NEO Philanthropy




Tax ID:


DUNS Number:


Tax-Exempt Status:


Budget (2021):

Revenue: $144,358,199
Expenses: $105,641,701
Assets: $141,436,471




Fiscal Sponsorship and Pass-Through Entity


Public Interest Projects (1983-2008)


Michele Lord

Berta Colon (former co-president)

Donald Ross (1983-2003)

Notable Projects:

Funders Committee for Civic Participation

State Infrastructure Fund

Shelby Response Fund

Four Freedoms Fund

Latest Tax Filing:

2021 Form 990

2020 Form 990

2019 Form 990

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NEO Philanthropy (formerly Public Interest Projects) is a New York-based nonprofit that serves as a fiscal clearinghouse for left-of-center causes. The group serves as a vehicle for center-left foundations to pool resources, hosts donor-advised funds, and sponsors various liberal projects. 1

The organization is the fiscal sponsor of center-left entities, including the Funders Committee on Civic Participation, a liberal voter mobilization group. 2 Disbursing grant money serves remains one of NEO’s primary functions; NEO Philanthropy gave close to 60 percent of its total expenditures as grants. 3

Inside Philanthropy described NEO as “an intermediary that doesn’t have its own resources for grantmaking.” 4 The group receives funding from major center-left donors, including the Atlantic Philanthropies, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Gill Foundation, the Pew Trusts, and the Carnegie Corporation, among others. 5 The organization and similar left-of-center groups that engage in “nonpartisan” voter registration have received criticism for appearing to favor the registration of voters exceptionally likely to vote for Democratic candidates. 6

The NEO Philanthropy Action Fund is the 501(c)(4) advocacy arm of NEO Philanthropy.


Founding of “Public Interest Projects”

NEO Philanthropy was formed in 1983 as Public Interest Projects. NEO’s founder, Donald Ross, reportedly chose the relatively bland name “Public Interest Projects” because he “wanted the organization to be under the radar so that people wouldn’t necessarily know what it did.” 7

Donald K. Ross

Donald K. Ross is a left-wing environmental activist credited with proposing the model of the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) in the 1970s alongside activist Ralph Nader. The PIRGs, state-based policy advocacy groups, operate under the national U.S. Public Interest Research Group (US-PIRG); US-PIRG and numerous other left-wing policy advocacy groups, including the canvassing services group Fund for the Public Interest, are controlled by the umbrella group Public Interest Network. Ross worked as the founding director of New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) from 1973 to 1982, where he reportedly grew the organization to 180 staffers operating out of 31 offices. 8 Barack Obama, then a student at Columbia University, worked full-time for NYPIRG as a community organizer from February through May 1985. 9 Ross later worked as director of Ralph Nader’s group Citizen Action. 10

In 1971, Ross co-authored Action For a Change alongside Nader, a book credited as a kind of manual for the then-new network of Public Interest Research Groups they had founded. In More Action For a Change (1987), journalist Kelley Griffin noted that Ross, “a native of the Bronx with a law degree from New York University and three years’ experience in organizing PIRGs nationwide . . . was a natural candidate to heard NYPIRG” as well as its lobbying program in 1973. Ross also aided activists in establishing the Oregon Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG) in the 1970s, one of the oldest and largest state PIRGs, as well as the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group. 11 12

From 1985 to 1999, Ross was chief administrative officer for the Rockefeller Family Fund. 13 In July 2014, a report by the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works recorded that Ross was part of “a narrow set of individuals whose careers are part of the fabric of the far-left environmental movement . . . [who] exercise outsized influence regarding the distribution of funds” by groups like “Environmental Grantmakers Association, Democracy Alliance, and others.” 14

From 2004 to 2009, Ross was a member of the Greenpeace board of directors; in multiple years he was also board chairman. 15 Ross was also a member of the board of directors for the League of Conservation Voters from 2004-2010. 16

Ross is the co-founder of Malkin & Ross, an Albany, New York-based lobbying and government affairs firm created in 1984. Malkin & Ross lists clients including Food and Water WatchVera Institute of Justice, Sierra Club, and Make the Road New York; it’s first large client was reportedly the New York Trial Lawyers Association. 17 18 19 Arthur N. Malkin, Ross’s business partner and the firm’s co-founder, reportedly worked for Ross as legislative director for NYPIRG beginning in 1979. 20

M&R Strategic Services (MRSS) is Malkin & Ross’s Washington, D.C.-based lobbying and government relations affiliate. MRSS notes campaigns and left-wing groups it’s consulted for, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), Sierra Club, GLAAD, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Population Connection, Oxfam America, Planned Parenthood,, and Earthrights International. 21 The group also opposed the Trump administration’s decision to undo the creation of several national parks in the final weeks of the Obama administration. 22

Past MRSS clients also include AARP, Alliance for Justice, Bread for the World, Environmental Defense Fund, Human Rights Campaign, NARAL Pro-Choice America, League of Conservation Voters, National Environmental Trust, the Bauman Family Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and Public Interest Projects (NEO Philanthropy). 23

In 2018, the Packard Foundation reported a $50,000 grant to MRSS “for public opinion polling and other research on views of science”; in 2018 it reported another $150,000 grant to the firm for the same purpose. 24 25

Since 1996, MRSS has donated $41,735 to Democratic Party political candidates, including 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 26

In the 2018 midterm election, MRSS received $1,335,417 in payments from left-wing PACs and labor unions, including Planned Parenthood Votes, the SEIU, League of Conservation Voters, Win Justice PAC, United We Can, American Nurses Association, and It Starts Today. 27

Rebranding as “NEO Philanthropy”

A 2015 interview with the website Inside Philanthropy noted that NEO Philanthropy was always intended to provide funding to “social justice” causes, but grew more cognizant of “alliance-building” with other left-wing groups in the mid-2000s. Around 2008, according to then-president Berta Colón, the group rebranded itself from Public Interest Projects to NEO Philanthropy and coalesced its mission around “strengthen[ing] intersections of social justice issues, aligning the diverse interests of donors and advocates while nurturing collective action across areas that are too often pursued in isolation.” 28

The Fiscal Sponsorship Model

According to a June 2015 interview with NEO president Michele Lord, NEO was established to serve as the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for numerous left-wing groups that didn’t want to pursue nonprofit recognition by the IRS under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. According to Lord, NEO was “the backroom for lots of organizations that didn’t have their own 501(c)(3) [status].” Lord also noted that, as of 2015, NEO hosted over 40 fiscally sponsored projects. 29

“Alliance building is central to NEO’s model,” according to a 2015 Inside Philanthropy interview with Lord. The group calls itself a “bridge” between funders and activists on the Left, using its various funds to sponsor projects aimed at pushing center-left policies in voting, LGBT issues, etc.: 30

NEO is an intermediary that doesn’t have its own assets for grantmaking. Money comes in the door from funders and goes out the door to social justice groups. As a go-between, NEO is able to talk to both grantmakers and grantees with unusual candor.

. . .

What NEO did, over eight years, was to organize disparate efforts through a national donor collaborative that ultimately gave $34 million in grants to 140 groups. This collaborative wasn’t just a clearinghouse for cutting checks; it was, says NEO, a movement-building effort that sought to empower the parents and community residents most affected by education reform. It drew in some name brand funders, but also a great many smaller, more obscure funders who were able to hook into a sophisticated grantmaking operation.

Beyond providing money, CPER sought to build the infrastructure of an “educational justice movement” in a variety of ways, including connecting up different players, helping them work together through convening and facilitating, and ensuring that best practices were shared.


NEO Philanthropy primarily exists to provide fiscal sponsorship to center-left projects. The group notes that it has hosted some 60 such projects. 31

“Funder Collaboratives”

NEO’s largest projects are what it calls “funder collaboratives,” each of which focuses on an area interest to left-of-center donors.

The Four Freedoms Fund is directed toward supporting the political interests and welfare of illegal immigrants. The Just and Fair Schools Fund seeks to ease school discipline. The State Infrastructure Fund engages in voter registration and opposes conservative electoral reform legislation. 32 The Sunrise Initiative for Human Rights in the U.S. opposes immigration law enforcement activities. 33

In the electoral area, NEO Philanthropy also operates the Shelby Response Fund, dedicated to opposing voting laws in states affected by changes to the Voting Rights Act ordered by the Supreme Court in Shelby County v. Holder. 34 That fund was managed by Karen Narasaki, an attorney with ties to numerous liberal nonprofits who was appointed by then-President Barack Obama to serve on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. 35 According to leaked documents reported on by the Washington Free Beacon, the Open Society Foundations funded by left-wing financier George Soros is a principal funder of the Shelby Response Fund, with liberal voter registration practices such as expanded same-day registration and early voting on the Fund’s agenda. 36

NEO is also involved in efforts to change criminal justice. The MacArthur Foundation gave NEO $18 million for juvenile justice projects aimed at preventing juveniles from entering the adult justice system. 37

NEO supports projects in the feminist and pro-abortion spheres. The group was the charitable partner for the producers of the controversial campus sexual assault documentary The Hunting Ground. (Reason magazine described the film as “a work of activist propaganda,”38 and, ironically, it was distributed by The Weinstein Company of alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. 39) NEO Philanthropy is also the fiscal sponsor of Shout Your Abortion, an aggressive pro-abortion messaging campaign seeking to normalize the practice. 40

Funders Committee for Civic Participation

Also see Funders Committee for Civic Participation (Nonprofit)

NEO fiscally sponsors the Funders Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP), a membership organization of left-wing donors including the Democracy Alliance, the AFL-CIO, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, the MacArthur Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and numerous other donors that focuses on voter registration and liberal-backed changes to election systems. 41

The FCCP is formally nonpartisan, but critics have noted that the organization’s election-related efforts are funded by liberal foundations and support strategies which help Democrats get elected. 42

Federal Agencies Project

The Federal Agencies Project (FAP) was created by NEO Philanthropy to encourage “U.S. government agencies to be more responsive to LGBT needs.” 43

The campaign primarily targets federal agencies to push for expanded domestic partnership benefits for gay couples. FAP is managed by Civitas Public Affairs Group, a consultancy created by left-wing activists from the gay marriage groups Gill Foundation, Freedom to Marry, and now-defunct Gill Action Fund; FAP itself has received grants from the Gill Foundation, an LGBT interest funder, including $965,000 in 2015. 44 45 46

New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice

New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice is a left-wing immigration advocacy project of NEO Philanthropy. 47

The group purchased numerous Facebook advertisements in 2018 and 2019, some of which solicited donations that went to NEO Philanthropy. 48 Other Facebook advertisements criticized Republican legislators in New Jersey: 49

NJ GOP legislators started a petition today against expanding access to drivers licenses using Trump rhetoric to create fear & an us vs. them mentality. We won’t fall for it.

Let’s show every legislators there’s no reason to hesitate on voting yes on expanding access to drivers licenses for all, regardless of status. Call leadership & sign petition to show your support now.

Safety Donor Services Project

Safety Donor Services Project is a project fiscally sponsored by NEO Philanthropy that supports organizations focused on “frontline social justice work” by addressing any threats to these organizations. In 2022 Ford Foundation, one of the top liberal foundations in the U.S., donated $615,569 to NEO Philanthropy for the Safety Donor Services Project “to address threats to organizations that are engaging in frontline social justice work.”50

Past Projects

Past NEO projects include the incubation of Inside Climate News, an environmentalist media outfit. NEO Philanthropy, then still named Public Interest Projects, reportedly served as the fiscal sponsor for Inside Climate and its associated public relations firm, Science First, from 2010 through 2014. 51

NEO also managed the center-left projects National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems, Define American, and Colorado Communities for Public Education Reform. 52 53

The National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems was a NEO Philanthropy project in operation between 2011 and 2014. The project was launched in 2010 by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in order to “accelerate policy reforms to juvenile justice systems throughout the country,” with a particular focus on state legislatures. According to NEO, funders of the campaign included the George Gund Foundation, Interact Foundation for Health, MacArthur Foundation, Edward Moore Foundation, New York Community Trust, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Sapelo Foundation. NEO hired the services of M&R Strategic Services to run the campaign, the firm run by NEO Philanthropy founder Donald K. Ross. 54

Define American is an illegal immigration advocacy group incubated by NEO Philanthropy. The group aims to discourage the use of the term “illegal alien” to describe non-citizens living the United States illegally in favor of the term “undocumented immigrant.” Define American encourages illegal immigrants to advertise their status as non-citizens living illegally in the country. 55

Political Activities

2000 San Diego School Board Election

In 2015, the San Diego Reader revealed that NEO Philanthropy (under the name Public Interest Projects) was one major contributor to a $720,000 advertisement campaign in a 2000 San Diego, California school board election managed by a group called the Partnership for Student Achievement. When pressed by journalists, the group revealed its two top donors: “Essential Information, Inc., of Washington, D.C., gave $100,000. Public Interest Projects of New York City gave $57,000.” Essential Information is a left-wing nonprofit founded by Russell Mokhiber, a professional activist who worked for Ralph Nader’s various groups, including Corporate Crime Reporter, a legal weekly. 56

Facebook Advertisements

NEO Philanthropy has purchased advertisements on the social networking site Facebook for at least two other groups.

NEO Philanthropy paid for multiple Facebook advertisements supporting abortion-on-demand and criticizing legislation passed in Alabama in May a “monstrosity.” While NEO paid for the advertisements, the ads themselves were released by Lady Parts Justice, a left-wing agitation group and a project of the “pop-up” group sponsor Sixteen Thirty Fund; Lady Parts Justice calls itself “a coven of hilarious badass feminists who use humor and pop culture to expose haters fighting to end abortion access.” 57

New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice, a left-wing immigration project of NEO Philanthropy, paid for multiple Facebook advertisements in 2018 and 2019 soliciting donations. Donations to the group went to NEO Philanthropy, the group’s fiscal sponsor. 58


A table of NEO Philanthropy’s total revenues between 2010 and 2018 is available below: 59

NEO PhilanthropyNEO Philanthropy Action Fund
Annual RevenuesAnnual Revenues
Grand Total:$421,055,442Grand Total:$66,121,010

A table of NEO Philanthropy’s total expenditures between 2010 and 2018 is available below: 60

NEO PhilanthropyNEO Philanthropy Action Fund
Annual ExpendituresAnnual Expenditures
Grand Total:$383,184,793Grand Total:$58,097,754

Donors to NEO Philanthropy

NEO Philanthropy serves as a philanthropic intermediary, similar to a donor-advised fund (which NEO reportedly operates). Reports indicate that NEO partners with upwards of 100 left-wing funding groups. 61 NEO Philanthropy reportedly does not typically raise funds from the general public, though it began to do so as part of its association with the film The Hunting Ground. 62

Foundations provide the backbone of NEO Philanthropy’s funding. In 2014, NEO Philanthropy reported $51.7 million in total revenue; grants to NEO Philanthropy from foundations in 2014 totaled over $37 million. 63 Other left-wing nonprofits have provided funds to NEO: Tax records show grants from New Venture Fund, The Energy Foundation, Greenpeace, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, and the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey in recent years. 64

Atlantic Philanthropies, a Bermuda-based foundation consortium formerly headed by Democracy Alliance chief Gara LaMarche, granted NEO-associated entities more than $14.3 million from 2010 until Atlantic expended all its funds in 2016. 65

Between 2005 and 2010, the left-of-center Knight Foundation granted $4 million to NEO Philanthropy to establish the American Dream Fund, “which will provide flexible funding to immigrant-serving organizations in Knight communities,” according to the grant description. 66

In 2012, the Gates Foundation granted NEO $40,000 to run the project Colorado Communities for Public Education Reform. 67

A list of foundations that have given grants to NEO Philanthropy between 2013 and 2017 is available here: 68

NEO Philanthropy: Donors (2013-2017)YearsGrant Amount
American Endowment Foundation2016$17,386
Annie E Casey Foundation2016$6,000
Arcus Foundation2015$197,350
Aviv Foundation Inc2017$4,000
Bank Of America Charitable Foundation Inc2016$50,000
Bauman Family Foundation2015, 2017$2,870,000
Ben & Jerry's Foundation Inc2017$40,000
Bohemian Foundation2016$150,000
Brett Family Foundation2016$7,500
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids2016$10,000
Carnegie Corporation Of New York2014-2016$20,125,000
Cedar Tree Foundation2016$400,000
Charter Charitable Foundation2015$20,000
Chestnut Fund2016-2017$30,000
Common Counsel Foundation2015-2016$105,000
Community Foundation Of New Jersey2016-2017$40,000
Compton Foundation Inc2015-2016$130,000
Crosscurrents Foundation Inc2014$10,500
David A Dechman Foundation2016$50,000
De Beaumont Foundation Inc2015-2016$1,450,975
Dornick Foundation Inc2016$25,000
East Bay Community Foundation2015$300,000
Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr Fund2013-2016$3,016,000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund2015-2016$2,862,700
Foundation To Promote Open Society2014, 2016$8,929,850
Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation2015$20,000
General Service Foundation2015-2016$70,000
George & Fay Young Foundation, Inc.2014$225,000
George B Storer Foundation Inc2014$125,000
Gill Foundation2015$750,000
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation2016-2017$200,000
Greenberg Foundation2016-2017$40,000
Grove Foundation2017$530,000
Hagedorn Foundation2015$335,695
Heising-Simons Foundation2016$20,000
Hidden Leaf Foundation2015$165,000
Incourage Community Foundation2017$33,260
J M Kaplan Fund Inc2015$100,000
Jacquelyn And Gregory Zehner Foundation2015$10,000
Jerome L Greene Foundation Inc2016$395,000
Jewish Communal Fund2016-2017$80,000
Jewish Community Foundation Of The Jewish Federation Council Of Greater Los Angeles2015$10,000
John D & Catherine T Macarthur Foundation2014-2016$8,180,000
Joya Charitable Foundation2016, 2018$14,000
Joyce Foundation2015-2016$75,000
Lily Auchincloss Foundation Inc2015$25,000
Lisa And Douglas Goldman Fund2016-2017$,8000
Matan B'seter Foundation Inc2017$2,120,000
Mertz Gilmore Foundation2014-2017$925,000
Miami Foundation2015$25,000
Moriah Fund Inc2015$25,000
Naomi And Nehemiah Cohen Foundation2016$50,000
Nesholm Family Foundation2016$5,000
Novo Foundation2016$23,6450
Nurture Nature Foundation2015-2016$13,000
Overbrook Foundation2014-2016$355,000
Patagonia Org2016$50,000
Proteus Fund Inc2006, 2016, 2017$192,620
Public Welfare Foundation Inc2015-2016$125,000
Quixote Foundation Inc2014$7,000
Rathmann Family Foundation2015$15,000
Reva And David Logan Foundation2014-2015$1,192,920
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation2017$12,000
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc2015-2016$26,700
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Inc2016$10,000
Santa Fe Community Foundation2017$17,500
Schwab Charitable Fund2015, 2017$11,350
Sierra Club2015-2016$80,000
Silicon Valley Community Foundation2016-2017$2,738,311
Stifler Family Foundation2016$5,000
The Allstate Foundation2015$15,000
The Arca Foundation2015-2016$80,000
The Ayco Charitable Foundation2015$20,000
The California Endowment2015-2017$180,000
The California Wellness Foundation2015-2016$10,000
The Common Sense Fund Inc2015-2016$110,000
The Community Foundation For The National Capital Region2017$20,000
The David And Lucile Packard Foundation2016$300,000
The Dobkin Family Foundation2016$7,500
The Farago Foundation Inc2016$90,000
The Fledgling Fund2015$25,000
The Ford Foundation2014-2016$18,035,833
The James Irvine Foundation2014-2016$80,000
The Jpb Foundation2014-2016$9,994,867
The Leonard And Sophie Davis Fund2016$15,000
The Marisla Foundation2016$60,000
The Ottinger Foundation Inc2016$20,000
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation2014-2016$2,313,568
The Russell Family Foundation2015$5,000
The Sagner Family Foundation2016$52,000
The Scherman Foundation Inc2014$20,000
The Sherwood Foundation2016$231,990
The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation2014-2015$4,409,221
The Whitman Institute2016-2017$20,000
The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation2014-2016$140,000
Thornburg Foundation2015, 2017$111,000
Tides Foundation2014, 2017$2,849,007
Tulsa Community Foundation2015$7,500
Two Sisters And A Wife Foundation Inc2016$5,000
Unbound Philanthropy2015-2016$1,865,000
W K Kellogg Foundation2015-2017$650,000
Wallace Global Fund Ii2016-2017$545,000
Wallace H Coulter Foundation2015-2016$4,009,500
Wellspring Foundation2015$25,000
Wilburforce Foundation2015$10,000
William F Harnisch Foundation Inc2015$15,000
Women Donors Network2017$15,000
Woodbury Fund Inc2015$20,000
Grand Total:$106,878,053

Donors to NEO Philanthropy Projects

A number of grants from the left-of-center Bauman Family Foundation to specific NEO Philanthropy projects have been identified: 69

Project NameAmountYear
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2020
State Infrastructure Fund$250,002019
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation$250,000 2019
Civic Participation Project$200,000 2018
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2018
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation$25,000 2018
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2017
Civic Participation Project$200,000 2017
Civic Participation Project$205,000 2017
Funder's Committee For Civic Engagement$25,000 2017
Civic Participation Project$250,000 2017
Civic Participation Project$800,000 2016
State Infrastructure Fund$25,000 2016
Funder's Committee For Civic Participation$25,000 2016
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2015
Civic Participation Project$200,000 2015
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation$25,000 2015
Civic Participation Project$200,000 2015
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2014
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation$20,000 2014
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2013
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation$20,000 2013
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation$2,000 2013
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation$20,000 2013
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2012
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2011
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation$40,000 2011
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2010
Funders Committee for Civic Participation$40,000 2010
State Infrastructure Fund$250,000 2009
Funders Census Initiative$25,000 2099
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation$35,000 2008

Consulting and Independent Contractor Fees

NEO Philanthropy has hired M+R Strategic Services (MRSS), the firm co-founded by NEO Philanthropy founder Donald Ross, for “project management” services multiple times. Since 2002, NEO has paid MRSS $24,399,042 in contractor fees. 70 According to a 2012 NEO report, the group hired MRSS “to help design, staff and manage state campaigns” for its project National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems. 71

A full list of NEO Philanthropy’s independent contractor payments between 2002 and 2017 is available below: 72

Neo Philanthropy: Independent Contractors (2002-2017)YearsTotal
M+R Strategic Services2005-2008, 2011-2015$24,399,042
Social Transformation Project2012-2017$3,124,644
Science First2008-2013$2,594,955
Team Blackbird LLC2016-2017$2,399,030
Civitas Public Affairs Group LLC2012-2017$1,573,598
Lord Ross Inc.2003-2005$1,465,705
Monona Yin2009-2011, 2014$692,231
Shout LLC2016-2017$647,438
Touchstone Center for Collaborative Inquiry2006-2007,2009$472,000
Grassroots Solutions Inc.2015$430,500
Blueprint Research and Design2007, 2009$422,473
Perry Undem LLC2016$395,400
Evans McDonough2004-2005$242,500
Chong & Koster LLC2017$242,498
James Elder2007-2008$241,000
Project New West2011$233,680
Secret Couuntry Firms LLC.2015$200,000
Ellis Cose2006$181,200
Dorothy Thomas2005-2006$180,000
Greenberg Quinian Rasner Research, Inc.2003-2004$179,540
Maureen Byrnes2010$175,000
Documented Doc LLC2014$171,242
James Foreman2010$162,500
Marjorie Fine2014$161,413
Out of the Blue Films2012$158,000
Spitfire Strategies2013$151,034
Phoebe Eng.2002-2003$150,375
Toxics Targetic Inc. 2003$147,000
Public Private Ventures2011$122,000
Heather Booth2009$120,000
Prestige Strategic Communications2004$104,471
Michael Guest2010$101,250
Dayna Cunningham2004$99,000
Summit Collaborative2003$70,160
David Scheie2005$63,485
Jay R. Halfon2002$52,979
Grand Total:$42,327,343

Financial Documents

NEO Philanthropy’s IRS Form 990 filings for 2014 through 2021 are available here:

NEO Philanthropy Action Fund

NEO Philanthropy’s 501(c)(4) advocacy arm, NEO Philanthropy Action Fund (formerly Public Interest Projects Action Fund), received $21,993,000 from Atlantic Philanthropies between 2009 and 2010. 73 In 2011, Atlantic Philanthropies’s Atlantic Advocacy Fund gave the Action fund $2,197,500; in 2012, it gave the Action Fund another $1,802,500. 74

The Action Fund has given at least $100,000 from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund since 2009. 75

Grant Recipients

NEO reported approximately $46.9 million in total expenditures for 2014 and reported more than $32.1 million in grants to domestic organizations. 76 In 2015, those numbers were $39.7 million and $22.7 million, respectively. 77 Since 2003, NEO has granted more than $176 million to likeminded left-of-center organizations. 78

Grantees for 2015 include branches of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Tides Center, Border Action Network, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center Foundation, Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund, Chinese Progressive Association, Center for American Progress, and UnidosUS (formerly the National Council of La Raza), among others. 79

NEO Philanthropy: Grant Recipients (2001-2017)Year(s)Amount
9 to 5 National Association of Working Women2007, 2009, 2011, 2017$282,500
ACCE Institute2011-2014$371,412
Acercamiento Hispano de Carolina del Sur2007$37,500
ACLU - Immigrant Rights Project2001$10,000
ACLU - Michigan2006$50,000
ACLU Foundation of Arizona2014-2015$100,000
ACLU Foundation of Georgia2011-2014$160,000
ACLU Foundation of Southern California2013$25,000
ACLU Foundation of Texas2011-2017$628,895
ACORN Institute2009$125,000
Action for Community in Raleigh2013$66,600
Adhikaar for Human Rights2010, 2016$20,000
Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice2010$6,563
Advancement Project2005-2008, 2011-2014, 2016$1,387,000
Advocates for Basic Legal Equality2011, 2012$200,000
Advocates for Environmental Human Rights2006, 2008-2010$225,000
Advocates for Youth2010$20,000
Aegis Trust2007$500
Aercamiento Hispano de Carolina del Sur2006$12,500
African American Policy Forum2008, 2009, 2011$185,000
African Immigrant Social & Econ Dev Agency2006$12,500
AISEDA2005, 2007-2009$112,500
Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice2009, 2011-2015$562,000
Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice United2017$195,000
Alaska Conservation Foundation2002$107,000
Albany Park Neighborhood Council2007-2013, 2015$3,421,620
Albany Park Neighborhood Council2014$529,187
Alcorn State University2015, 2016$254,000
ALI NOORANI2009$250,000
Alliance for a Better Georgia2015$50,000
Alliance for a Better Minnesota Education Fund2014$30,000
Alliance for a Just Society2012, 2013$110,000
Alliance for Justice2010-2015, 2017$1,300,000
Alliance for Youth Organizing2017$100,000
Alternative for Community and Environment2004, 2005, 2008$150,000
America Votes2016$559,000
America Votes Education and Action2012, 2014$1,255,000
American Bar Association2001$8,000
American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education2014$30,000
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation2006, 2007, 2009-2017$2,080,000
American Civil Liberties Union Fund of Michigan2007-2011$280,000
American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico Foundation2009, 2010, 2012-2017$700,000
American Constitution Society For Law and Policy2008, 2009, 2014, 2015, 2017$517,850
American Family Voices2014, 2015$94,000
American Forum2009-2011, 2013, 2017$295,000
American Friends Service Committee2004, 2006-2017$1,028,700
American Heart Association2017$215,600
American Immigration Council2010, 2012-2016$331,000
American Immigration Law Foundation2009$115,000
American Institute for Social Justice2004, 2005, 2007-2009$222,700
American Psychological Association, Inc.2015$60,000
American Sustainable Business Council2014$91,010
American University2008$71,719
American Wilderness Coalition2001, 2002$558,600
American Women2014$30,000
Americans for Immigrant Justice2014$50,000
America's Voice Education Fund2008-2011$6,277,000
Amnesty International USA2007, 2008$60,000
API Chaya2015$30,000
Arab American Action Network2003, 2004, 2006-2008$312,500
Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee2004$20,000
Arab American Institute Foundation2004, 2008-2012$525,000
Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services2003, 2004, 2007-2017$1,687,000
Arcus Foundation2010$15,428
Arise Support Center2014$15,000
Arizona Advocacy Foundation Inc2014-2017$903,000
Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation2010, 2012, 2013$989,735
Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights2006$50,000
Arizona Institute for Public Life2007-2010$620,000
Arizona Interfaith Network2006$50,000
Arizona Together2008$65,000
Arkansas United Community Coalition2012-2017$360,000
Arts of Peace, Inc.2008, 2011-2014$239,436
Asian American Federation for New York2004$50,000
Asian American Justice Center2007-2009, 2011-2014$727,100
Asian American Legal Advocacy Center Inc2014, 2015$133,000
Asian American Legal Defense And Education Fund2014-2017$330,000
Asian Americans Advancing Justice2014-2017$607,661
Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus2013, 2014, 2016, 2017$479,000
Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Chicago2014-2016$228,000
Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA2017$100,000
Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta2014-2017$572,500
Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote - Michigan2014-2017$180,000
Asian And Pacific Islander American Vote Inc2014-2016$330,000
Asian Community Development Council2017$30,000
Asian Pacific American Legal Center2006, 2007, 2009, 2013$280,000
Asian Pacific American Network Of Oregon2014-2016$150,000
Asian Pacific Environmental Network2014-2017$270,000
Asian Services in Action2006-2009, 2014-2016$650,000
Association of Black Executives Foundation2006$1,340
Asylum Access2017$5,000
Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment2010$25,000
Austin Community Center2009$9,000
Austin Community Foundation for the Capital Area2014$70,000
Bais City Mangrove Reforestation Project2005$20
Baldwin Family Office2002, 2004$298,500
Ballot Initiative Strategy Center Foundation2014-2017$385,000
Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network2010-2014$219,874
BayArea Somali Community2006$12,500
Bayou Interfaith Shared Community Organization2010$20,000
Beloved Community Center of Greensboro2006-2008, 2010$175,000
Benjamin Spencer Fund2001$2,000
Bias City Mangrove Reforestation Project2004$12,000
BISC Foundation2008$45,000
Black Alliance for Just Immigration2012-2016$710,500
Black Belt Community Foundation2014$415,000
Black Organizing Project, Inc.2015$42,500
Black Women for Wellness2016$10,000
Blackdog Associates2002$60,000
BluePrint North Carolina2012, 2014-2017$833,000
Boat People SOS2007-2009, 2014$162,500
Border Aciton Network2008-2016$895,000
Border Network for Human Rights2006-2017$2,295,500
Brennan Center for Justice2012$150,000
Build Inc2016, 2017$20,000
Building One New Jersey2013, 2014$51,867
Bus Federation of Civic Fund2014-2016$350,000
CAC Lex-Fayette BH&N Counties2007$25,000
CAIR2005, 2007$50,000
California Community Foundation2011, 2012$500,000
California Partnership for Working Families2003, 2005$150,000
California State University Fresno Foundation2015$10,000
Californians for Justice and Education Fund2003, 2005, 2010-2014$648,345
Cambodian Association of America2005, 2007, 2008$75,000
Campaign for Community Change2013$50,000
Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth2012$225,000
Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids2017$40,000
Campaign Legal Center Inc2017$75,000
Capaces Leadership Institute2014, 2015$28,000
Capital Area Immigrants' Rights Coalition2001-2009$608,100
Casa de Maryland2004-2017$3,870,395
Casa De Proyecto Libertad2009$30,000
Catholic Charities2005, 2006, 2008$100,000
Catholic Charities of Diocese of Ft Wayne2005, 2006, 2008$100,000
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Wichita2009$31,000
Catholic Legal Immigration Network2004, 2014, 2015$763,318
Catskill Mountainkeeper Inc2016$12,000
CAUSA of Oregon2006, 2010-2017$1,534,700
Cel Education Fund2014-2016$360,000
Center for American Progress2008, 2009, 2012-2017$898,675
Center for American Progress Action Fund2012, 2013, 2014$135,000
Center for Civic Policy2010-2012, 2014, 2016, 2017$977,000
Center for Community Alternatives2006-2009, 2011$485,000
Center for Community Change2006-2012, 2016, 2017$1,533,000
Center for Community Change Action2014$80,000
Center for Justice and Democracy2002-2004$485,075
Center for Migration Studies2001$30,000
Center for Neighborhood Leadership2016$50,000
Center for New Community2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2014$227,500
Center for Pan Asian Community Services2006-2009$150,000
Center for Popular Democracy2014$92,017
Center for Progressive Leadership2009$10,000
Center for Public Interest Research2012, 2015, 2016$190,000
Center for Public Policy Priorities2014, 2017$85,690
Center for Third World Organizing2001, 2013, 2014$103,500
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice2013$74,196
Central American Refugee Center2001, 2005$85,000
Central American Resource Center CARECEN of California2017$65,000
Central Arizonans For A Sustainable Economy2017$100,000
Centro Campesino2004, 2005$150,000
Centro CHA2005, 2007, 2008$100,000
Centro De Los Derechos Del Migrante Inc2016, 2017$200,000
Chaqnnapha Khamvongsa2004$4,750
Chhaya Community Development Corporation2014-2017$270,000
Chicago Lawyers Committee2006-2009$660,000
Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity and Diversity2010$25,000
Childbirth Solutions2002$1,000
Children & Family Justice Center at Northwestern University2007$42,500
Chinese for Affirmative Action2015-2017$114,872
Chinese Mutual Aid Association2005$100,000
Chinese Progressive Association2014-2017$270,000
CHIRLA2004, 2006, 2007$320,000
Church World Service2016, 2017$600,000
Church World Service Attn Carleen F. Miller2015$150,000
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund2010, 2012, 2014-2017$346,450
Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund2013$15,000
Citizens Alliance On Prisons and Public Spending Inc.2015$15,000
Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together2011-2015$88,968
Clean Power Now2006$3,000
Clean Water Action2016$25,000
Clean Water Fund2006, 2012-2014$200,000
Clean Water Fund Michigan2010$50,000
Clergy and Laity United2007, 2009$110,000
Coalicion Latinoamericana2013$74,000
Coalition for African, Asian, European, and Latino Immigrants2004, 2006$100,000
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles2001-2003, 2006-2017$2,682,300
Coalition for New South Carolinians2008$30,000
Coalition for the Valle Vidal2006$1,911
Coalition of African Asian, European & Latino Immigrants2007$50,000
Coalition of Immokalee Workers2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012$350,000
Coalition To Abolish Slavery and Trafficking2014-2017$800,000
Coleman Advcoates for Children and Youth2010-2015$434,040
Colorado Center on Law and Policy2010$25,000
Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable2010, 2012-2017$1,040,588
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition2008-2017$2,352,820
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center2007, 2008$55,000
Colorado Progressive Coalition2008-2010$499,250
Colorado Unity2011$125,000
ColorofChangeOrg Education Fund2014, 2017$190,000
Columbia University School of Law2007$100,000
Columbus Organizing Project2012-2015$58,333
Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence2017$55,000
Common Cause Education Fund2010, 2013, 2014$164,875
Common Counsel Foundation2015, 2017$57,000
Communicades Unidas2007$25,000
Communications Consortium Media Center2008$223,000
Communications Leadership Institute2007-2010$168,516
Communidades Unidas2013$15,000
Communities United for People2011-2015, 2017$523,750
Community Asset Development Re-Defining Education2010-2012, 2014, 2015$435,774
Community Building Initiative2008$65,000
Community Catalyst, Inc.2013-2016$325,000
Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment2003, 2005, 2010-2014$368,107
Community Foundation For Nantucket Inc.2015$93,595
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines2009$25,000
Community HIV/AIDS2009$75,000
Community Initiatives2010-2017$811,429
Community Labor United2013-2015$47,150
Community Organizing and Family Issues2011-2015$318,470
Community Partners2004, 2009-2011$247,500
Community Policy Research and Training Institute2012$40,000
Community Policy, Research and Training Institute2011$15,000
Community Works West Inc2016$10,000
Communuity Asset Development Re-Defining Education2013$103,500
Concerned Citizens for a Better Tunica Country2011$25,000
Conservation Council of North Carolina Foundation2010$21,025
Contra Costa Interfaith Sponsoring Committee2013$25,000
Corporate Disclosure Resource Center2011, 2012$490,000
Corporate Ethics International2003, 2004$84,213
Council for American Islam Relations (CAIR)2008$25,000
Council of Islamic Organization of Greater Chicago2003, 2004, 2006-2009$300,000
Council of People's Organizations2004$50,000
CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia2016$10,000
CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia Inc2014, 2015$167,000
Dallas Area Interfaith2010$25,000
Defenders Association2004$100,000
Define American2015$328,641
Democracia USA2008, 2010$106,250
Democracia/NCLR2007, 2008$50,000
Democracy North Carolina2010, 2012-2017$634,725
Desis Resisng Up and Moving (Drum)2003, 2010, 2013-2015$185,625
Direct Action for Rights and Equality2004, 2005$100,000
Discrimination Research Center2006$100,000
Drum Major Institute2009, 2011$42,000
Drum-Desis Rising Up and Moving Inc2016, 2017$125,000
Duke University of Law2004, 2005$150,000
East Balitmore Development, Inc.2012, 2013$67,500
East Bay Community Law Center2003, 2005$145,000
Eastern Pennsylvania Organizing Project2007, 2008$95,000
Education & Training Institute2009$40,000
Education Law Center2007-2014$874,651
Education Law Center - PA2013, 2014$123,667
Education Policy and Leadership Center2007$53,333
Education Voters Institute2009, 2010$35,410
El Centro de Amistad2005-2008$150,000
El Comite de Longmont2005-2008$100,000
El Pueblo, Inc.2007, 2009, 2010$170,000
Electronic Privacy Information Center2012$50,000
Emerge USA Inc2014$8,000
EMGAGE Foundation Inc2017$45,000
End Rape On Campus 2017$292,794
Environmental Grantmakers Association2014$20,000
Equal Justice Initiative2010$125,000
Equal Justice Society2006-2008, 2010, 2011$310,000
Equality Alliance of San Diego County2009-2017$2,719,650
Equality California Institute2015-2017$415,000
Equality Federation Institute2012-2014, 2017$325,000
Equality New Mexico Foundation2014$85,000
Ethics Watch2016, 2017$490,471
E-Volve Foundation, Inc.2004, 2005$122,925
F I G H T2001, 2002$50,000
Face Action for Community Equity (FACE)2014$75,000
Fair Elections Center2017$25,000
Fair Share Inc2014$40,000
Fair Share Research and Education Fund2012$50,000
Fair Wisconsin Education Fund, Inc.2010, 2014$22,500
FairDistricts Now, Inc.2013-2016$275,000
Faith Action for Community Equity2012, 2015-2017$187,225
Faith and Action for Strength Together2013-2015$140,000
Faith in Public Life2008, 2011-2013, 2015-2017$706,000
Faith In Public Life Action Fund2014$70,000
Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children2010-2012$195,000
Families for Freedom2009-2017$795,000
Families United for Racial & Econ Equity2005$100,000
Families United in Educational Leadership2011$26,115
Famn Ayisyen Nam Myami2007$25,000
Far Corner Productions2002$14,500
Farm Aid2012$25,000
Farm Labor Research Project Inc2014$3,000
Farmworker Justice Fund2009, 2013$150,000
Federation of Southern Cooperatives2006, 2007, 2011$300,000
Feminist Women's Law Center2004$12,500
Fifth Avenue Committee2004$100,000
Filipino Advocates for Justice2014-2017$180,000
Financial Protection Law Center2004, 2005$90,000
Firelight Media2006$379,000
First Alaskans Institute2014$73,500
First Nations Development Institute2014$415,000
First Response2004$22,713
Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project2010$30,000
Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center2001-2006, 2008, 2010$470,000
Florida Immigrant Coalition2006-2017$3,458,645
Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment2015-2017$395,000
Florida New Majority Education Fund2014$70,000
Fordham Law School2008, 2009$76,400
Forum for Equality Foundation2017$5,000
Forward Montana Foundation2017$50,000
Forward Wyoming2015$65,278
Foundation for California Community Colleges2014$25,000
Foundation for the Mid South2014$415,000
Fred Finch Youth Center2014$30,000
Freedom Inc2017$30,000
Freedom Network USA2016$100,000
Friends of Alameda County Casa Inc2014$30,000
Fund For A Healthier Colorado2017$21,900
Fund for New Citizens at the NY Community2005, 2006$100,000
Fund for the City of New York2013-2017$1,022,500
GALEO Latino Community Development Fund2006-2008$80,000
Gamaliel Foundation2004, 2007-2012$1,046,000
Garden State Equality Education Fund Inc2014, 2015$35,000
Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute2012, 2017$150,000
Gay-Straight Alliance Network2012-2015$297,500
Gender for Public Advocacy Coalition2006$25,000
Gene Strip2005$9,500
Georgia Justice Project, Inc.2004, 2005$150,000
Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights2013-2017$533,000
Georgia Wand Education Fund, Inc.2013-2016$405,000
GetEQUAL Education Fund2015-2017$948,866
Girltrek Incorporated2016$10,000
Global Rights2007$100,000
Global Workers Justice Alliance2016, 2017$200,000
GLSEN, Inc.2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017$260,000
Good Schools Pennsylvania2006-2011$542,432
Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees2009-2016$904,000
Grassroots Leadership Inc2013-2017$732,937
Greater Birmingham Ministries2013-2017$1,274,500
Greater Boston Legal Services2004, 2005, 2008$250,000
Greensboro Housing Coalition2008, 2009$85,000
Grist Magazine2002, 2003$1,924,27
Grow Your Own Illinois2007-2014$2,893,307
HACER (Hispanic Advocacy Community Empowerment Through Research)2009, 2011$60,000
Haitian Citizen United Taskforce2005-2008$100,000
Haitian Women of Miami2005, 2006, 2008, 2009$130,000
Harriet Tubman Center2012, 2013$233,650
Hate Free Zone2005-2008$845,000
Head Count Inc2004, 2014$26,050
Health Access Foundation2016$20,000
Heartland Alliance for Human Rights and Human Needs2001, 2012-2014$227,000
Heartland Human Care Services, Inc.2008, 2009$115,000
Helping Empower Local People2007, 2009$75,000
Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama2007$25,000
Hispanic Media Coalition2009$95,000
Hispanics in Philanthropy2014$415,000
Hmong American Partnership2014-2016$225,000
Homies Unidos, Inc.2004, 2006-2009, 2011$275,000
Human Rights Watch2008-2011, 2013$210,000
Human Service Providers Charitable Foundation2012$100,000
Hyde Square Task Force2012, 2013$46,250
I.C.A.R.E.2011, 2012$31,666
Iceland Nature Conservancy Association2002$1,000
Idaho Community Action Network2008, 2009, 2011-2013$225,000
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights2001-2004, 2006-2017$3,200,000
Illinois Safe Schools Alliance2013, 2014$141,760
Immigrant Coalition for Immigrant and Refugees2005$75,000
Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota2013$90,000
Immigrant Legal Resource Center2001-2005, 2012, 2014-2017$2,137,000
Immigration Equality2012$15,000
Immigration Works Foundation2010, 2011, 2013$275,000
Independent Media Institute2004$1,200
Indian Law Resource Center2004-2012$541,652
Indianapolis Congregation Action Network2013$25,000
Inland Congregation United for Change2013$25,000
Inner City Muslim Action Network (IMAN)2004, 2006-2012$370,000
InnerCity Struggle2010-2014$219,874
Innocence Project of New Orleans2010$10,000
Innovation Network, Inc.2008$48,334
Insight Center for Community Economic Development2011$125,000
Institute For Justice and Journalism2016$130,000
Institute for Local Government2010, 2011$25,000
Institute for One Wisconsin2014$30,000
Institute for Responsive Education2004$60,000
Institute for Southern Studies2014-2016$110,000
Intercambio Uniting Communities2007, 2009$75,000
Interchurch Coalition for Action Reconciliation and Empowerment2013-2015$45,000
Interfaith Youth Core2009, 2011$180,000
Intermedia Arts2005, 2006$25,000
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience2009$10,000
International House of Metrolina2005, 2008, 2009$125,000
International Institute of Akron2006-2009$165,000
International Institute of Metro Detroit2005, 2006, 2008, 2009$145,000
Investigative News Network2014$15,336
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund2014$43,000
ISAIAH2005, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012$160,000
Jewish Community Center for Minneapolis2002$20,000
Jewish Funds for Justice2011$20,000
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur2011$50,000
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Inc2016$50,000
JUNTA for Progressive Action2008$50,000
Just Detention International2011, 2012$50,000
Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana2004, 2005, 2008-2011$400,000
Juvenile Law Center2010$37,500
Kentucky Coalition for Immigrant & Refugees2007$50,000
Kentucky Voices for Health2014$25,000
Kenwood Oakland Community Organization2012-2014$136,341
KIND Inc2016$85,000
Korean American Resource and Cultural Center2014-2016$150,000
Korean Resource Center2014-2017$273,000
L.A. Voice2013$25,000
LA Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness2005$75,000
La Fuente - Tri-State Workers and Community2004, 2007-2009$200,000
La Union Del Pueblo Entero2014, 2015, 2017$399,000
Labor / Community Strategy Center2003, 2005, 2011-2015$538,500
LAIRO2005, 2007-2009$125,000
Lamba Legal Defense & Education2013$15,000
Land Stewardship Project2011, 2012$80,000
Latin American Coalition2005, 2007-2011$325,000
Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development2007, 2009$75,000
Latino Family Services2005, 2006, 2008$80,000
Latino Leadership2009$35,000
Latino Victory Project2014$75,000
LatinoJustice PRLDEF2010-2017$1,200,000
Law Center for Families2003, 2005$129,000
Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights in Texas2003-2008$765,000
Lawyers' Committee For Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area2011$100,000
Lawyers' Committee For Civil Rights Under Law2012-2017$517,500
Lawyers for Civil Rights2001, 2002$260,000
Leadership Center for the Common Good2012, 2013$202,121
Leadership Conference Education Fund2006-2009, 2010, 2015$516,405
League of Conservation Voters2014, 2016$135,000
League of Conservation Voters Education Fund2013$30,000
League of Women Voters Education Fund2012, 2013$200,000
League of Young Voters Education Fund2012, 2013$165,000
Legal Momentum2008$25,000
Legal Services of South Central Michigan2010$10,000
Legal Svcs For Prisoners with Children2006-2009, 2011$235,000
Let's Breakthrough, Inc.2008, 2010, 2011$325,000
Lexington Hispanic Association2005-2008$80,000
Lexington Public Library2007, 2008$50,000
Local Initiatives Support Corporation Chicago2012, 2013$67,500
Logan Square Neighborhood Association2008, 2009$150,000
Long Island Community Foundation2001$20,000
Long Island Immigrant Alliance2007-2009$130,000
Los Angeles Alliance For A New Economy2006$100,000
Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness2003$75,000
Lost Light Projects2014$281,531
LSG Voter Registration2005$73,705
MA Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition2001, 2005, 2007$280,000
Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative2010-2012$120,000
Main Street Project2012, 2014$100,000
Maine Peoples Resource Center2007, 2009, 2012, 2014$725,000
Make the Road New York2010-2017$518,125
Mano a Mano Family Center2005, 2007, 2008, 2009$800,000
Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation2010$15,000
Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative Education Fund2012-2014$60,000
Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition Inc2003-2017$2,312,100
Massachusetts Immigrants Rights Alliance2006$100,000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology2006, 2017$46,505
Massachusetts Voter Education Network2004, 2005$120,000
Maxwell Street Legal Clinic2006-2009$115,000
Media Matters Action Network2013, 2014, 2016$75,000
Media Matters for America2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2017$723,187
Merrimack Valley Project2004, 2005, 2008$150,000
Metro IAF, Inc.2013$22,270
Metro Organizations for People2007-2011$1,811,008
Metropolitan Congregations United for St. Louis2013$25,000
Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength2010$25,000
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund2011, 2013-2017$5,109,000
Mi Familia Vota 2010, 2012-2014, 2016$260,000
Miami Workers Center2004-2006, 2009, 2010$303,250
MICA Group Inc2017$72,909
Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education2014$35,000
Michigan Organizing Project2007, 2009, 2012-2017$946,395
Migration Policy Institute2012, 2013$80,000
Military Partners and Families Coalition2014$10,000
Minkwon Center for Community Action2009, 2014-2016$240,000
Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights2007$100,000
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits2010$150,000
Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network2008, 2010$40,000
Minnesota Voice2016$75,000
Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center, Inc.2010$6,563
Mission Economic Development Association2005$75,000
Mission Housing Development Corporation2003$75,000
Mississippi Center for Justice2004, 2005, 2011-2014$293,004
Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance2006-2017$884,000
Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights2005-2009$460,000
Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates2009, 2011$34,000
Missouri Jobs with Justice2008, 2009$60,000
Mobilize the Immigrant Vote2012, 2014$70,000
Montana Human Rights Network2006-2012, 2017$357,500
Montana People's Action2006, 2007$150,000
Movement Strategy Center2009, 2011-2016$849,023
Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Inc.2010$35,000
Mujeres Unidas Y Activas2013$25,000
My Brother's Keeper2015, 2016$162,000
NAACP2011, 2013, 2014$330,000
NAACP National Voter Fund2014$10,000
Naleo Education Fund2012, 2014-2016$410,000
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation2010$15,000
Nation Institute2011-2013$90,000
National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities2016$100,000
National Alliance of Vietnamese Amerians2006-2008$90,000
National Association of Community Health Centers, Inc.2012$100,000
National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials2008, 2009$138,000
National Black Women's Health Project Inc2016$10,000
National Capital Immigration Coalition2006, 2007$175,000
National Center for Transgender Equality2013$15,000
National Center for Youth Law2014, 2015$40,000
National Coalition for LGBT Health2010, 2012$35,000
National Coalition on Black Civic Participation2010$65,000
National Congress of American Indians2014-2016$185,000
National Coordinator for Fair Sentencing2008$50,000
National Council of La Raza2006, 2008, 2009, 2011-2016$2,285,000
National Day Laborer Organizing Network2010, 2012-2017$842,500
National Domestic Workers Alliance2014-2017$825,800
National Economic and Social Rights Initiative2010-2012, 2016, 2017$2,463,535
National Economic Dev & Law Center2006, 2007$120,000
National Econs & Social Rights Initiative2006-2009$434,000
National Employment Law Center2008, 2009$160,000
National Employment Law Project2006, 2010-2012$180,000
National Foster Youth Action Network2015$10,000
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation2013, 2014$150,000
National Girls Health and Justice Institute2014$15,000
National Health Law Program, Inc.2003, 2005, 2007, 2008$215,000
National Immigrant Justice Center2010$57,500
National Immigrant Project of the National Lawyers Guild2012$90,000
National Immigration Forum2003, 2004, 2009-2013, 2015, 2016, 2017$2,335,000
National Immigration Forum Action Fund2010, 2014625000
National Immigration Law Center2009-2017$4,766,569
National Immigration Project (NIP)2005$60,000
National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild2001-2005, 2009, 2010, 2013-2016$1,024,000
National Korean American Service and Education Consortium2004-2016$2,800,895
National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty2006-2013$536,875
National LGBT Task Force2016$50,000
National Mobilization Against Sweatshop2004-2006$205,000
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee2006, 2007$175,000
National Partnership for New Americans2014-2017$550,000
National Peoples Action2009$10,500
National People's Campaign2016$125,000
National Queer Asian Islander Alliance Inc2014$100,000
National Service Center2005$25,000
National Training and Information Center2009, 2010$70,500
National Wildlfire Federation2006$21,654
Nationalities Service Center2007-2009$103,000
Native American Rights Fund2015-2017$130,000
Natonal Korean American Service and Ed Consortium2017$298,500
Nature Conservancy - Maine Chapter2001$60,000
NC A. Philip Randolph Institute, Inc.2010$25,975
NC Association of Black Lawyers Land Loss Prevention Project2004, 2005$150,000
NC Association of Community Development Corporations2004, 2005$90,000
NC Justice and Community Development Center2005$85,000
NCSL Foundation for State Legislatures2011-2013$225,000
NE Appleseed Center for Law in the Public2007$100,000
Nebraska Appleseed Center for Law in the Public Interest2001, 2006-2017$1,960,695
Nebraska Civic Engagement Table2017$25,000
Neighborhood Funders Group2006, 2017$16,340
Neighborhood Housing of New Orleans2006$140,000
Network Lobby for Catholic Justice2014$25,000
Nevada Youth Coalition2012$37,500
New Era Colorado Foundation2017$100,000
New Immigrant Community Empowerment2004, 2009$75,515
New Jersey Immigration Policy Network2005-2009$575,000
New Jersey Regional Coalition2014$849
New Mexico Ethics Watch2016$100,000
New Mexico Immigrant Law Center2014$10,000
New Mexico Public Interest Research Group Education Fund2010$30,000
New Organizing Institute Education Fund2013, 2014$270,000
New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice2012$630,000
New Venture Fund2011-2017$1,240,764
New Virginia Majority2015$135,000
New Virginia Majority Education Fund2017$380,000
New Voices Pittsburgh Inc2017$10,000
New World Foundation2012-2014$180,000
New York City Anti-Violence Project2014$25,000
New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project2013$10,000
New York Civic Participation Project2006$50,000
New York Community Trust2004$50,000
New York Immigration Coalition2001-2017$4,037,600
Nollie Jenkins Family Center, Inc.2011-2014$135,672
Nonprofit Finance Fund2009-2011, 2014-2017$602,000
Nonprofit Vote2013, 2015, 2017$330,000
North Carolina Conservation Network2010$20,250
North Carolina Justice and Community Development Center2004$85,000
North Carolina Justice Center2009, 2013, 2014$54,000
North Carolina Latino Coalition2007, 2014$53,000
North Dakota Human Rights Coalition2007, 2009$150,000
North Star Fund2013$50,000
Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope2009, 2011, 2012$140,000
Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights2001, 2002$29,000
Northfork Spanish Apostolate2010$8,750
Northwest Federation of Community Organizations2007, 2009, 2010$215,000
Northwest Health Foundation II2014$125,000
Northwestern University School of Law2008, 2010, 2011$209,000
NRDC Action Fund2015, 2016$195,000
NW Immigrant Rights Project2001$50,000
NW Women's Law Center2002, 2004$25,000
NY Public Interest Research Group Fund2001, 2004$126,000
Oakland Community Organization2010-2014$359,874
Ohio Industrial Areas Foundation2010$50,000
Ohio Organizing Collaborative2014, 2017$190,000
Ohio State University Foundation2006, 2008$200,000
OLE Education Fund2010, 2014, 2017$175,000
One America (Hate Free Zone)2008-2011$1,385,000
One Arizona2016, 2017$1,367,300
One Colorado Education Fund2011-2014$260,600
One Voice Inc2013-2016$382,511
Open Society Institute2011$50,000
Opening of the Heart2006$2,000
Oregon Progress Forum2012$125,000
Organization of Chinese Americans of Greater Houston2017$30,000
Organizing Apprenticeship Project2007, 2011$150,000
Outfront Minnesota Community Services2011, 2012$50,000
Oxford University2001$50,000
PA Immigration & Citizenship Coalition2006, 2007$25,000
Pacific News Service2007, 2009, 2010, 2012-2015$610,000
Padres Unidos, Inc.2007-2015$1,484,967
Palfreman Film Group2005$150,000
Pan Left Productions2014$150,000
Parents for Public Schools of Greater Jackson2011-2014$185,973
Participatory Budgeting Project Inc2017$100,000
Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action2008-2010$400,000
Partnership For Working Families2007-2009$486,750
Paterson Education Foundation, Inc.2007-2011, 2013, 2014$529,877
PennPIRG Education Fund2010$23,480
Pennsylvania ACORN2007$65,000
Pennsylvania Environment Research & Policy Center2006-2007$60,400
Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition2007-2017$898,895
Pennsylvania Voice2017$200,000
People Acting for Community Together2013-2015, 2004$95,000
People for the American Way2005, 2016$95,000
Pew Charitable Trusts2012$250,000
Philadelphia Arab American CDC2007$50,000
Philadelphia Student Union2007-2015$966,257
PICO Action Fund2017$100,000
PICO California2011$90,000
PICO Louisiana2010$35,000
PICO National Network2005, 2010-2016$839,711
Pisgah Legal Services2004, 2005$150,000
Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network2010$25,000
Pittsburgh United2009-2011$519,500
Planned Parenthood Action Fund2014, 2016$285,000
Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Michigan2010, 2014$115,000
Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio2010$15,000
Planned Parenthood Association of PA2010, 2014$65,000
Planned Parenthood Federation of America2012$125,000
Planned Parenthood Health Systems2010$19,575
Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Inc2015$17,500
Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina2010$18,575
Planned Parenthood of Seattle2002$12,500
Planned Parenthood of South Florida2014$40,000
Planned Parenthood South Texas2015, 2016$302,000
Power U Center for Social Change2010-2015$351,875
Prison University Project, Inc.2007-2009, 2011$175,000
Pro Bono Net, Inc.2010, 2012, 2017$257,000
ProGeorgia State Table Inc2015-2017$650,949
Progress Michigan Education2014$30,000
Progress Now Education2009, 2013, 2014$184,000
Progress Ohio Education Fund2010$65,000
Progressive American Foundation2004, 2005$24,375
Progressive American Fund2008$16,625
Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada2007-2017$1,647,395
Progressive Maryland Inc2016$30,000
Progressive States Network2011-2013$230,000
Progressive Technology Project2009, 2012-2014$405,000
ProgressNow Education2017$35,000
Project Kid Smart2005-2007$196,881.42
Project Right Side2017$350,000
Project South2014$20,000
Project Vote2010, 2012, 2013, 2014$145,225
Proteus Fund, Inc.2011, 2015, 2016$37,000
Proyecto Inmigrante Immigration Counseling Service Inc2009, 2012, 2014-2017$598,000
Proyecto Juan Diego2014$10,000
Public Advocates, Inc.2010-2014$221,173
Public Citizen Foundation2013$25,000
Public Citizens for Children and Youth2010-2014$163,300
Public Justice Foundation of Texas2006$74,000
Public Policy and Education Fund of New York2010-2015$1,238,280
Public Policy Center of Mississippi2011$15,000
Public Religion Research Institute2011-2014$350,000
Puente Human Rights Movement2015-2017$623,000
Pushback Network2012$100,000
Quitman County Development Org. Inc.2011$25,000
Reform Ohio Now, Inc.2005$290,500
Regents of the University of California LA2012-2014, 2017$170,072
Repairers of the Breach Inc.2005, 2007$25,000
Research for Action2007-2014$126,913
Resource for Human Development, Inc.2008-2013$112,500
Restaurant Opportunities Center of NY2006-2008, 2011$375,000
Rethink Media Inc2016, 2017$930,000
Rhode Island Legal Services2004$30,000
Riggio Foundation2007$168,980
Rights for All People2005-2012$522,000
Rio Grande International Study Center2006$2,000
Rock Mountain Planned Parenthood2014$30,000
Rock the Vote2012-2017$1,080,000
Rockefeller Family Fund2004, 2015$236,515
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Inc2015$10,000
Rose Community Foundation2014$519,133
Rural Organizing Project2008, 2009, 2011$48,000
Rutgers the State University2007-2011, 2013$239,814
Rutgers University - Newark2014$34,546
Sacramento Area Congregations Together2013$25,000
Safe Horizon2015, 2016$400,000
Safe Passages2012, 2013$67,500
Samos un Pueblo Unido2007$50,000
San Francisco Foundation Community Initiative2004$25,000
San Francisco Organizing Project2010$45,000
Sant La-Haitian Neighborhood Center2005, 2007, 2008$100,000
Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law2013$25,000
SC Progressive Network Education Fund2014$20,000
SE Regional Economics Justice Network2010$50,000
SEAMAAC, Inc.2008, 2009$150,000
Sellers Dorsey Foundation2013, 2014$113,400
SER Corporation2005, 2007, 2008$65,000
Services and Advocacy For Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Elders Inc2015$29,000
Services Immigrant Rights and Education Network2008, 2009, 2010$88,750
Shirlington Employment and Education Center2015$125,000
Sierra Club Foundation2010$25,000
Silicon Valley De-Bug2014, 2015$100,000
SIREN2005, 2006$50,000
Sister Song2007, 2009-2011$250,000
SisterLove Inc2016$10,000
Sisters of St. Joseph Welcome Center2007, 2009$105,000
SOAR for Youth2014$30,000
Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs2016, 2017$290,753
Social Justice Fund NW2011$100,000
Social Science Research Council2002$20,000
Sojourners2007, 2009-2011, 2013, 2014$545,000
Somali Action Alliance Education Fund2011$50,000
Somos Mayfair2010$8,750
Sound Dollar Committee2004$52,020
South Asian American Leaders of Tomorrow2007-2009, 2004$248,000
South Asian Americans Leading Together2010-2017$1,105,000
South Asian Americans Leading Together2004, 2006-2009$255,000
South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center2009, 2013-2016$632,750
South Carolina Hispanic Outreach2005, 2007$25,000
South Carolinas Appleseed Legal Justice Center2011$156,000
South Florida Jobs with Justice2005$50,000
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center2013, 2015-2017$335,000
Southeast Asian Coalition2017$30,000
Southeast Asian Resource Action Center2001, 2004, 2014$224,365
Southeastern Michigan Health Association2016$25,000
Southern Coalition For Social Justice2015-2017$500,000
Southern Echo2004, 2005, 2010-2014$898,814
Southern Vision Alliance2015$25,000
Southerners on New Ground2014, 2015$100,000
Southwest Community Resources, Inc2004, 2005$200,000
Southwest Organizing Project2010, 2012$100,000
Southwest Youth Collaborative2004$50,000
SPARK Reproductive Justice Now2016$10,000
Stand for Children Leadership Center2009-2013$741,750
State Engagement Fund2017$85,000
State Voices2010, 2012-2017$4,699,421
Strategic Concepts In Organizing Policy Education (SCOPE)2012$125,000
Statewide Education Organizing Committee2007-2011$1,311,682
Steps Coalition2015$50,000
Student Action with Farmworkers2004-2009, 2011$460,000
Sunflower Action Committee2005, 2008$55,000
Sunflower Community Action2007, 2013, 2017$160,000
Sustainable Markets Foundation2005$10,000
Sustainable Nantucket Development Corporation2014$5,000
Sweatshop Watch2003, 2005$150,000
Syracuse University2009, 2010, 2013-2015$675,000
Syracuse University Office of Sponsored Programs2012$150,000
Tahirih Justice Center2004, 2014$90,000
TakeAction Minnesota2014$25,000
TakeAction Minnesota Education Fund2012$50,000
Target Area Development Corporation2009, 2010$107,000
Teachers Unite2013-2015$93,000
TeAda Productions2007, 2008$10,000
Ted Wang2007$2,900
Tenants and Workers United2008$25,000
Tennessee Health Care Campaign2004$25,000
Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition2005-2017$3,931,950
Texans for Public Justice2006$28,250
Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce Foundation2017$50,000
Texas Civic Engagement Table2012, 2013$376,500
Texas Organizing Project Education Fund2011-2016$662,500
The Advocates for Human Rights2008-2012$250,000
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The Beloved Comm. Center of Greensboro2006$50,000
The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University2015$20,000
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The Center for Progressive Leadership2014$50,000
The Crenulated Company LTD2013-2015$80,040
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The Regents of the University of Colorado2009$77,300
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The Spin Project2007$25,000
The Tavaputs Archaeological Project2005$97,000
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The UCLA Foundation2010-2014$236,650
The UCLA Foundation - The Williams Institute UCLA School of Law2015$150,000
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill2007$135,000
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The Young People's Project, Inc.2011-2014$125,672
Third Sector New England2004, 2005, 2009, 2012, 2013$210,000
Tides Center2008-2017$4,991,630
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Tides Foundation2012, 2013, 2015$517,050
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Together Wisconsin Inc2016$285,000
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Transactional Records Access2011$150,000
Transgender Law Center2012-2015, 2017$280,000
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Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York2008-2010$204,915
Tunica Teens In Action Inc2012-2014$100,672
U of Pittsburgh Office of Research2007$100,000
U.S. Chamber Watch2010, 2011$315,000
UCLA Williams Institute2014$83,350
UFW Foundation2013-2015$400,000
Union Theological Seminary2009-2012$225,000
Unite For Dignity2004, 2006-2008$250,000
United Hispanic Americans, Inc.2007, 2009$75,000
United Way of Allen County2007, 2009$75,000
United We Dream Network2014-2017$1,905,750
United Workers Association2011, 2012$75,000
Uniting North Carolina2009, 2011$69,000
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University of Arizona Foundation2015$119,802
University of California Williams Institute UCLA School of Law2004, 2016, 2017$250,000
University of Minnesota Foundation2006-2010, 2012$325,000
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill2004-2006$190,000
University of North Carolina School of Law2006$100,000
University of Pittsburgh Office of Research2006$100,000
University of San Francisco2009-2011$257,000
Urban Affairs Coalition2017$60,000
Urban Institute2004$85,000
Urban Justice Center2004-2012, 2014-2017$1,262,460
Urban Revival2004, 2005, 2008$170,000
US Action 2009$66,000
US Action Education Fund2010$40,000
US Hispanic Leadership Institute2010$100,000
US Human Rights Network2007-2010, 2012-2015$3,136,676
US PIRG2009$11,000
USAction Education Fund2012$35,000
Valle del Sol2011-2013$255,000
Vermont Workers' Center2013, 2014$115,000
Victoria Congressional Church2010$30,000
VIDA Legal Assistance Inc2014-2017$400,000
Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association Of New Orleans2015, 2017$80,000
Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church2010$20,000
Virginia Civic Engagement Table2016, 2017$200,000
Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy2014, 2015$155,000
Virginia New Majority2015, 2016$75,000
Virginia New Majority Education Fund2012-2014, 2016, 2017$677,500
Virginia Organizing, Inc.2011-2013$400,000
Voces de la Frontera2006-2017$1,875,000
Voces de la Frontera: Worker's Center2004$50,000
Vote Vets Action Fund Inc2014$70,000
Voter Punch2004-2007$195,330
Voting For America2014$35,000
Voto Laitno, Inc.2012-2014$370,000
Washington Alliance for Immigrants2002$40,000
Washington Progress Fund2012, 2013$85,000
We Are American Alliance2010$431,000
Welcoming America2011-2015$546,000
Wellstone Action Fund2011, 2013$70,000
West Harlem Environmental Action2004, 2005$200,000
West Town Leadership United2012$75,000
Western Conservation Foundation2007$222,400
Western Organization of Resource Councils Education Project2012-2017$1,088,500
Western Prison Project2004, 2005$150,000
Western States Center2010, 2011$250,000
Wichita Indochinese Center, Inc.2007$50,000
Wilderness Support Center2001$41,787
Willamette Law Project2009$15,000
William J Brennan Center for Justice Inc2014$133,000
WIN Minnesota2017$44,160
Win Win Network2017$45,000
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters2014$35,000
Wisconsin Voices2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017$678,500
Women Make Movies2010$30,000
Women USA2006$9,500
Women's Economic Agenda Project2006-2009$200,000
Women's Foundation2001$20,000
Women's Refugee Commission Inc2014$100,000
Women's Voices Women Vote Action Fund2013, 2014, 2016$125,000
Women's Voices, Women Vote2010$76,487
Workers Center for Racial Justice2015$15,000
Workers Defense Project2014$10,000
Working America Education Fund2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017$855,000
Workplace Project2009$15,000
Youth Advocacy Department2011$50,000
Youth Advocacy Foundation2009, 2010$100,000
Youth Development, Inc.2012, 2013$97,500
Youth Justice Coalition2009-2015$442,500
Youth Together2010-2014$245,973
Youth United for Change2007-2015$705,484
Youthbuild U.S.A.2012-2015$63,924
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation2013$35,000
Grand Total:$283,512,595


In 2012, the left-wing New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) reported that NEO Philanthropy (Public Interest Projects) had spent $90,707 lobbying in New York state in 2010. 80


Until 2015, NEO Philanthropy had two co-presidents, Michele Lord and Berta Colón. Since Colón’s departure in 2015, Lord has worked as the group’s sole president.


Michele Lord is president of both NEO Philanthropy and NEO Philanthropy Action Fund, a position she assumed in 2015 after working as co-president alongside Berta Colón. Lord simultaneously works as director of the Ottinger Foundation, a foundation that “supports work in the areas of economic justice, civic participation and environmental justice.” She was previously director of the Norman Foundation for six years, and “has overseen program evaluations” with the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Open Society Foundations (formerly Institute). 81 In 2017, Lord was paid $276,025 in total compensation. 82

Lord has a background in Democratic electoral politics. She also worked as director for the Congressional Caucus on Women’s Issues from 1984 to 1988. She later worked in the New York City Mayor’s Office 1990 to 1993 under then-Mayor David Dinkins (D). 83

From 2002 to 2015, Berta Colón was co-president of NEO Philanthropy alongside Michele Lord. After leaving NEO, Colón was briefly deputy director of El Museo del Barrio, a Latino cultural museum in New York City; she was fired from her position in May 2017 after less than a year’s time with the museum for “performance reasons” related to its $800,000 deficit. 84

NEO Philanthropy founder Donald Ross was president of the group from its creation in 1983 until he left in 2003. 85

Senior Staff

NEO Philanthropy’s senior operational staff consists of the following individuals: 86

Erin Ballard is chief operating officer of NEO Philanthropy.

Robert Bray is director of communications for NEO Philanthropy.

Sue Lim is chief financial officer for NEO Philanthropy.

Sarah Motola is NEO’s managing director of fiscal sponsorship.

Program Staff

In addition to its senior staff, NEO Philanthropy has three program directors who manage its individual funds. 87

Lisa Versaci is director of NEO’s State Infrastructure Fund. Versaci is also a consultant to the Democracy Alliance and is the former managing director of the Committee on States, the Democracy Alliance’s state-level counterpart.

Anita Khashu is director of NEO’s Four Freedoms Fund, a position she assumed in December 2014. Khashu previously worked as founding director of the Vera Institute for Justice’s Center on Immigration and Justice.88

Gratienne Baskin is director of NEO’s Anti-Trafficking Fund. Baskin previously worked for the Urban Justice Center as an Equal Justice Works Fellow.

Past Staff

Margarita Rubalcava was director of immigration for NEO Philanthropy from 2006 to 2014 as well as the director of the Four Freedoms Fund. Rubalcava is currently president of the left-of-center funder Borealis Philanthropy. 89

Lisa Guide was a key employee of NEO Philanthropy from 2003 to 2006. 90 Since 2003, Guide has also been associate director of the Rockefeller Family Fund. 91

Board of Directors

NEO Philanthropy’s board of directors in 2019 consisted of ten individuals: John Gilroy, director of the U.S. Public Lands program for Pew Charitable Trusts; Christopher Meyer, chief of staff for the Rockefeller Foundation project 100 Resilient Cities; Glenn Harris, president of Race Forward (formerly Applied Research Center); Cathy Albisa, co-founder of National Economic and Social Rights Initiative; Kristen Ruff, senior vice president of member services for Philanthropy New York; Darren Sandow, executive director of the Hagedorn Foundation; Kerrien Suarez, director of Equity in the Center (a project of ProInspire); Christina Schatz, a financial adviser; Sean Thomas-Breitfield, co-director of Building Movement Project; and Ben Wyskida, chief executive officer of Fenton Communications, a public affairs firm that caters to left-wing clients. 92

Board chair John Gilroy is a former campaign staffer for the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), a position he held from 1980 to 1984 during the tenure of NYPIRG director and NEO Philanthropy founder Donald Ross. 93 From 2013 to 2017, Gilroy was NEO’s board chair.

Past Board Members

NEO Philanthropy founder Donald Ross was president of the group and a board member from its creation in 1983 until he left in 2003. Ross’s wife, Helen Klein Ross, was also a board member during that period. 94

Patricia Bauman was a NEO board member from 2012 to 2017. Bauman is president of the Bauman Family Foundation and a major donor to left-wing causes. She is a board member of the Democracy Alliance, a network of top-ranking left-wing funders and influencers. 95

Susan Stamler was a board member from at least 2001 to 2011. Stamler was vice president of Malkin & Ross from 2010 to 2015, the firm owned by Donald Ross. 96

Madeline Janis was a NEO board member from 2012 to 2013. Janis is co-founder and executive director of Jobs to Move America. 97


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Nonprofit Information

  • Accounting Period: December - November
  • Tax Exemption Received: July 1, 1984

  • Available Filings

    Period Form Type Total revenue Total functional expenses Total assets (EOY) Total liabilities (EOY) Unrelated business income? Total contributions Program service revenue Investment income Comp. of current officers, directors, etc. Form 990
    2021 Dec Form 990 $144,358,199 $105,641,701 $141,436,471 $14,388,664 N $143,384,879 $895,158 $73,580 $1,441,811
    2020 Dec Form 990 $133,422,585 $127,961,206 $96,344,863 $7,297,986 N $132,519,400 $583,832 $237,358 $1,166,710
    2019 Dec Form 990 $106,981,767 $73,819,124 $88,230,924 $7,371,871 N $105,920,348 $592,005 $481,936 $1,087,042 PDF
    2018 Dec Form 990 $83,350,838 $68,749,210 $50,522,759 $2,292,472 Y $82,558,325 $492,485 $300,050 $1,034,978 PDF
    2017 Dec Form 990 $58,068,414 $45,086,138 $34,839,820 $1,217,787 N $57,238,552 $723,953 $107,468 $914,816
    2016 Dec Form 990 $38,374,187 $38,557,461 $21,700,060 $1,060,303 N $37,899,323 $394,370 $116,499 $566,759 PDF
    2015 Dec Form 990 $39,361,192 $39,701,506 $22,850,503 $2,078,976 N $38,892,928 $356,978 $139,787 $921,044 PDF
    2014 Dec Form 990 $51,747,439 $46,872,485 $26,376,645 $1,819,349 N $51,239,616 $352,160 $163,813 $710,235 PDF
    2013 Dec Form 990 $41,666,258 $38,578,027 $21,472,295 $1,843,839 N $41,190,902 $327,653 $140,510 $663,025 PDF
    2012 Dec Form 990 $43,722,631 $42,281,349 $19,399,248 $2,760,341 N $43,089,557 $528,297 $166,948 $436,755 PDF
    2011 Dec Form 990 $34,557,948 $32,847,684 $16,514,171 $1,369,128 N $33,780,257 $669,780 $170,484 $513,580 PDF
    2010 Dec Form 990 $30,206,535 $30,510,933 $14,155,549 $801,639 N $29,417,139 $533,074 $301,225 $247,333 PDF

    Additional Filings (PDFs)

    NEO Philanthropy

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