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  • Non-profit

    Funders Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP)

    The Funders Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP) is a donors’ affinity group for left-wing voter engagement advocacy that steers millions of dollars from left-wing funding ...
  • Non-profit

    Citizens Climate Lobby

    Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is an organization that promotes a carbon tax scheme. It claims to be a nonpartisan organization, but its staffers have a ...
  • Person

    Albert C. Yates

    For more on the “Colorado Model,” see Colorado Democracy Alliance and Democracy Alliance Dr. Albert C. Yates is a retired academic administrator who served ...
  • Person

    Medea Benjamin

    For more information, see Code Pink (Nonprofit) Medea Benjamin (born Susan Benjamin) is a left-wing political activist born in 1952 in Long Island, New ...
  • Non-profit

    In These Times

    This organization operates under a “doing business as” name. The legal name of this organization is Institute for Public Affairs. In These Times is a socialist ...
  • Non-profit

    Sunlight Foundation

    The Sunlight Foundation is a government transparency advocacy group pushing for largely center-left government transparency measures.[142] While the Sunlight Foundation claims to be ...
  • Person

    Brian Fallon

    Brian Fallon is the founder and executive director of the left-wing judicial advocacy group Demand Justice. Fallon’s career includes service in the Obama administration ...
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