174,533 2019
Black Organizing Project$170,000 2019
Renew America Together$169,000 2019
Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance$166,667 2019
Center for Technology and Civic Life$166,400 2019
Maine People's Resource Center$165,000 2019
Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders$161,864 2019
Ohio Voice$160,000 2019
Pennsylvania Voice$160,000 2019
Philadelphia Student Union$160,000 2019
Cancer Care$156,815 2019
Human Rights Watch$156,650 2019
The Trustees of Princeton University$156,000 2019
American Bird Conservancy$155,000 2019
AMREF Health Africa$151,150 2019
Accelerate Change$150,000 2019
BVM Capacity Building Institute$150,000 2019
Center for Coalfield Justice$150,000 2019
Center for Public Policy Priorities$150,000 2019
Centro Campesino Farmworker Center$150,000 2019
Communities Foundation of Texas$150,000 2019
Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence$150,000 2019
Environmental Defense Fund$150,000 2019
Fair Count$150,000 2019
Gender Justice$150,000 2019
Hawaii Community Foundation$150,000 2019
International Center for Research on Women$150,000 2019
Jewish Community Centers Association of North America$150,000 2019
MN350$150,000 2019
Nonprofit Vote$150,000 2019
One Voice$150,000 2019
ProGeorgia State Table$150,000 2019
Shalom Hartman Institute of North America$150,000 2019
United Philanthropy Forum$150,000 2019
United Way Association of South Carolina$150,000 2019
West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition$150,000 2019
Youth Justice Coalition$150,000 2019
Project Expedite Justice$149,908 2019
Barton Center for Diabetes Education$149,175 2019
Diabetes Camping and Educational Services$149,175 2019
Setebaid Services$149,175 2019
Southwestern Diabetic Foundation$149,175 2019
Camp Kudzu$149,070 2019
Nevada Diabetes Association for Children and Adults$143,741 2019
Project on Government Oversight$142,000 2019
Pacific Institute$140,000 2019
State Innovation Exchange$140,000 2019
World Resources Institute$139,825 2019
Community Organizing and Family Issues$137,500 2019
Naral Pro-Choice Massachusetts$137,000 2019
Western Resource Advocates$136,000 2019
Southeastern Diabetes Education Services$135,675 2019
Camp Nejeda Foundation$135,311 2019
Cook Inletkeeper$135,000 2019
Ole Education Fund$134,500 2019
Camp Leo for Children with Diabetes$134,386 2019
Camp Hertko Hollow$133,573 2019
Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs$133,200 2019
Central Florida Jobs with Justice$130,000 2019
Whole Woman's Health Alliance$130,000 2019
Wisconsin Voices$130,000 2019
Florida Camp for Children and Youth with Diabetes$128,755 2019
Western States Center$125,500 2019
Center for Civic Design$125,000 2019
Greater Houston Community Foundation$125,000 2019
Leading Edge Alliance$125,000 2019
National Fair Housing Alliance$125,000 2019
The Miami Foundation$125,000 2019
The Micah Project$125,000 2019
Urban League of Broward County$125,000 2019
Urban League of Louisiana$125,000 2019
Georgetown University$121,991 2019
Diabetes Youth Families$121,804 2019
Groundswell International$120,000 2019
International Indian Treaty Council$120,000 2019
Latino Victory Project$120,000 2019
University of Masschusetts Mass Venture Center$120,000 2019
Policy Link$119,000 2019
Project Camp$118,800 2019
Our Oregon$117,900 2019
The Sonoran Institute$115,886 2019
Gales Creek Camp Foundation$115,355 2019
Economic Policy Institute$115,000 2019
Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health$115,000 2019
NM Café$115,000 2019
Population Action International$115,000 2019
Tebaldi Fund$115,000 2019
The Association of Public Data Users$115,000 2019
Youth United for Change$115,000 2019
Diabetes Solutions OK$113,428 2019
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors$112,308 2019
APCA$112,150 2019
Juvenile Justice Coalition$111,800 2019
Common Cause Education Fund$110,000 2019
Union for Reform Judaism$110,000 2019
Teaching for Change$108,000 2019
Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center$105,000 2019
Oficina Legal del Pueblo Unido$105,000 2019
Save the Children$103,492 2019
The Regents of the University of Colorado$101,074 2019
Alabama Arise$100,000 2019
Black Alliance for Just Immigration$100,000 2019
Board of Jewish Education$100,000 2019
Childfund International USA$100,000 2019
Colorado Civic Engagement$100,000 2019
Communities Creating Opportunities$100,000 2019
Crenulated Company$100,000 2019
Critical Exposure$100,000 2019
Earthworks$100,000 2019
Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan$100,000 2019
Emory University$100,000 2019
Geogia Coalition for the Peoples Agenda$100,000 2019
Global Cancer Institute$100,000 2019
Global Citizen$100,000 2019
Gunsdown$100,000 2019
Huairou Commission$100,000 2019
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona$100,000 2019
Jewish Women International$100,000 2019
Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation$100,000 2019
Mississippi Association of Community Action Agencies$100,000 2019
Mothering Justice$100,000 2019
Moving Traditions$100,000 2019
Naral Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation$100,000 2019
Northwestern University$100,000 2019
Path$100,000 2019
Planned Parenthood Federation of America$100,000 2019
San Francisco General Hospital Foundation$100,000 2019
San Francisco Study Center$100,000 2019
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy$100,000 2019
Teachers Unite$100,000 2019
The Small Enterprise Education and Promotion Network$100,000 2019
True Blue Media$100,000 2019
Trust for Conservation Innovation$100,000 2019
Wst Virginia Free$100,000 2019
Supporters of Agricultural Research Foundation$99,623 2019
Redford Center$96,960 2019
Land Stewardship Project$95,000 2019
Men4Choice Advocacy$95,000 2019
VoteVets Action Fund$95,000 2019
Women Rights and Empowerment Network$95,000 2019
University of Oklahoma Foundation$91,274 2019
Riding on Insulin$90,136 2019
Georgetown University Center on Privacy and Technology$90,000 2019
MongabayOrg Corp$90,000 2019
Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice$90,000 2019
Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada$90,000 2019
Stand for Salmon$90,000 2019
Univesity of Virginia$90,000 2019
Chicago Torture Justice Center$89,500 2019
Franklin W Olin College of Engineering$88,790 2019
The New School$88,417 2019
Camp Possibilities Foundation$87,075 2019
Kentucky Diabetes Camp for Children$87,075 2019
Our Justice$86,780 2019
Social Good Fund$86,618 2019
Pepperdine University$85,907 2019
Naral Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation$85,500 2019
Center for Civilians in Conflict$85,000 2019
New Georgia Project$85,000 2019
ProgressNow Colardo Education$85,000 2019
Tides Foundation$85,000 2019
Resolve Uganda$84,830 2019
Partnership for America's Children$82,810 2019
Catalyst Miami$82,500 2019
Progress Florida Education Institute$82,500 2019
Diabetic Youth Foundation of Indiana$80,865 2019
Lifecare Alliance$80,399 2019
Advance North Carolina$80,000 2019
Blueprint NC$80,000 2019
Environmental Advocates of New York$80,000 2019
Environmental Defense Fund$80,000 2019
Florida Immigrant Coalition$80,000 2019
Free Press$80,000 2019
Missouri Jobs with Justice$80,000 2019
Move Texas Action Fund$80,000 2019
New York Immigration Coalition$80,000 2019
Proteus Fund$80,000 2019
Rew Ministries$80,000 2019
Somos Un Pueblo Unido$80,000 2019
Southern Coalition for Social Justice$80,000 2019
Texas Equal Access Fund$80,000 2019
Texas Abortion Rights Action League$78,600 2019
Soul Sisters Leadership Collective$78,000 2019
Advocates for Youth$75,000 2019
Alliance for Gun Responsibility$75,000 2019
Border Network for Human Rights$75,000 2019
Cornell University$75,000 2019
Democracy a Journal of Ideas$75,000 2019
El Futuro$75,000 2019
Fight for the Future Education Fund$75,000 2019
Galeo Latino Community Development Fund DBA Geleo LCDF$75,000 2019
Georgia Family Connection Partnership$75,000 2019
GreatNonprofits$75,000 2019
Jolt Initiative$75,000 2019
Latino Community Fund$75,000 2019
Memphis Center for Reproductive Health$75,000 2019
Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center$75,000 2019
National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector$75,000 2019
National League of Cities Institute$75,000 2019
Nollie Jenkins Family Center$75,000 2019
Physicians for Human Rights$75,000 2019
Ruth Ellis Center$75,000 2019
Southern Vision Alliance$75,000 2019
Steps Coalition$75,000 2019
The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis$75,000 2019
Trace Media$75,000 2019
United Ways of Texas$75,000 2019
University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab$75,000 2019
Voices for Virginia's Children$75,000 2019
United Tribes of Bristol Bay$74,500 2019
National Audubon Society$72,171 2019
National Coalition for Literacy$72,000 2019
9to5 National Association of Working Women$70,000 2019
Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together$70,000 2019
Congregations Caring for Creation$70,000 2019
National Partnership for Women and Families$70,000 2019
Progressive America Fund$70,000 2019
Trout Unlimited$69,500 2019
Brainy Camps Association$67,500 2019
Keystone Progress Education Fund$65,000 2019
Victory Junction Gang Camp$64,608 2019
American Rivers$64,000 2019
Center for Economic and Policy Research$62,000 2019
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Foundation$61,247 2019
Calvario City Church$60,000 2019
Chesapeake Climate Action Netowrk$60,000 2019
Copal Education Fund$60,000 2019
Dallas Baptist University$60,000 2019
Empower Missouri$60,000 2019
Family Action Network Movement$60,000 2019
National Digital Inclusion Alliance$60,000 2019
Ohio Association of Foodbanks$60,000 2019
Pittsburgh United$60,000 2019
Skinner Leadership Institute$60,000 2019
Tennessee Justice Center$60,000 2019
Think Tennessee$60,000 2019
350 Seattle$58,000 2019
Spark Reproductive Justice Now$57,500 2019
Diabetes Youth Services$56,385 2019
Tanager Place$55,974 2019
Population Reference Bureau$55,700 2019
Common Cause$55,500 2019
Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition$54,882 2019
1000 Days$52,415 2019
Postpartume Support Virginia$51,663 2019
Naral Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation$51,500 2019
Arms with Ethics$50,000 2019
Boat People SOS$50,000 2019
Born This Way Foundation$50,000 2019
Catherine Mcauley Center for Women$50,000 2019
Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund$50,000 2019
Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition$50,000 2019
Colorado Org for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights$50,000 2019
CT Collaborative for Education Against Gun Violenece$50,000 2019
Florida Policy Institute$50,000 2019
Fund for Idaho (Medicaid Matters)$50,000 2019
Gisa$50,000 2019
Gun violenece Prevention Education Center$50,000 2019
Independent Diplomat$50,000 2019
Institute for Local Self Reliance$50,000 2019
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy$50,000 2019
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement$50,000 2019
Jannus$50,000 2019
King Baudouin Foundation US$50,000 2019
La Clinica del Pueblo$50,000 2019
Maine Equal Justice Partners$50,000 2019
March of Dimes$50,000 2019
Media Matters for America$50,000 2019
Middle Collegiate Church$50,000 2019
Mountain Association for Community Economic Development$50,000 2019
National Consumer Law Center$50,000 2019
National LGBTQ Task Force$50,000 2019
National Vote at Home Institute$50,000 2019
NC League of Conservation Voters Foundation$50,000 2019
New Jersey Resource Project$50,000 2019
North Carolina Justice Center$50,000 2019
Plus Fund Paid Leave for the United States$50,000 2019
Policy Matters Ohio$50,000 2019
Protect Minnesota$50,000 2019
Search for Common Ground$50,000 2019
Sitka Conservation Society$50,000 2019
The Go Project$50,000 2019
The Tedmed Foundation$50,000 2019
Trust Women Foundation$50,000 2019
Univeristy of Nebraska Foundation$50,000 2019
Wave Educational Fund$50,000 2019
Witness$50,000 2019
Young Womens Christian Assoc of Oahu$50,000 2019
Mothers Against Police Brutality$49,999 2019
Physicians for Reproductive Health$49,800 2019
Panzi Foundation$49,630 2019
National Association of Counties Research Foundation$49,403 2019
Central Missouri Diabetic Childrens Camp$48,356 2019
National Conference of State Legislatures$48,000 2019
Bonneville Environmental Foundation$47,500 2019
Appalachian Voices$46,600 2019
Access Reproductive Care-Southeast$46,000 2019
Bank Street College of Education$46,000 2019
BYP100 Education Fund$42,500 2019
Family Tree$42,200 2019
Action Center on Race and the Economy Institute$40,000 2019
Center for Responsive Politics$40,000 2019
ESCR-Net$40,000 2019
La Frontera Fund$40,000 2019
Living United for Change in Arizona$40,000 2019
Mercy Health$40,000 2019
Muslim Advocates$40,000 2019
Open Markets Institute$40,000 2019
Public Citizen Foundation$40,000 2019
State of Nevada$40,000 2019
The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus$40,000 2019
The Climate Group$40,000 2019
Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy$40,000 2019
West Fund$40,000 2019
WORC Education Project$40,000 2019
Working Partnerships USA$40,000 2019
National Council of Jewish Women$39,000 2019
Health Global Acces Project$38,206 2019
Connecticut Citizen Action Group$38,000 2019
Hillel - The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life$37,500 2019
Institute of Southern Jewish Life$37,500 2019
National Ramah Commission$37,500 2019
People Incorporated$37,286 2019
Presbytery of St. Andrew$37,267 2019
Rand Corportation$35,356 2019
Allied Media Projects$35,000 2019
Girls Incorporated of Alameda County$35,000 2019
Lee Montessori Public Charter$35,000 2019
Media Mobilizing Project$35,000 2019
Michigan United$35,000 2019
National Institute for Reproductive Health Action$35,000 2019
NM Café$35,000 2019
Ocean Outcomes$35,000 2019
Ourfront Minnnesota Community Services$35,000 2019
Centro de Trabajadores Unidoes en Lucha 35000$35,000 2019
Times Up Foundation$32,947 2019
Utah Health Policy Project$32,000 2019
WRTH$31,698 2019
Human Rights First$31,500 2019
Childrends Hospital Medical Center of Akron$30,480 2019
Aclamo Family Centers$30,000 2019
Catalina Sea Ranch$30,000 2019
Critical Resistance$30,000 2019
Libraries Without Borders$30,000 2019
MoveOn Education Fund$30,000 2019
New England Aquarium Corporation$30,000 2019
Public Knowledge$30,000 2019
Texas Freedom Network Education Fund$30,000 2019
The ARC of Pennsylvania$30,000 2019
The Bell Policy Center$30,000 2019
The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform$30,000 2019
The Women's Foundation of California$30,000 2019
University of Khartoum Alumni Association USA$30,000 2019
Food System 6 Accelerator$29,500 2019
Plan International USA$29,371 2019
Naral Pro Choice Ohio Foundation$27,000 2019$27,000 2019
Inland Congregations United for Change Sponsoring Committee$26,000 2019
Forward Together$25,500 2019
Loyola Marymount University$25,500 2019
Article 19$25,000 2019
Cleveland Neighborhood Progresss$25,000 2019
Doc Society$25,000 2019
Environmental Defense Fund$25,000 2019
Equality Ohio Education Fund$25,000 2019
Equality Virginia$25,000 2019
Footsteps$25,000 2019
Forever Changed Ministries$25,000 2019
Foundation of the State of New York at Binghamton$25,000 2019
Kitchen Table Campaigns$25,000 2019
MomsRising$25,000 2019
Montessori Public Policy$25,000 2019
Movement Voter Project$25,000 2019
National Academy of Sciences$25,000 2019
National Institute for Reproductive Health$25,000 2019
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health$25,000 2019
NBI Foundation$25,000 2019
Ohio Environmental Council$25,000 2019
Preterm Cleveland$25,000 2019
Vincentian Ohio Action Network$25,000 2019
Win Win Network$25,000 2019
Waldorf Early Childhood Association$24,150 2019
Mijente Support Committee$24,009 2019
Bellwether Education Partners$23,125 2019
Chicago Votes Action Fund$22,000 2019
World Wildlife Fund US$22,000 2019
Carilion Medical Center$20,646 2019
Action Institute NC$20,000 2019
Agitarte$20,000 2019
City of Columbia, SC$20,000 2019
Equality New Mexico Foundation$20,000 2019
Faith in Indiana$20,000 2019
Minnesota Voice$20,000 2019
Pennsylvania Health Access Network$20,000 2019
Public Action Foundation$20,000 2019
Tanana Chiefs Conference$20,000 2019
Youthbuild USA$20,000 2019
The Nature Conservancy$19,825 2019
Fishchoice$19,000 2019
Borealis Philanthropy$17,340 2019
TechChange$17,000 2019
50Can$15,500 2019
Rock the Vote$15,238 2019
Americas Voice Education Fund$15,000 2019
Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law$15,000 2019
Data for Black Lives$15,000 2019
Expect More Arizona$15,000 2019
Fair Trade USA$15,000 2019
Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project$15,000 2019
Florida Coalition on Black Civic Participation$15,000 2019
Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action$15,000 2019
Montessori Partnership for Georgia$15,000 2019
National Association of Secretaries of State$15,000 2019
National Newspaper Publishers Association$15,000 2019
Partnership for Learning$15,000 2019
Texas Gun Sense$15,000 2019
Peace Center for Forgiveness and Reconciliation$12,500 2019
Project South$12,500 2019
Roil$12,300 2019
Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education$10,500 2019
Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods$10,200 2019
Advance Illinois NFP$10,000 2019
American Civil Liberties Union Florida$10,000 2019
Archcity Defenders$10,000 2019
Association of Defense Communities$10,000 2019
Beyone Conflict$10,000 2019
Bristol Bay Native Association$10,000 2019
Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation$10,000 2019
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities$10,000 2019
Council of Chief State School Officers$10,000 2019
Education for Liberation Network$10,000 2019
Equality Federation$10,000 2019
Faith in Action Alabama$10,000 2019
Federacion de Maestros de Puerto Rico$10,000 2019
Foundation for a Better Louisiana$10,000 2019
Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education$10,000 2019
Houston in Action$10,000 2019
Institute for Social Policy and Understanding$10,000 2019
Interaction Initiative$10,000 2019
James Beard Foundation$10,000 2019
Kenwood Oakland Community Organization$10,000 2019
League of Women Voters of Michigan Education Fund$10,000 2019
Millions of Conversations$10,000 2019
Mississippi First$10,000 2019
Native Vision$10,000 2019
New Era Colorado Foundation$10,000 2019
North Carolina Business Leaders for Education$10,000 2019
Ohio Excels$10,000 2019
Operation Restoration$10,000 2019
Pono Hawaii Initiative$10,000 2019
Providence Student Union$10,000 2019
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network$10,000 2019
Slingshot Fund$10,000 2019
The Knights and Orchids Society$10,000 2019
Twin Cities Innovation Alliance$10,000 2019
University of Florida$10,000 2019
Us Together$10,000 2019
We The Protesters$10,000 2019
Wend Africa$10,000 2019
Women With a Vision$10,000 2019
International Union for Conservation of Nature$8,000 2019
Center for the Study of the Americas$7,000 2019
When We All Vote$6,051 2019
Virunga Fund$5,308 2019
Sixteen Thirty Fund$26,747,561 2018
World Wildlife Fund US$15,519,996 2018
Voter Registration Project$6,925,000 2018
When We All Vote$4,206,755 2018
John and Mary R Markle Foundation$3,986,847 2018
The Nature Conservancy$3,510,000 2018
Entertainment Industry Foundation$3,078,589 2018
America Votes$2,349,903 2018
Hopewell Fund$2,258,354 2018
The Global Development ubator$2,210,806 2018
Economic Innovation Group$2,038,400 2018
REFED$1,918,596 2018
NEO Philanthropy$1,646,975 2018
Business for Social Responsibility$1,404,262 2018
Tides Foundation$1,360,000 2018
Nature and Culture International$1,357,300 2018
FishChoice$1,200,000 2018
Better Schools Better Jobs$1,183,425 2018
United States Fund for UNICEF$1,029,116 2018
Civic Nation$1,000,000 2018
CERES$993,333 2018
Alaska Center Education Fund$990,000 2018
Trout Unlimited$948,473 2018
National Low ome Housing Coalition$900,000 2018
Ocean Outcomes$888,638 2018
Ohio Organizing Collaborative$840,000 2018
Environmental Defense Fund$737,290 2018
CDP North America$711,943 2018
Huairou Commission$705,000 2018
Council for a Strong America$650,000 2018
Johns Hopkins University$643,534 2018
State Voices DC$600,000 2018
Amazon Conservation Association$582,000 2018
Pnorama Global$527,750 2018
Massachusetts Institute of Technology$514,411 2018
The Leadership Conference$507,100 2018
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving$505,360 2018
American Cancer Society$500,000 2018
Public Advocates$500,000 2018
The B Team Headquarters$491,666 2018
Center for Civic Policy$475,000 2018
Center for Popular Democracy$475,000 2018
TakeAction Minnesota Education Fund$465,000 2018
National Audubon Society$451,000 2018
Tides Advocacy$440,476 2018
Campaign for Accountability$425,000 2018
Tides Center$410,000 2018
Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County$400,000 2018
Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs$400,000 2018
New Virginia Majority Education Fund$375,000 2018
New Florida Majority Education Fund$350,000 2018
North Maine Street Fund$350,000 2018
ProgressNow Education$350,000 2018
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation$325,000 2018
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids$324,500 2018
Duke University$321,602 2018
Community Partners$315,494 2018
North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools$313,625 2018
The Regents of the University of California$310,000 2018
Northeastern Unversity$307,446 2018
Last Mile Health$300,001 2018
Alaska Native Tribal Heath$300,000 2018
Stop Deceptive Amendments$300,000 2018
TOR Project$300,000 2018
New America oudnation$294,165 2018
Internews Network$288,121 2018
National Institute for Reproductive Health$281,000 2018
Center for American Progress$274,745 2018
Public Citizen Foundation$272,531 2018
The Regents of the University of California Santa Barbara$272,275 2018
Equal Chance for Education$264,063 2018
National Network of Abortion Funds$253,500 2018
Acronym$250,000 2018
Council of Large Public Housing Authorities$250,000 2018
Direct Relief$250,000 2018
HoneyGuide Media$250,000 2018
Igiugig Village$250,000 2018
PICO National Network$250,000 2018
PowerPAC Foundation$250,000 2018
United Tribes of Bristol Bay$240,000 2018
The Arab American Institute$238,750 2018
Alliance for Youth Organizing$228,000 2018
Center for Public Justice$225,000 2018
Texas Organizing Project Education$223,000 2018
Global Health Media Project$219,963 2018
George Washington University$215,930 2018
Mississippi Center for Justice$215,373 2018
Cook Inletkeepers$210,000 2018
Progress Michigan Education$205,050 2018
Missouri Organizing and Voter Engagement Collaborative$205,000 2018
New Jersey Institute for Social Justice$204,800 2018
Pratham USA$202,816 2018
Public Policy Institute of California$200,763 2018
Arise Citizens Policy Project$200,000 2018
Asian American Journalists$200,000 2018
Asian Americans Advancing Justice$200,000 2018
Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth$200,000 2018
Human Rights Campaign Foundation$200,000 2018
Isaiah$200,000 2018
Latino Victory Project$200,000 2018
Partnership for Children Youth$200,000 2018
The Black Teacher Collaborative$198,715 2018
New York University$195,578 2018
Sierra Club Foundation$190,000 2018 Education Fund$187,500 2018
Conseration Strategy Fund$182,500 2018
Color of Change Education Fund$175,000 2018
Conservation International$175,000 2018
NBI Foundation$174,054 2018
National Network of State Teachers of the Year$172,568 2018
Faith in Public Life$170,000 2018
Juvenile Justice Coalition$160,100 2018
National Partnership for Women and Families$155,200 2018
Southwest Organizing Project$155,000 2018
Creo Family Office Sundicate$152,000 2018
Community Change$150,900 2018
Alaska Conservation Foundation$150,000 2018
B Team Headquarters$150,000 2018
Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis$150,000 2018
Jewish Women's Foundation NY$150,000 2018
Oakland Public Education Fund$150,000 2018
Patient Services$150,000 2018
The Arc of the United States$150,000 2018
University of New Mexico$150,000 2018
Youth Together$150,000 2018
Institute for the Future$148,000 2018
Maine Peoples Resource Center$147,000 2018
1000 Days$142,775 2018
Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower & Rebuild$140,000 2018
Wetern States Center$140,000 2018
Naleo Educational Fund$133,700 2018
Kids Rethink New Orleans School$132,000 2018
Win Win Network$132,000 2018
American Rivers$131,500 2018
Oil Change International$126,325 2018
Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence$125,000 2018
Keystone Research Center$125,000 2018
Namati$125,000 2018
National Black Women's Justice Institute$125,000 2018
P Street Project$125,000 2018
Public Radio International$125,000 2018
Sacred Spaces$125,000 2018
Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength$120,000 2018
MN350$120,000 2018
Virginia Organizing$120,000 2018
The Keystone Center$119,100 2018
Appletree Institute for Education$118,565 2018
Institute for a Progressive Nevada$115,000 2018
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Foundation$115,000 2018
The Association of Public Data Users$115,000 2018
Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment$110,000 2018
International Indian Treaty Council$110,000 2018
Juntos$106,000 2018
Common Cause$105,000 2018
Innoation Ohio Education Fund$105,000 2018
Missouri Jobs with Justice$105,000 2018
William J Brennan Center for Justice$105,000 2018
Ryse Center$102,500 2018
Fight for the Future Education Fund$101,000 2018
West Virgiia Free$100,200 2018
Aushwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation$100,000 2018
Baltimore Algebra Project$100,000 2018
Bonneville Environmental$100,000 2018
Boston Chinatown Neigbhorhood$100,000 2018
Californians for Justice Education Fund$100,000 2018
Doc Society$100,000 2018
Drum Desis Rising Up and Moving$100,000 2018
Early Milestones Colorado$100,000 2018
Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan$100,000 2018
Families and Friends of Lousiana's arcerated Children$100,000 2018
Freedom$100,000 2018
Girls for Gender Equity$100,000 2018
Global Health Promise$100,000 2018
GunsDown$100,000 2018
Maine Equal Justice Partners$100,000 2018
Mongabayorg Corp$100,000 2018
National Urban League$100,000 2018
Providence Student Union$100,000 2018
Providence Youth Student Movement$100,000 2018
Roosevelt Institute$100,000 2018
The Poptech Institute DBA Poptech$100,000 2018
YouthBuild USA$100,000 2018
Supporters of Agricultural Research Foundation (SOAR)$99,725 2018
True North Media$98,500 2018
We Are All Human Foundation$97,990 2018
Helen Keller International$97,500 2018
Political Research Associates$97,000 2018
Akeela$95,000 2018
Emory University$95,000 2018
Healthright 360$95,000 2018
Inquiring Systems$95,000 2018
Women's Therapy Center$95,000 2018
VoteVets Action Fund$93,000 2018
Kentucky Educational Development Corporation$92,400 2018
Children's Action Alliance$90,000 2018
City of Oakland$90,000 2018
Communities Creating Opportunities$90,000 2018
Empower Missouri$90,000 2018
Institute for Local Self Reliance$90,000 2018
Food System 6 Accelerator$85,399 2018
Catalyst Miami$85,000 2018
Common Cause Education Fund$85,000 2018
Connecticut Women's Consortium$85,000 2018
Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health$85,000 2018
The Afiya Center$85,000 2018
Public Policy and Education Fund of New York$84,500 2018
Nebraskans for Civic Reform$82,600 2018
El Futuro$82,500 2018
Service Program for Older People$82,500 2018
Research Foundation of the City of the University of New York$80,000 2018
Rockwood Leadership Institute$80,000 2018
ACLU Foundation of Northern California$79,000 2018
Pennsylvania Voice$79,000 2018
REIL$76,247 2018
APCA$75,000 2018
Art of Yoga Project$75,000 2018
Brookings Institute$75,000 2018
Casa de Maryland$75,000 2018
Center for Auto Safety - Safe Climate Campaign$75,000 2018
Center for Food Action in New Jersey$75,000 2018
CLAL - The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership$75,000 2018
Communities for a Better Enviornment$75,000 2018
Downtown Womens Center$75,000 2018
EarthWorks$75,000 2018
Fair Trade USA$75,000 2018
Feeding Indianas Hungry$75,000 2018
Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado$75,000 2018
Free Press$75,000 2018
Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence$75,000 2018
Girltrek orportated$75,000 2018
Greater Philadephia Coalition$75,000 2018
Jewish Women's Archive$75,000 2018
Mujeres Unidas Y Actives$75,000 2018
National League of Cities Institute$75,000 2018
Nonprofit Vote$75,000 2018
Ohio Organizing Campaign$75,000 2018
Stand$75,000 2018
Stanford University$75,000 2018
Stockholm Environment Institute$75,000 2018
The Womens Rabbinic Network LTD$75,000 2018
University of Chicago$75,000 2018
University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab$75,000 2018
West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy$75,000 2018
West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition$75,000 2018
Population Services International$74,735 2018
Florence Crittenton Home and Services$72,500 2018
Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center$72,500 2018
The Center for Water Security and Cooperation$71,320 2018
Hope Street Group$70,364 2018
Food & Friends$70,000 2018
God's Love We Deliver$70,000 2018
New Jersey Resource Project$70,000 2018
Project Open Hand$70,000 2018
Rhode Island School of Design$70,000 2018
National Conference of State Legislatures$68,227 2018
University of Texas$65,730 2018
Center for Media Justice$65,000 2018
George Mason University$65,000 2018
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation$65,000 2018
Times Up Foundation$65,000 2018
Council of Chief State School Officers$62,859 2018
Deeds not Words$61,672 2018
Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership$60,750 2018
Food Bank Council of Michigan$60,000 2018
Men4Choice Education$60,000 2018
Ohio Voice$60,000 2018
Ole Education Fund$60,000 2018
Stand for Salmon$60,000 2018
Unemployment Information Center$60,000 2018
Western Organization of Resource Council$60,000 2018
ForeFront$59,736 2018
Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice$55,000 2018
Whole Woman's Health Alliance$55,000 2018
People's Action Institute$52,500 2018
Think Tennessee$52,500 2018
Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights$51,800 2018
Media Mobilizing Project$51,000 2018
All-Options$50,200 2018
Aboriton Care Network$50,000 2018
Accountability Lab$50,000 2018
Advocates for Youth$50,000 2018
Africa Civil Society Forum$50,000 2018
Alameda Health System Foundation$50,000 2018
Alliance for Gun Responsibility$50,000 2018
American University$50,000 2018
Big Bam FDTN DBA Breast Treatment Task Force$50,000 2018
Boston Medical Center Corporation$50,000 2018
CALCEF Innovations$50,000 2018
Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund$50,000 2018
Center for Civilians in Conflict$50,000 2018
Center for Coalfield Justice$50,000 2018
Center for International Policy$50,000 2018
Center for US Global Leadership$50,000 2018
Charlotte Maxwell Clinic$50,000 2018
Christian Connections for International Health$50,000 2018
Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition$50,000 2018
Community Servings$50,000 2018
Crisis Action$50,000 2018
Faith in Action$50,000 2018
Georgetown University$50,000 2018
Human Rights Campaign$50,000 2018
Human Rights Watch$50,000 2018
Interfaith Children's Movement$50,000 2018
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement$50,000 2018
Kenwood Oakland Community$50,000 2018
Media Matters for America$50,000 2018
Minnesota Literacy Council$50,000 2018
Missouri Budget Project$50,000 2018
Montana Budget and Policy Center$50,000 2018
National Association of Counties Research Foundation$50,000 2018
National Congress of American Indians$50,000 2018
National Consumer Law Center$50,000 2018
National Hispanic Media Coalition$50,000 2018
National Institute for Reproductive Health Action$50,000 2018
National LGBTQ Task Force$50,000 2018
National LGBTQ Task Force$50,000 2018
New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund$50,000 2018
One Earth Future Foundation$50,000 2018
Orange Door$50,000 2018
Planned Parenthood of Illinois$50,000 2018
Plus Fund Paid Leave for the United States$50,000 2018
Policy Matters Ohio$50,000 2018
Progressive Leadersip Alliance of Nevada$50,000 2018
ProgressNow Colorado Education$50,000 2018
Project Angel Food$50,000 2018
Protect Minnesota$50,000 2018
Public Communicators$50,000 2018
Shanti Project$50,000 2018
Sitka Conservation Sciety$50,000 2018
States United to Prevent Gun Violence$50,000 2018
Texas Equal Access Fund$50,000 2018
The Rose$50,000 2018
the Women's Foundation of California$50,000 2018
Trace Media$50,000 2018
Trust Women Foundation$50,000 2018
Virginia Civic Engagement Table$50,000 2018
Virunga Fund$50,000 2018
Wave Education Fund$50,000 2018
Wild Salmon Center$50,000 2018
Womens Rights and Empowerment Network$50,000 2018
South Asian Network$49,999 2018
Independent Diplomat$49,928 2018
NEO Philanthropy$49,774 2018
Stand for Children Leadership$49,700 2018
Project Expedite Justice$49,615 2018
Communities in Transition$49,575 2018
Maine Initiatives$49,450 2018
Population Action International$49,211 2018
Invisible Children$48,957 2018
President and Fellows of Harvard College$47,810 2018
A Plus Schools Pittsburghs Community Alliance for Public Education$47,100 2018
Action Institute NC$45,000 2018
Pennsylvania Health Access Network$45,000 2018
ProgressOhio Education$45,000 2018
The Tedmed Foundation$45,000 2018
West Virginia Citizen Action Education Fund$45,000 2018
Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health$45,000 2018
National Economic and Social Rights Initiative$44,796 2018
Resolve Uganda$44,458 2018
National Peoples Action$44,000 2018
UpStream USA$42,266 2018
University of Alaska$41,859 2018
A Place at the Table$41,642 2018
Columbia University$41,422 2018
American Bridge 21st Century$40,000 2018
CARE$40,000 2018
Center for Investigative Reporting$40,000 2018
Congregations Caring for Creation$40,000 2018
Food Bank of Northern Nevada$40,000 2018
Garden City Montessori School$40,000 2018
Great Plains Food Bank$40,000 2018
Henry Lstimson Center$40,000 2018
Keystone Progress Education Fund$40,000 2018
Montana Food Bank Network$40,000 2018
Montana Women Vote$40,000 2018
Navigate$40,000 2018
NM Café$40,000 2018
ProgressNow New Mexico$40,000 2018
Public Action Foudnation$40,000 2018
Public Knowledge$40,000 2018
Refugees International$40,000 2018
Resources Legacy Fund$40,000 2018
Texas Freedom Network Education Fund$40,000 2018
Women's Cancer Resource Center$40,000 2018
The Regents of the University of Colorado$39,779 2018
Curry Soil and Water Conservation$39,144 2018
The San Francisco Foundation$39,000 2018
William Marsh Rice University$36,800 2018
Peacetech Lab$36,000 2018
The Black Church Center for Justice and Equality$36,000 2018
Allied Media Projects$35,000 2018
Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha$35,000 2018
Faith in Indiana$35,000 2018
Land Stewardship Project$35,000 2018
New Orleans Abortion Fund$35,000 2018
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management$35,000 2018
Outfront Minnesota Community$35,000 2018
Sunflower Community Action$35,000 2018
The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus$35,000 2018
Violence Policy Center$35,000 2018
Staying Alive Foundation$33,000 2018
Asian and Pacific Islander$32,000 2018
Character Lab$31,930 2018
The Sonoran Institute$31,572 2018
United Philanthropy Forum$31,200 2018
New York Civil Liberties Union Foundation$31,000 2018
Center for Community Change$30,000 2018
Earth Island Institute$30,000 2018
East Providence School Department$30,000 2018
Enoch Pratt Free Library of Baltimore City$30,000 2018
Food Bank of Alaska$30,000 2018
Harvesters the Community Food Network$30,000 2018
Hunger Solutions New York$30,000 2018
Libraries Without Borders$30,000 2018
Make the Road Actoin Fund$30,000 2018
Nautilus Impact Investing LLC$30,000 2018
Nava Education Project$30,000 2018
Rekindling the Dream Foundation$30,000 2018
Unitarian Universalist Services$30,000 2018
Kenai Peninsula Borough School District$29,000 2018
International Researh and Exchanges Board$28,000 2018
Kansas Staff Development Council$27,900 2018
Southern New Hampshire University$27,500 2018
Literacy Council of Bowie & Miller Counties$27,400 2018
Southwest Regional Education Cooperative$27,400 2018
Tabernacle Education Association$27,400 2018
Yeshiva University$27,122 2018
Overdeck Family Foundation$26,946 2018
West Virginia State Department of Education$26,600 2018
Bellwether Education Partners$26,337 2018
NWCCOG Foundation$26,000 2018
Division of Jomeland Ministries$25,890 2018
Atlanta Families Awards for Excellence in Education$25,700 2018
Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation$25,700 2018
ACLU Fund of Michigan$25,000 2018
Appalachian Voices$25,000 2018
Baylor College of Medicine$25,000 2018
Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara$25,000 2018
Chesapeake Climate Action Network$25,000 2018
Climate Solutions$25,000 2018
Coalition for Susitna DAM Alternatives$25,000 2018
Community Action Partnership$25,000 2018
Community Voices Heard$25,000 2018
Dignity Health French Hospital Med Center$25,000 2018
Education Northwest$25,000 2018
Equality Ohio Education Fund$25,000 2018
Equality Virginia$25,000 2018
Fusion Partnerships$25,000 2018
MedStar Washington Hopsital Center$25,000 2018
Mercy Hospital and Medical Center$25,000 2018
Miami Workers Center$25,000 2018
National Academy of Sciences$25,000 2018
National Digital lusion$25,000 2018
New York University NYU Langone Medical Center and School of Medicine$25,000 2018
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center$25,000 2018
Northern Westchester Hospital Association$25,000 2018
Northridge Hospital Foundation$25,000 2018
Ohio Environmental Council$25,000 2018
Progress Florida$25,000 2018
Sierra Health Foundation$25,000 2018
Sinai Health System$25,000 2018
Social Good Fund$25,000 2018
Southern Education Foundationn$25,000 2018
St. John's Riverside Hospital$25,000 2018
The Methodist Hospital Foundation$25,000 2018
The Urban League of Philadelphia$25,000 2018
Tufts Medical Center$25,000 2018
Ventian Ohio Ation Network$25,000 2018
VIP Education Fund$25,000 2018
You Can Thrive!$25,000 2018
Golden Apple Foundation of New Mexico$24,900 2018
Physicians for Human Rights$24,726 2018
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation$24,679 2018
City and Borough of Juneau School District$24,000 2018
Dakota State University$24,000 2018
Mississippi University for women$24,000 2018
Muskingum Valley Esc$24,000 2018
The Regeneration Project$24,000 2018
2020 Mom$23,595 2018
New Jersey Staff Development Council$23,200 2018
Nami Minnesota$23,100 2018
New Jersey Education Association$22,300 2018
Voter Participation Center$22,000 2018
Environmental Working Group$20,725 2018
Institute for Education Research and Scholarships$20,600 2018
Federacion de Maestros de Puerto Rico$20,400 2018
Communities United$20,000 2018
League of Women Voters New Jersey$20,000 2018
Leland Stanford Junior University$20,000 2018
Minnesota Voice$20,000 2018
Safe Passages$20,000 2018
Salmon Project$20,000 2018
Washington Center for Equitable Growth$20,000 2018
Washington Community Action Network Education and Research Fund$20,000 2018
Montana Professional Teaching Foundation$19,523 2018
JustLeadershipUSA$19,201 2018
Woodland Hills School District$18,900 2018
San Mateo County Office of Education$17,200 2018
Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council$17,200 2018
Environment America Research and Policy Center$16,500 2018
Chicago Votes Action Fund$15,199 2018
CallowaynCounty Board of Education$15,000 2018
Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable$15,000 2018
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation$15,000 2018
Texas Gun Sense$15,000 2018
Seafood improvement Collaborative$14,500 2018
University of Florida$14,000 2018
Bandon School District$13,561 2018
Western Resource Advocates$13,200 2018
Clark County Education Association$12,900 2018
As You Sow$12,500 2018
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors$11,000 2018
Teach Plus$10,347 2018
Alaska Community Action on Toxics$10,000 2018
Amazon Watch$10,000 2018
Bering Sea Fishermen's Association$10,000 2018
Child Mind Institute$10,000 2018
Clean and Healthy New York$10,000 2018
Crisis Text Line$10,000 2018
Ecology Center$10,000 2018
Emerging American Majorities$10,000 2018
Florida Coalition on Black Civic Participation$10,000 2018
Good Projects$10,000 2018
Hunger Solutions Minnesota$10,000 2018
Indianapolis Congregation Action Network (Faith in Indiana)$10,000 2018
Jed Foundation$10,000 2018
Law Enforcement Action Partnership$10,000 2018
Movement Strategy Center$10,000 2018
National Crittenton Foundation$10,000 2018
National Democratic Institute$10,000 2018
Natural Resources Defense Council$10,000 2018
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation$10,000 2018
Rape Abuse & est National Network$10,000 2018
Together for Girls$10,000 2018
Trevor Project$10,000 2018
Union for Reorm Judaism$10,000 2018
Educate Maine$9,450 2018
Jefferson County Public Education Foundation$9,400 2018
Proud Haven$9,400 2018
Camp Hertko Hollow$8,950 2018
Gales Creek Camp Foundation$8,950 2018
Barton Center for Diabetes$8,950 2018
Brainy Camps Association$8,950 2018
Camp Kudzu$8,950 2018
Camp Leo for Children with Diabetes$8,950 2018
Camp Nejeda Foundation$8,950 2018
Camp Possibilites Foundation$8,950 2018
Carilion Medical Center$8,950 2018
Centeral Missouri Diabetic Childrens Camp$8,950 2018
Childrens Hospital Medical Center of Akron$8,950 2018
Diabetes Camping and Educational Services$8,950 2018
Diabetes Solutions OK$8,950 2018
Diabetes Youth Families$8,950 2018
Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana$8,950 2018
Diabetes Youth Services$8,950 2018
Florida Camp for Children and Youth With Diabetes$8,950 2018
Harold Hamm Diabetes Center$8,950 2018
Idaho Diabetes Youth Porgrams$8,950 2018
Kentucky Diabetes Camp for Children$8,950 2018
Lifecare Alliance$8,950 2018
Nevada Diabetes Association for Children and Adults$8,950 2018
Project Camp$8,950 2018
Setebaid Services$8,950 2018
Southeastern Diabetes Education Services$8,950 2018
Tanager Place$8,950 2018
Business Forward$8,000 2018
Cleveland Public Library$8,000 2018
Greenpeace Fund$7,536 2018
Sickle Cell Foundation Support Group$7,500 2018
Center for Youth Engagment$7,000 2018
Partnership Project$7,000 2018
Twin Cities Innovation Alliance$7,000 2018
Public Allies$5,500 2018
The Seed House - La Casa de La Semilla$5,425 2018
The Atlantic Philanthropies (USA)$5,077 2018
Sixteen Thirty Fund$20,121,213 2017
International Scholarship And Tutition Services Inc.$19,435,964 2017
Upstream Usa Inc$13,648,007 2017
American Oversight$2,715,000 2017
Schott Foundation$2,461,805 2017
Cicatelli Associates Inc.$2,400,000 2017
Fishwise$2,277,606 2017
Economic Innovation Group$1,960,000 2017
Institute For Americas Future$1,500,000 2017
Neo Philanthropy Inc$1,489,070 2017
Massachusetts General Hospital Affiliate Of Partners Healthcare$1,325,000 2017
World Wildlife Fund Ca$1,286,791 2017
Institute Of Food Technologists$1,240,750 2017
Impact Assets$1,204,596 2017
Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine$975,000 2017
Business For Social Responsibility$916,305 2017
Ceres$852,767 2017
Campaign For Accountability$850,000 2017
National Low Income Housing Coalition$850,000 2017
Nature And Culture International$845,000 2017
Northwestern University & Northwestern Memorial Hospital Robert H Lurie C$812,500 2017
San Francisco General Hospital Foundation$812,500 2017
Alaska Institute For Justice$752,450 2017
Building 21$743,069 2017
The Black Teacher Collaborative$735,653 2017
America Votes$732,925 2017
Emory University Fbo Winship Cancer Institute And Grady Memorial Hospital$650,000 2017
Regents University Of California Los Angeles$650,000 2017
The New York-Presbyterian Hospital And The Trustees Of Columbia University$650,000 2017
New Virginia Majority Education Fund$592,974 2017
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference$550,000 2017
Ohio Organizing Collaborative$548,250 2017
Johns Hopkins University$534,340 2017
Hopewell Fund$531,925 2017
Cancer Care Inc.$500,000 2017
Communities United$500,000 2017
Partnership Project$495,476 2017
Cdp North America$435,195 2017
Takeaction Minnesota Education Fund$425,240 2017
Internews Network$423,758 2017
Duke University$421,343 2017
Sierra Club Foundation$408,000 2017
Helvetas Usa$405,000 2017
First Alaskans Institute$400,000 2017
Labor Community Strategy Center$395,000 2017
Padres Unidos$395,000 2017
Brookings Institution$366,847 2017
The B Team Headquarters Inc$366,667 2017
Amazon Conservation Association$360,000 2017
National Partnership For Women And Families$350,200 2017
Food And Friends$350,000 2017
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation$350,000 2017
University Of Alaska$349,948 2017
Resource Impact$342,541 2017
Center For Civic Policy$340,000 2017
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Barb$340,000 2017
Food System 6 Accelerator Inc.$324,617 2017
Job Opportunities Task Force$318,000 2017
Tor Project$310,000 2017
Creo Family Office Syndicate Inc.$309,225 2017
Aria Strategic Communications Llc$307,000 2017
Amazon Conservation Team$300,000 2017
Georgetown University$300,000 2017
Public Policy And Education Fund Of New York$300,000 2017
National Audubon Society$292,000 2017
Center For Popular Democracy$290,000 2017
Maine People'S Resource Center$287,000 2017
Center For Community Change$282,000 2017
Latino Victory Project$278,000 2017
Nautilus Impact Investing Llc$275,000 2017
Alaska Center Eduation Fund$260,000 2017
Oil Change International$254,681 2017
Tides Center$254,500 2017
Mississippi Center For Justice$251,400 2017
Center For American Progress$250,000 2017
Environment New Jersey Research And Policy Center$250,000 2017
Project Open Hand$250,000 2017
Center For Investigative Reporting$245,000 2017
Online News Association$245,000 2017
Better Schools Better Jobs$237,500 2017
Americans For Responsible Solutions$235,000 2017
Ole Education Fund$235,000 2017
Naleo Educational Fund$227,500 2017
Boston Medical Center$225,000 2017
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute$225,000 2017
Metropolitan Chicago Breast Center$225,000 2017
Organize Florida Education Fund$225,000 2017
Paradigm Shift Therapeutics Llc$225,000 2017
Progressnow Education$225,000 2017
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Wisconsin System$225,000 2017
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute$225,000 2017
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania$225,000 2017
National Latina Institute For Reproductive Health$220,000 2017
Global Alliance For Children$211,374 2017
The Leadership Conference Education Fund$210,000 2017
National Network Of Abortion Funds$206,300 2017
West Virginia Healthy Kids And Families Coalition$205,000 2017
Native American Rights Fund$203,006 2017
Community Asset Development: Re-Defining Education$200,000 2017
Economic Justice Alliance Of Michigan$200,000 2017
Environmental Defense Fund$200,000 2017
Gsa Network$200,000 2017
Guttmacher Institute$200,000 2017
New Florida Majority Education Fund$200,000 2017
New York University School Of Medicine$200,000 2017
Partnership For Children And Youth$200,000 2017
Plus Fund Paid Leave For The United States$200,000 2017
University Of Illinois Foundation$200,000 2017
Women Deliver$200,000 2017
Robert C Maynard Institute For Journalism Education$199,040 2017
Council For A Strong America$190,000 2017
Sinai Health System$187,500 2017
Natural Resources Defense Council$185,750 2017
Alliance For Youth Organizing$185,000 2017
Community Catalyst$185,000 2017
Isaiah$185,000 2017
Young Invincibles$183,900 2017
Common Cause$180,000 2017
Highlander Research And Education Center$175,000 2017
Texas Freedom Network Education Fund$175,000 2017
Black Organizing Project$170,000 2017
Communications Consortium Media Center$170,000 2017
Trust For Conservation Innovation$170,000 2017
Project Angel Food$167,000 2017
National Religious Partnership For The Environment$165,000 2017
Virginia Civic Engagement Table$165,000 2017
Baylor College Of Medicine$160,000 2017
Make The Road New York$160,000 2017
Wild Rivers Land Trust$158,050 2017
Backcountry Hunters And Anglers$156,350 2017
African Center For Economic Transformation$150,000 2017
Alaska Children'S Trust$150,000 2017
Blueprint North Carolina$150,000 2017
Catholic Charities Usa$150,000 2017
Colorado Consumer Health Initiative$150,000 2017
Common Table Health Alliance$150,000 2017
Community Servings$150,000 2017
God'S Love We Deliver$150,000 2017
Greenpeace Inc.$150,000 2017
Howard University$150,000 2017
Human Rights Campaign Foundation$150,000 2017
Maine Equal Justice Partners$150,000 2017
Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength$150,000 2017
Philadelphia Student Union$150,000 2017
The George Washington University$150,000 2017
The Rose$150,000 2017
The University Of Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center$150,000 2017
Usagainstalzheimer'S Network Inc$150,000 2017
Washington Environmental Council$150,000 2017
Washington Hospital Center Corporation$150,000 2017
Youth Justice Coalition$150,000 2017
Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable$149,000 2017
Conservation International$141,500 2017
Censa$140,000 2017
Community Organizing And Family Issues$137,500 2017
Pico National Network$135,000 2017
Toxic Free Future$127,000 2017
Iowa Citizens For Community Improvement$126,000 2017
Communities Creating Opportunities$125,000 2017
Ny Renews$125,000 2017
P Street Project$125,000 2017
Progress Michigan Education$125,000 2017
Public Citizen Foundation$125,000 2017
Western States Center$125,000 2017
Women'S Cancer Resource Center$125,000 2017
Youth Business Usa$125,000 2017
Center For Media Justice$120,000 2017
Common Cause Education Fund$120,000 2017
Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence$120,000 2017
Stand Formerly Forestethics$120,000 2017
The Nature Conservancy$120,000 2017
Aspen Institute$119,000 2017
Redford Center Inc$116,960 2017
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Foundation$115,586 2017
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors$115,000 2017
Youth United For Change$115,000 2017
United Nations Foundation Inc$113,958 2017
Nbi Foundation Inc$113,111 2017
Loretto Hospital$112,500 2017
Mercy Hospital And Medical Center$112,500 2017
Silent Spring Institute$112,500 2017
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois$112,500 2017
Tufts Medical Center Parent Inc$112,500 2017
Feeding Texas$110,000 2017
American Rivers$108,250 2017
Bus Federation Civic Fund$105,000 2017
Icon Genesis Llc$105,000 2017
Institute For Healthcare Improvement$105,000 2017
Virginia Organizing$105,000 2017
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation$104,015 2017
Fractured Atlas$101,695 2017
350.Org$100,000 2017
Advocates For Youth$100,000 2017
Alameda Health System Foundation$100,000 2017
Alaska Humanities Forum$100,000 2017
American Cancer Society$100,000 2017
Beaver Slough Drainage District$100,000 2017
Cancer Foundation Of Santa Barbara$100,000 2017
Center For Public Justice$100,000 2017
Coleman Advocates For Children And Youth$100,000 2017
Crenulated Company$100,000 2017
Critical Exposure Inc.$100,000 2017
East Bay College Fund$100,000 2017
Economic Oppurtunity Institute$100,000 2017
Family Forward Oregon$100,000 2017
Liberty Hill Foundation$100,000 2017
Media Matters For America$100,000 2017
National Military Family Association$100,000 2017
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Foundation$100,000 2017
Northridge Hospital Foundation$100,000 2017
Patient Services Inc$100,000 2017
Philadelphians Organized To Witness Empower & Rebuild$100,000 2017
Population Action International$100,000 2017
Public Health Institute$100,000 2017
Restaurant Opportunity Centers United Inc$100,000 2017
Ruth Ellis Center Inc$100,000 2017
Save The Children$100,000 2017
Teachers Unite$100,000 2017
Teaching For Change$100,000 2017
Texas Organizing Project Education Fund$100,000 2017
Thomas B Fordham Institute$100,000 2017
Unemployment Information Center$100,000 2017
West Virginia Center On Budget And Policy$100,000 2017
Tebaldi Fund$99,460 2017
School District Of Philadelphia$97,858 2017
Promise Arizona$95,000 2017
Seleni House Foundation Inc$92,617 2017
Adc Research Institute$91,000 2017
Hope Street Group$90,750 2017
St Monica'S Home$90,423 2017
Colorofchange.Org Education Fund$90,000 2017
Curry Soil And Water Conservation District$90,000 2017
Food Bank Of Alaska$90,000 2017
National Hispanic Media Coalition$90,000 2017
New America Foundation$90,000 2017
Ohio Association Of Foodbanks$90,000 2017
Public Knowledge$90,000 2017
Win Win Network$90,000 2017
Dalton Daley Group$87,500 2017
Moveonorg Civic Action$87,500 2017
Malala Fund$87,400 2017
World Wildlife Fund Us$87,200 2017
9To5 National Association Of Working Women$85,000 2017
William J Brennan Center For Justice$85,000 2017
Social Good Fund$81,906 2017
National Womens Health Network$81,246 2017
Mongabayorg Corp$81,000 2017
Movement Strategy Center$80,000 2017
New Orleans Abortion Fund$80,000 2017
Vip Education Fund$80,000 2017
Trout Unlimited$78,934 2017
Reil$77,990 2017
Southern Vision Alliance$77,500 2017
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine$75,000 2017
Beckman Research Institute Of City Of Hope$75,000 2017
California Calls Education Fund$75,000 2017
Cancer Resource Center Of Mendocino County$75,000 2017
Charolette Maxwell Clinic$75,000 2017
Daily Caller News Foundation$75,000 2017
Directions For Youth And Families Inc.$75,000 2017
Harvesters The Community Food Network$75,000 2017
Institute For Local Self Reliance$75,000 2017
Montana Budget And Policy Center$75,000 2017
Nebraskans For Civic Reform$75,000 2017
Nevadans For The Common Good Coalition For Public Life$75,000 2017
New York Health & Hospitals Corporation Fbo Metropolitan Hospital$75,000 2017
Northern Westchester Hospital Center Foundation$75,000 2017
Ohio Organizing Campaign$75,000 2017
Progress North Carolina$75,000 2017
San Antonio Community Hospital$75,000 2017
St John'S Riverside Hospital$75,000 2017
The Methodist Hospital Foundation$75,000 2017
World Resources Institute$75,000 2017
Circulo De Vida$70,000 2017
Citizens Of Louisville Organized And United Together$70,000 2017
Free Press$70,000 2017
Greater Philidelphia Coalition Against Hunger$70,000 2017
Meridian Institute$70,000 2017
Arizona Advocacy Network$67,700 2017
Arms With Ethics$65,000 2017
Farm Journal Agriculture Foundation$65,000 2017
The Windward Fund$65,000 2017
Think Of Us$65,000 2017
Stand For Children Leadership Center$64,138 2017
Sustainable Markets Foundation$62,777 2017
Montana Human Rights Network$62,500 2017
National Black Women'S Justice Institute Inc$62,500 2017
Southern Coalition For Social Justice$62,500 2017
National Conference Of State Legislatures$62,206 2017
Land Stewardship Project$62,000 2017
Naral Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation$61,000 2017
Fortfiy Rights$60,000 2017
Kentucky Educational Development Corporation$60,000 2017
Kitchen Table Campaigns$60,000 2017
Mn350$60,000 2017
Mountain Association For Community Economic Development$60,000 2017
The Nature Conservancy Of Oregon$60,000 2017
Trustees Of Grinnell College$60,000 2017
Young Womens Christian Assoc Of Oahu$60,000 2017
Planned Parenthood Of Delaware$57,500 2017
Anti-Defamation League$57,000 2017
The Afiya Center$56,000 2017
United Philanthropy Forum$55,000 2017
Coquille Watershed Association$53,480 2017
New Voices Pittsburgh$50,600 2017
One Arizona$50,589 2017
Abortion Care Network$50,000 2017
Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation$50,000 2017
Alliance For Gun Responsibility$50,000 2017
Arkansas Advocates For Children And Families$50,000 2017
Auschwitz Institute For Peace And Reconciliation$50,000 2017
Big Bam Foundation$50,000 2017
Bold Nebraska$50,000 2017
Catalyst Miami Inc.$50,000 2017
Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund$50,000 2017
Center For Civillians In Conflict$50,000 2017
Centro De Trabajadores Unidos En Lucha$50,000 2017
Child And Family Policy Center$50,000 2017
Communities In Transition$50,000 2017
Community Healthcare Association Of The Dakotas$50,000 2017
Community Labor United Inc.$50,000 2017
Cosmetic Executive Women Foundation$50,000 2017
Dignity Health$50,000 2017
Drum-Desis Rising Up And Moving$50,000 2017
Environment America Research And Policy Center$50,000 2017
Equality Virginia$50,000 2017
Fair Trade Usa$50,000 2017
Feminist Majority Foundation$50,000 2017
Generation Citizen$50,000 2017
George Washington University$50,000 2017
Henry L Stimson Center$50,000 2017
Hunger Solutions New York$50,000 2017
Innovation Ohio Education Fund$50,000 2017
Institute For A Progressive Nevada$50,000 2017
International Rescue Committee$50,000 2017
Kenwood Oakland Community Organization$50,000 2017
La Clinica Del Pueblo$50,000 2017
Living Beyond Breast Cancer$50,000 2017
Lousiana Budget Project$50,000 2017
Minnesota Literacy Council$50,000 2017
Missouri Budget Project$50,000 2017
National Lgbtq Task Force$50,000 2017
Outfront Minnesota Community Services$50,000 2017
Pacific Institute$50,000 2017
President And Fellows Of Harvard College$50,000 2017
Progressive Leadership Alliance Of Nevada$50,000 2017
Project Expedite Justice$50,000 2017
Safe Passages$50,000 2017
Shanti Project Inc$50,000 2017
State Innovation Exchange$50,000 2017
Tufts University$50,000 2017
Ultraviolet Education Fund$50,000 2017
United States Conference Of Mayors$50,000 2017
University Of California Berkeley$50,000 2017
University Of Tennessee West Institute For Cancer Research$50,000 2017
Washington Community Action Network Education And Research Fund$50,000 2017
Wave Education Fund$50,000 2017
Workers Centers For Racial Justice$50,000 2017
Worldwide Breast Cancer$50,000 2017
Youthbuild Usa$50,000 2017
South Asian Network$49,999 2017
Saferworld Usa Inc$49,953 2017
Interaction$49,700 2017
College Of New Jersey$49,000 2017
The Education Trust$47,500 2017
Conservation Colorado Education Fund$46,000 2017
Natural Resources Of Council Of Maine Action Fund Inc$46,000 2017
Athletes For Hope$45,000 2017
Demos$45,000 2017
Equality Ohio Education Fund$45,000 2017
Montana Food Bank Network$45,000 2017
The Business And Education Alliance Of Alabama$45,000 2017
You Can Thrive Foundation$45,000 2017
Search For Common Ground$42,751 2017
Teach Plus$41,575 2017
Center For Food Action In New Jersey$40,000 2017
Center For Rural Strategies$40,000 2017
Feeding Indianas Hungry$40,000 2017
International Research And Exchanges Board$40,000 2017
Mission Graduates$40,000 2017
National Consumer Law Center Inc$40,000 2017
The Tedmed Foundation$40,000 2017
Commonwealth Institute$38,400 2017
Invisible Children$38,056 2017
Greatnonprofits$38,000 2017
Girls Incorporated Of Omaha$35,000 2017
Kids Rethink New Orleans School$35,000 2017
National Day Laborer Organizing Network$35,000 2017
Northeast Ohio Alliance For Hope$35,000 2017
Prevent Child Abuse America$35,000 2017
Progressnow New Mexico$35,000 2017
San Mateo County Office Of Education$35,000 2017
Silent Spring Institute$35,000 2017
The Black Church Center For Justice And Equality$35,000 2017
Nonviolent Peaceforce$34,510 2017
Nurse Family Partnership$34,000 2017
City Of Minneapolis$32,000 2017
Soul Sisters Leadership Collective$31,862 2017
Thevillage Services$30,400 2017
Aclu Foundation Of Massachusets$30,000 2017
Allied Media Projects$30,000 2017
Center For Energy Efficiency And Renewable Technologies$30,000 2017
Center For Environmental Health$30,000 2017
Downeast Institute For Applied Marine Reseach And Education Inc.$30,000 2017
Fight For The Future Education Fund$30,000 2017
Granite State Organizing Project$30,000 2017
Great Plains Food Bank$30,000 2017
Green Science Policy Institute$30,000 2017
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry$30,000 2017
Mayor'S Fund To Advance New York City$30,000 2017
Michigan Faith In Action$30,000 2017
National Center For Women And Information Technology$30,000 2017
New York Civil Liberties Union Foundation$30,000 2017
Parliamentarians For Global Action$30,000 2017
Pennsylvanians Organized To Witness Empower & Rebuild$30,000 2017
Share Self-Help For Women With Breast Or Ovarian Cancer Inc$30,000 2017
Social And Environmental Entrepreneurs$30,000 2017
The Center For Community Solutions$30,000 2017
United States Student Association Foundation$30,000 2017
Unite For Reproductive And Gender Equity Urge$29,000 2017
Aft Teacher Leadership Foundation$28,000 2017
Art Resources International$27,500 2017
Kansas Staff Development Council$27,000 2017
Environmental Working Group$26,931 2017
University Of Washington$26,788 2017
Win Minnesota$26,560 2017
Montessori Accreditation Council For Teacher Education$26,514 2017
Charles Surendorf Ii Art Foundation$26,000 2017
United Way Of The Bay Area$25,500 2017
Colorado Organization For Latina Oppurtunity And Reproduction$25,200 2017
Action Institute Nc$25,000 2017
Anxiety And Depression Association$25,000 2017
Arkansas Community Institute$25,000 2017
Black Womens Health Alliance$25,000 2017
Care$25,000 2017
Catholic Relief Services$25,000 2017
Center For Auto Safety: Safe Climate Campaign$25,000 2017
Center For Us Global Leadership$25,000 2017
Citizen Action Of Wisconsin Education Fund$25,000 2017
Communities For A Better Environment$25,000 2017
Cumberland School Department$25,000 2017
Delaware Alliance For Community Advancement$25,000 2017
Florida Institute For Reform And Empowerment$25,000 2017
Forward Together$25,000 2017
Friends Of Publish What You Fund$25,000 2017
Gwinnett Stopp$25,000 2017
Indianapolis Congregation Action Network$25,000 2017
Literacy Council Of Bowie And Miller Counties$25,000 2017
Minnesota Voice$25,000 2017
Mississippi University For Women$25,000 2017
New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund$25,000 2017
Past Foundation$25,000 2017
Pennsylvania Voice$25,000 2017
Physicians For Human Rights Inc$25,000 2017
Results Educational Fund Inc$25,000 2017
Social Good Fund$25,000 2017
Syracuse City School District$25,000 2017
The One Campaign$25,000 2017
Vincentian Ohio Action Network$25,000 2017
Violence Policy Center$25,000 2017
West Virginia Citizen Action Education Fund$25,000 2017
Young Survival Coalition$25,000 2017
Oxfam America$24,920 2017
2020 Mom$23,595 2017
Nami Minnesota$23,100 2017
National Economic And Social Rights Initiative$22,950 2017
Wild Rivers Community Foundation$22,895 2017
Montana Professional Teaching Foundation$22,500 2017
Protect Minnesota$22,000 2017
Clean And Healthy New York$21,000 2017
Coalition For Susitna Dam Alternatives$21,000 2017
Rekindling The Dream Foundation$21,000 2017
Coos Watershed Association$20,875 2017
Faith In Public Life$20,000 2017
Food Bank Of Northern Nevada$20,000 2017
Foundation For National Progress$20,000 2017
Free Press Action Fund$20,000 2017
Illinois Pirg Education Fund$20,000 2017
Jefferson County Public Education Foundation$20,000 2017
Massachusetts Business Alliance For Education$20,000 2017
Naacp National Voter Fund Inc$20,000 2017
National Head Start Association$20,000 2017
Stockholm Environment Institute Us Inc$20,000 2017
The Sonoran Institute$20,000 2017
Trust Women Foundation Inc$20,000 2017
Working Narratives$20,000 2017
Csu Fullerton Auxillary Services Corporation$18,515 2017
Engenuitysc Inc.$18,000 2017
Parents As Teachers National Center$18,000 2017
The Key Idea Inc$17,590 2017
Maine Conservation Voters$17,500 2017
People'S Action Institute$17,500 2017
Center For Study Of Public Policy$17,000 2017
Salt Lake City Corporation$17,000 2017
Stronger Us Education Fund Inc$16,143 2017
Maine Audobon Society$15,888 2017
Sisterreach$15,400 2017
Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund$15,100 2017
Arizona Center For Empowerment$15,000 2017
Artula Institute For Art And Environmental$15,000 2017
Baltimore Algebra Project$15,000 2017
Battle Born Progress$15,000 2017
Civic Nation$15,000 2017
Densebreast Info Inc.$15,000 2017
Denver Public Schools$15,000 2017
Hunger Solutions Minnesota$15,000 2017
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology$15,000 2017
Missouri Faith Voices Inc$15,000 2017
Other 98Percent$15,000 2017
Pennsylvania Health Access Network$15,000 2017
Roosevelt Institute$15,000 2017
Tennessee Citizen Action$15,000 2017
The Colorado College$15,000 2017
The Responsible Aquaculture Foundation$15,000 2017
Port Of Port Orford$14,373 2017
Clark County Public Education Foundation$14,000 2017
National Domestic Workers Alliance$13,495 2017
Regents Of The University Of California Ucr$13,420 2017
New Jersey Institute For Social Justice$13,000 2017
Alaska Community Action On Toxics$12,500 2017
Albuquerque Academy$12,500 2017
As You Sow$12,500 2017
All About Women$12,350 2017
Earthjustice$12,250 2017
Educate Maine$11,125 2017
Olney Charter High School$10,800 2017
Pan American Academy Charter School$10,055 2017
Association Of State And Tribal Home Visiting Initiatives$10,000 2017
Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust$10,000 2017
Bus Project Foundation$10,000 2017
Chciago Freedom School$10,000 2017
Community Foundation Of New Jersey$10,000 2017
Hip Hop Caucus Education Fund$10,000 2017
League Of Women Voters New Jersey Education Fund$10,000 2017
Lydia'S House$10,000 2017
New Foundations Charter School$10,000 2017
Oficina Legal Del Pueblo Unido Inc$10,000 2017
Planned Parenthood Of South Florida And The Treasure Coast Dba$10,000 2017
Think Tennessee$10,000 2017
Together For Girls Inc$10,000 2017
United Church Of Christ Oc Inc$10,000 2017
United Tribes Of Bristol Bay$10,000 2017
University Of Florida$10,000 2017
Western Organization Of Resource Council$10,000 2017
Young Minds Advocacy$10,000 2017
Peers Envisioning And Engaging In Recovery Services$9,982 2017
Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania$9,975 2017
Mercy Vocational High School$9,582 2017
Valley Conservation Council Inc$9,250 2017
Ecology Center Inc.$8,682 2017
Electric Girls Inc.$8,000 2017
Philadelphia Area Jobs With Justice$8,000 2017
United Way Worldwide$8,000 2017
Wellstone Action Fund$7,500 2017
Bandon School District$7,000 2017
Bay Area Young Survivors$7,000 2017
New York Abortion Access Fund$6,150 2017
Legal Aid Justice Center$6,000 2017
National Pta$6,000 2017
Data Coalition$5,000 2017
Dedicated To Women Ob-Gyn$5,000 2017
Greater Bandon Association$5,000 2017
Learning Disabilities Association Of America$5,000 2017
Nami New Jersey$5,000 2017
Salmon Sisters Llc$5,000 2017
Southern Echo Inc$5,000 2017
Stand For Salmon Inc$5,000 2017
Texas Equal Access Fund$5,000 2017
The Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation$5,000 2017
Vertical Strategies$5,000 2017
Wend Africa$5,000 2017
World Wildlife Fund Ca$2,760,425 2016
Cicatelli Associates$2,750,000 2016
Malala Fund$2,400,035 2016
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Foundation$2,216,254 2016
Results For America$1,960,000 2016
Resources Legacy Fund$1,791,585 2016
Center For Collaborative Education$1,500,000 2016
Mass Insight Education$1,500,000 2016
Ohio Organizing Collaborative$1,471,210 2016
Massachusets General Hospital Affiliate Of Partners Healthcare$1,250,000 2016
Sixteen-Thirty Fund$1,230,790 2016
Business For Social Responsibility$1,102,233 2016
Johns Hopkins University$1,100,000 2016
Advancement Project$1,003,773 2016
Fishchoice$873,700 2016
Third Sector Development Georgia$787,151 2016
Pfd Automatic Voter Registration$755,000 2016
Emory University Fbo Winship Cancer Institute And Grady Memorial Hospital$750,000 2016
Northwestern University$750,000 2016
Regents University Of California Los Angeles$750,000 2016
San Francisco General Hospital Foundation$750,000 2016
Stanford University$750,000 2016
The New York Presbyterian Hospital And Trustees Of Columbia University$750,000 2016
New Virginia Majority Education Fund$740,000 2016
City Of Chelsea$704,532 2016
Carbon Disclosure Project - North America$664,283 2016
Takeaction Minnesota Education Fund$650,000 2016
National Domestic Workers Alliance$645,000 2016
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation$625,794 2016
Ceres$615,000 2016
Cancer Care$600,000 2016
National Institute For Reproductive Health$585,000 2016
Ocean Outcomes$538,509 2016
Nature And Culture International$525,000 2016
Impactassets$500,000 2016
Institute For America'S Future$500,000 2016
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference$500,000 2016
The B Team Headquarters$470,000 2016
Sierra Club Foundation$460,000 2016
Fund For A Better Future$447,990 2016
National Partnership For Women And Families$440,000 2016
Isaiah$437,500 2016
International Center For Research On Women$427,365 2016
Center For Civic Policy$375,000 2016
Amazon Conservation Association$370,500 2016
The Civic Participation Action Fund$367,000 2016
Neo Philanthropy$355,500 2016
Citizens Alliance On Prisons And Public Spending$350,000 2016
Salmon Project$350,000 2016
America Votes$343,573 2016
Committee To Protect Educational Excellence In Massachusets$335,564 2016
New Florida Majority Education Fund$310,000 2016
Aspen Institute$303,410 2016
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center$300,000 2016
Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research$300,000 2016
Johns Hopkins University$300,000 2016
The Board Of The Regents Of The University Of Wisconsin$300,000 2016
University Of Massachusets Medical School$300,000 2016
Better Schools, Better Jobs$292,301 2016
Creo Family Office Syndicate$291,935 2016
Georgetown University$285,000 2016
Achieving The Dream$274,550 2016
N Street Village$271,838 2016
Duke University$270,000 2016
Food System 6 Accelerator$267,572 2016
Natural Resources Defense Council$257,200 2016
Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation$250,032 2016
Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable$250,000 2016
Ole Education Fund$250,000 2016
Pathfinder International$250,000 2016
Tor Project$250,000 2016
National Korean American Service And Education Consortium$246,800 2016
University Of California Davis$245,432 2016
Alaska Center For The Environment$245,000 2016
Progeorgia State Table$243,945 2016
Mississippi Center For Justice$229,660 2016
Food And Friends$225,000 2016
New York University$225,000 2016
Seafood Industry Research Fund$225,000 2016
Center For American Progress$217,946 2016
Icon Genesis Llc$211,015 2016
Asian Americans Advancing Justice Chicago$205,000 2016
Blueprint North Carolina$200,000 2016
Guttmacher Institute$200,000 2016
Project Open Hand$200,000 2016
Sinai Health System$200,000 2016
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Barbara$199,979 2016
World Vision$199,525 2016
Groundswell Fund$196,027 2016
One Arizona$190,800 2016
State Voices$190,500 2016
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute$189,014 2016
Fishwise$181,325 2016
American Bird Conservancy$180,000 2016
Southern Echo Inc.$180,000 2016
Southern Vision Alliance$178,750 2016
Progress Florida Education Institute$178,000 2016
United Nations Foundation$176,900 2016
Athletes For Hope$175,000 2016
Trout Unlimited$175,000 2016
Youthbuild Usa$175,000 2016
American Rivers$173,000 2016
Fractured Atlas$170,000 2016
Conservation International$169,500 2016
Invisible Children$169,253 2016
National Coalition On Black Civic Participation$165,000 2016
West Virginia Free$165,000 2016
Campaign For Accountability$160,000 2016
Forestethics$155,000 2016
Scroll Media Inc.$153,700 2016
God'S Love We Deliver$150,000 2016
Interaction$150,000 2016
Kids Rethink New Orleans School$150,000 2016
Nonprofit Vote$150,000 2016
Northeastern Univsersity$150,000 2016
Plus Fund: Paid Leave For The United States$150,000 2016
Texas Freedom Network Education Fund$150,000 2016
Washington Environmental Council$150,000 2016
Washington Global Health Alliance$150,000 2016
Diabetes Youth Families$148,500 2016
Camp Kudzu$145,500 2016
Camp Nejeda Foundation$145,500 2016
Childrens Defense Fund$145,200 2016
Cook Inletkeeper$145,000 2016
350 Org$137,500 2016
Coact Education Foundation$137,500 2016
Media Matters For America$135,000 2016
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors$135,000 2016
Human Rights Watch$130,000 2016
National Economic And Social Rights Initiative$130,000 2016
Sunlight Village$130,000 2016
Maine Peoples Resource Center$126,000 2016
Western States Center$125,400 2016
Alameda Health System Foundation$125,000 2016
Boston Medical Center$125,000 2016
National Council On Crime And Delinquency$125,000 2016
Pico National Network$125,000 2016
Project Angel Food$125,000 2016
Silent Spring Institute$125,000 2016
Colorado Families For A Fair Wage$120,781 2016
Center For Media Justice$120,000 2016
Ifwhenhow$120,000 2016
George Washington University$119,075 2016
Mi Familia Vota Fund$118,500 2016
Washington Toxics Coalition$113,000 2016
Diabetes Solutions Oklahoma$112,500 2016
Trust For Conservation Innovation$110,100 2016
Brandywine Women'S Health Associates$107,236 2016
Project Camp Inc.$106,500 2016
Colorofchange.Org Education Fund$105,000 2016
Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence$105,000 2016
Fight For The Future Education Fund$105,000 2016
Grassroots International$103,082 2016
Nbi Foundation$102,246 2016
Hopewell Fund$102,110 2016
Align: The Alliance For A Greater Ny$100,000 2016
American Action Forum$100,000 2016
Anu Family Services$100,000 2016
Art Of Yoga Project$100,000 2016
Baltimore Algebra Project$100,000 2016
Baylor College Of Medicine$100,000 2016
Cancer Care Center Of Santa Barbara$100,000 2016
Coleman Advocates For Children And Youth$100,000 2016
Committee To Protect Journalists$100,000 2016
Community Servings$100,000 2016
Concern Worldwide Us$100,000 2016
Daily Caller News Foundation$100,000 2016
Fair Trade Usa$100,000 2016
Families And Friends Of Louisiana'S Incarcerated Children$100,000 2016
Freedom Inc$100,000 2016
Girls For Gender Equity$100,000 2016
International Crisis Group$100,000 2016
International Indian Treaty Council$100,000 2016
Juntos$100,000 2016
Liberty Hill Foundation$100,000 2016
Marine Stewardship Council$100,000 2016
Nami Of Dupage County$100,000 2016
National Audubon Foundation$100,000 2016
New America Foundation$100,000 2016
New York Health And Hospitals Corporation$100,000 2016
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Foundation$100,000 2016
Northridge Hospital Foundation$100,000 2016
Providence Student Union$100,000 2016
Providence Youth Student Movement$100,000 2016
Public Knowledge$100,000 2016
Ryse Center$100,000 2016
Social And Environmental Entrepreneurs$100,000 2016
Southwest Organizing Project$100,000 2016
The Rose$100,000 2016
The University Of Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center$100,000 2016
Transformation Center$100,000 2016
Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania$100,000 2016
University Of Illinois Foundation$100,000 2016
University Of Pittsburgh$100,000 2016
University Of Southern California$100,000 2016
Vayla New Orleans$100,000 2016
Washington Hospital Center Corporation$100,000 2016
Women'S Cancer Resource Center$100,000 2016
Workers Centers For Racial Justice$100,000 2016
Youth Together Inc.$100,000 2016
Higher Heights Leadership Fund$99,952 2016
Floridians For A Fair Democracy$95,154 2016
Alaska Wilderness League$95,000 2016
Wisconsin Voices$95,000 2016
Service Program For Older People Inc.$94,370 2016
The Leadership Conference Education Fund$94,000 2016
Dallas County Mental Health And Mental Retardation Center$93,524 2016
Sughar Foundation$92,545 2016
Institute For A Progressive Nevada$92,000 2016
Nollie Jenkins Family Center$90,000 2016
Transitional Services Of New York$90,000 2016
Robert F. Kennedy Childrens Action$88,000 2016
Crisis Action$87,061 2016
Freedom For All Americans Education Fund$86,103 2016
San Antonio Community Hospital$85,500 2016
International Food Policy Research Institute$85,000 2016
Oregon Foundation For Reproductive Health$85,000 2016
Juvenile Justice Coalition$83,820 2016
International Orthodox Christian Charities$82,500 2016
Florence Crittenton Services Of Colorado$80,000 2016
Florida Immigrant Coalition$80,000 2016
Florida Institute For Reform And Empowerment$80,000 2016
Institute For Local Self Reliance$80,000 2016
Media Mobilizing Project$80,000 2016
Native Americans Rights Fund$80,000 2016
Research Foundation Of The City Of The University$80,000 2016
Third Sector Development New England$80,000 2016
Virginia Organizing$80,000 2016
Diabetes Youth Foundation Of Indiana$79,500 2016
Tides Center$78,000 2016
New Voices Pittsburgh$77,000 2016
National Wildlife Federation$76,050 2016
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine$75,000 2016
Cancer Resource Center Of Mendocino County$75,000 2016
Charlotte Maxwell Clinic$75,000 2016
Energy Action Coalition$75,000 2016
Filipino Advocates For Justice$75,000 2016
Florence Crittenton Home And Services$75,000 2016
Hektoen Institute For Medical Research$75,000 2016
Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights Under Law$75,000 2016
Loretto Hospital$75,000 2016
Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength$75,000 2016
Northern Westchester Hospital Center$75,000 2016
Oil Change International$75,000 2016
Patient Services Inc.$75,000 2016
St. Johns Riverside Hospital$75,000 2016
Texas Organizing Project Education Fund$75,000 2016
Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York$75,000 2016
Tufts Medical Center Parent Inc.$75,000 2016
Utah Dine Bikeyah$75,000 2016
William J Brennan Center For Justice$75,000 2016
Boston Public Health Commission$74,000 2016
Nm Comunidades En Accion Y De Fe$71,675 2016
New Era Colorado Foundation$71,000 2016
Partnership Project$70,168 2016
Environment America Research And Policy Center$70,000 2016
Free Press$70,000 2016
Gales Creek Camp Foundation$70,000 2016
National Hispanic Media Coalition$70,000 2016
Planned Parenthood Of South Florida And The Treasure Coast$70,000 2016
Kentucky Educational Development Corporation$68,650 2016
Reil$67,124 2016
School District Of Philidelphia$66,285 2016
Good Samaritan Hospital$65,000 2016
Meritus Healthcare Foundation$65,000 2016
Momsrising$65,000 2016
Restaurant Oppurtunity Centers United$65,000 2016
Delaware Obgyn And Womens Health Llc$63,801 2016
Dalton Daley Group$62,500 2016
Peers Envisioning And Engaging In Recovery Services$61,769 2016
Bold Nebraska$60,000 2016
Clinton Health Access Initiative$60,000 2016
Kitchen Table Campaigns$60,000 2016
Mongabayorg Corp$60,000 2016
The Urban Institute$60,000 2016
Win Win Network$60,000 2016
Macarthur Foundation$59,206 2016
Central Missouri Diabetic Childrens Camp$58,500 2016
Movement Strategy Center$58,500 2016
Khan Obstetrics And Gynecology Associates$57,736 2016
Global Impact$57,100 2016
Equality Florida Institute$56,913 2016
Connect1D$56,500 2016
Common Cause Education Fund$56,000 2016
League Of Conservation Voters Education Fund$55,000 2016
Public Health Institute$55,000 2016
Stand For Children Leadership Center$53,425 2016
Fidelity Charitable$53,100 2016
Virginia Civic Engagement Table$51,675 2016
Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation$50,000 2016
Alaska Community Foundation$50,000 2016
Alaska Humanities Forum$50,000 2016
American Legislative Exchange Council$50,000 2016
Battelle For Kids$50,000 2016
Big Bam Foundation Dba Breast Treatment Task Force$50,000 2016
Bus Federation Civic Fund$50,000 2016
Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund$50,000 2016
Center For Civilians In Conflict$50,000 2016
Center For Rural Strategies$50,000 2016
Centro De Trabajadores Unidos En Lucha$50,000 2016
Community Labor United$50,000 2016
Diabetes Youth Services$50,000 2016
Dignity Health$50,000 2016
Drum-Desis Rising Up And Moving$50,000 2016
Economic Policy Institute$50,000 2016
First Alaskans Institute$50,000 2016
Food For The Hungry$50,000 2016
Foraker Group$50,000 2016
Fortify Rights$50,000 2016
Girltrek Inc.$50,000 2016
Her Florida$50,000 2016
International Center For Clubhouse Development$50,000 2016
Living Beyond Breast Cancer$50,000 2016
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center$50,000 2016
Minnesota Voice$50,000 2016
Mujeres Unidas Y Activas$50,000 2016
National Latina Institute For Reproductive Health$50,000 2016
National Voter Education Fund$50,000 2016
Orange Door$50,000 2016
Salzburg Global Seminar$50,000 2016
Search For Common Ground$50,000 2016
Shanti Project$50,000 2016
Sitka Conservation Society$50,000 2016
Univsersity Of Alaska Fairbanks$50,000 2016
Washington State Budget And Policy Center$50,000 2016
Wave Education Fund$50,000 2016
You Can Thrive Foundation$50,000 2016
Young Survival Coalition$50,000 2016
Pew Charitable Trusts$49,320 2016
Division Of Homeland Ministries$48,326 2016
Downtown Women'S Center$47,628 2016
Hope Street Group$46,000 2016
Klarman Family Foundation$45,820 2016
Care For Children$45,760 2016
Nebraskans For Civic Reform$45,000 2016
Theeducation Trust$45,000 2016
University Of Maryland College Park Foundation$45,000 2016
Conservation Strategy Fund$43,620 2016
Providence College$42,778 2016
Unite For Reproductive And Gender Equity$41,000 2016
Calpirg Education Fund$40,000 2016
Feminist Majority Foundation$40,000 2016
Naacp Legal Defense And Educational Fund$40,000 2016
Nurse Family Partnership$40,000 2016
United States Student Association Foundation$40,000 2016
Friends Of The Coquille River Walk$39,000 2016
Rocky Mountain Wild$39,000 2016
Forward Together$38,000 2016
Center For Environmental Health$37,000 2016
America Achieves$35,000 2016
Clean Production Action$35,000 2016
Communities In Transition$35,000 2016
Curry Soil And Water Conservation District$35,000 2016
Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence Education Fund$35,000 2016
Issue One Action$35,000 2016
National Day Laborer Organizing Network$35,000 2016
San Diego Lgbt Community Center$34,500 2016
Progressnow New Mexico$34,175 2016
Sisterreach$34,000 2016
National People'S Action$33,500 2016
Nonviolent Peaceforce$32,488 2016
Lexington Institute$32,000 2016
Young Minds Advocacy$32,000 2016
Land Stewardship Project$31,675 2016
Outfront Minnesota Community Services$31,675 2016
Carilion Medical Center$31,500 2016
La Red Health Center$31,461 2016
Lincoln Network$31,063 2016
Young Men'S And Women'S Hebrew Association$31,045 2016
Youth Advocate Programs$30,690 2016
Asian Services In Action$30,000 2016
Austin Pathways$30,000 2016
Blessings In A Backpack$30,000 2016
California State University Northridge Foundation$30,000 2016
Center For Democracy And Technology$30,000 2016
Center For Digital Democracy$30,000 2016
Charity Navigator$30,000 2016
Coalition To Protect Americas National Parks$30,000 2016
Community Foundation Of Louisville$30,000 2016
Faith In Public Life$30,000 2016
Head Count$30,000 2016
Make The Road Action Fund$30,000 2016
Naral Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation$30,000 2016
Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center$30,000 2016
Seattle Foundation$30,000 2016
Shott Foundation$30,000 2016
Syracuse City School District$30,000 2016
The Fund For Educational Excellence$30,000 2016
Gwinnett Stopp$29,800 2016
The Teaching Trust$29,000 2016
Evangelical Environmental Network$28,583 2016
City Of Boston$28,000 2016
Ecet2Ep$28,000 2016
Tulsa Public Schools$28,000 2016
Conservatives For Responsible Stewardship$27,500 2016
Ocean Foundation$27,000 2016
Equality Virginia$26,675 2016
Arkansas Public School Resource Center$26,500 2016
Teach Plus$26,500 2016
Learning Forward Michigan$26,100 2016
Uc Hastings College Of The Law$26,085 2016
The Human Story$26,038 2016
Saranac Lake Rotary Foundation$26,000 2016
Childrens Hospital Medical Center Of Akron$25,500 2016
Allied Media Projects$25,000 2016
Archaeology Southwest$25,000 2016
Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership For Justice$25,000 2016
Center For Public Interest Research$25,000 2016
Centerstone Research Institute$25,000 2016
Cloud Tiger Media$25,000 2016
College Of New Jersey$25,000 2016
Communities For A Better Environment$25,000 2016
Cosmetic Executive Women Foundation$25,000 2016
Densebreast-Info Inc.$25,000 2016
Education In Action$25,000 2016
Family Values At Work A Multi-State Consortium$25,000 2016
Foundation For National Progress$25,000 2016
Free The People Foundation$25,000 2016
Future Of Music Coalition$25,000 2016
Futuro Media Group$25,000 2016
Health Care Without Harm$25,000 2016
Legal Services For Prisoners With Children$25,000 2016
Montana Proffesional Teaching Foundation$25,000 2016
Naeyc$25,000 2016
Nami Austin$25,000 2016
Nationswell Llc$25,000 2016
New York Shakespeare Festival$25,000 2016
North American Students Of Cooperation Nasco$25,000 2016
Northeast Ohio Alliance For Hope$25,000 2016
Phi Delta Kappa$25,000 2016
Potlatch Fund$25,000 2016
Proteus Fund$25,000 2016
South Eastern Regional Resource Center$25,000 2016
Springboard For The Arts$25,000 2016
State Innovation Exchange$25,000 2016
This Is My Brave Inc.$25,000 2016
Tufts University Office Of Research Administration$25,000 2016
Violence Policy Center$25,000 2016
Virginia League For Planned Parenthood$25,000 2016
Welcoming America$25,000 2016
Wild Rivers Coast Heritage Land Trust$25,000 2016
Youth Emergency Services$25,000 2016
Youth United For Change$25,000 2016
Congress For The New Urbanism$24,977 2016
Together Colorado$24,719 2016
Tildonburton Md$24,574 2016
Center For Strengthening The Teaching Proffesion$24,000 2016
Charles Surendorf Ii Art Foundation$24,000 2016
Cumberland School Department$23,000 2016
Kansas Staff Development Council$22,500 2016
San Juan Board Of Cooperative Educational Services$22,000 2016
The Consortium For Public Education$22,000 2016
Nanticoke Memorial Hospital$20,831 2016
Conservative Southwest Utah (Citizens For Dixie'S Future)$20,000 2016
Grassroots Institute For Fundraising Training$20,000 2016
Jefferson County Public Education Foundation$20,000 2016
League Of Women Voters Of Pennsylvania Citizen Education$20,000 2016
Learning Forward New York$20,000 2016
Los Angeles Lgbt Center$20,000 2016
Northwestern University$20,000 2016
Outdoor Alliance$20,000 2016
Plan International Usa$20,000 2016
Public Citizen Foundation$20,000 2016
Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center$20,000 2016
Maine State Teacher Of The Year Association$19,660 2016
Redwater Independent School District Education Foundation$18,510 2016
National Network Of Abortion Funds$18,250 2016
Advance Illinois$18,000 2016
The Buckeye Institute$17,589 2016
Jacobson Family Foundation$17,380 2016
Life Center Complex$16,317 2016
Echelon Insights$16,247 2016
Green And Healthy Homes Initiative$16,000 2016
Iact$15,988 2016
Coalition On Agricultural Greenhouse Gasses$15,809 2016
Take Back Our Republic$15,025 2016
Chesapeake Climate Action Network$15,000 2016
Coos Watershed Association$15,000 2016
Copirg Foundation$15,000 2016
Denver Public Schools$15,000 2016
Environmental Health Coalition$15,000 2016
Evolve Foundation$15,000 2016
Jed Foundation$15,000 2016
Long Distance Voter$15,000 2016
Preterm Cleaveland$15,000 2016
Mastery Charter School Shoemaker Campus$14,000 2016
Project Based Learning$14,000 2016
Oregon State University$13,936 2016
Academy At Palumbo High School Music Association$13,500 2016
Folk Arts Cultural Treasures Charter School$13,500 2016
New Foundations Charter School$13,500 2016
Olney Charter Highschool$13,500 2016
Planned Parenthood Of Delaware$13,333 2016
High County Conservation Advocates$12,750 2016
Prevent Child Abuse America$12,500 2016
Mazzoni Center$12,021 2016
Hells Canyon Preservation Council$12,000 2016
Cato Institute$11,500 2016
Clark County Public Education Foundation$11,366 2016
Greater Bandon Association$11,000 2016
Human Rights First$10,800 2016
Christiana Care Health System$10,600 2016
Code Corps. Pbc$10,110 2016
Alaska Conservation Voters$10,000 2016
Association Of Maternal And Child Health Programs$10,000 2016
Association Of State And Tribal Home Visiting Initiatives$10,000 2016
Center For Law And Social Policy$10,000 2016
Center For New Community$10,000 2016
Center For Working Families$10,000 2016
Communities United$10,000 2016
Consultative Group On Biological Diversity$10,000 2016
Dedicated To Women Obgyn Pa$10,000 2016
Freire Charter School$10,000 2016
Get Out The Native Vote$10,000 2016
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai$10,000 2016
Illinois Pirg Education Fund$10,000 2016
Inquilinos Unidos$10,000 2016
Legal Aid And Justice Center$10,000 2016
Ms Foundation For Women$10,000 2016
Naral Pro-Choice Minnesota Foundation$10,000 2016
New Jersey Institute For Social Justice$10,000 2016
Northeast Denver$10,000 2016
Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance$10,000 2016
Ryasap$10,000 2016
Union Of Concerned Scientists$10,000 2016
United Church Of Christ Oc Inc.$10,000 2016
Working Families Organization$10,000 2016
Roosevelt Institute$9,700 2016
The Nation Company$9,000 2016
University Of Delaware Clayton Conferences Center$8,819 2016
Heidi Latsky Dance Company$8,360 2016
Center For Popular Democracy$8,000 2016
City Of Dearborn$8,000 2016
City Of Minneapolis$8,000 2016
City Of Seattle$8,000 2016
Clearcorps$8,000 2016
Healthy Homes Coalition Of West Michigan$8,000 2016
Isles Inc.$8,000 2016
Salt Lake City Corporation$8,000 2016
Inspirational Triathlon Racing International$7,764 2016
Day One New York$7,648 2016
Cape Blanco Heritage Society$7,500 2016
Earthjustice$7,500 2016
Rutgers University$7,500 2016
Madison Oneida Boces$7,166 2016
Westside Family Healthcare Center$6,667 2016
New World Foundation$6,586 2016
Center For Technology And Civic Life$6,439 2016
Health Research Alliance$6,250 2016
Acorn Active Media Foundation$5,272 2016
Bandon Chamber Of Commerce$5,200 2016
Cel Education Fund$5,100 2016
Hopewell Fund$6,256,861 2015
Better Schools, Better Jobs$5,787,559 2015
Economic Innovation Group$3,920,000 2015
Schott Foundation$2,431,807 2015
Groundswell Fund$1,626,000 2015
Americans For Responsible Solutions Foundation$1,013,924 2015
Amazon Conservation Association$1,008,000 2015
Alaska Center For The Environment$946,100 2015
Freedom For All Americans Education Fund$920,000 2015
President And Fellows Of Harvard College$898,645 2015
Business For Social Responsibility$864,262 2015
Carbon Disclosure Project - North America$836,497 2015
Advancement Project$789,772 2015
Women Deliver$750,000 2015
Ohio Organizing Collaborative$620,000 2015
Ceres$605,000 2015
Sierra Club Foundation$515,000 2015
B Team$500,000 2015
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference$500,000 2015
The Rules Foundation$490,000 2015
Just Leadership Usa$424,721 2015
Beespace Inc.$392,000 2015
Ford Foundation$379,007 2015
Early Learning Neighborhood$363,334 2015
Common Table Health Alliance$350,000 2015
State Voices$347,000 2015
National Wildlife Federation$334,387 2015
Nature And Culture International$328,500 2015
Common Sense Media$300,000 2015
Washington Environmental Council$300,000 2015
Center For Popular Democracy$293,467 2015
Tides Center$263,650 2015
Stanford Woods Institute For The Environment$260,850 2015
Virginia New Majority Education Fund$253,000 2015
Duke University$251,406 2015
Electronic Frontier Foundation$250,000 2015
Natural Resources Defense Council$245,000 2015
Interaction$243,622 2015
National Education Association$242,500 2015
University Of Hawaii Foundation$230,000 2015
Icon Genesis Llc$225,600 2015
America Votes$218,080 2015
United Methodist Community$215,400 2015
Duke University - Nicholas Institute$215,000 2015
Trout Unlimited$210,000 2015
Movement Strategy Center$207,400 2015
The Lugar Center$206,180 2015
American Bird Conservancy$200,000 2015
Center For American Progress$200,000 2015
Columbia University$200,000 2015
Feminist Majority Foundation$200,000 2015
Padres Unidos$200,000 2015
Paradigm Shift Therapeutics$200,000 2015
The Nbi Foundation$195,868 2015
Cook Inlet Keeper$195,000 2015
Center For Civic Policy$185,000 2015
Conservation Lands Foundation$185,000 2015
Takeaction Minnesota Education Fund$185,000 2015
Central Arizona For A Sustainable Economy$170,621 2015
Creo Family Office Syndicate Inc.$157,225 2015
Western Conservation Foundation$150,575 2015
America'S Promise - The Alliance For Youth$150,000 2015
Baton Rouge Area Foundation$150,000 2015
Florida Institute For Reform And Empowerment$150,000 2015
Global Cancer Institute$150,000 2015
Guttmacher Institute$150,000 2015
National Urban League$150,000 2015
Neo Philanthropy$150,000 2015
Optimist Llc$150,000 2015
Progress Michigan Education$150,000 2015
Usa For Unhcr$150,000 2015
Steepletown$141,600 2015
Wisconsin Voices$140,000 2015
Medical College Of Wisconsin$139,092 2015
Media Matters For America$135,000 2015
Praxis Project$135,000 2015
Genderavenger$132,291 2015
Council Of Chief State School Officers$127,000 2015
National Hispanic Media Coalition$120,500 2015
Copenhagen Concensus Center, Usa$118,980 2015
Crisis Action$116,000 2015
The Wilderness Society$115,000 2015
Mississippi Center For Justice$114,750 2015
Evangelical Environment Network$113,300 2015
Backcountry Hunters And Anglers$113,000 2015
Casa De Maryland$113,000 2015
Gordon And Betty Moore Foundation$112,714 2015
Ole Education Fund$112,500 2015
The Partnerhsip Project$111,075 2015
Center For Media Justice$111,000 2015
The University Of Chicago$110,000 2015
Baxter Community Center$109,553 2015
South End Community Outreach Ministry$109,533 2015
National Advocates For Pregnant Women$100,500 2015
West Virginia Free$100,250 2015
Asu Foundation For A New American Unviersity$100,000 2015
Baptist Memorial Hospital For Women$100,000 2015
Coact Education Foundation$100,000 2015
Daily Caller News Foundation$100,000 2015
Environment America Inc.$100,000 2015
Girl Trek Inc.$100,000 2015
Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength$100,000 2015
Minnesota Indian Women'S Resource Center$100,000 2015
Mozilla Foundation$100,000 2015
National Religious Partnership For The Environment$100,000 2015
New York University$100,000 2015
Ohio Justice And Policy Center$100,000 2015
Oil Change International$100,000 2015
Peace Corps$100,000 2015
Pie Network$100,000 2015
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance$100,000 2015
The Peaceworks Foundation$100,000 2015
Trinity Forum$100,000 2015
United States Fund For Unicef$100,000 2015
University Of Tennessee West Institute For Cancer Research$100,000 2015
Active Minds Inc.$99,800 2015
350.Org$95,000 2015
Georgia Donor Alliance$95,000 2015
Crittenton Foundation$94,080 2015
New America Foundation$90,000 2015
Public Knowledge$90,000 2015
New Voices Pittsburgh$88,781 2015
Black Organizing Project$85,000 2015
Orgeon Foundation For Reproductive Health$85,000 2015
Unite For Reproductive And Gender Equity$84,895 2015
Institute For Local Self-Reliance$82,500 2015
Summit Community Institute$80,143 2015
Bus Federation Civic Fund$80,000 2015
Energy Action Coalition$80,000 2015
Gill Foundation$80,000 2015
The Fund For Transforming Education In Kentucky$77,909 2015
Blueprint North Carolina$75,000 2015
California Calls$75,000 2015
Chicago Foundation For Women$75,000 2015
Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence$75,000 2015
Isaiah$75,000 2015
Moses$75,000 2015
Ms. Foundation For Women$75,000 2015
Mujeres Unidas Y Activas$75,000 2015
Nami$75,000 2015
National Economic And Social Rights Initiative$75,000 2015
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors$75,000 2015
Southwest Organizing Project$75,000 2015
The Urban Institute$75,000 2015
Utah Dine Bikeyah$75,000 2015
Warscapes$72,514 2015
National Park Conservation$72,500 2015
Colorado Organization For Latina Oppurtunity And Reproductive Rights$70,900 2015
Kyle House Group Llc$70,000 2015
Black Women For Wellness$66,250 2015
Common Sense Childbirth, Inc. $65,000 2015
International Interfaith Peace Corps$65,000 2015
Progressnow New Mexico$65,000 2015
Young Women United$63,750 2015
Hispanic Center Of Western Michigan$63,667 2015
Artula Institute For Art And Environmental Education$63,000 2015
The Other Way Ministries$62,867 2015
Alaska Community Action On Toxics$61,150 2015
Nature Conservancy$60,750 2015
League Of Conservation Voter Education Fund$60,634 2015
Idaho Bussinesses For Education$60,000 2015
Land Stewardship Project$60,000 2015
Outfront Minnesota Community Services$60,000 2015
South Coast Watershed Council$60,000 2015
Movement Strategy Center$57,780 2015
Stanford University$56,000 2015
National Latina Institute For Reproductive$55,260 2015
Citizens Alliance On Prisons And Public Spending$55,000 2015
Reil$54,878 2015
Nike Foundation$52,155 2015
Donors Choose Org$51,360 2015
Asmsa Foundation Fund Of The University Of Arkansas Foundation$50,000 2015
Blessings In A Backpack$50,000 2015
Brac Usa, Inc.$50,000 2015
Care$50,000 2015
Center For Civilians In Conflict$50,000 2015
Center For Rural Strategies$50,000 2015
Equality Virginia$50,000 2015
Florence Crittenton Services Of Topeka$50,000 2015
Foundation For Global Compact$50,000 2015
Jhpiego$50,000 2015
Macarthur Foundation$50,000 2015
Media Mobilizing Project$50,000 2015
New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute$50,000 2015
New Mexico Comunidades En Accion Y De Fe$50,000 2015
Northeast Ohio Alliance For Hope$50,000 2015
Northeastern University Bouve College Of Health Sciences$50,000 2015
Path$50,000 2015
Safe Space Radio$50,000 2015
Sierra Club$50,000 2015
Virginia League For Planned Parenthood$50,000 2015
Vital Voices Global Partnership$50,000 2015
Wild Rivers Coast Heritage Land Trust$50,000 2015
Methodist Healthcare Foundation$25,000 2015
Sisters Network Memphis Inc.$25,000 2015
Baylor College Of Medicine$20,000 2015
Boston Medical Center$20,000 2015
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center$20,000 2015
Emory University$20,000 2015
Johns Hopkins University$20,000 2015
Massachusets General Hospital$20,000 2015
Methodist Hospital Foundation$20,000 2015
Northwestern University$20,000 2015
San Francisco General Hospital$20,000 2015
Schott Foundation$2,463,054 2014
Neo Philanthropy Inc$1,642,035 2014
Colorado Cattleman'S Agricultural Land Trust$1,524,500 2014
Civil Society Fund L3C$1,360,875 2014
Solutions Journalism Network Inc$1,135,789 2014
The Rules Foundation$1,022,800 2014
The Solutions Project$973,961 2014
Advancement Project$896,019 2014
Better Schools Better Jobs$864,500 2014
Ceres Inc$834,168 2014
Western Conservation Foundation$690,000 2014
Beespace Inc$681,100 2014
Carbon Disclosure Project - North America$629,267 2014
Center For Civic Policy$540,000 2014
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Council$525,000 2014
Path$500,000 2014
Developments In Literacy$471,344 2014
Forestethics$444,972 2014
Sustainable Markets Foundation$424,830 2014
National Resource Council Board On Agriculture & Natural Resourc$400,000 2014
Project Vote Inc$380,000 2014
California Latinas For Reproductive Justice$373,062 2014
Forward Together$353,530 2014
Take Action Minnesota Education Fund$335,000 2014
Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative$331,953 2014
Third Sector Development$320,000 2014
Ohio Organizing Collaborative$310,000 2014
Thomas B Fordham Institute$300,000 2014
Higher Heights Leadership Fund$285,950 2014
Center For American Progress$270,000 2014
Interchurch Medical Assistance Inc (Ima)$268,880 2014
Common Sense Media$250,000 2014
Copenhagen Consensus Center Usa Inc$250,000 2014
Usaid$250,000 2014
Amazon Conservation Association$245,280 2014
International Planned Parenthood Federation$233,533 2014
Chicago Foundation For Women$225,000 2014
Ms Foundation For Women$225,000 2014
National Urban League$225,000 2014
Baxter Community Center$212,068 2014
National Writing Project$201,250 2014
Allafrica Foundation$200,000 2014
Center For Investigative Reporting$200,000 2014
Good Worldwide Inc$200,000 2014
Human Rights Watch$200,000 2014
Powerpac Foundation$200,000 2014
Stanford University$200,000 2014
Center For Media Justice$195,000 2014
Media Matters$188,630 2014
South End Community Outreach Ministry$188,468 2014
Business For Social Responsibility$184,570 2014
Rock The Vote$180,000 2014
Organ Alliance Inc$176,323 2014
Urge$175,345 2014
League Of Young Voters$172,500 2014
Interaction$170,102 2014
Northeastern University$170,000 2014
Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence$162,000 2014
State Voices$160,000 2014
Alaska Community Action On Toxics$159,017 2014
Conservation Lands Foundation$150,000 2014
Patient Services Inc$150,000 2014
Sierra Club Foundation$150,000 2014
Sixteen Thirty Fund$150,000 2014
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership$150,000 2014
Virginia New Majority Education Fund$150,000 2014
Americans For Responsible Solution Foundation$147,000 2014
Duke University$146,406 2014
New America Foundation$145,000 2014
Young Women United$142,500 2014
Medical College Of Wisconsin$139,092 2014
South Coast Watershed Council$131,000 2014
Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable$130,000 2014
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health Center$130,000 2014
Bellwether Education Partners$125,000 2014
Natural Resources Defense Council$125,000 2014
Public Knowledge$125,000 2014
The Tides Center$125,000 2014
Cel Education Fund$123,000 2014
West Virginia Free$120,907 2014
Mi Familia Vota Fund$120,380 2014
New York Foundation For Women$111,000 2014
Arizona Advocacy Foundation$110,000 2014
New Organizing Institute Education Fund$110,000 2014
The University Of Chicago$110,000 2014
The Partnership Project$106,800 2014
Resources Legacy Fund$105,000 2014
Faith Aloud$102,188 2014
International Center For Research On Women$100,500 2014
Sister Song Inc$100,400 2014
Committee To Protect Journalists$100,000 2014
Daily Caller Foundation$100,000 2014
Democracy North Carolina$100,000 2014
Ga Wand Education Fund$100,000 2014
Gill Foundation$100,000 2014
Institute For Change$100,000 2014
Moses$100,000 2014
Mozilla$100,000 2014
National Council Of La Raza$100,000 2014
National Wildlife Federation$100,000 2014
New Era Colorado Foundation$100,000 2014
Save The Children Federation Inc$100,000 2014
Third Wave Foundation$100,000 2014
Vital Voices Global Partnership$100,000 2014
Council Of Chief State School Officers$98,805 2014
Mississippi Center For Justice$98,115 2014
Mama Carts$95,949 2014
National Hispanic Media Coalition$95,000 2014
Environmental Defense Fund$92,000 2014
Free Press$90,000 2014
Ole Education Fund$90,000 2014
Tewa Women United$90,000 2014
Backcountry Hunter And Anglers$87,000 2014
350Org$85,000 2014
Center For Rural Strategies$85,000 2014
The Oakland Institute$85,000 2014
University Of California Davis$84,123 2014
Movement Strategy Center$83,000 2014
Alaska Center For The Environment$82,203 2014
Arms With Ethics$81,060 2014
Bold Nebraska$80,000 2014
Center For Rights Inc$80,000 2014
Institute For Local Self-Reliance$80,000 2014
International Refugee Rights Inititiave$80,000 2014
Nm Comunidades En Accion Y De Fe$80,000 2014
The Hunt Institute$80,000 2014
George Mason University$79,997 2014
National Latina Institute For Reproductive Health$79,578 2014
The Fund For Transforming Education In Kentucky$75,440 2014
A Philip Randolph Institute$75,000 2014
Cease Fire Pa$75,000 2014
Demos$75,000 2014
Free Press Action Fund$75,000 2014
Hip Cop Caucus Education Fund Inc$75,000 2014
Lawyer'S Committee For Civil Rights Under Law$75,000 2014
Media Impact Funders$75,000 2014
Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength$75,000 2014
National Advocates For Pregnant Women$75,000 2014
National Coalition On Black Civic Participation$75,000 2014
Ima World Health$74,200 2014
Steepletown Neighborhood Services$73,800 2014
First Southwest Bank Fco Mon Do$72,615 2014
Black Women For Wellness$71,330 2014
Ywca Of Southeast Wisconsin$70,480 2014
Nature And Culture International$68,000 2014
Spark$67,085 2014
Public Citizens Foundation$65,000 2014
Public Land Solutions$65,000 2014
National Park Conservation Association$62,500 2014
Warscapes$61,112 2014
Eastern Congo Initiative$60,609 2014
Asian Health Services$60,000 2014
Foreign Policy Initiative$60,000 2014
Legal Services For Prisoners With Children$60,000 2014
Sitka Conservation Society$60,000 2014
United Methodist Community$59,300 2014
Toilet Hackers$57,741 2014
Sylvia Rivera Law Project$57,500 2014
Port Orford Ocean Resource Team$56,977 2014
Cornell University$54,053 2014
Invisible Children$54,000 2014
Literacy Design Collaborative Inc$53,974 2014
Artula Institute For Art & Envrmtl Education$53,570 2014
University Of Pennsylvania$50,871 2014
Applied Geosolutions Llc$50,357 2014
American Federation Of Teachers$50,000 2014
Brac Usa Inc$50,000 2014
Bus Federation Civic Fund$50,000 2014
California Calls$50,000 2014
Choice Usa$50,000 2014
Clean Water Fund$50,000 2014
Florida Immigrant Coalition$50,000 2014
George Washington University$50,000 2014
Global Health Council$50,000 2014
Initiative For Global Development$50,000 2014
Isaiah$50,000 2014
Kentucky Coalition Inc$50,000 2014
Manhattan Institute For Policy Res$50,000 2014
Nea Foundation$50,000 2014
New Hampshire Citizens Alliance$50,000 2014
Oil Change International$50,000 2014
Progressnow Nevada$50,000 2014
Resources For The Future$50,000 2014
Southwest Organizing Project$50,000 2014
The Conservation Fund$50,000 2014
The Wilderness Society-Dc$50,000 2014
Tulane University$50,000 2014
Wave Education Fund$50,000 2014
Wild Rivers Coast Heritage Land Trust$50,000 2014
Wisconsin Voices Inc$50,000 2014
Us Healthful Food Council$48,277 2014
Amplify Us$48,000 2014
Personal Democracy Media$48,000 2014
Cook Inletkeeper$45,000 2014
Environmental Law & Policy Center$45,000 2014
National Audubon Society$45,000 2014
National Wildlife Refuge Association$45,000 2014
New Mexico Wildlife Federation$45,000 2014
Progress Now Education$45,000 2014
Tides Foundation$45,000 2014
Western States Center$45,000 2014
Center For Popular Democracy$40,000 2014
Common Sense Childbirth Inc$40,000 2014
Earth Island Institute$40,000 2014
Forward Mt Foundation$40,000 2014
Land Stewardship Project$40,000 2014
Minnesota Coact$40,000 2014
National Women'S Health Network$40,000 2014
Native American Community Board$40,000 2014
Native Public Media Inc$40,000 2014
Outfront Minnesota Company$40,000 2014
Taxpayers For Common Sense$40,000 2014
Coquille Watershed Association$38,887 2014
City Parks Alliance$36,000 2014
Trout Unlimited$36,000 2014
Vet Voice Foundation$36,000 2014
National Academy Of Sciences$35,000 2014
South Coast Development Council$35,000 2014
Campaign To Unload$33,950 2014
Hispanic Access Foundation$33,912 2014
Living Stones Academy$31,417 2014
Bandon School District$30,000 2014
Color$30,000 2014
Foundation For National Progress$30,000 2014
Future Of Music Coalition$30,000 2014
Icah$30,000 2014
Media Mobilizing Project$30,000 2014
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools$30,000 2014
Northern Arizona University Foundation$30,000 2014
Progressive Leadership Alliance Of Nevada$30,000 2014
Puget Sound Educational Service District$30,000 2014
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance$30,000 2014
Teachplus Boston$30,000 2014
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi$30,000 2014
The Nature Conservancy$30,000 2014
Western Conservation Action$30,000 2014
World Wildlife Fund Us$30,000 2014
Grassroots Reconciliation Group$29,997 2014
San Juan Board Of Cooperative Educational Services$29,792 2014
University Of North Texas$29,000 2014
Rocky Mountain Wild$28,400 2014
Downeast Institutemarine Research-Edu$28,000 2014
The Life You Can Save$27,692 2014
African Leadership & Reconciliation$26,766 2014
Partnership For Responsible Business$26,000 2014
University Of Maryland Center For Environmental Science$26,000 2014
Accord Network$25,800 2014
Act For Women And Girls$25,000 2014
Albuquerque Academy$25,000 2014
Atlanta Public Schools$25,000 2014
Brennan Center For Justice$25,000 2014
Brevard Public Schools$25,000 2014
Center For Teaching Quality$25,000 2014
Center For Us Global Leadership$25,000 2014
Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund$25,000 2014
Color Of Change$25,000 2014
Conservation Alabama Foundation$25,000 2014
Conservation Law Foundation Inc$25,000 2014
Foundation For Seminole County Public Schools Inc$25,000 2014
Friends Of The Earth$25,000 2014
Fund For The City Of New York$25,000 2014
Head Count$25,000 2014
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance$25,000 2014
Northeast Ohio Alliance For Hope$25,000 2014
One Action$25,000 2014
Revolutions Per Minute$25,000 2014
Southwest Care Center$25,000 2014
Special Olympics Connecticut Inc$25,000 2014
Violence Policy Center$25,000 2014
The College-Ready Promise$24,987 2014
Geos Institute$22,000 2014
Pacific Institute$22,000 2014
West Virginia Rivers Coalition$22,000 2014
Madison-Oneida Boces$20,895 2014
Raritan Valley Community College$20,074 2014
Access Now$20,000 2014
Battelle For Kids$20,000 2014
Blue Print Nc$20,000 2014
Bring Change 2 Mind$20,000 2014
Center On Budget And Policy Priorities$20,000 2014
Children'S Defense Fund$20,000 2014
Climateworks Foundation$20,000 2014
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition$20,000 2014
Community High School District 99$20,000 2014
Environment Maine Research & Policy Center$20,000 2014
Fractured Atlas$20,000 2014
Hispanic Federation$20,000 2014
International Center For Traditional Childbearing$20,000 2014
Media Literacy Project$20,000 2014
Mississippi Low Income Childcare$20,000 2014
National Institute For Health$20,000 2014
National Resources Council Of Maine$20,000 2014
Northwest Colorado Boces$20,000 2014
Project South$20,000 2014
Prometheus Radio Project$20,000 2014
Race Forward$20,000 2014
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union$20,000 2014
Society For Ecological Restoration$20,000 2014
The Leadership Conference Education Fund$20,000 2014
The Pittsburgh Foundation$20,000 2014
The School Board Of Highlands County$20,000 2014
Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center$20,000 2014
Wired International$20,000 2014
Women With A Vision$20,000 2014
Peace Direct Usa$19,070 2014
San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council$18,800 2014
Coalition For The Upper South$18,000 2014
Advance Illinois$17,500 2014
Kangu$17,425 2014
Public Interest Projects$17,268 2014
Montana Professional Teaching Foundation$17,184 2014
Sky Island Alliance$17,000 2014
Shft Mobile Kitchen Classroom Inc$15,937 2014
American Constitution Society$15,000 2014
Appalshop Inc$15,000 2014
Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics In Washington$15,000 2014
Colorado Wildlife Federation$15,000 2014
Data & Society Research Institute$15,000 2014
Facing History And Ourselves$15,000 2014
Intermountain Public Affairs Llc$15,000 2014
International Indian Treaty Council$15,000 2014
Lake County Schools$15,000 2014
New Organizing Institute$15,000 2014
New Voices Pittsburgh$15,000 2014
Peace Development Fund$15,000 2014
Rivers And Birds$15,000 2014
Southwings$15,000 2014
St Johns County Education Foundation$15,000 2014
Oregon Resources And Research Education Center$14,760 2014
United Way Of Southern Nevada$14,162 2014
University Of Rochester$14,000 2014
Partnership For Student Advancement$13,320 2014
Hartley Film Foundation Inc$12,883 2014
Bread For The World Institute$12,500 2014
Containers 2 Clinics$11,058 2014
Crisis Action$10,806 2014
The Reciprocity Foundation Inc$10,729 2014
Southwest Environmental Center$10,044 2014
Allied Media Projects$10,000 2014
Audubon Society Of New Hampshire$10,000 2014
Central Atlantic Conference Of The United Church Of Christ$10,000 2014
Community Catalyst$10,000 2014
Earth Mama Healing$10,000 2014
Environment New Mexico Research & Policy Center$10,000 2014
Equality Ohio Education Fund$10,000 2014
Great Old Broads For Wilderness$10,000 2014
Lesbian Health Initiative$10,000 2014
National Caucus Of Environmental Legislators$10,000 2014
Sisterreach$10,000 2014
Soda Mountain Wilderness Council$10,000 2014
Washed Ashore$10,000 2014
Western Organization Of Resource Council$10,000 2014
Ymca Pf Philadelphia & Vicinity$10,000 2014
San Mateo County Office Of Education$9,400 2014
Idaho Conservation League$9,000 2014
Umd Center For Environmental Science$9,000 2014
Darfur Women Action Group$8,320 2014
Curry Soil And Water Conservation District$8,125 2014
Founder Corps$7,891 2014
Citizen'S For Dixie'S Future$7,700 2014
Will'S Good Works Foundation Inc$6,575 2014
Montana Wilderness Association$6,000 2014
West End Cinema Educational Initiative$5,948 2014
Literacy Design Collaborative Inc$1,992,215 2013
Western Conservation Foundation$1,662,450 2013
Economic Innovation Group$1,470,000 2013
Alliane For A Green Revolution In Africa$640,000 2013
Council Of Chief State School Officers$575,104 2013
Women Deliver$575,000 2013
The Rules Foundation$482,500 2013
Center For Disaster Philanthropy$434,936 2013
The Nature Conservancy$400,000 2013
Forestethics$399,670 2013
Every Mother Counts$331,686 2013
Constitutional Accountability Center$275,000 2013
Sundance Institute$275,000 2013
Media Matters$257,000 2013
Dosomething$250,000 2013
First American Title Insurance Company$250,000 2013
New York Public Radio$250,000 2013
The Lugar Center$250,000 2013
Earth Island Institute$247,750 2013
Sierra Club Foundation$220,000 2013
International Center For Journalists$207,600 2013
International Refugee Rights Initiative$200,000 2013
Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative$195,419 2013
Project New America$192,000 2013
The Solutions Project$192,000 2013
Nature America Inc$190,000 2013
Behavioral Ideas Lab Inc$177,337 2013
Bold For Nebraska$165,000 2013
Chicago Foundation For Women$150,000 2013
Grassroots International$150,000 2013
Ms Foundation For Women$150,000 2013
National Resources Defense Council$150,000 2013
National Wildlife Federation$150,000 2013
Southwest Renewable Energy Institute$146,711 2013
South Coast$145,384 2013
Bull Moose$137,000 2013
Pienetwork$135,000 2013
Moms Demand Action$131,625 2013
Shft Mobile Kitchen Classroom Inc$130,471 2013
South End Community Outreach Ministry$126,815 2013
Linc Community Revitalization$125,787 2013
United Methodist Community$125,300 2013
Fordham Institute$125,000 2013
Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence$124,587 2013
Heal Africa$122,500 2013
New York Foundation For Women$111,000 2013
Patient Services Inc$110,000 2013
West Virginia Free$110,000 2013
Mississippi Center For Justice$109,375 2013
Protect Mn$105,000 2013
Us Healthful Food Council$101,854 2013
Organ Alliance Inc$101,850 2013
Hispanic Center Of Western Michigan$101,000 2013
Cease Fire Pa$100,000 2013
Groundswell International$100,000 2013
Institute For A Competitive Workforce$100,000 2013
Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence$100,000 2013
Montezuma Land Conservancy$100,000 2013
Port Orford Ocean Resource Team$100,000 2013
University Of Califronia Berkeley$100,000 2013
Vital Voices Global Partnership$100,000 2013
Alaska Community Action On Toxics$97,500 2013
Friends Of The Earth$95,000 2013
Artula Institute For Art & Environmental Education$93,260 2013
Faith Aloud$92,500 2013
California Latinas For Reproductive Justice$90,000 2013
The Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute On Law & Social Policy$88,555 2013
Environmental Defense Fund$88,000 2013
Young Women United$87,810 2013
350Org$85,000 2013
Forward Together$85,000 2013
Baxter Community Center$80,800 2013
Center For American Progress$80,000 2013
Kcetlink$77,000 2013
Stand For Children Leadership Center$77,000 2013
Project New America Education Fund$76,000 2013
Arkansas Department Of Education$75,000 2013
Connecticut State Dept Of Education$75,000 2013
Georgia Dept Of Education$75,000 2013
Illinois State Board Of Education$75,000 2013
Maryland State Dept$75,000 2013
Massachusetts Dept Of Elem & Sec Education$75,000 2013
New Jersey Department Of Education$75,000 2013
New Mexico Public Education Dept$75,000 2013
North Arolina Department Of Public Instruction$75,000 2013
Ohio Dept Of Education$75,000 2013
Oklahoma State Dept Of Education$75,000 2013
Panzi Foundation$75,000 2013
Pennsylvania Department Of Education$75,000 2013
Democracy Corps$72,000 2013
National Advocates For Pregnant Women$70,000 2013
Progress Now Education$62,500 2013
Will'S Good Works$60,251 2013
Oil Change International$60,000 2013
Project South$60,000 2013
Wild Rivers Coast Heritage Land Trust$60,000 2013
Village Health Partnership$55,211 2013
Asian Health Services$55,000 2013
Roundriver Conservation Studies$55,000 2013
Pvblic Foundation$51,051 2013
Black Women For Wellness$50,000 2013
Choice Usa$50,000 2013
Discover The Journey$50,000 2013
Funders Network On Population Reproductive Health And Rights$50,000 2013
Institute On Tax & Economic Policy$50,000 2013
League Of Conservation Voters$50,000 2013
National Latina Inst For Reproductive Health$50,000 2013
Nat'L Latina Inst For Reproductive Health$50,000 2013
The Aspen Institute$50,000 2013
The Lens$50,000 2013
Ywca Of Southeast Wisconsin$50,000 2013
Ecotrust$45,523 2013
Pacific Institute$45,400 2013
Spark$45,000 2013
Western States Center$42,500 2013
Alliance For A Just Society$40,000 2013
Commonwise Eduation Inc.$40,000 2013
Environment Maine Research & Policy Center$40,000 2013
Global Health Council$40,000 2013
National Resources Council Of Maine$40,000 2013
Native American Community Board$40,000 2013
The Cnter For Young Women'S Development$40,000 2013
Steepletown Neighborhood$39,400 2013
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership$38,535 2013
Eastern Congo Initiative$37,896 2013
Public Land Solutions$37,600 2013
Global Impact Institute$34,650 2013
Invisible Children$34,000 2013
Living Stones Academy$32,533 2013
Common Sense Childbirth$32,000 2013
Tewa Women United$30,310 2013
Color$30,000 2013
Community Catalyst$30,000 2013
Icah$30,000 2013
Legal Serices For Prisoners With Children$30,000 2013
Southern Utah$30,000 2013
The Education Trust$30,000 2013
Young Women'S Empowerment Project$30,000 2013
The Denver Center For Crime Victims$29,336 2013
Founder Corps$28,897 2013
Society Of Environmental Journalists$27,900 2013
Hope And Glory$26,629 2013
American Rivers$25,500 2013
Center For Us Global Leadership$25,000 2013
Fay Penn Economic Development Council$25,000 2013
Funders Concerned About Aids$25,000 2013
Heinz Center For Science Economics And The Environment$25,000 2013
National People'S Action$25,000 2013
National Wildlife Refuge Association$25,000 2013
Natural Resources Defense Council$25,000 2013
The Freshwater Trust$25,000 2013
Usaction Education Fund$25,000 2013
Vet Voice Foundation$25,000 2013
Voices For A Sustainable Future$25,000 2013
Wyoming Wildlife Federation$25,000 2013
Hispanic Access$24,087 2013
Rocky Mountain Wild$24,000 2013
Toilet Hackers$23,697 2013
International Indian Treaty Council$22,500 2013
Valley Conservation Council Inc$21,500 2013
Africa Conservation Fund$20,000 2013
Backcountry Hunter And Anglers$20,000 2013
Curry Soil And Water Conservation District$20,000 2013
Ene$20,000 2013
Idaho Conservation League$20,000 2013
Legal Services For Prisoners With Children$20,000 2013
Service Women'S Action Network$20,000 2013
Soliya$20,000 2013
Sylvia Rivera Law$20,000 2013
The Wilderness Society Dc$20,000 2013
Cropp Cooperative$18,800 2013
Blessings In A Backpack$18,500 2013
Southwest Care Center$17,810 2013
Refugees International$16,888 2013
Fathom Consulting$15,300 2013
Colorado Wildlife Federation$15,000 2013
Friends Committee On National Legislation Education Fund$15,000 2013
International Center For Traditional Childbearing$15,000 2013
Sacred Birth Angels Foundation$15,000 2013
Small Business Majority Foundation$15,000 2013
Southwings$15,000 2013
Trout Unlimited$15,000 2013
Western Resource Advocates$15,000 2013
Wyoming Outdoor Council$15,000 2013
Harlem Grown$14,800 2013
Warscapes$12,823 2013
Church World Service$12,500 2013
Media Literacy Project$12,500 2013
Nyagv Education Fund$11,225 2013
Fencing In The Schools$11,200 2013
Heartbeat$10,950 2013
Cure Atrt Now$10,926 2013
Coquille Watershed Association$10,080 2013
Audubon Society Of New Hampshire$10,000 2013
Conservation Law Foundation$10,000 2013
Earth Mama Healing$10,000 2013
Human Rights Watch$10,000 2013
New Hope Baptist Church$10,000 2013
Sea Delight Ocean Fund Inc$10,000 2013
Tides Foundation$10,000 2013
University Of Oregon Foundation$10,000 2013
Vermont Natural Resources Council$10,000 2013
Japan Center For International Exchange$9,888 2013
Hgiher Heights Leadership Fund$9,500 2013
West End Cnema Educational Initiative$8,777 2013
Port Orford Main Street Revitalization$8,670 2013
30 Project$7,574 2013
Coreel Centro$7,500 2013
Peace Direct Usa$7,500 2013
Silvia Rivera Law Project$7,500 2013
Sister Song Inc$7,500 2013
Forward Community Investments$6,750 2013
City Of Gold Beach$5,000 2013
Colorado Organization For Latina Opportunity And Reproductive$5,000 2013
Friends Of South Slough Reserve$5,000 2013
Sakhi For South Asian Women$5,000 2013
The Other Way Ministries$5,000 2013
Behavioral Ideas Lab$1,426,485 2012
Western Conservation Foundation$707,000 2012
Forward Together$602,500 2012
The Partnership Project$500,000 2012
California Latinas For Reproductive Justice$415,000 2012
Eastern Congo Initiative$370,490 2012
Montezuma Land Conservancy$352,725 2012
American Cancer Society$332,183 2012
Forestethics$325,000 2012
Democracy Corps$318,720 2012
Ippf Worldwide$275,000 2012
Grassroots International$250,000 2012
Public Education Business Coalition$250,000 2012
The Rules Foundation$242,500 2012
American Lung Association$217,705 2012
Project New America Education Fund$216,960 2012
Every Mother Counts$213,971 2012
The Sierra Club Foundation$200,000 2012
Colorado Cattlemen'S Agricultural Land$194,000 2012
Africa Conservation Fund$192,798 2012
Bull Moose Sportsmen Alliance$180,000 2012
Progress Education Center$175,000 2012
Fireback At Gun Violence$169,029 2012
Choice Usa$165,000 2012
The Global Fund To Fight Aids$160,000 2012
Chicago Foundation For Women$150,000 2012
Ms Foundation For Women$150,000 2012
Natural Resources Defense Council$150,000 2012
Women'S Foundations Of California$150,000 2012
Ther Aspen Institute$149,035 2012
Kcts Television$145,000 2012
United Methodist Community House$134,140 2012
Women Deliver$125,000 2012
Global Agriculture And Food Policy$118,000 2012
Global Impact Institute$113,338 2012
New York Foundation$111,000 2012
Western Resource Advocates$110,000 2012
Young Women United$104,000 2012
Alaska Community Fund$100,000 2012
Faith In Public Life$100,000 2012
Legal Community Against Violence$100,000 2012
National Wildlife Federation$97,500 2012
National Latina Institute$90,000 2012
Hope And Glory$77,763 2012
Tides Foundation$77,000 2012
Mayor'S Fund To Advance New York City$75,000 2012
Spark Camp Inc$75,000 2012
Legal Svcs For Prisoners With Children$73,438 2012
University Of Pennsylvania$73,000 2012
Faith Aloud$70,000 2012
Christian Community Development Assoc$65,000 2012
Oil Change International$62,500 2012
Mesa Land Trust$60,000 2012
Clean Water Fund$57,025 2012
Rocky Mountain Wild$53,800 2012
Hispanic Access$51,000 2012
Bread For The World$50,000 2012
Center For Environment And Population$50,000 2012
Center For Public Safety$50,000 2012
Earth Island Institute$50,000 2012
Funders Network$50,000 2012
Institute For Policy Studies$50,000 2012
National Advocates For Pregnant Women$50,000 2012
Serving Leadership Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation$50,000 2012
The University Of Chicago Crime Lab$50,000 2012
Third Wave Foundation$50,000 2012
University Of Notre Dame$50,000 2012
Vital Voices Global Partnership$50,000 2012
West Virginia Free$50,000 2012
President And Felows Of Harvard College$46,263 2012
Alliance For A Just Society$45,000 2012
Initiative Fir Global Development$44,600 2012
Spark Reproductive Justice Now$44,000 2012
Tewa Women United$41,400 2012
The Center For Young Women'S Development$41,000 2012
Us Healthful Food Council$40,077 2012
Native American Community$40,000 2012
The Freshwater Trust$40,000 2012
The Philanthropy Workshop$40,000 2012
Maine People'S Resource Center$37,500 2012
Center Olame$36,000 2012
Center For American Progress$35,000 2012
Friends Of The Earth$35,000 2012
Illinois Caucus For Adolescent Health$35,000 2012
North Carolina Justice Center$35,000 2012
The Nature Conservancy Of Oregon$35,000 2012
Western States Center$35,000 2012
Asian Health Services$34,000 2012
Elk River Land Trust$34,000 2012
Young Women'S Empowerment Project$34,000 2012
Impact Arts And Film$33,250 2012
Gain Foundation$32,692 2012
Sister Song Inc$31,400 2012
Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable$30,000 2012
Colorpro$30,000 2012
Foreign Policy Initiative$30,000 2012
New Mexico Wildlife Federation$30,000 2012
Trout Unlimited$30,000 2012
Wyoming Wildlife$28,000 2012
Crisis Action$26,200 2012
Mercy Corps$26,100 2012
Black Women For Wellness$25,000 2012
Center For Food Safety$25,000 2012
Church World Service$25,000 2012
Colorado Mountain Club$25,000 2012
Common Sense Childbirth$25,000 2012
Fay Penn Economic Development Council$25,000 2012
Institute On Taxation And Economic Policy$25,000 2012
Leadership Center For The Common Good$25,000 2012
Media Literacy Project$25,000 2012
National Council Of Churches$25,000 2012
National Hispanic Christian Leadership$25,000 2012
National People'S Action$25,000 2012
One Action$25,000 2012
Public Citizens Foundation$25,000 2012
Save The Children$25,000 2012
Sierra Club Prarie$25,000 2012
Usaction Education Fund$25,000 2012
Wyoming Outdoor$25,000 2012
Colorado Conservation Voters$24,151 2012
Backcountry Hunter$24,000 2012
Northside Coalition For Fair Housing$22,500 2012
Forward Community Investments$20,000 2012
Taxpayers For Common Sense$20,000 2012
South End Community Outreach Ministry$19,400 2012
Coreel Center$19,000 2012
Port Orford Ocean Resource Team$18,000 2012
Discover The Journey$15,000 2012
International Center For Traditional Childbearing$15,000 2012
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota$15,000 2012
Sacred Birth Angels$15,000 2012
Silvia Rivera Law Project$15,000 2012
Western Colorado Congress$15,000 2012
Women'S Health Services$15,000 2012
Baxter Community Center$14,400 2012
Blessings In A Backpack$12,500 2012
New Hampshire Citizens$12,500 2012
Strong Families New Mexico$12,500 2012
South Coast$12,000 2012
Living Stones Academy$11,850 2012
Colorado Wildlife Federation$11,800 2012
Arizona Community Foundation$10,087 2012
Ceres Inc$10,000 2012
Criterion Institute$10,000 2012
Earth Mama Healing$10,000 2012
Earthworks$10,000 2012
Experimental Station$10,000 2012
Movement Strategy$10,000 2012
Natural Resources Council Of Maine$10,000 2012
Sierra Club Foundation$10,000 2012
Biodiversity Conservation Alliance$8,920 2012
Consultive Group On Biological Diversity$7,500 2012
New Voices Pittsburgh$7,500 2012
Winter Wildlands$7,500 2012
Chicago Wilderness Trust$5,000 2012
Citizens For A Healthy Community$5,000 2012
Civicus1420$5,000 2012
Heal Africa$5,000 2012
Hispanic Center Of Western Michigan$5,000 2012
Steepletown Neighborhood Services$5,000 2012
Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation$5,000 2012
The Other Way Ministries$5,000 2012
Water Of Life$5,000 2012
Health Information Center$985,000 2011
Colorado Cattlemen'S Agricultural Land$306,000 2011
Homelands Research Group$200,000 2011
Grand Canyon Trust$183,075 2011
Cielo Production$150,000 2011
Democracy Corps$115,200 2011
Funders Concerned About Aids$100,000 2011
Heal Africa$100,000 2011
Homelands Research Group$100,000 2011
The Wilderness Society$100,000 2011
Global Impact Institute$99,000 2011
Congo Initiative$87,860 2011
National Religious Partnership For The Environment$82,500 2011
Christians For Environmental Stewardship$76,000 2011
Johsn Hopkins Center For Communications$75,000 2011
Invisible Children$74,800 2011
Drake University$65,500 2011
30 Project$63,515 2011
Western Conservation Foundation$56,000 2011
Impact Arts And Film Fund$51,063 2011
Discover The Journey$50,000 2011
Mesa County Land Conservancy$50,000 2011
Northern Arizona University Foundation$50,000 2011
Population Services International$50,000 2011
Vital Voices Global Partnership$50,000 2011
President And Felows Of Harvard College$49,720 2011
The Philantrhopy Workshop West$40,963 2011
Resolve Uganda Inc$40,000 2011
The Nature Conservancy Of Oregon$40,000 2011
Know Your Care$38,400 2011
American Bible Society$37,500 2011
Backcountry Hunter And Anglers$36,000 2011
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance$35,000 2011
The Freshwater Trust$32,000 2011
Dsw$30,000 2011
Intrahealth$30,000 2011
Tides Center$30,000 2011
Heal Africa$29,400 2011
The Nature Conservancy Of Oregon$26,000 2011
Resource Media$25,500 2011
Bread For The World Institute$25,000 2011
Center For Us Global Leadership$25,000 2011
Church World Service$25,000 2011
Colorado Cattlemen'S Agricultural Land$25,000 2011
Headwater Economics$25,000 2011
Interaction$25,000 2011
Rep America$25,000 2011
The Colorao Mountain Club$25,000 2011
The Wilderness Society$25,000 2011
Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic$24,771 2011
Levine Sullivan Koch % Schultz Llp$24,500 2011
Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic$23,511 2011
Human Rights Watch$20,300 2011
Bread For The World Institute$20,000 2011
Center Of Southwest Culture$20,000 2011
South Coast Watershed$20,000 2011
The Voice Project$20,000 2011
Virunga Fund Inc$18,000 2011
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Prtneshp$16,000 2011
African Leadership And Reconciliation$15,000 2011
Environmenal Colorado Research & Policy$15,000 2011
Evangelical Environmental Net$15,000 2011
Taxpayers For Common Sense$15,000 2011
Tides Center$15,000 2011
Witness Inc$15,000 2011
Elk River Land Trust$13,750 2011
United Methodist Community$12,960 2011
Blesings In A Backpack$10,000 2011
Falling Whistle$10,000 2011
Heal Africa$10,000 2011
The Carter Center$10,000 2011
Western Resource Advocates$10,000 2011
Wyoming Outdoor Council$10,000 2011
Doc To Dock Inc$9,658 2011
Know Your Care$9,600 2011
Transatlantic Futures$9,300 2011
Colorado Wildlife Federation$9,000 2011
Port Orford Ocean Resource Team$8,500 2011
Tides Center$7,500 2011
Bread For The World Institute$5,000 2011
Earth Justice$5,000 2011
Headwater Economic$5,000 2011
Invisible Children$5,000 2011
Pencils Of Promise$5,000 2011
Resource Media$5,000 2011
Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic$425,150 2010
Global Health Council$334,300 2010
Friends Of The Global Fight Against Aids Tuberculosis And Malaria$300,000 2010
Christians For Environmetnal Stewardship$277,000 2010
The Partnership Project$250,000 2010
Montezuma Land Conservancy$229,660 2010
Seeyourimpactorg$155,000 2010
Trout Unlimited$102,200 2010
Funders Concerned About Aids$100,000 2010
Rwanda Works$100,000 2010
The Nature Conservancy Of Oregon$100,000 2010
Japan Center For International Exchange$96,600 2010
Western Conservation Foundation$94,000 2010
Tides Advocacy Fund$72,750 2010
Center Of Southwest Culture$66,000 2010
Christians For Environmetnal Stewardship$55,000 2010
Aids Foundation Of Chicago$50,000 2010
Open Space Institute$50,000 2010
Cielo Productions$49,548 2010
Wyoming Outdoor Council$43,000 2010
National Wildlife Federation$40,000 2010
Tides Foundation$39,721 2010
New Mexico Wildlife Federation$37,500 2010
Southwest Environmental Center$35,000 2010
Virunga Fund Inc$31,000 2010
Backcountry Hunter And Anglers$30,000 2010
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance$30,000 2010
Colorado Conservation Voters Education Fund$25,000 2010
Heal Africa$25,000 2010
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance$25,000 2010
Colorado Mountain Club$20,000 2010
National Association Of Evangelicals$20,000 2010
National Resources Defense Council$20,000 2010
Grand Canyon Trust$15,000 2010
Headwaters Economics$15,000 2010
Rep America$15,000 2010
Western Resource Advocates$11,100 2010
A Rouche Usa$10,000 2010
Biodiversity Conservation Alliance$10,000 2010
Colorado Environmental Coalition$10,000 2010
Conrad Foundation$9,500 2010
Friends Of Sonoran Desert National Monument$9,300 2010
Colorado Wildlife Federation$6,000 2010
Earthjustice$5,500 2010
Council For A Strong America$5,000 2010
Creation Care$5,000 2010
Environment New Mexico Research And Policy Center$5,000 2010
Northern Plains Resource Council$5,000 2010
Powder River Basin$5,000 2010
The Persuaders Llc$1,348,532 2009
University Of California$492,575 2009
Resource Legacy Fund$195,000 2009
Tides Foundation$189,000 2009
The Global Business Coalition Of Hiv/Aids$100,000 2009
Vineyard Church Of Ann Harbor$88,000 2009
Fcs Urban Ministries$83,000 2009
Seton Institute$80,000 2009
Academy For Educational Development$73,000 2009
Drake University$65,500 2009
Population Services International$50,000 2009
Center Of Southwest Culture$34,000 2009
Council For Christian Colleges & University$30,000 2009
Western Resource Advocates$27,000 2009
Biodiversity Conservation Alliance$25,000 2009
Greater Yellowstone Coalition$25,000 2009
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance$25,000 2009
New Mexico Wildlife Federation$20,000 2009
Pacific Institute Community$20,000 2009
Trout Unlimited$20,000 2009
Friends Of Missouri Breaks Monument$19,654 2009
Foundation For Collaborative Learning$16,713 2009
Americans United For Change$16,500 2009
Open Space Institute$12,000 2009
Wilderness Society$11,000 2009
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance$10,000 2009
The Globalist Foundation$6,510 2009
Western Conservation Foundation$344,830 2008
Project Vote Inc$300,000 2008
Progressive Future$299,970 2008
Women's Voices, Women Vote$200,000 2008
Working America Education Fund$200,000 2008
A Smarter Colorado$174,000 2008
Center Of Southwest Culture$100,000 2008
Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise$73,000 2008
Friends of Ironwood Forest$68,600 2008
Vineyard Church Of Ann Harbor$68,000 2008
National Conservation System$48,173 2008
White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood$42,747 2008
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility$25,000 2008
Western Resource Advocates$24,640 2008
Save The Children$20,000 2008
American Hiking Society$10,000 2008
World Vision$5,000 2008

Consulting and Management Fees

From 2007 to 2019, New Venture Fund reported contractor expenditures totaling $201 million. Of this, $110 million was paid to its management firm, Arabella Advisors. A list of all contractor, consulting, and management fees paid by the New Venture Fund between 2007 and 2019 is listed below. [76]

New Venture Fund: Contractor FeesTotal (2007-2019)
Arabella Advisors$110,401,879
Purpose Campaigns LLC$24,150,249
DCI Group AZ$12,156,027
Bullpen Integrated Marketing LLC$11,915,145
International Scholarship and Tuition SE$6,896,527
Shepardson Stern & Kaminsky$2,887,402
GMMB Inc.$2,773,957
Hilltop Public Solutions$2,499,822
270 Strategies Inc$2,162,386
Bridgespan Group$1,894,826
Home Front Communications$1,816,689
Commonhealth Action$1,849,497
Global Flight Relief$1,516,838
S&B Public Solutions LLC$1,232,689
STTEP International$1,088,196
Fair Elections Legal Network$1,087,425
Ional Media Research Plan and Placement$997,787
Group Inc.$970,000
Ridgeback USA$659,998
Turly Pictures$638,729
Parthenon Group$605,000
Tempus Jets$586,248
Global Health Strategies$475,203
Spitfire Strategies$405,153
Restone Strategy Group LLC$400,000
Tigercomm LLC$220,573
Ziemba Waid Public Affairs$114,623
Izaak Walton League of America Inc.$54,500

Financial Documents

IRS Filings

The New Venture Fund’s IRS Form 990 filings were obtained by the Capital Research Center and are available here:

On October 20, 2009, the New Venture Fund changed its name from its original name, the Arabella Legacy Fund; that filing is available here.

The New Venture Fund’s application for recognition of tax-exempt status under the IRS was filed in January 2007 and available here.


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Directors, Employees & Supporters

  1. Vatsala Pathy
    Board Member
  2. Daryn Dodson
    Board Member
  3. Harry Drucker
    Board Member
  4. Wilbur Priester
    Chief Financial Officer and Board Member
  5. Andrew Schulz
    General Counsel and Board Member
  6. Kyle Herrig
    Board Member
  7. Thomas Gibian
    Board Member
  8. Katherine Miller
    Board Member
  9. Yanique Redwood
    Board Member
  10. Lee Bodner
  11. Eric Kessler
    Board Chair
  12. Heather Joseph
    Project Director (SPARC)
  13. Arkadi Gerney
    Project Director
  14. Bruce Boyd
    Senior Advisor

Child Organizations

  1. 2020 Census Project (Non-profit)
  2. 2020 Climate Education Fund (Non-profit)
  3. Abortion on Our Own Terms (Non-profit)
  4. AgroEcology Fund (AEF) (Non-profit)
  5. All Above All (Non-profit)
  6. Allied Progress (Non-profit)
  7. Andes Amazon Fund (Non-profit)
  8. Avon Breast Cancer Crusade (Non-profit)
  9. Black Civic Engagement Fund (Democracy Alliance) (Non-profit)
  10. Center for Applied Environmental Law and Policy (Non-profit)
  11. Center for Disaster Philanthropy (Non-profit)
  12. Center for Secure and Modern Elections (CSME) (Non-profit)
  13. Civic Engagement Fund (Non-profit)
  14. Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund (Non-profit)
  15. Climate Interactive (Non-profit)
  16. Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF) (Non-profit)
  17. Co-Impact (Non-profit)
  18. Collaborative for Student Success (Non-profit)
  19. Colorado Sustainability Campaign (Non-profit)
  20. Communities for Just Schools Fund (Non-profit)
  21. Conservative Leaders for Education (Non-profit)
  22. Constitutional Responsibility Education Project (Non-profit)
  23. (Non-profit)
  24. Demand Justice Initiative (Non-profit)
  25. Demand Progress Education Fund (Non-profit)
  26. Climate Fund (Democracy Alliance) (Non-profit)
  27. Democracy Fund (Democracy Alliance) (Non-profit)
  28. Democracy is Good for Business (Non-profit)
  29. Effective Voter Project (Non-profit)
  30. Election Integrity Fund (Non-profit)
  31. Election Security Project (Non-profit)
  32. Employment Technology Fund (Non-profit)
  33. Evergreen Collaborative (Non-profit)
  34. Fighting Chance for Families (Other Group)
  35. Fix the Court (FTC) (Non-profit)
  36. Fund for a Safer Future (Non-profit)
  37. Funders for Housing and Opportunity (Non-profit)
  38. Groundwork Collaborative (Non-profit)
  39. Healthy Voting Project (Non-profit)
  40. Hope and Heal Fund (Non-profit)
  41. Hub Education and Engagement Fund (Non-profit)
  42. Inclusive Economy Fund (Democracy Alliance) (Non-profit)
  43. Justice Innovation Lab (Non-profit)
  44. Keep Birth Control Copay Free (Non-profit)
  45. Latino Engagement Fund (Democracy Alliance) (Non-profit)
  46. Latino Victory Fund (Political Party/527)
  47. Make It Work Campaign (Non-profit)
  48. Media Democracy Fund (MDF) (Non-profit)
  49. Moving Beyond Oil Project (Non-profit)
  50. Narrative Initiative (Non-profit)
  51. National Network of State Teachers of the Year (Non-profit)
  52. New American Majority Fund (Democracy Alliance) (Non-profit)
  53. PACENation (Non-profit)
  54. Pluribus Project (Non-profit)
  55. ProsperUS (Non-profit)
  56. Redistricting Reform Project (Non-profit)
  57. Research Collaborative Fund (Non-profit)
  58. Restore Public Trust (RPT) (Non-profit)
  59. Safety Net Defense Fund (Non-profit)
  60. SAGE Fund (Non-profit)
  61. SalmonState (Non-profit)
  62. Save My Care (Non-profit)
  63. Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) (Non-profit)
  64. Science Philanthropy Alliance (Non-profit)
  65. Secure Elections for America Now (SEAN) (Non-profit)
  66. Skillful (Non-profit)
  67. Social and Economic Justice Leaders Planning Group (Non-profit)
  68. Summit Community Institute (Non-profit)
  69. The Asian American Foundation (Non-profit)
  70. The Enough Project (Non-profit)
  71. The League (Non-profit)
  72. TheDream.US (Non-profit)
  73. True Friends of Coal (Non-profit)
  74. Trusted Elections Fund (Non-profit)
  75. UnRestrict Minnesota (Non-profit)
  76. Vision First Project (Non-profit)
  77. Voter Engagement Fund (Non-profit)
  78. Voter Rights Action (Non-profit)
  79. Voting Rights Lab (Other Group)
  80. We Are Home (Non-profit)
  81. We Can Vote (Non-profit)
  82. We Mean Business Coalition (Non-profit)
  83. Western Values Project (Non-profit)
  84. Wild Rivers Project (Non-profit)
  85. Women’s Equality Center (Non-profit)
  86. Youth Engagement Fund (Democracy Alliance) (Non-profit)
  87. Youth First Initiative (Other Group)

Donor Organizations

  1. 444S Foundation (Non-profit)
  2. American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) (Labor Union)
  3. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Non-profit)
  4. American Federation of Teachers (AFT) (Labor Union)
  5. Angell Foundation (Non-profit)
  6. Annenberg Foundation (Non-profit)
  7. Annie E. Casey Foundation (Non-profit)
  8. Bank of America Charitable Foundation (Non-profit)
  9. Barbara Stiefel Foundation (Non-profit)
  10. Bauman Family Foundation (Non-profit)
  11. Ben & Jerry’s Foundation (Non-profit)
  12. Berger Action Fund (Wyss Action Fund) (Non-profit)
  13. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Non-profit)
  14. Bloomberg Family Foundation (Bloomberg Philanthropies) (Non-profit)
  15. Blue Moon Fund (Cassiopeia Foundation) (Non-profit)
  16. Broad Foundation (Non-profit)
  17. California Wellness Foundation (Non-profit)
  18. Campion Foundation (Non-profit)
  19. Carnegie Corporation of New York (Non-profit)
  20. Carsey Family Foundation (Non-profit)
  21. Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation (Non-profit)
  22. Chestnut Fund (Non-profit)
  23. Chorus Foundation (Non-profit)
  24. Claneil Foundation (Non-profit)
  25. Compton Foundation (Non-profit)
  26. David and Lucile Packard Foundation (Non-profit)
  27. David Bohnett Foundation (Non-profit)
  28. David Rockefeller Fund (Non-profit)
  29. Democracy Fund (Non-profit)
  30. Diller Foundation (Non-profit)
  31. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) (Non-profit)
  32. Ford Foundation (Non-profit)
  33. Foundation for Civic Leadership (Non-profit)
  34. Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS) (Non-profit)
  35. Fund for Policy Reform (Non-profit)
  36. Georgetown University (Non-profit)
  37. Gill Foundation (Non-profit)
  38. Gordon E. and Betty I. Moore Foundation (Non-profit)
  39. Grove Foundation (Non-profit)
  40. Growald Family Fund (Non-profit)
  41. Harold Simmons Foundation (Non-profit)
  42. Heising-Simons Foundation (Non-profit)
  43. Herb Block Foundation (Non-profit)
  44. Hopewell Fund (Non-profit)
  45. Howard G. Buffett Foundation (Non-profit)
  46. Hull Family Foundation (Non-profit)
  47. Human Rights Campaign Foundation (Non-profit)
  48. Hyams Foundation (Non-profit)
  49. ImpactAssets Inc. (Non-profit)
  50. J. M. Kaplan Fund (Non-profit)
  51. Jacob & Valeria Langeloth Foundation (Non-profit)
  52. James Irvine Foundation (Non-profit)
  53. John Merck Fund (Non-profit)
  54. Joyce Foundation (Non-profit)
  55. JPB Foundation (Non-profit)
  56. Kendeda Fund (Non-profit)
  57. Kresge Foundation (Non-profit)
  58. Laura and John Arnold Foundation (Non-profit)
  59. Lebowitz-Aberly Family Foundation (Non-profit)
  60. Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust (Non-profit)
  61. Leonard & Sophie Davis Fund (Non-profit)
  62. Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund (Non-profit)
  63. Marguerite Casey Foundation (Non-profit)
  64. McKnight Foundation (Non-profit)
  65. Melville Charitable Trust (Non-profit)
  66. Moriah Fund (Non-profit)
  67. Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (Non-profit)
  68. MoveOn Civic Action ( (Non-profit)
  69. Ms. Foundation for Women (Non-profit)
  70. Musk Foundation (Non-profit)
  71. Nathan Cummings Foundation (Non-profit)
  72. National Education Association (NEA) (Labor Union)
  73. NEA Foundation (Non-profit)
  74. NEO Philanthropy (Non-profit)
  75. New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) (Labor Union)
  76. New-Land Foundation (Non-profit)
  77. NoVo Foundation (Non-profit)
  78. Oak Foundation USA (Non-profit)
  79. Orr Family Foundation (Non-profit)
  80. Passport Foundation (Non-profit)
  81. Paul and Joanne Egerman Family Charitable Foundation (Non-profit)
  82. Pew Charitable Trusts (Non-profit)
  83. Pisces Foundation (Non-profit)
  84. Prince Charitable Trusts (Non-profit)
  85. Priorities USA Foundation (Non-profit)
  86. Prospect Hill Foundation (Non-profit)
  87. Proteus Fund (Non-profit)
  88. Public Welfare Foundation (Non-profit)
  89. Raikes Foundation (Non-profit)
  90. Resources Legacy Fund (Non-profit)
  91. Rita Allen Foundation (Non-profit)
  92. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) (Non-profit)
  93. Robin Hood Foundation (Non-profit)
  94. Rockefeller Brothers Fund (Non-profit)
  95. Rockefeller Foundation (Non-profit)
  96. Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (Non-profit)
  97. S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation (Non-profit)
  98. Sandler Foundation (Non-profit)
  99. Sean N. Parker Foundation (Non-profit)
  100. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) (Labor Union)
  101. Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Non-profit)
  102. Sixteen Thirty Fund (1630 Fund) (Non-profit)
  103. Skoll Foundation (Non-profit)
  104. Skoll Fund (Non-profit)
  105. Skoll Global Threats Fund (Non-profit)
  106. Sobrato Foundation (Non-profit)
  107. Stephen M. Silberstein Foundation (Non-profit)
  108. Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation (STBF) (Non-profit)
  109. Swift Foundation (Non-profit)
  110. Thousand Currents (Non-profit)
  111. Tiffany & Co. Foundation (Non-profit)
  112. TomKat Charitable Trust (Non-profit)
  113. Tow Foundation (Non-profit)
  114. True North Foundation (Non-profit)
  115. Turner Foundation (Non-profit)
  116. Voqal Fund (Instructional Telecommunications Foundation) (Non-profit)
  117. W. K. Kellogg Foundation (Non-profit)
  118. Wallace H Coulter Foundation (Non-profit)
  119. Walton Family Foundation (Non-profit)
  120. Weingart Foundation (Non-profit)
  121. Wellspring Philanthropic Fund (Non-profit)
  122. Western Conservation Foundation (Non-profit)
  123. Wilburforce Foundation (Non-profit)
  124. William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (Non-profit)
  125. William B. Wiener Jr. Foundation (Non-profit)
  126. William Penn Foundation (Non-profit)
  127. Windward Fund (Non-profit)
  128. Wyss Foundation (Non-profit)
  129. Zellerbach Family Foundation (Non-profit)

Donation Recipients

  1. (National) (Non-profit)
  2. Accountable.US (Non-profit)
  3. ACLU of Northern California (Non-profit)
  4. ACRONYM (Non-profit)
  5. ACT for Women and Girls (Non-profit)
  6. Advancement Project (Non-profit)
  7. Advocates for Youth (AFY) (Non-profit)
  8. Alaska Conservation Foundation (Non-profit)
  9. Alliance for Gun Responsibility (Non-profit)
  10. Allied Media Projects (Non-profit)
  11. Amazon Watch (Non-profit)
  12. America Votes (Non-profit)
  13. American Bird Conservancy (Non-profit)
  14. American Bridge 21st Century Foundation (Non-profit)
  15. American Rivers (Non-profit)
  16. Appalachian Voices (Non-profit)
  17. Arab American Institute (AAI) (Non-profit)
  18. Arise Citizens’ Policy Project (Non-profit)
  19. Arizona Advocacy Foundation (Non-profit)
  20. Arizona Center for Empowerment (Non-profit)
  21. As You Sow (Non-profit)
  22. Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC) (Non-profit)
  23. Association of Public Data Users (APDU) (Non-profit)
  24. Atlantic Philanthropies (Non-profit)
  25. Blueprint NC (Non-profit)
  26. Brookings Institution (Non-profit)
  27. Alliance for Youth Organizing (Non-profit)
  28. Business for Social Responsibility (Non-profit)
  29. California Calls Education Fund (Non-profit)
  30. California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (Non-profit)
  31. Campaign for Accountability (Non-profit)
  32. CASA de Maryland (Non-profit)
  33. Center for American Progress (CAP) (Non-profit)
  34. Center for Civic Policy (Non-profit)
  35. Center for Community Change (CCC) (Non-profit)
  36. Center for International Policy (CIP) (Non-profit)
  37. Center for Investigative Reporting (Non-profit)
  38. Center for Media Justice (Non-profit)
  39. Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) (Non-profit)
  40. Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) Action Fund (Non-profit)
  41. Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (Non-profit)
  42. Ceres (Non-profit)
  43. Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) (Non-profit)
  44. Children’s Action Alliance (Non-profit)
  45. Civic Participation Action Fund (CPAF) (Non-profit)
  46. Clean Production Action (Non-profit)
  47. Climate Solutions (Non-profit)
  48. Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable (Non-profit)
  49. Education Fund (Non-profit)
  50. Columbia University (Non-profit)
  51. Common Cause (Non-profit)
  52. Common Cause Education Fund (Non-profit)
  53. Communities Creating Opportunity (Non-profit)
  54. Communities for a Better Environment (Non-profit)
  55. Community Voices Heard (Non-profit)
  56. Conservation International (Non-profit)
  57. Cook Inletkeeper (Non-profit)
  58. Deeds Not Words (Non-profit)
  59. Desis Rising Up and Moving (Non-profit)
  60. Duke University (Non-profit)
  61. Earth Island Institute (Non-profit)
  62. Ecology Center (Non-profit)
  63. Economic Innovation Group (Non-profit)
  64. Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (EFSGV) (Non-profit)
  65. Emerging American Majorities (Non-profit)
  66. Energy Action Coalition (Non-profit)
  67. Environment America Research and Policy Center (Non-profit)
  68. Environmental Working Group (EWG) (Non-profit)
  69. Equality Virginia (Non-profit)
  70. Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) (Non-profit)
  71. Faith in Public Life (Non-profit)
  72. Feminist Majority Foundation (Non-profit)
  73. Fight for the Future Education Fund (Non-profit)
  74. Filipino Advocates for Justice (Non-profit)
  75. Ford Foundation (Non-profit)
  76. Forefront (Non-profit)
  77. Free Press (Non-profit)
  78. Free the People (Non-profit)
  79. Fund for the City of New York (Non-profit)
  80. GenderAvenger (Non-profit)
  81. George Washington University (Non-profit)
  82. Georgetown University (Non-profit)
  83. Gill Foundation (Non-profit)
  84. Gordon E. and Betty I. Moore Foundation (Non-profit)
  85. Green Science Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  86. Greenpeace Fund (Non-profit)
  87. Guttmacher Institute (Non-profit)
  88. Highlander Research and Education Center (Non-profit)
  89. Hispanic Federation (Non-profit)
  90. Human Rights Campaign Foundation (Non-profit)
  91. Human Rights Watch (Non-profit)
  92. Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (Non-profit)
  93. Institute for Local Self-Reliance (Non-profit)
  94. International Indian Treaty Council (Non-profit)
  95. International Research & Exchanges Board (Non-profit)
  96. Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Non-profit)
  97. ISAIAH (Non-profit)
  98. Jewish Women’s Foundation (Non-profit)
  99. John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (Non-profit)
  100. JustLeadershipUSA (Non-profit)
  101. Kentucky Coalition (Non-profit)
  102. Keystone Research Center (KRC) (Non-profit)
  103. Labor Community Strategy Center (Non-profit)
  104. League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (LCVEF) (Non-profit)
  105. Lincoln Network (Non-profit)
  106. Maine People’s Resource Center (Non-profit)
  107. Media Matters for America (Non-profit)
  108. Movement Alliance Project (Non-profit)
  109. Miami Workers Center (Non-profit)
  110. Mississippi Center for Justice (Non-profit)
  111. Montana Budget and Policy Center (Non-profit)
  112. Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES) (Non-profit)
  113. Movement Strategy Center (Non-profit)
  114. Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA) (Non-profit)
  115. NALEO Educational Fund (Non-profit)
  116. National Audubon Society (Non-profit)
  117. National Congress of American Indians Fund (Non-profit)
  118. National Consumer Law Center (Non-profit)
  119. National Crittenton Foundation (Other Group)
  120. National Democratic Institute (Non-profit)
  121. Partners for Dignity & Rights (formerly National Economic and Social Rights Initiative) (Non-profit)
  122. National LGBTQ Task Force (Non-profit)
  123. National Network of Abortion Funds (Non-profit)
  124. National Network of State Teachers of the Year (Non-profit)
  125. National Partnership for Women and Families (NPWF) (Non-profit)
  126. National Urban League (Non-profit)
  127. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) (Non-profit)
  128. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) (Non-profit)
  129. NEO Philanthropy (Non-profit)
  130. New America (New America Foundation) (Non-profit)
  131. New Florida Majority Education Fund (Non-profit)
  132. New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund (Non-profit)
  133. New Jersey Institute for Social Justice (Non-profit)
  134. New Virginia Majority Education Fund (Non-profit)
  135. New York Civil Liberties Union Foundation (Non-profit)
  136. Nonprofit VOTE (Non-profit)
  137. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Action Fund (Non-profit)
  138. Oakland Institute (Non-profit)
  139. Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) (Non-profit)
  140. Ohio Organizing Collaborative (Non-profit)
  141. Ohio Voice (Non-profit)
  142. Oil Change International (Non-profit)
  143. Faith In Action (Non-profit)
  144. Partnership Project (Non-profit)
  145. People’s Action Institute (Non-profit)
  146. Physicians for Human Rights (Non-profit)
  147. Planned Parenthood of Illinois (Non-profit)
  148. Policy Matters Ohio (Non-profit)
  149. Political Research Associates (PRA) (Non-profit)
  150. Population Action International (PAI) (Non-profit)
  151. Population Services International (PSI) (Non-profit)
  152. Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower, and Rebuild (POWER) (Non-profit)
  153. PowerPAC (Non-profit)
  154. Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (Non-profit)
  155. Progressnow Colorado Education Fund (Non-profit)
  156. Project South (Non-profit)
  157. Public Action Foundation (Non-profit)
  158. Public Allies (Non-profit)
  159. Public Knowledge (Non-profit)
  160. Public Policy Institute of California (Non-profit)
  161. Refugees International (Non-profit)
  162. Regeneration Project (Non-profit)
  163. Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership (Non-profit)
  164. Resource Impact (Non-profit)
  165. Resources Legacy Fund (Non-profit)
  166. Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (Non-profit)
  167. Roosevelt Institute (Non-profit)
  168. San Francisco Foundation (Non-profit)
  169. Sierra Club Foundation (Non-profit)
  170. Sierra Health Foundation (Non-profit)
  171. Sixteen Thirty Fund (1630 Fund) (Non-profit)
  172. Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (Non-profit)
  173. Social Good Fund (Non-profit)
  174. SouthWest Organizing Project (Non-profit)
  175. SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW (Non-profit)
  176. State Voices (Non-profit)
  177. States United to Prevent Gun Violence (Non-profit)
  178. Stockholm Environment Institute US (Non-profit)
  179. Sunflower Community Action (Non-profit)
  180. TakeAction Minnesota Education Fund (Non-profit)
  181. Texas Freedom Network Education Fund (Non-profit)
  182. Texas Organizing Project Education Fund (Non-profit)
  183. The Trace (Non-profit)
  184. Tides Center (Non-profit)
  185. Trevor Project (Non-profit)
  186. Trout Unlimited (Non-profit)
  187. U.S. Peace Corps (Government Agency)
  188. University of Chicago (Non-profit)
  189. Upstream USA (Non-profit)
  190. Urban Institute (Non-profit)
  191. Violence Policy Center (VPC) (Non-profit)
  192. Virginia Civic Engagement Table (Non-profit)
  193. Virginia Organizing (Non-profit)
  194. Voter Participation Center (VPC) (Non-profit)
  195. Voter Registration Project (Non-profit)
  196. VoteVets Action Fund (Non-profit)
  197. Washington Center for Equitable Growth (Non-profit)
  198. Washington Community Action Network Education and Research Fund (Non-profit)
  199. We Mean Business Coalition (Non-profit)
  200. West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy (Non-profit)
  201. West Virginia Citizens Action Education Fund (Non-profit)
  202. Western Organization of Resource Councils (Non-profit)
  203. Western Resource Advocates (Non-profit)
  204. Western States Center (Non-profit)
  205. When We All Vote (Non-profit)
  206. William J. Brennan Center for Justice (Non-profit)
  207. Win Minnesota (Non-profit)
  208. Win Win Network (Non-profit)
  209. Women’s Foundation of California (Non-profit)
  210. World Wildlife Fund (Non-profit)
  211. YouthBuild USA (Non-profit)
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    2017 Dec Form 990 $358,858,641 $329,784,536 $383,435,182 $44,217,538 N $356,195,628 $2,981,865 $2,565,115 $252,299 PDF
    2016 Dec Form 990 $357,581,316 $264,546,947 $364,305,889 $42,489,604 N $363,725,355 $3,205,477 $1,403,901 $236,660 PDF
    2015 Dec Form 990 $318,405,056 $214,351,188 $264,453,055 $34,360,980 N $315,729,299 $2,100,649 $620,682 $160,833 PDF
    2014 Dec Form 990 $179,424,945 $134,487,602 $143,413,906 $17,602,708 N $177,897,024 $1,222,950 $341,155 $0 PDF
    2013 Dec Form 990 $112,942,320 $74,982,490 $85,262,349 $4,388,494 N $111,843,284 $906,840 $192,196 $0 PDF
    2012 Dec Form 990 $52,519,099 $39,574,786 $44,254,337 $1,340,312 N $51,601,903 $764,640 $152,556 $0 PDF
    2011 Dec Form 990 $36,542,348 $24,722,363 $32,883,497 $2,913,785 N $35,238,110 $1,138,686 $162,836 $0 PDF

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