Political Party/527

Democratic National Committee (DNC)

Logo of the Democratic Party of the United States. Light blue D inside a darker blue circle. (link)



Formal Governing Body of the Democratic Party




Washington, D.C.


Tom Perez

Deputy Chair:

Keith Ellison

Finance Chair:

Henry R. Muñoz III

The Democratic National Committee is the principal party organ of the Democratic Party, responsible for supporting Democrats campaigning for President of the United States and other federal offices. Its chair since 2017 is Tom Perez, formerly Secretary of Labor in the Obama administration.

Directors, Employees & Supporters

  1. Sunita Leeds
    Executive Committee Member
  2. Andres W. Lopez
    Member (Puerto Rico)
  3. A’shanti Gholar
    Former National Deputy Director
  4. Jonathan Zucker
    Former National Director of Operations for Finance
  5. Gail Stoltz
    Former Political Director
  6. Jill Alper
    Former Political Director
  7. Stuart Appelbaum
    Executive Committee
  8. Howard Dean
    Former Chair, 2005-2009
  9. Seema Nanda
    Chief Executive Officer
  10. Terry McAuliffe
    Former Chair, 2001-2005
  11. Keith Ellison
    Deputy Chair
  12. Alexis Herman
    Former Co-Chair, Rules and Bylaws Committee
  13. James Zogby
    Former Executive Committee, 2001-2017
  14. Henry R. Munoz III
    National Finance Chairman
  15. Ben Wessel
    Former Redistricting Staffer
  16. Joe Sandler
    Former General Counsel
  17. Blaine Rummel
    Former Regional Press Secretary
  18. Causten Rodriguez-Wollerman
    Former Training Director for Obama for America
  19. Jess Morales-Rocketto
    Former Online Activist Manager
  20. Georgina Cannan
    Deputy Director and Counsel of Civic Engagement and Voter Protection
  21. Patrick Rodenbush
  22. Natalie Foster
    Former Digital Director
  23. Brad Woodhouse
    Former Communications Director (2008-2013)
  24. Nancy R. Bagley
    Former Staffer
  25. Hillary Clinton
    2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee
  26. Ian Simmons
  27. Marvin Randolph
    Former Staffer
  28. Marc Elias
  29. Daniel P. Dozier
    Former Finance Director, Americans Abroad (2009)
  30. Caroline Ciccone
    Former Communications Director
  31. Shripal Shah
    Former Staffer
  32. Tony Carrk
    Former Director of Rapid Response Research (2011-2013)
  33. Rebecca Parks
    Former Rapid Response Manager (2011-2013)
  34. Sally Boynton-Brown
    Former Candidate, DNC Chairmanship Election (2017)
  35. Jennifer Palmieri
    Former National Press Secretary (2004)
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