Hopewell Fund




Tax ID:


Tax-Exempt Status:


Budget (2017):

Revenue: $130,616,293
Expenses: $28,843,397
Assets: $119,425,489


Left-Wing Funding and Fiscal Sponsorship Nonprofit

Managed By:

Arabella Advisors


Lee Bodner

Eric Kessler (2015-2016)

Latest Tax Filing:

2019 Form 990

The Hopewell Fund is a 501(c)(3) funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit managed by Arabella Advisors, a Washington, D.C.-based philanthropy consulting firm. The Hopewell Fund manages a number of left-of-center single-issue advocacy groups, including the Economic Security Project and pro-Obamacare Get America Covered.

The Hopewell Fund often operates alongside its “sister” nonprofits, primarily the 501(c)(4) Sixteen Thirty Fund and 501(c)(3) New Venture Fund, which both provide similar funding and fiscal sponsorship services to center-left advocacy organizations. All three funds are administered by Arabella Advisors, a Washington, D.C.-based philanthropy consulting firm that caters to left-leaning clients. The Windward Fund, another 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is also managed by Arabella Advisors and performs similar functions.

“Fake” Groups

The Hopewell Fund, like all four nonprofits managed by the for-profit consultancy Arabella Advisors, primarily exists to sponsor a number of “fake” groups: websites designed to look like standalone nonprofits. These “fake” groups rarely become fully-fledged nonprofits; instead, they typically exist to effect an issue advocacy campaign pushing left-wing policies and may disappear after the campaign is finished. The Hopewell Fund is one of the newer of Arabella’s four nonprofits, founded in 2015, and most of the “fake” groups it sponsors are focused on expanding abortion access and criticizing President Donald Trump’s healthcare policies. [1]

The Hopewell Fund describes its mission as “facilitat[ing] rapid and efficient launchers of well-resourced projects with diverse revenue and funding models, including charitable contributions and investments.” The group is managed by Arabella Advisors, which provides the nonprofit with staffers, “operational support in managing the organization,” and “supplemental consulting support for some Hopewell Fund projects” in exchange for fees paid to the company by the Hopewell Fund. [2]

The following are an example of known projects sponsored by the Hopewell Fund, more of which are listed at the bottom of this profile (under “Child Organizations”).

Equity Forward

Equity Forward is a project of the Hopewell Fund that aims to criticize legislation created by the Trump administration regarding healthcare. Equity Forward runs a campaign named “HHS Watch” that publishes opposition research on Trump administration nominees that are associated with socially conservative groups, especially those that are attacked by the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center. [3]

NFL Players Coalition

In December 2017, the Hopewell Fund became the fiscal sponsor of the NFL Players Coalition, the charitable vehicle created by the National Football League in November 2018 to “contribute $89 million over seven years to social justice causes.” [4] Hopewell Fund l was reportedly promised 50 percent of the total sum.

Economic Security Project

Hopewell Fund manages the Economic Security Project, which promotes guaranteed basic income. Such a program would create government cash payments to individuals. [5] [6] To this end, the Economic Security Project funds the Roosevelt Institute, the nominally libertarian Niskanen Center, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Center for Popular Democracy, and the Stanford Basic Income Lab. [7] Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza is a founding signatory for the Economic Security Project, and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is a co-chair for the Project.

Known Hopewell Fund Projects

Controversies and Criticism

Hiding Political Agenda Behind “Fake News Sites”

The nonprofit watchdog OpenSecrets (published by the Center for Responsive Politics) reported in May 2020 on Arabella’s involvement in numerous “fake news sites,” pouring millions of untraceable dollars into advertisements and other digital content “masquerading as news coverage to influence the 2020 election.” [8]

OpenSecrets identified five Facebook pages (Colorado Chronicle, Daily CO, Nevada News Now, Silver State Sentinel, Verified Virginia) that “gave the impression of multiple free-standing local news outlets,” but are in fact “merely fictitious names used by the Sixteen Thirty Fund,” Arabella’s 501(c)(4) lobbying nonprofit. [9] These pages published Facebook political advertisements that favored Democrats and left-wing causes during the 2020 election. After the report was published a number of these pages were deleted.

States Newsroom, which runs another network of left-wing “fake news” websites, was originally created as “Newsroom Network,” a project of the Arabella-run 501(c)(3) Hopewell Fund. In June 2019, States Newsroom was spun off as an independent nonprofit with its own 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, but a number of its local affiliates are used by the Hopewell Fund as its own legal aliases. [10]

While States Newsroom does not disclose its donors (and is not required to by the IRS), [11]

IRS application records obtained by OpenSecrets show the States Newsroom was offered a $1 million donation from the Wyss Foundation, a private foundation primarily funded by Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, who made his fortune as CEO of a controversial medical device manufacturer called Synthes.

A financial statement in the IRS records obtained by OpenSecrets shows that the States Newsroom plans to bring in more than $27 million in contributions before the end of 2021.

And in 2018 the Hopewell Fund gave $1.72 million to News for Democracy, which OpenSecrets points out “was at the crux of a network of seemingly independent Facebook pages disguised as news outlets that started spending on digital ads in 2018,” with backing from the Sixteen Thirty Fund and Investing in US, an investment vehicle funded by LinkedIn founder and liberal billionaire Reid Hoffman. [12]

Also among these “dark money” groups was ACRONYM, which raised $9.4 million from “secret donors” through April 2019, including $250,000 from Arabella’s 501(c)(3) New Venture Fund. ACRONYM is affiliated with a super PAC, PACRONYM, which spent close to $18 million aiding Democrats and hurting Republicans through independent expenditures in the 2020 election. [13] ACRONYM also owns and operates Courier Newsroom, which in turn manages a network of left-wing websites that present themselves as local news outlets while spreading “hyperlocal partisan propaganda,” according to the centrist watchdog Newsguard. [14] Courier Newsroom spent at least $20,000 in digital advertising campaigns on Facebook between March 2019 and May 2020; its total spending in Facebook ads as of June 2021 is nearly $1.4 million. [15] [16]


Board of Directors

The Hopewell Fund’s board of directors includes the following individuals, according to its 2019 IRS Form 990 filing (also includes former board members): [17]

Lee Bodner is the board chair and president of the Hopewell Fund. Bodner formerly served as the managing director for the for-profit philanthropy consulting firm Arabella Advisors which controls Hopewell Fund, New Venture Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, and Windward Fund. Bodner previously worked as the executive director of EcoAmerica, an environmental advocacy organization.

Andrew Schulz, an Arabella Advisors employee, is general counsel for the Hopewell Fund. He previously worked as in-house counsel for Council on Foundations.

Wilbur Priester, an Arabella Advisors employee, was the chief financial officer of the Hopewell Fund through September 1, 2019.

Michael Slaby is the board secretary of Hopewell Fund. Slaby previously worked as a Democratic Party operative and as chief technology for both of President Barack Obama’s campaigns.

Sampriti Ganguli was the board treasurer of Hopewell Fund through December 31, 2019. She is also the CEO of Arabella Advisors. [18]

Key Staff

In 2019, the Hopewell Fund spent $11,027,778 in salaries and employee compensation. [19] In 2018, the Hopewell Fund spent $5,843,321 in salaries and employee compensation. [20] In 2017, the group spent $1,496,077 in salaries and employee compensation. [21]

Scott Nielsen is the managing director for Hopewell Fund, according to the group’s website. He was a Hopewell Fund board member from 2015 to 2016, but left the board in 2017; Nielsen is not reported as a paid employee or board member in the group’s 2018 or 2019 IRS Form 990 filings. [22] Nielsen has a long history of working for left-leaning organizations as he previously worked as a program director for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and founded a consulting firm that provided services for left-wing organizations such as Open Society Foundations, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and the Democracy Alliance. [23]

Megan Cavanaugh is a Hopewell Fund project director (2019 total compensation: $234,090). In 2018, she received total compensation of $234,178. [24] She is the managing director for Resources for Abortion Delivery, a project of Hopewell Fund which provides financial support to private abortion clinics. Cavanaugh was previously employed by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, where she worked as the national director for affiliate services. [25]

Courtney Cuff is a Hopewell Fund project director (2019 total compensation: $347,249). In 2018, she received total compensation of $349,866. [26] Cuff is executive director of the State Impact Project, a Hopewell Fund project that advocates for left-wing policies.

Tamer Mokhtar is a Hopewell Fund project director (2019 total compensation: $242,866). [27] Mokhtar is the founder of All Americans Vote, a left-of-center voter mobilization group that favors young and racial-minority voters expected to support the Democratic Party, and a former employee of Investing in US, a for-profit investment management firm founded by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and former Progressive Policy Institute senior fellow Dmitri Mehlhorn to fund left-wing causes. [28]

Natalie Foster is a Hopewell Fund project co-chair (2019 total compensation: $210,084). [29] Foster co-manages the Economic Security Project, a Hopewell Fund project that advocates for a federal universal basic income scheme with funding from Facebook co-founder and liberal donor Chris Hughes, eBay founder and Democratic donor Pierre Omidyar, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation, and the Knight Foundation. [30] Foster is also a former Barack Obama campaign staffer and Democratic National Committee staffer who previously held leadership positions at the Sierra Club and [31]

Bonnie Scott Jones is a Hopewell Fund project director (unlisted in its 2019 Form 990); in 2017, she was listed as the group’s executive director. In 2018, she received total compensation of $189,342. [32] Jones formerly worked as an attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights, a left-leaning abortion-rights organization that has received large donations from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, and the Borrego Foundation. [33] [34]

Christopher FitzSimon is a Hopewell Fund project director (unlisted in the group’s 2019 Form 990). In 2018, he received total compensation of $192,318. [35]

Mary Alice Carter is a Hopewell Fund project director (unlisted in the group’s 2019 Form 990). In 2018, she received total compensation of $190,049. [36]


Between 2018 and 2019 (Quarter 3), the Hopewell Fund spent just over $70,000 in lobbying the U.S. Congress (a version with the bills lobbied is available here): [37]

YearQuarterAmountLobbyistLobbying Firm
20184$5,600Anna AurilioMs. Anna Aurilio
20183$5,000Anna AurilioMs. Anna Aurilio
20184$20,000Robert Raben, Elliot Williams, Joe Onek, Diego Sanchez Gallardo, Timothy Lynch, Maria PriceThe Raben Group
20192$20,000Robert Raben, Elliot Williams, Joe Onek, Diego Sanchez Gallardo, Timothy Lynch, Maria PriceThe Raben Group
20192$20,000Rober Raben, Joe Onek, Diego Sanchez Gallardo, Timothy Lynch, Maria PriceThe Raben Group


Financial Overview

The Hopewell Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. In 2019, it reported $87 million in total revenues, $108 million in total expenditures, and $85 million in net assets. In 2019, the group paid $79 million in grants. [38]

An overview of the group’s finances from 2015 to 2019 is available below: [39]

Hopewell Fund: Financial Overview
Total RevenuesTotal ExpendituresGrants PaidNet Assets

Funds Spent on “Fake” Group Activism

According to its 2018 IRS Form 990 filing (archived here), the Hopewell Fund identified three program areas in which it spent money:

Hopewell spent $59,723,209 on “civil rights, social action, and advocacy,” of which $51,227,478 was paid out as grants to other nonprofits. [40]

Hopewell’s portfolio of civil rights, social action, and advocacy focus areas include addressing income inequality, improving civic engagement among traditionally underrepresented groups, and advancing state level economic and democracy reforms.

Hopewell spent $12,010,520 on “health” advocacy, of which $8,812,390 was paid out as grants to other nonprofits. [41]

Hopewell’s portfolio of health focus areas include women’s health, healthcare access, and reducing health disparities and avoidable infant mortality.

Hopewell spent $831,645 on “international development and foreign affairs.” [42]

Hopewell Fund’s international development & foreign affairs portfolio includes projects focused on preventing and reducing targeted group violence, and researching and providing public education on United States foreign policy and its impacts.

The Hopewell Fund also reported spending $2,510,502 on other unidentified program services. [43]

In 2019, the Hopewell Fund spent $75.6 million on “civil rights, social action, and advocacy,” $22.6 million on “health” projects, and $5.1 million on “other program services.” [44]

Donors to Hopewell Fund

In 2019, the Hopewell Fund reported anonymous donors with the following total donations: [45]

  • $36,284,100
  • $702,000
  • $12,589,600
  • $8,000,000
  • $460,531
  • $2,784,349
  • $1,740,534

According to tax returns, the Hopewell Fund received a grant of $3,120,070 in 2017 from the Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation, a left-leaning philanthropic organization named for the late spouse of left-leaning billionaire Warren Buffett. [46]

The left-leaning Rockefeller Brothers Fund made multiple donations to the Hopewell Fund in 2017 according to the organization’s grants database. [47]

Other major grantors to the Hopewell Fund include the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Democracy Fund, Stephen M. Silberstein Foundation, and a number of community foundations and donor-advised fund providers. A complete list of grants from foundations to the Hopewell Fund between 2015 and 2017 is available below: [48]

Hopewell Fund: GrantorsAmountYearGrant Description
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund$33,569,3002018
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund$20,584,100 2017For Grant Recipient'S Exempt Purposes
The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation$8,363,449 2016Project Support
The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation$3,120,070 2017Project Support
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund$2,000,000 2016For Grant Recipent'S Exempt Purposes
The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation$369,200 2015Project Support
The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation$350,000 2017For Support Of The Resources For Abortion Deliverys Business Sustainability Project
The James Irvine Foundation$300,000 2017To Support Effective Implementation Of Cvca
Wellspring Philanthropic Fund$293,875 2017Developing A Model To Neutralize Inflammatory Hate Speech And Prevent Mass Violence
Democracy Fund$280,000 2017Program Support For Center For Election Innovation & Research
Silicon Valley Community Foundation$270,000 2017General Nonprofit Support
The Nduna Foundation$250,000 2016General Support
Imago Dei Fund$200,000 2016General Use
Democracy Fund$150,000 2017Program Support For Over Zero
John D & Catherine T Macarthur Foundation$150,000 2017In Support Of The Kairos Fellowship, A Project To Diversify The Pool Of Social Media Organizers Working On National Social Justice-Oriented Campaigns.
Alfred P Sloan Foundation$129,429 2017To Develop Centralized Coordination Capacity Within The Data Science Environment Partnership For Alumni Networking, Evaluation, And Internal And External Communications
The Rockefeller Foundation$125,000 2017For Use By Its Economic Security Project Toward The Costs Of Research And Modeling To Explore The Viability Of Earned ome Tax Credit Innovation In Six States
The Educational Foundation of America$125,000 2016Resources In Abortion Delivery
Grove Foundation$100,000 2017Project Support
Lisa And Douglas Goldman Fund$100,000 2017General Charitable Purposes
The Miner Anderson Family Foundation$100,000 2017Checks And Balances Education Fund
Lisa And Douglas Goldman Fund$100,000 2016General Charitable Purposes
Stephen M Silberstein Foundation$100,000 2016Help Social Entrepreneurs And Other Change Makers Quickly Launch New, Innovative Social Change Projects
The Dyson Foundation$100,000 2015Towards The Campaign For Accountability, A Project That Uses Research, Litigation And Communications To Expose Misconduct And Malfeasance In Public Life
Wellspring Philanthropic Fund$88,000 2017Developing A Model To Neutralize Inflammatory Hate Speech And Prevent Mass Violence
Schwab Charitable Fund$87,500 2017Social Services/Social Benefits
Alfred P Sloan Foundation$81,662 2017To Develop Centralized Coordination Capacity Within The Data Science Environment Partnership For Alumni Networking, Evaluation, And Internal And External Communications
Oak Hill Fund$75,000 2017Abortion Provider Loan Grant Fund
Compton Foundation$75,000 2016Peace
Gordon Christian Trust$60,000 2017General Support
Rockefeller Brothers Fund$60,000 2016For Its Project, Localized
Jewish Community Federation Of San Francisco The Peninsula, Marin And Sonoma$52,000 2017Public/Society Benefit
A L Mailman Family Foundation$50,000 2017General Support
Combined Jewish Philanthropies Of Greater Boston$50,000 2017Daf -General Philanthropy
Gordon E And Betty I Moore Foundation$50,000 2017In Support Of A Part-Time Coordinator Position To Bolster The Effectiveness And Outreach Of The Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment Partnership
John S. And James L. Knight Foundation$50,000 2017To Support The Economic Security Project, Providing General Support For Organizations Working On Basic ome.
Pittsburgh Foundation$50,000 2017Philanthropy, Voluntarism, And Grantmaking
John S. And James L. Knight Foundation$50,000 2016To Support The Basic ome Collaborative, Providing General Support For Organizations Working On Basic ome
Piantino Family Foundation$50,000 2016Further Research On Cash Grants To Low ome Families
Tecovas Foundation$50,000 2016Building The Infrastructure And Model For Localized, Cultivating Partnerships With Strategic Networks, And Database Development
The Schooner Foundation$50,000 2015General Support
Leiser Family Foundation$25,032 2017Human Services
Brush Foundation$25,000 2016Project Grant Support For Video On Reproductive Rights Restrictions
The A.M. Fund$25,000 2016General Funding
The Weber Family Foundation$20,000 2016Unrestricted
Proteus Fund$17,500 2017Economic Justice
US Charitable Gift Trust$16,000 2017Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking Foundations
Lopez Low Foundation$15,000 2016To Support The Fund Manage Domestic And International Initiatives Aimed At Advancing Public Good And Achieving Equity For All People
Merrick Family Foundation$12,000 2017General Support
Farese Family Foundation$10,000 2017Checks And Balances Education Fund
Grant And Hope Winthrop Familyfoundation$10,000 2017Protect Democracy Project
Frankel Family Foundation$10,000 2016Restricted Funding
Merrick Family Foundation$8,000 2016General Support
George E Seay III Foundation$5,000 2017To Assist The Organization In Achieving Its Charitable Mission.
The Weber Family Foundation$5,000 2017Unrestricted
George E Seay III Foundation$5,000 2016To Assist The Organization In Achieving Its Charitable Mission
Grand Total$72,467,117

Grants from Hopewell Fund

Between 2016 and 2019, the Hopewell Fund spent $174 million in grants to other organizations, $91 million of it in 2019. [49]

Grant RecipientYearAmount
Windward Fund2019$17,350,000
California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls2019$10,290,000
Salk Institute for Biological Studies2019$8,359,623
Nature Conservancy2019$6,378,340
Sixteen Thirty Fund2019$3,060,248
California Community Foundation2019$2,110,000
Accelerate Change2019$2,075,000
Environmental Defense Fund2019$2,055,042
American Civil Liberties Union2019$1,992,174
Lydian Accelerator2019$1,914,991
Family Planning Associates Medical Group2019$1,192,174
FWD.US Education Fund2019$1,187,914
Voter Registration Project2019$1,000,000
Choose Love2019$975,000
Sustainable Markets Foundation2019$895,305
Opportunities for All Floridians2019$794,000
California Institute of Technology2019$750,000
Stand Up Ideas2019$750,000
Tides Center2019$750,000
National Redistricting Foundation2019$683,330
Civil Rights Corps2019$646,870
Friends of Lacoe: A Foundation for Learning2019$621,000
Vote Forward2019$604,275
Fair Future NC2019$573,484
Opportunity Arizona2019$555,000
Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis2019$500,000
Actuate Innovation2019$481,530
Tides Foundation2019$425,000
New Venture Fund2019$419,577
Momsrising Education Fund2019$401,300
Oxfam America2019$400,000
United Nations Foundation2019$400,000
NC Justice Center2019$395,000
Equal Justice Works2019$372,000
Civic Nation2019$350,000
Leadership Now Project2019$338,790
Hope Clinic for Women2019$333,813
Maine Peoples Resource Center2019$323,000
Center for Reproductive Rights2019$300,000
Measures for Justice Institute2019$300,000
Women's Health Center of West Virginia2019$296,528
For Our Future Action Fund2019$291,174
Colorado Civic Education2019$264,500 Education Fund2019$250,000
Greater Washington Coomunity Foundation2019$250,000
Prosperity Michigan2019$250,000
States Newsroom2019$250,000
Colorado Independent2019$250,000
Trap The Vote2019$250,000
Fairness Project2019$248,750
Access Health Center2019$233,306
Leland Stanfor Junior University2019$232,500
Feminist Women's Health Center2019$226,974
National Vote at Home Institute2019$225,000
Movement Strategy Center2019$220,501
Tides Advocacy2019$214,000
International Refugee Assistance Project2019$200,000
Ohio Campus Compact2019$200,000
Bell Policy Center2019$199,000
Future Now Action2019$197,800
Centennial State Prosperity2019$195,500
Pennsylvania Voice2019$192,305
Common Cause Education Fund2019$190,000
Economic Security Project Action2019$190,000
Famm Foundation2019$187,500
Better Pennsylvania2019$186,400
Pennsylvania Health Access Network2019$180,000
Preterm Cleveland2019$180,000
Battle Born Progress2019$178,000
Fair Districts Fund2019$175,000
Whole Woman's Health of the Twin Cities2019$175,000
Family Planning Association of Maine2019$172,112
Maryland Center on Economic Policy2019$170,000
New Day Nevada2019$163,746
Advantage Health Care2019$160,101
Hektoen Institute for Medical Research2019$157,500
Asian Community Development Council2019$152,000
Center for Technology and Civic Life2019$150,000
NC Child2019$150,000
One Apia Nevada2019$150,000
Third Sector New England2019$150,000
Equality Health Center2019$143,720
Emma Goldman Clinic2019$143,095
Family Reproductive Health2019$142,008
Keystone Research Center2019$130,000
Mainers for Working Families2019$126,734
Naral Pro-Choice Missouri Foundation2019$125,200
American Sustainable Business Institute2019$125,000
Girl Rising2019$125,000
Mabel Wadsworth Women's Health Center2019$124,440
Michigan Avenue Center for Health2019$120,950
Cedar River Clinic2019$120,000
Maine Women's Lobby Education Fund2019$116,445
Issue One2019$112,000
Whole Woman's Health Alliance2019$109,000
America Votes2019$100,000
Aspen Institute2019$100,000
Jill Soffer Family Foundation2019$100,000
NAACP Empowerment Programs2019$100,000
Real News Project2019$100,000
Step Up Women's Network2019$100,000
United Way for Southeastern Michigan2019$100,000
Voice of the Ex-Offender2019$100,000
Grameen America2019$95,000
Towards Justice2019$95,000
Whole Woman's Health Alliance Austin2019$94,000
Maine Center for Economic Policy2019$93,750
Nextgen Climate America2019$90,000
North Florida Women's Center2019$87,600
New Virginia Majority Education Fund2019$86,500
Childrens Guild2019$77,500
Open Markets Institute2019$76,500
Women's Foundation of California2019$75,906
Children's Action Alliance2019$75,000
National Academy of Social Insurance2019$75,000
Partnership for Responsible Growth2019$75,000
Springboard To Opportunities2019$75,000
Maine Peoples Resource Center2019$65,375
Allegheny Reproductive Health Center2019$60,000
Arizona Advocacy Foundation2019$60,000
Institute for a Progressive Nevada2019$60,000
Opensky Policy Institute2019$60,000
New Era Colorado Foundation2019$57,000
Trust Women Foundation2019$56,031
Progress Missouri Education Fund2019$56,000
Asociacion Puertorriquena Pro Bienestar De La Familia2019$52,000
March on Maryland2019$50,769
American Constitution Society for Law and Policy2019$50,000
Count MI Vote Education Fund2019$50,000
Florida Philanthropic Network2019$50,000
Florida Votes for Health2019$50,000
Gun Down America2019$50,000
NAF Hotline Fund2019$50,000
Oregon Environmental Council2019$50,000
Reinvent Stockton Foundation2019$50,000
West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy2019$50,000
Young Invincibles2019$50,000
Whole Woman's Health of Peoria2019$49,744
Women's Health Center of Duluth PA2019$48,000
Miami Freedom Project2019$47,581
Maine Citizens for Clean Elections2019$47,000
Mountain Association for Community Economic Development2019$45,000
Count MI Vote2019$42,500
Montana Conservation Voters Education Fund2019$42,000
Equality Now2019$40,000
Fair Work Center2019$40,000
Maine Equal Justice2019$40,000
U.S. PIRG Education Fund2019$40,000
Little Rock Family Planning Services2019$39,700
Scotsdale Women's Center2019$38,000
Advance North Carolina2019$37,084
Blue Mountain Clinic2019$36,779
BVM Capacity Building Institute2019$35,000
Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy2019$34,700
Gynecology and More2019$34,399
A Woman's Choice of Jacksonville2019$33,250
9 to 5 National Association of Working Women2019$32,000
Alliance for a Just Society2019$30,000
Fund for Educational Excellence2019$30,000
Kenny Guinn Center for Policy Priorities2019$30,000
Grand Canyon Institute2019$29,000
Economic Policy Institute2019$25,000
Goodman Acker PC2019$25,000
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy2019$25,000
Network Education Program2019$25,000
Pennsylvania Stands Up2019$25,000
Pennsylvania United2019$25,000
Progressive Maryland Education2019$25,000
Progressive Partners Alliance2019$25,000
Red River Women's Clinic2019$25,000
Scholars Strategy Network2019$25,000
Texas Death Penalty Education and Resource Center2019$25,000
Urban Institute2019$25,000
Joan G. Lovering Health Center2019$24,214
Abortion Access for All2019$23,750
Arizona Center for Empowerment2019$23,605
Maine Women's Lobby2019$23,000
Brandeis University2019$22,500
Montana Wilderness Association2019$21,000
Purpose Project2019$20,463
Allentown Women's Center2019$20,000
Center for Media and Democracy2019$20,000
Oregon Center for Public Policy2019$20,000
Patients for Affordable Drugs2019$20,000
Real Facts NC2019$20,000
Western Resource Advocates2019$20,000
AIDS Healthcare Foundation2019$15,000
California Budget and Policy Center2019$15,000
Community Foundation of San Joaquin2019$15,000
Democracy 21 Education Fund2019$15,000
Inequality Media2019$15,000
Metropolitan Planning Council2019$15,000
Washington State Budget and Policy Center2019$15,000
Montana Wildife Federation2019$14,000
Women's Health Specialists2019$12,000
Armada Nonprofit2019$11,861
Gender Justice2019$11,845
Maryland Citizens Health Initiative Education Fund2019$11,600
People Over Profits Florida2019$11,500
Business for America Education Fund2019$10,000
Congregation of St. Joseph Ministry Against the Death2019$10,000
Fuse Washington2019$10,000
Witness to Innocence2019$10,000
Global Impact2019$8,475
Jane's Due Process2019$8,430
Essential Access Health2019$7,000
Kentucky Health Justice Network2019$7,000
Carolina Abortion Fund2019$6,735
Consumers for Affordable Health Care2019$6,677
Regents of the University of California2019$6,480
New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice2019$6,421
Abortion Diary2019$6,000
UpStream USA2018$4,166,666
Family Planning Associates Medical Group LTD2018$4,081,077
FWD.Us Education Fund2018$3,800,000
Windward Fund2018$2,500,000
Refugees International2018$2,400,000
Sixteen Thirty Fund2018$2,050,000
Urban Justice Center2018$2,000,000
Western Resource Advocates2018$2,000,000
Florida Alliance for Civic Engagement2018$1,940,349
Tides Foundation2018$1,899,000
Sustainable Markets Foundation2018$1,800,000
News for Democracy2018$1,720,000
Animal Legal Defense Fund2018$1,500,000
ParentsTogether Foundation2018$1,100,000
Tides Center2018$1,100,000
Environmental Defense Fund2018$1,000,000
The Voter Participation Center2018$1,000,000
Impact Justice2018$950,000
One Arizona2018$847,000
UpStream USA2018$833,334
Maine Peoples Resource Center2018$630,000
Refugees International2018$600,000
The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis2018$565,000
Famm Foundation2018$562,500
The Hope Clinic for Women LTD2018$546,625
Civil Rights Corps2018$500,000
Memphis Center for Reproductive Health2018$500,000
Ohio Campus Compact2018$500,000
The Colorado Independent2018$500,000
Access Health Center2018$393,350
State Voices2018$350,000
NC Justice Center2018$325,000
Movement Strategy Center2018$300,000
Insyght Institute2018$289,560
Gynuity Health Projects2018$287,500
Women's Health Center of West Virginia2018$265,000
Whole Woman's Health of Peoria LLC2018$258,050
Friends of Lacoe: A Foundation for Learning2018$250,000
New Era Colorado Foundation2018$243,843
A Woman's Choice of Jacksonville2018$240,550
The Movement Cooperative2018$231,250
National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy2018$217,274
Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law2018$200,000
Pennsylvania Voice2018$200,000
The Vera Institute of Justice2018$200,000
Voter Registration Project2018$196,000
Data for Democracy2018$189,231
For Our Future Action Fund2018$187,690
Project Drawdown2018$175,000
The Urban Institute2018$175,000
Nell Policy Center2018$160,000
Center for Public Interest Research2018$150,000 Education Fund2018$150,000
Equality Now, Inc.2018$150,000
The Asia Society2018$150,000
Northland Family Planning2018$147,408
Feminist Women's Health Center2018$144,214
Insight Center for Community Economic Development2018$140,000
The Five Lakes Project2018$137,850
Michigan Avenue Center for Health LTD2018$137,575
Advantage Health Care LTD2018$129,250
Alliance for a Just Society2018$126,063
America Votes2018$125,000
Maryland Citizens Health2018$125,000
The Energy Foundation2018$125,000
Maryland Family Network2018$120,000
Leadership Now Project2018$119,953
Women's Health Services PC2018$113,234
League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada2018$110,800
Hektoen Institute for Medical Research2018$108,244
Allegheny Reproductive Health Center2018$100,000
Allentown Women's Center2018$100,000
Aspen Institute2018$100,000
Blue Mountain Clinic2018$100,000
Columbus Women's Health2018$100,000
Family Planning Association of Maine2018$99,513
Metropolitan Planning Council2018$85,875
The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York2018$85,500
Aanchor Health Center2018$83,325
Gynecology and More2018$83,050
Children's Guild2018$77,500
PICO National Network2018$76,000
Defending Democracy Together2018$75,000
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy2018$75,000
Springboard to Opportunities2018$75,000
Washington Center for Equitable Growth, Inc.2018$75,000
Emma Goldman Clinic2018$69,675
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation2018$68,981
Catholic Climate Covenant2018$66,000
Desert Star Family Planning2018$63,460
Hispanic Federation2018$58,800
Trust Women Foundation2018$58,797
Blue Morning2018$54,217
The Hope Clinic for Women LTD2018$52,000
Street Art Anarchy2018$51,000
Institute for the Future2018$50,000
National Academy of Social Insurance2018$50,000
Whole Woman's Health Alliance2018$42,000
California Budget & Policy Center2018$40,000
Capital CARE Network of Toledo2018$40,000
University of New Mexico Health Services Center2018$39,412
A Capital Women's Health Clinic2018$38,055
The Fund for a Healthier Colorado2018$37,972
Cedar River Clinic2018$35,000
Southern Tier Women's Health2018$35,000
Joan G. Lovering Health Center2018$30,000
Maine Center for Economic Policy2018$30,000
Women's Health Center of Duluth PA2018$25,412
Faith in Public Life2018$25,000
Foundation to Promote Open Society2018$25,000
Greater Washington Community2018$25,000
Latinos United for a New America2018$25,000
MomsRising Education Fund2018$25,000
Network Education Program2018$25,000
Ohio Organizing Collaborative2018$25,000
The Regents of the University of California2018$25,000
Public Knowledge2018$24,479
Boulder Valley Women's Health2018$24,400
Chinese for Affirmative Action2018$24,000
Colorado Fiscal Institute2018$22,250
New York University2018$21,634
Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus2018$20,000
Michigan League for Public Policy2018$20,000
Policy Matters Ohio2018$20,000
Working People of Colorado2018$20,000
Ultraviolet Education Fund2018$19,250
Montana Budget and Policy Center2018$17,250
Jain Family Institute2018$16,200
Colorado Center on Law and Policy2018$15,000
Fair Democracy2018$15,000
National Network of Aboriton Funds2018$15,000
University of Chicago2018$15,000
Red River Women's Clinic2018$14,941
Jakara Movement2018$14,000
Freed Center for Independent Living2018$12,000
Washington State Bidget and Policy Center2018$12,000
The Rules Foundation2018$10,000
Free Press2018$9,000
ACCE Institute2018$8,500
Greater Sacramento Urban League2018$8,500
MI Familia ota Education Fund2018$8,000
Resources for Independence Central Valley2018$8,000
Solid Ground Washington2018$8,000
Sacramento Area Congregations2018$7,500
Asian Resources2018$5,000
League of Women Voters of Sacramento County2018$5,000
National League of Cities2018$5,000
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvaia2018$5,000
United for a New Economy2018$5,000
Whole Woman's Health of Peoria2018$5,000
Priorities USA Foundation2017$4,985,000
Voter Registration Project Education Fund2017$2,940,000
New Venture Fund2017$2,681,974
Checks and Balances Education Fund2017$1,612,338
Archer Initiatives, LLC2017$1,109,744
Sixteen Thirty Fund2017$875,000
Purpose Project, Inc.2017$836,066
Memphis Center for Reproductive Health2017$750,000
Fuller Project for International Reporting, Inc.2017$357,670
Center for Election Innovation and Research, Inc.2017$281,952
Women's Health Services2017$274,353
Women's Health Center of West Virginia2017$230,423
Krug, LLC2017$227,496
African American Civic Engagement Initiative2017$200,000
Preterm Cleveland2017$175,000
Women's Health Specialists2017$174,903
Hektoen Institute for Medical Research2017$157,500
Center for Popular Democracy2017$150,000
The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute2017$150,000
Chesapeake Climate Action Network2017$125,000
Women's Health Center of Duluth, P.A.2017$112,000
Leland Stanford Junior University2017$110,500
Asociacion Puertorriquena Pro Biensestar de la Familia2017$100,000
Allegheny Reproductive Health Center2017$100,000
Mabel Wadsworth Women's Health Center2017$100,000
Blue Mountain Clinic2017$100,000
Nova Health Systems, Inc.2017$100,000
Trust Women Foundation, Inc.2017$100,000
Joan G. Lovering Health Center2017$96,192
Feminist Women's Health Center, Inc.2017$84,740
Cedar River Clinics2017$82,700
Disrupt DC Education Fund2017$80,098
The Arc of the United States, Inc.2017$80,000
Health Quarters2017$77,500
Family Planning Association of Maine2017$76,882
Red River Women's Clinic2017$75,000
Children's Action Alliance2017$75,000
University of Alaska Foundation2017$75,000
Robbinsdale Clinic, P.A.2017$71,376
The Urban Institute2017$70,000
One Arizona2017$70,000
Engage Michigan2017$53,400
Maine Center for Economic Policy2017$50,000
Faith in Public Life, Inc.2017$50,000
Access Health Center2017$50,000
Fiscal Policy Institute2017$50,000
MomsRising Education Fund2017$50,000
Equality Health Center2017$47,050
Family Planning Specialists2017$45,994
California Budget & Policy Center2017$45,000
A Capital Women's Health Clinic2017$43,941
Emma Goldman Clinic2017$40,785
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy2017$40,000
League of Women Voters of California Education Fund2017$40,000
ProgressNow Education2017$40,000
Regents of the University of Michigan2017$38,500
Family Reproductive Health2017$37,919
Keystone Research Center2017$35,000
Washington State Budget and Policy Center2017$35,000
California Calls Education Fund2017$35,000
Campaign for Accountability2017$33,970
Cope Familiy Center2017$32,000
State Innovation Exchange2017$30,000
Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable2017$30,000
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles2017$30,000
The Film Collarborative, Inc.2017$30,000
USBIG, Inc.2017$30,000
Voices for Utah Children2017$25,000
Golden State Opportunity2017$25,000
Disability Rights California2017$25,000
Latinos United for a New America (LUNA)2017$25,000
Common Cause and Education Fund2017$25,000
Bread for the World Institute2017$25,000
Network Education Program2017$25,000
Y Combinator Research, Inc.2017$25,000
A Woman's World Medical Center2017$25,000
Montana Budget and Policy Center2017$20,000
Organize Sacramento2017$20,000
Missouri Budget Project2017$20,000
Citizen's Climate Lobby2017$15,000
Boston Critic, Inc.2017$15,000
National Iranian American Council2017$15,000
Boulder Valley Women's Health Center2017$10,245
Gynecology and More2017$7,500
Institute for the Future2017$7,000
Desert Star Family Planning2017$5,000
Netroots Foundation2017$5,000
Voter Registration Project Education Fund2016$3,724,000
Archer Initiatives, LLC2016$441,577
Whole Women's Surgical Center2016$194,200
Checks and Balances Education Fund2016$128,000
Family Planning Specialists2016$110,000
Family Planning Association of Maine2016$100,000
Mabel Wadsworth Women's Health Center2016$100,000
Trust Women Foundation, Inc.2016$100,000
Women's Health Center of Duluth, P.A.2016$100,000
American Center2016$80,000
Access Health Center2016$50,000
Niskanen Center, Inc.2016$50,000
Majority Ohio2016$45,203
Aphrodite Medical, PLLC2016$40,000
Feminist Women's Health Center, Inc.2016$37,500
GiveDirectly, Inc.2016$25,000
The Hope Clinic for Women, Ltd.2016$21,863
Fuller Project for International Reporting, Inc.2016$21,000
SWC Detroit2016$12,000
Latinos United for a New America (LUNA)2016$5,000
Grand Total:$174,175,304

In 2017, the Hopewell Fund gave just under $5 million to Priorities USA Foundation, a Democratic Party-aligned advocacy group affiliated with the Priorities USA super PAC. [50] The Priorities USA organizations are funded by major left-leaning figures, among them Donald Sussman, George Soros, and Fred Eychaner. [51] [52]

Consulting and Management Fees

Between 2015 and 2019, the Hopewell Fund paid roughly $17.6 million in consulting and management fees, $11 million of which was paid to Arabella Advisors for management services. [53]

Hopewell Fund: Consulting FeesTotal (2015-2019)
Arabella Advisors$11,108,381
Benenson Strategy Corp.$1,191,746
Precision Strategies$920,788
The Operations Group$899,981
David Binder Research$491,100
Perkins Coie$654,683
Movement Cooperative$634,825
Bellwether Education Partners$463,000
HCM Strategies LLC$382,000
270 Strategies$127,523
Summer Strategies$120,000

Financial Documents

The Hopewell Fund’s 2016, 2017, and 2018 IRS filings are available here:

Hopewell’s IRS Form 1023 application for IRS tax exempt status is available here; the file also includes:

  • a description of Hopewell’s charitable activities;
  • examples of Hopewell’s projects concerning “alleviating child poverty” and “serving as a charity incubator”;
  • Hopewell’s initial board of directors and officers (Eric Kessler, Scott Nielsen, and Michael Slaby), as well as their “qualifications”;
  • Hopewell’s articles of incorporation, filed in the District of Columbia on April 9, 2015;
  • the nonprofit’s bylaws; and
  • an administrative agreement between the Hopewell Fund and Arabella Advisors for the latter to provide paid management services to the former.

The Hopewell Fund received IRS tax exempt recognition on October 16, 2015; its IRS letter is available here.


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Directors, Employees & Supporters

  1. Sampriti Ganguli
    Board Member
  2. Wilbur Priester
    Chief Financial Officer and Board Member
  3. Andrew Schulz
    General Counsel and Board Member
  4. Scott Nielsen
    Managing Director, Former Board Member (2015-2016)
  5. Lee Bodner
    President and Board Chair
  6. Eric Kessler
    Former President (2015-2016)
  7. Courtney Cuff
    Director, State Impact Project
  8. Natalie Foster
    Project Co-Chair (Economic Security Project)
  9. Bruce Boyd
    Board Member and Adviser

Donation Recipients

  1. ACCE Institute (Non-profit)
  2. Alliance for a Just Society (Non-profit)
  3. America Votes (Non-profit)
  4. Animal Legal Defense Fund (Non-profit)
  5. Asia Society (Non-profit)
  6. Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC) (Non-profit)
  7. Aspen Institute (Non-profit)
  8. Bread for the World (Non-profit)
  9. California Budget and Policy Center (Non-profit)
  10. California Calls Education Fund (Non-profit)
  11. Campaign for Accountability (Non-profit)
  12. Center for Election Innovation & Research (Non-profit)
  13. Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) (Non-profit)
  14. Center for Public Interest Research (Non-profit)
  15. Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) (Non-profit)
  16. Children’s Action Alliance (Non-profit)
  17. Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) (Non-profit)
  18. Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) (Non-profit)
  19. Civil Rights Corps (Non-profit)
  20. Colorado Center on Law and Policy (Non-profit)
  21. Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable (Non-profit)
  22. Colorado Fiscal Institute (Non-profit)
  23. Colorado Independent (Non-profit)
  24. Education Fund (Non-profit)
  25. Common Cause Education Fund (Non-profit)
  26. Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis (Non-profit)
  27. Defending Democracy Together (DDT) (Non-profit)
  28. Energy Foundation (Non-profit)
  29. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) (Non-profit)
  30. Equality Now (Non-profit)
  31. Fair Future NC (Non-profit)
  32. Faith in Public Life (Non-profit)
  33. Fiscal Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  34. For Our Future Action Fund (Political Party/527)
  35. Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS) (Non-profit)
  36. Free Press (Non-profit)
  37. Golden State Opportunity Foundation (Non-profit)
  38. Gynuity Health Projects (Gynuity Institute) (Non-profit)
  39. Hispanic Federation (Non-profit)
  40. Institute for the Future (IFTF) (Non-profit)
  41. Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (Non-profit)
  42. John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (Non-profit)
  43. Keystone Research Center (KRC) (Non-profit)
  44. Kinder Institute for Urban Research (Non-profit)
  45. Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (Non-profit)
  46. Leadership Now Project (Non-profit)
  47. Legal Aid Society of New York (Non-profit)
  48. Maine Center for Economic Policy (Non-profit)
  49. Maine People’s Resource Center (Non-profit)
  50. Mi Familia Vota Education Fund (Non-profit)
  51. Michigan League for Public Policy (Non-profit)
  52. MomsRising Education Fund (Non-profit)
  53. Montana Budget and Policy Center (Non-profit)
  54. Movement Strategy Center (Non-profit)
  55. National Academy of Social Insurance (Non-profit)
  56. National Iranian American Council (NIAC) (Non-profit)
  57. National League of Cities (Non-profit)
  58. National Network of Abortion Funds (Non-profit)
  59. National Redistricting Foundation (NRF) (Non-profit)
  60. Netroots Foundation (Non-profit)
  61. New Era Colorado Foundation (Non-profit)
  62. New Venture Fund (NVF) (Non-profit)
  63. Niskanen Center (Non-profit)
  64. North Carolina Justice Center (Non-profit)
  65. Ohio Organizing Collaborative (Non-profit)
  66. Opportunity Arizona (Non-profit)
  67. Pennsylvania Voice (Non-profit)
  68. Policy Matters Ohio (Non-profit)
  69. Priorities USA Foundation (Non-profit)
  70. ProgressNow Education Fund (Non-profit)
  71. Public Knowledge (Non-profit)
  72. Refugees International (Non-profit)
  73. Roosevelt Institute (Non-profit)
  74. Rules Foundation (Non-profit)
  75. Sixteen Thirty Fund (1630 Fund) (Non-profit)
  76. Stand Up Republic Foundation (Stand Up Ideas) (Non-profit)
  77. State Innovation Exchange (SIX) (Non-profit)
  78. State Voices (Non-profit)
  79. Sustainable Markets Foundation (Non-profit)
  80. Tides Center (Non-profit)
  81. Tides Foundation (Non-profit)
  82. University of Chicago (Non-profit)
  83. Upstream USA (Non-profit)
  84. Urban Institute (Non-profit)
  85. Urban Justice Center (Non-profit)
  86. Vera Institute of Justice (VIJ) (Non-profit)
  87. Voices for Utah Children (Non-profit)
  88. Voter Participation Center (VPC) (Non-profit)
  89. Voter Registration Project (Non-profit)
  90. Voter Registration Project Education Fund (Non-profit)
  91. Washington Center for Equitable Growth (Non-profit)
  92. Washington State Budget and Policy Center (Non-profit)
  93. Western Resource Advocates (Non-profit)
  94. Windward Fund (Non-profit)
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Nonprofit Information

  • Accounting Period: December - November
  • Tax Exemption Received: September 1, 2015

  • Available Filings

    Period Form Type Total revenue Total functional expenses Total assets (EOY) Total liabilities (EOY) Unrelated business income? Total contributions Program service revenue Investment income Comp. of current officers, directors, etc. Form 990
    2017 Dec Form 990 $130,616,293 $28,843,397 $119,425,489 $3,199,028 N $130,469,297 $96,000 $24,883 $0 PDF
    2016 Dec Form 990 $16,552,056 $7,818,000 $15,703,008 $913,203 N $16,579,022 $0 $833 $0 PDF
    2015 Dec Form 990 $6,895,271 $839,522 $6,576,500 $520,751 N $6,895,270 $0 $1 $148,770 PDF

    Additional Filings (PDFs)

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