Lisa Guide


Associate Director, Rockefeller Family Fund

Lisa Guide is associate director of the Rockefeller Family Fund, a position she has held since 2003. Guide was a key employee of the center-left pass-through nonprofit NEO Philanthropy from 2003 to 2006. 1 Prior to that, she worked for the Clinton administration’s Council on Environmental Quality. 2


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  2. “Lisa Guide.” LinkedIn. Accessed May 31, 2019.

Connected Organizations

  1. Clinton Administration (Government Agency)
    Staffer, Council on Environmental Quality (1998-2000)
  2. Democracy Alliance Conferences (Other Group)
    Participant, Spring 2015; Fall 2018; Spring 2019
  3. NEO Philanthropy (Non-profit)
    Former Employee (2003-2007)
  4. Rockefeller Family Fund (Non-profit)
    Associate Director (2003-Present)
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