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  • Non-profit

    Sustainable Markets Foundation

    The Sustainable Markets Foundation is an environmentalist organization pushing for stricter environmental laws and bans on natural gas production.[1] The organization serves as ...
  • Non-profit

    Environment America

    Environment America is a left-of-center 501(c)(4) advocacy group comprised of multiple state organizations across the country. Environment America researches environmental issues and advocates for policies ...
  • Non-profit

    Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ)

    The Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ, sometimes styled AfGJ) is an organizing group that serves as a fiscal sponsor to numerous left-wing initiatives, among them ...
  • Person

    Merle Chambers

    Merle Chambers is a former oil and natural gas CEO, lawyer, investor, and Democratic Party fundraiser and donor. She is also a left-leaning philanthropist whose ...
  • Non-profit

    Issue One Action

    Issue One Action is the lobbying branch of Issue One, a left-leaning organization that promotes restrictions on election-related speech activity and supports The ReFormers ...
  • Person

    Kristin Mugford

    Kristin Mugford is a former director at Bain Capital, who now teaches courses on finance at Harvard Business School. She is involved in left-of-center politics ...
  • Non-profit

    Harper’s Magazine Foundation

    Harper’s Magazine Foundation is the corporate parent of Harper’s, a left-of-center political and cultural magazine. Its principal funder is the J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation. The magazine ...
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