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The American Bird Conservancy is an environmentalist organization specializing in bird conservation. The organization advocates for left-leaning environmental policies in the name of conservation across the world, focusing primarily on the Western Hemisphere.

The organization both funds various conservation projects and advocates for left-of-center environmentalist public policies such as the Endangered Species Act, regulatory action to limit human-caused global warming, and broader restrictions on farming, building construction, and pesticides. 1


The American Bird Conservancy was founded in 1994 in The Plains, Virginia by George Fenwick, who was looking to establish a non-profit centered around environmentalist issues particularly pertaining to wild birds. Fenwick, who was also a bird watcher, ran the organization with help from his wife Rita, who was also on staff until both retired in 2017. 2

In 2017, Fenwick stepped down as the president of the group he had founded and was replaced by Mike Parr, who had worked at the Conservancy since 1996. 3 The organization keeps its headquarters in The Plains, Virginia about 40 miles from Washington, D.C.; the group also has an office in Washington, D.C. 4


According to the American Bird Conservancy’s Annual Report, the following individuals, foundations, and groups gave over $50,000 to the organization in 2018:5


Former American Bird Conservancy President George Fenwick had stressed that there are many things that kill rare birds, including stray cats, man made structures (especially windows), and climate change, being quoted as saying that “climate change may be the greatest issue facing the world today” but also stressed the need to focus on other issues. The organization claims that one major killer of birds is glass windows, with the organization stating that nearly 1 billion birds die from glass collisions in the US annually. which led the organization to support H.R. 919, the Bird-Safe Buildings Act, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives in July 2020 and if enacted, would require the U.S. General Services Administration to add costly construction and design standards to federal government buildings in an attempt to prevent bird strikes. 6

The organization also critical of wind turbines and their effect on bird population. The organization claims that windmills and other wind energy infrastructure kills thousands of birds annually, including golden eagles. 7

Another key issue that the American Bird Conservancy has engaged in is support of expanding the number of birds listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act, which would place land use restrictions on a greater number of private property owners. 8

Associated Organizations

Other bird-oriented organizations that partner with the ABC include groups such as The Bird Conservation Alliance, Partners in Flight, and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative. These groups often receive funding from the ABC for conservation and advocacy projects in the US and Latin America, as well as partnering on various projects such as placement and restrictions on wind turbines. 9


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