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States Newsroom (formerly the Newsroom Network) consists of a number of left-of-center media outlets that cover state-level politics and policy and a Washington, D.C. bureau that claims to focus on congressional delegations and key Supreme Court decisions that specifically affect the states.

Before 2019, the Newsroom Network was a fiscally sponsored project of the Hopewell Fund, a left-leaning 501(c)(3) funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit managed by the Washington, D.C.-based consultancy firm Arabella Advisors, which manages multiple high-dollar left-leaning philanthropic organizations. [1] In 2019, States Newsroom re-branded and received independent nonprofit status.

A past job posting by States Newsroom referred to the organization as a “progressive political journalism startup.”[2]

Washington, D.C. Affiliate

States Newsroom’s website claims to be made up of state-based news outlets and a national bureau in Washington, D.C. that reports on “congressional delegations and key Supreme Court and administrative decisions that affect the states,” yet any links to a website for the D.C. bureau do not exist on the website or the list of affiliates. Newsroom Network has a Twitter page that mostly retweets posts from the state affiliate outlets and rarely posts original tweets. [3] [4] [5]

State Affiliates

Arizona Mirror is the Arizona state affiliate of States Newsroom. The Mirror focuses on issues such as immigration, criminal justice and policing, and law and government. The Mirror also covers social liberal issues such as LGBT interests and abortion policy. [6]

Maine Beacon is a website news outlet and affiliated podcast that covers local politics and social issues in Maine. The Beacon claims to “promote a progressive worldview based on community, fairness and investing in the future.” [7]

Colorado Independent is the Colorado state affiliate of the Newsroom. The online outlet focuses on promoting left-of-center causes including the impeachment of President Donald Trump, gun control, and environmentalism. Susan Greene , the editor, , has received recognition from left-leaning organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Society of Professional Journalists. [8] [9]

Florida Phoenix is the Florida state affiliate of the Newsroom Network of state media outlets. It covers local politics as well as left-of-center issues in Florida. [10] [11] [12]

Maryland Matters is the Maryland state affiliate of the Newsroom Network. The outlet covers the same social justice issues as many of the other affiliated organizations. Maryland Matters focuses mainly on energy and environmental issues, liberal healthcare policy, and education. [13]

Michigan Advance is the Michigan state affiliate of the Newsroom Network. Advance covers  racial issues, left-of-center women’s policy, LGBT interests, and immigration. Advance also covers local politics and environmental issues. [14]

North Carolina Policy Watch is the North Carolina affiliate outlet of the Newsroom Network. NC Policy Watch focuses on left-wing issues such as abortion rights, environmentalism, and others. The Progressive Pulse is a blog connected to NC Policy Watch which posts similar stories to those posted on NC Policy Watch. Rob Schofield, director of NC Policy Watch, has worked for left-leaning organizations in the past such as ACLU of Illinois and Migrant Legal Action Program. [15] [16]

Nevada Current is the Nevada state affiliate of the Newsroom Network. The Current covers issues including immigration, national politics, and LGBT interests. [17]

Pennsylvania Capital-Star is the Pennsylvania state affiliate of the Newsroom Network. The Capital-Star covers as immigration, environmentalism, LGBT rights, and abortion rights. [18]

Virginia Mercury is the Virginia state affiliate of the Newsroom Network. The Mercury covers local and state politics and issues such as criminal justice reform and environmentalism. [19]


Chris Fitzsimon is the director and publisher for the Newsroom Network. Fitzsimon is the founder and previous director of the Common Sense Foundation, a left-of-center think tank based in Raleigh, North Carolina that has been defunct since 2010. He was also founder and director of NC Policy Watch (now a Newsroom affiliate organization) and an author for NC Spin, both left-leaning news outlets that cover state legislatures and local-level policy. [20]

Andrea Verykoukis is the deputy director of the Newsroom Network. She was previously and author for the Progressive Pulse, a left-leaning legislative blog project of NC Policy Watch. [21]

Nelle Dunlap is the digital director for the Newsroom Network. She previously worked as the media director for NC Policy Watch. [22]


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