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Freedom, Inc. is a radical-left advocacy group in Madison, Wisconsin. If focuses on ending violence against people of color, women, and “non-traditional gender identities,” which the organization blames on poverty, racism, and discrimination.  1

The organization says it is a coalition-based on “activism campaigning for Gender Justice, Queer Justice, and Black and Southeast Asian Liberation.” 2


Freedom Inc has sponsored events in Madison such as the “Day Without Womyn” March in 2017. It was joined by 700 women on International Women’s Day, which the organization calls “International Womyn’s Day.” 3

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization issued an letter on April 14, 2020 blaming President Donald Trump violence against Asian Americans. The letter said, “We know that the most violent act against us during COVID-19 is Trump calling this virus the ‘Chinese Virus.’ This one act alone incited and condoned the string of attacks on our community.” 4

Freedom Inc. was the first to push for the Madison Metropolitan School District’s to end its contract with the Madison Police Department to “get cops out of schools.” The Madison Area Democratic Socialists of America later joined the effort. 5

The group has been scrutinized by even the liberal Madison and Dane County area for an “in-your-face” aggressive and threatening approach at public meetings. 6

In June 2019, Freedom Inc. led a group to storm a meeting of the Dane County Board of Supervisors at which the board approved $148 million for jail renovations. The protestors chanted, “our meeting,” “shut them down” and “build people, not jails.” Zon Moua, director of youth organizing for Freedom, Inc., said at the meeting: “What young people need to be successful is not cages.” 7


Adams is the co-executive director. For most of Adams’ life, her father was incarcerated. She became an activist against police violence. The organization describes her as “a queer black person.” Adams has been active in the “Take Back the Land Movement,” and presented its policies before the United Nations for the Convention on Eliminating Racial Discrimination. 8

Kabzuag Vaj is the other co-executive director. She was born in Laos and came to this country as a refugee child with her mother and siblings. She devoted most of her professional life to fighting gender-based violence, according to the organization. 9

Sheur Yang is the finance director. She has been engaged in advocacy for Hmong women, children and LBGT issues. She previously worked for the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance as a financial examiner. 10

Jessica Williams is the black domestic violence advocate. She is one of the co-chairs for the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. She was previously a chemical safety specialist with the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 11


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