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Revenue: $164,595,644
Expenses: $54,814,998
Assets: $952,650,170

Sandler Foundation is a left-of-center charitable foundation formed in 1991 with support from Herbert Sandler and Marion Sandler. In 2006, the Sandlers made a contribution of $1.3 billion to the foundation, which was the second largest American charitable contribution of 2006.

In response to the 2020 George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests, board trustee and Sandler heiress Susan Sandler announced that the Sandler Foundation donated $200 million to “racial justice groups.” [1] These groups were the Texas Organizing Project, New Florida Majority, New Virginia Majority, the Arizona Center for Empowerment, the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Civic Engagement Fund, PICO California, and Advance Native Political Leadership. Sandler explained that her goal was to facilitate change at the policy level to lift people out of oppression, basing her policy prescriptions on her belief that systemic racism is the greatest obstacle facing societal progress. [2]

Sandler and the executive director of the foundation, Vivian Chang, came to the conclusion that establishing power in Republican states will be the most effective way to accomplish this goal. One of the grant recipients, co-director of PICO California Joseph Tomás McKellar, stated that the initiative “is about building a strong constituency that can withstand the kind of storms of the moment and help us build long-term resiliency and commitment amongst a large base of people for systemic change.” Sandler chose grantees that would use the funds to advocate for Democratic-aligned policies in battleground states and create a long-term constituency that supports these issues. [3]


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Directors, Employees & Supporters

  1. Susan Sandler
    Board Trustee
  2. Herb Sandler
    Founder and Primary Funder

Donation Recipients

  1. Advance Native Political Leadership (Non-profit)
  2. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) (Non-profit)
  3. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation (Non-profit)
  4. American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (Non-profit)
  5. American Oversight (AO) (Non-profit)
  6. Arizona Center for Empowerment (Non-profit)
  7. Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Civic Engagement Fund (Non-profit)
  8. Campaign Legal Center (Non-profit)
  9. Center for American Progress (CAP) (Non-profit)
  10. Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) (Non-profit)
  11. Center for National Policy (CNP) (Non-profit)
  12. Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) (Non-profit)
  13. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) (Non-profit)
  14. Compassion and Choices (Non-profit)
  15. Consultative Group on Biological Diversity (Non-profit)
  16. Demand Justice Initiative (Non-profit)
  17. Democracy Forward Foundation (DFF) (Non-profit)
  18. Drum Major Institute (Non-profit)
  19. Earthjustice (Non-profit)
  20. Free Press (Non-profit)
  21. German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) (Non-profit)
  22. Human Rights Watch (Non-profit)
  23. Indivisible Civics (Non-profit)
  24. Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (Non-profit)
  25. Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) (Non-profit)
  26. J Street Education Fund (Non-profit)
  27. Leadership Conference Education Fund (Non-profit)
  28. Learning Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  29. MDRC (Non-profit)
  30. Media Matters for America (Non-profit)
  31. National Popular Vote (NPV) (Non-profit)
  32. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) (Non-profit)
  33. New Florida Majority (Non-profit)
  34. New Organizing Institute Education Fund (NOI Education Fund) (Non-profit)
  35. New Venture Fund (NVF) (Non-profit)
  36. New Virginia Majority (Non-profit)
  37. Oceana (Non-profit)
  38. Faith In Action (Non-profit)
  39. Partnership for the Future of Learning (Non-profit)
  40. PICO California (Non-profit)
  41. ProPublica (Non-profit)
  42. Resources Legacy Fund (Non-profit)
  43. Rocky Mountain Institute (Non-profit)
  44. Schwab Charitable Fund (Non-profit)
  45. Sierra Club Foundation (Non-profit)
  46. Texas Organizing Project (Non-profit)
  47. Tides Foundation (Non-profit)
  48. Vote Solar (Non-profit)
  49. Washington Center for Equitable Growth (Non-profit)
  50. WildAid (Non-profit)
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  • Accounting Period: June - May
  • Tax Exemption Received: December 1, 1991

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    2017 Jun Form 990 $164,595,644 $54,814,998 $952,650,170 $7,419,647 N $216,945 $0 $25,130,191 $540,555 PDF
    2016 Jun Form 990 $60,540,274 $58,785,799 $882,751,652 $8,882,984 N $25,244,816 $0 $21,541,562 $526,792
    2015 Jun Form 990 $62,842,696 $48,857,947 $919,716,566 $7,706,460 N $38,632,886 $0 $24,837,427 $494,167 PDF
    2014 Jun Form 990 $75,391,113 $56,029,050 $884,877,082 $9,911,839 N $27,146,994 $0 $16,003,232 $0 PDF
    2013 Jun Form 990 $18,229,323 $49,428,910 $747,494,350 $3,359,583 N $3,366,687 $0 $15,138,461 $0 PDF
    2012 Jun Form 990 $14,415,765 $52,421,873 $683,935,436 $3,739,304 N $5,048,633 $0 $11,317,853 $0 PDF
    2011 Jun Form 990 $10,437,641 $88,384,926 $746,899,972 $5,709,768 N $0 $0 $11,882,645 $333,333 PDF

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