Spitfire Strategies



Political Consulting Firm

Founder and President:

Kristen Grimm


Washington, D.C.

San Francisco, CA

New York, NY

Spitfire Strategies is a Washington, D.C.-based political consulting and strategy firm. The firm was founded by Kristen Grimm, a Democratic Party operative and campaign strategist who also serves on the board of directors left-leaning groups like the Windward Fund.

Directors, Employees & Supporters

  1. Kristen Grimm
    Founder and President


  1. Advancement Project (Non-profit)
  2. Alliance for Justice (AFJ) (Non-profit)
  3. Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) (Non-profit)
  4. Annie E. Casey Foundation (Non-profit)
  5. Aspen Institute (Non-profit)
  6. Atlantic Philanthropies (Non-profit)
  7. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Non-profit)
  8. Brookings Institution (Non-profit)
  9. California Endowment (Non-profit)
  10. Center for Community Change (CCC) (Non-profit)
  11. ClimateWorks Foundation (Non-profit)
  12. Color of Change (Non-profit)
  13. Colorado Trust (Non-profit)
  14. Community Catalyst (Non-profit)
  15. Conservation International (Non-profit)
  16. Constitution Project (TCP) (Non-profit)
  17. Council on Foundations (Non-profit)
  18. David and Lucile Packard Foundation (Non-profit)
  19. Embrey Family Foundation (Non-profit)
  20. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) (Non-profit)
  21. Equal Justice Works (Non-profit)
  22. Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund (Non-profit)
  23. Gordon E. and Betty I. Moore Foundation (Non-profit)
  24. Greenpeace (Non-profit)
  25. Human Rights Campaign (Non-profit)
  26. James Irvine Foundation (Non-profit)
  27. Media Democracy Fund (MDF) (Non-profit)
  28. Meridian Institute (Non-profit)
  29. National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (Non-profit)
  30. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) (Non-profit)
  31. NEO Philanthropy (Non-profit)
  32. New Venture Fund (NVF) (Non-profit)
  33. NoVo Foundation (Non-profit)
  34. Open Society Foundations (OSF) (Non-profit)
  35. Progressive States Network (PSN) (Non-profit)
  36. Sierra Club (Non-profit)
  37. State Voices (Non-profit)
  38. Surdna Foundation (Non-profit)
  39. Tides Foundation (Non-profit)
  40. W. K. Kellogg Foundation (Non-profit)
  41. Walton Family Foundation (Non-profit)
  42. William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (Non-profit)
  43. World Resources Institute (WRI) (Non-profit)
  44. World Wide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund) (Non-profit)
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