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Budget (2019):

Revenue: $200,415,091
Expenses: $155,533,057
Assets: $166,214,850




Center-Left Fiscal Sponsorship Nonprofit


Drummond Pike

Chief Executive Officer:

Tuti Scott (2019-Present) 1

Kriss Deiglmeier (2014-2019) 2


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Latest Tax Filing:

2020 Form 990

2019 Form 990

For more information, see Tides Nexus

The Tides Center is a left-of-center nonprofit created to manage the fiscal sponsorship services of its “sister” organization, the Tides Foundation. Both groups are part of the Tides Nexus of pass-through and fiscal sponsorship nonprofits based in San Francisco, California. Tuti Scott is the CEO of Tides, a position she has held since approximately September 2019. 1

The Tides Nexus (a blanket term covering all associated groups) has since grown to incorporate eight nonprofits, including various supporting entities, investment management nonprofits, a 501(c)(4) advocacy group, and a single controlling organization (the Tides Network).


The Tides Foundation pioneered “fiscal sponsorship” (or “incubation”), a process in which a sponsor organization is paid to act as an umbrella under which new center-left political groups may fundraise and operate prior to achieving recognition of tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), at which point they’re often spun off into standalone nonprofits. In 1996, Tides passed its fiscal sponsorship services to a separate nonprofit, the Tides Center.

The Tides Center serves as a “legal firewall insulating the Tides Foundation from potential lawsuits” filed by those potentially harmed by Tides Foundation-funded projects and assists in the organization and creation of new left-of-center political advocacy organizations. 2 The Tides Center offers an array of services to help organizations from their inception onward, including helping organizations to find office space, run a new office, apply for grants, conduct public relations, handle personnel, complete payroll, budget, manage contracts, face legal challenges, and comply with government regulations. 34

Fiscal Sponsorship (Incubation)

The Tides Center operates as an umbrella group providing 501(c)(3) status to groups who cannot or prefer not to apply for charitable status themselves, often while they await recognition of tax exemption from the IRS (a process called “fiscal sponsorship” or “incubation”). Groups under the Tides Center umbrella inherit the tax-exempt charitable status from Tides, allowing them to accept tax-deductible contributions without an IRS. 5

The Tides Center has been described as an organization that “washes” away the paper trail between its grants and the original donor.6 Tides Founder Drummond Pike stated, “Anonymity is very important to most of the people we work with.” 7 Tides’ funding model allows donors to fund newly created projects anonymously through Tides and with the advantages of Tides being a nonprofit prior to the project receiving tax exempt status.

Tides Center Projects

The Tides Center has incubated numerous left-wing organizations since its inception. Some remain fiscal projects of the Tides Center (unincorporated organizations maintained by Tides); others have since become independent nonprofits. According to the right-of-center website Discover the Networks, between 1996 and 2010, “the Tides Center served as a fiscal sponsor to some 677 separate projects with combined revenues of $522.4 million; in 2010 alone, the Center was actively managing nearly 200 projects.”8

The Alliance for Safety and Justice and Californians for Safety and Justice are current projects (as of July 2020) of the Tides Center focused on criminal justice reform in the U.S. and California, respectively. 9 10 A close affiliate, the Alliance for Safety and Justice Action Fund, is a 501(c)(4) project of Tides Advocacy (a Tides Foundation affiliate; formerly The Advocacy Fund). 11

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, one of the lead organizations in the left-of-center Black Lives Matter and led by self-described “trained Marxists,” is one of the better known groups that operates under the Tides Center’s umbrella. 12 The Global Network Foundation began in 2016 as a project for the center-left fiscal sponsor Thousand Currents and was officially transferred to the Tides Center in July 2020. 13  Thousand Currents’ board included Susan Rosenberg, a convicted member of the May 19th Communist Organization responsible for multiple bombings in the 1980s. 14

Past organizations incubated by the Tides Center include:

Environmental Working Group 15

Environmental Media Services 16

Natural Resources Defense Council 17

Trade Research Consortium 18

People for the American Way 19

Social Venture Network 20

Women Donors Network 21

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations 22

Center for Social Inclusion 23

Apollo Alliance (now the BlueGreen Alliance) 24


Drummond Pike

Drummond Pike is the co-founder of the Tides Nexus of groups, although he has since retired from the organizations. A veteran political activist, Pike began his career in 1970 as associate director for the now-defunct Youth Project in Washington, D.C., a group formed to give young people with inherited wealth a way to channel donations. 25

While Pike did not develop donor-advised funds himself (DAFs have been used by community foundations since the early 20th century), the Youth Project’s model of guiding funding from individual donors to nonprofit political causes reportedly inspired the creation of the Tides Foundation in 1976, which utilized DAFs to encourage individuals to donate to Tides since they would hold an advisory role in its grantmaking. 26 Funding for the project came from Jane Lehman, heiress to the fortune generated by the Reynolds tobacco conglomerate and an ex-president of the center-left Arca Foundation. In 1979, Pike extended Tides’ services to incubating new liberal nonprofits (or “projects”), a system known as fiscal sponsorship. 27

In 2018, Pike wrote in the Chronicle of Philanthropy that he and some Tides colleagues “should share some of the blame” for the rapid growth in so-called commercial DAF providers, which are held by 501(c)(3) public charities associated with for-profit investment firms such as Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments. He goes on to say, “We borrowed a sleepy device [DAFs] deployed by community foundations to attract donors,” normalizing that model with the IRS and laying the groundwork for other DAF-based organizations. Pike adds, “DAFs should be treated with rules mirroring those applied to private foundations: donor disclosure, the same limits on deductions for gifts of stock, and minimum annual payouts calculated on a fund-by-fund basis.”28 29

Pike resigned his leadership of the Tides organizations in 2010. He has been a board member for numerous left-progressive organizations outside of the Tides Nexus, including the Democracy AllianceEnlyst FundJK Irwin Foundation, Underdog Foundation, Island PressInstitute for New Economic ThinkingEnvironmental Working Group, Endswell Foundation, Working Assets, Network for Good, Sage Centre, Threshold Foundation, and Charity Projects Entertainment Fund, Groundspring, Social Venture NetworkSierra Fund, and America’s Charities. 30


Tuti Scott is the CEO of Tides, a position she has held since approximately September 2019. 31

Kriss Deiglmeier was CEO of Tides from 2014 to late 2019, when she retired from the organization. 32


Financial Overview

In 2018, the Tides Center reported total revenues of $150 million ($137 million of which came from grants to the group), $137 million in total expenses (including $28 million in grants paid to other groups), and net assets of $102 million. 33

From 2005 to 2007 alone the Tides Center made 345 grants worth $25.3 million. 34

Donors to Tides Center

According to recent tax filings, the Tides Center received over $19 million in government grants in 2018.35 According to as of August 2020, it has received $33 million from the federal government since fiscal year 2008, with at least $24.9 million of that having been awarded since fiscal year 2016.36 Major sources of federal funding include the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Tides Center also counts major left-of-center foundations as donors, including the W.K. Kellogg Foundation,37 the Ford Foundation,38 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,39 and George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. 40

In 2019, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) donated $7,517,000 to the Tides Foundation and another $6,860,066 to the Tides Center. 41

Grants from Tides Center

In 2019, the Tides Center paid out $16.7 million in grants to other, largely left-of-center, nonprofits: 42

Grant RecipientAmountYear
Tides Foundation$3,496,826 2019
Fund for the City of New York$850,000 2019
Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability$713,140 2019
Homeless Youth Alliance$505,582 2019
Fair Work Center$399,020 2019
Reinvent Stockton Foundation$392,987 2019
Rocky Mountain Wolf Project Action Fund$333,650 2019
Child Welfare Innovation Incorporated$300,000 2019
The New America Foundation$262,000 2019
New Venture Fund$250,000 2019
Smithsonian Institution$250,000 2019
AI4All$240,635 2019
University of Minnesota Foundation$230,000 2019
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum$215,378 2019
Proteus Fund$200,000 2019
A New Way of Life Reentry Project$182,000 2019
The Reverence Project$180,000 2019
California Budget and Policy Center$150,000 2019
California Charter Schools Association$150,000 2019
South Central Family Health Center$150,000 2019
Community Bonds$123,281 2019
Lift Up Contra Costa Action$121,250 2019
Community Foundation of San Joaquin$114,100 2019
The Global Development Incubator$107,679 2019
Alameda Health System Foundation$100,000 2019
Alex's Health System Foundation$100,000 2019
Alliance Medical Center$100,000 2019
Bartz-Altadonna Community Health Center$100,000 2019
County of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency$100,000 2019
Family Health Centers of San Diego$100,000 2019
Korean Community Services$100,000 2019
Livingston Community Health$100,000 2019
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services$100,000 2019
Mission City Community Network$100,000 2019
Neighborhood Healthcare$100,000 2019
St. John's Well Child and Family Center$100,000 2019
The Children's Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families$100,000 2019
West County Health Centers$100,000 2019
Center for Community Research$75,000 2019
Community Works West$75,000 2019
Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz County$75,000 2019
Open Door Community Health Centers$75,000 2019
San Benito County Public Health Services$75,000 2019
Faith in Action Network$71,200 2019
Media Mobilizing Project$67,026 2019
The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania$65,000 2019
Alliance for Global Justice$63,305 2019
Spark Reproductive Justice Now$60,225 2019
Community Foundation of Snohoish County$60,177 2019
SisterReach$60,034 2019
Families for Justice as Healing$60,000 2019
Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities$55,516 2019
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health$55,000 2019
SisterLove$55,000 2019
Chinese Progressive Association$54,543 2019
Movement Strategy Center$52,500 2019
Alameda County Behavioral Healthcare$50,000 2019
Asian Health Services$50,000 2019
Axis Community Health$50,000 2019
Behavioral Health Services$50,000 2019
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice$50,000 2019
Chapa-De Indian Health Program$50,000 2019
Clinica MSR. Oscar A. Romero$50,000 2019
Community Health Centers of the Central Coast$50,000 2019
El Dorado County Community Health Center$50,000 2019
Family Health Care Centers of Greater Los Angeles$50,000 2019
Fresno New Connection$50,000 2019
Golden Valley Health Center$50,000 2019
Hill Country Community Clinic$50,000 2019
JWCH Institute$50,000 2019
Korean Health Education Information Research Center$50,000 2019
La Clinica de la Raza$50,000 2019
Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor UCLA Medical Center$50,000 2019
Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse$50,000 2019
Marin City Health and Wellness Center$50,000 2019
MLK Health and Wellness Community Development Corporation$50,000 2019
Mountain Valleys Health Centers$50,000 2019
NC Community Bail Fund of Durham$50,000 2019
Northeast Valley Health Corporation$50,000 2019
Northern Inyo Healthcare District$50,000 2019
Olive View-UCLA Education and Research Institute$50,000 2019
Pinky Swear Foundation$50,000 2019
Plumas Health Care Foundation$50,000 2019
Reedley Community Hospital$50,000 2019
Salud Para La Gente$50,000 2019
Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics$50,000 2019
Santa Ynez Tribal Health Clinic$50,000 2019
School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County$50,000 2019
Sonoma County Indian Health Project$50,000 2019
St Vincent de Paul Village$50,000 2019
The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$50,000 2019
Tri-City Health Center$50,000 2019
University of California$50,000 2019
Valey Health Associates$50,000 2019
United Charitable$49,875 2019
American Association of State Colleges and Universities$45,000 2019
Community Labor United$45,000 2019
Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy$45,000 2019
Mobile Environmental Justice$45,000 2019
Native Organizers Alliance$45,000 2019
United Way of Greater Atlanta$45,000 2019
Episcopal City Mission$41,491 2019
Engage San Diego$40,000 2019
Power California$40,000 2019
Access Reproductive Care$35,000 2019
Feminist Women's Health Center$35,000 2019
Learning Policy Institute$35,000 2019
Springboard to Opportunities$32,500 2019
Healthy and Free Tennessee$32,362 2019
Memphis Center for Reproductive Health$32,362 2019
Women Engaged$30,113 2019
Center for the Study of Child Care Employment$30,000 2019
Ex-Offender Fellowship Network$30,000 2019
Jamaa Birth Village$30,000 2019
Momsrising Education Fund$30,000 2019
Community Capacity Development$29,000 2019
Habesha$29,000 2019
Sankofa Farms$29,000 2019
The Boulevard Church$29,000 2019
The Chicago Leadership Alliance$29,000 2019
Village of Wisdom$29,000 2019
Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project$28,000 2019
Positive Women's Network USA$27,500 2019
Women's Law Project$25,500 2019
Accounting for Your Future$25,000 2019
Carolina youth Action Project$25,000 2019
Global Communities of Hope$25,000 2019
GVNGORG$25,000 2019
Holler Health Justice$25,000 2019
Indigenous Visision$25,000 2019
Restoreher USAmerica$25,000 2019
Spirithouse$25,000 2019
FII - National$24,500 2019
Boreal Songbird Initiative$24,423 2019
American Friends Service Committee$24,400 2019
Regents of the University of California Irvine$20,240 2019
Black Phoenix Organizing Collective$20,000 2019
Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency$20,000 2019
Charitable Ventures of Orange County$20,000 2019
Communities in Schools of San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles$20,000 2019
Escondido Union High School District$20,000 2019
Fairfax County Public Schools$20,000 2019
Faith in the Valley$20,000 2019
Homeboy Industries$20,000 2019
Inland Congregations United for Change Sponsoring Committee$20,000 2019
Leadership Public Schools$20,000 2019
New Hampshire Learning Initiative$20,000 2019
Pillars of the Community$20,000 2019
Santa Fe Dreamers Project$20,000 2019
Scoial Good Fund$20,000 2019
The Colorado Education Initiative$20,000 2019
The Kohala Center$20,000 2019
Two Rivers Public Charter School$20,000 2019
Judson Memorial Church$19,500 2019
Equal Rights Advocates$19,186 2019
Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice$18,500 2019
La Colectiva$18,500 2019
Mano Amiga$18,500 2019
Immersion for Spanish Language Acquisition$18,490 2019
Freedom for Immigrants$17,703 2019
Adelante Alabama Worker Center$15,000 2019
Arizona State University Foundation for a New American University$15,000 2019
Central Arkansas Harm Reduction Project$15,000 2019
Charleston County School District$15,000 2019
Joy Like a River United Church of Christ$15,000 2019
Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective$15,000 2019
Los Angeles Unified School District$15,000 2019
Mississippi Action for Community Education$15,000 2019
Oakland Unified School District$15,000 2019
Open Buffalo$15,000 2019
Reproductive Justice Action Collective$15,000 2019
San Francisco Unified School District$15,000 2019
Shelby County Public Schools$15,000 2019
Small Schools for Equity$15,000 2019
United Friends of the Children$15,000 2019
University of Arkansas$15,000 2019
Wake County Public School System$15,000 2019
Belchertown Public Schools$14,924 2019
Institute of Art Therapy$14,790 2019
Town of Wesport$13,040 2019
Transplanting Traditions Community Farm$12,220 2019
Grassroots Leadership Inc$12,000 2019
Fang Collective$10,000 2019
New Sancuary Coalition$10,000 2019
Proyecto Azteca$10,000 2019
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project$10,000 2019
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Pittsburgh and Morgantown$10,000 2019
Texas Equal Access Fund$10,000 2019
The Liberation House: KBCAN$10,000 2019
Chicago Community Bond Fund$9,500 2019
Massachusetts Bail Fund$9,500 2019
Community Success Initiative$8,252 2019
Arriba Las Vegas Worker Center$7,500 2019
Carolina Federation$7,500 2019
Digital Harbor Foundation$7,500 2019
Highlander Research and Education Center$7,500 2019
Louisiana Rise$7,500 2019
Native Movement$7,500 2019
Tree of Life Congregation$7,025 2019
Young Men's Christian Association of the Greater Twin Cities$7,000 2019
Minnesota Freedom Fund$6,105 2019
Philadelphia Bail Fund$6,083 2019
WhyHunger$6,000 2019
Freedom Fund Network$5,872 2019
Northwest Community Bail Fund$5,506 2019
Cville Immigrant Bond Fund$5,088 2019

Financial Documents


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Directors, Employees & Supporters

  1. Tuti Scott
    Chief Executive Officer (2019-Present)
  2. Kriss Deiglmeier
    Former CEO (2014-2019)

Donor Organizations

  1. Aaron and Martha Schecter Private Foundation (SHIFT) (Non-profit)
  2. Advancement Project (Non-profit)
  3. Angell Foundation (Non-profit)
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Nonprofit Information

  • Accounting Period: December - November
  • Tax Exemption Received: January 1, 1995

  • Available Filings

    Period Form Type Total revenue Total functional expenses Total assets (EOY) Total liabilities (EOY) Unrelated business income? Total contributions Program service revenue Investment income Comp. of current officers, directors, etc. Form 990
    2019 Dec Form 990 $200,415,091 $155,533,057 $166,214,850 $16,804,088 N $171,030,552 $27,737,842 $2,113,792 $0 PDF
    2018 Dec Form 990 $150,459,155 $147,810,417 $122,229,712 $20,645,744 Y $137,116,829 $11,480,746 $1,722,664 $0 PDF
    2017 Dec Form 990 $152,477,814 $124,313,268 $114,897,778 $14,910,586 Y $140,696,542 $10,744,275 $1,273,700 $0 PDF
    2016 Dec Form 990 $111,222,369 $110,657,162 $83,179,454 $11,408,594 Y $97,647,384 $13,015,427 $671,144 $0 PDF
    2015 Dec Form 990 $104,127,247 $98,686,850 $80,310,038 $9,133,793 N $90,488,342 $13,232,655 $593,590 $0 PDF
    2014 Dec Form 990 $95,574,874 $97,699,436 $75,078,370 $9,130,623 N $83,006,016 $12,116,554 $403,407 $0 PDF
    2013 Dec Form 990 $92,925,976 $90,010,931 $75,990,096 $7,768,636 N $82,917,247 $9,859,961 $443,382 $0 PDF
    2012 Dec Form 990 $86,014,685 $95,532,629 $72,150,699 $6,253,323 Y $75,941,529 $9,595,709 $605,677 $0 PDF
    2011 Dec Form 990 $105,027,833 $99,076,893 $82,300,644 $7,270,093 Y $94,079,671 $10,074,349 $753,819 $358,626 PDF

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