Kristen Grimm


Political Consultant

Founder and President, Spitfire Strategies

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Kristen Grimm is a Democratic-aligned political consultant and campaign strategist. She is founder and president of Spitfire Strategies, a consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. that caters to professional groups on the Left.

Connected Organizations

  1. Alaska Wilderness League (Non-profit)
    Former Board Member (2014-2017)
  2. Aspen Institute (Non-profit)
  3. Fenton Communications (For-profit)
    Former Chief Operations Officer (1997-2001)
  4. Grist Magazine (Non-profit)
    Board Member
  5. Narrative Initiative (Non-profit)
    Advisory Board Member
  6. Spitfire Strategies (For-profit)
    Founder and President
  7. Windward Fund (Non-profit)
    Board Member
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