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  • Political Party/527

    Activate America

    Activate America, formerly known as Flip the West, is a get-out-the-vote organization that aims to help get Democrats elected by focusing on phone banking, postcard-advocacy ...
  • Non-profit

    Thomas D. Klingenstein Fund

    The Thomas D. Klingenstein Fund is a private foundation created and run by Thomas D. Klingenstein, an investment banker and a principal in the brokerage ...
  • Non-profit

    City Bureau

    City Bureau is a far-left journalism group that covers local issues in several Midwestern cities. It is heavily focused on racial-identity politics and related issues. ...
  • Other Group

    SoCal Blue

    SoCal Blue is a website which promotes events and campaigns organized by left-of-center activist groups in southern California. The site features a calendar of ongoing ...
  • Political Party/527

    Sea Change Leadership PAC

    Sea Change Leadership PAC, also known as Sea Change, is a left-of-center political action committee based in California. Founded by U.S. Representative Karen Bass ...
  • Other Group

    Now or Never

    Now or Never is a climate change activism group formed to “shut down” the July 28, 2022, bipartisan Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. ...
  • Non-profit

    City Relief

    City Relief, formerly known as New York City Relief, is a faith-based charitable organization that focuses on helping the homeless population of the New York ...
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