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  • Non-profit

    Harold Simmons Foundation

    The Harold Simmons Foundation is a private foundation endowed by the late Dallas businessman Harold Simmons. While Simmons was a staunch donor to Republican political ...
  • For-profit

    Chapo Trap House

    Chapo Trap House (sometimes known by the short name “Chapo”) is a for-profit political podcast founded in the spring of 2016 by three far-left socialists: ...
  • Non-profit

    American Conservation Coalition Campus (ACC Campus)

    American Conservation Coalition Campus (ACC or ACC Campus) is the fundraising and research arm of the nominally conservative environmental advocacy group American Conservation Coalition ...
  • Non-profit

    American Conservation Coalition (ACC)

    The American Conservation Coalition (ACC) is a nominally right-leaning environmental advocacy organization with financial and advisory board ties to left-wing environmentalist groups. The Wisconsin-based organization ...
  • Non-profit

    Climate Leadership Council (CLC)

    The Climate Leadership Council (CLC) is an organization of former government officials, intellectuals, and businessmen who advocate for a carbon tax. The organization was founded ...
  • Non-profit

    New Venture Fund (NVF)

    The New Venture Fund (NVF) is a 501(c)(3) funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit that makes grants to left-of-center advocacy and organizing projects and provides incubation ...
  • Person

    Katherine Miller

    Katherine Miller is the founding executive director of the Chef Action Network (CAN) and serves on the board of directors for the nonprofit group ...
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