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  • Non-profit

    Muslim Community Center

    The Muslim Community Center (MCC) of Silver Spring, Maryland is a religious services and social activist organization operating in the Washington, D.C., area. Founded in ...
  • Non-profit

    People Acting in Community Together (PACT)

    People Acting in Community Together (PACT) is a left-of-center faith-based network in San Jose, California, affiliated with Faith in Action (formerly the PICO Network). ...
  • Person

    MacKenzie Scott

    MacKenzie Scott is the ex-wife of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Formerly known as MacKenzie Bezos, she is recognized as the third-wealthiest ...
  • Person

    Mark Levin

    Mark Levin is a nationally syndicated radio host. He also hosts the Fox News show, Life Liberty & Levin. Levin is a New York ...
  • Person

    Leonard Leo

    Leonard A. Leo is the co-chairman of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies. ...
  • Non-profit

    Just Associates (JASS)

    Just Associates (JASS) is an international feminist activist organization that operates in the United States, Central America, the Netherlands, Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia. ...
  • Non-profit

    Jews Against Soros (JAS)

    Jews Against Soros (JAS) is a right-of-center Jewish organization founded by right-of-center attorney Will Scharf and journalist Josh Hammer that is opposed to political donor ...
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