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  • Non-profit

    State Voices

    State Voices is a left-of-center advocacy group founded in 2008. [1] State Voices connects advocacy and activist organizations to each other so they ...
  • Non-profit

    Florida Phoenix

    Florida Phoenix was established in 2018 as a left-leaning news and opinion outlet focused on government and political news coverage within the state of Florida. ...
  • Non-profit

    Earthrise Alliance

    Earthrise Alliance is a left-of-center environmentalist climate advocacy group. The organization uses satellite imagery to document the changes to the natural environment. The organization advocates ...
  • Non-profit

    Volcker Alliance

    The Volcker Alliance was established in 2013 by former Federal Reserve Board chairman Paul Volcker to expand and empower government by attracting a larger and ...
  • Person

    Dirk Wiggins

    Dirk Wiggins is the CEO of echo19, a Washington, D.C.-based telecommunications platform that consults for and assists left-of-center political and advocacy groups. He is also ...
  • Non-profit

    Western Environmental Law Center

    Western Environmental Law Center is a left-wing law firm that works on environmental issues. The firm sues to oppose the exploitation of natural resources such ...
  • Non-profit

    Rosewater Fund

    The Rosewater Fund is a private foundation associated with the family of Philadelphia businessman Edward Rosewater that funds Jewish and left-of-center causes. Based in Philadelphia, ...
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