Karla Jurvetson




Steve Jurvetson (div. 2016)

Karla Jurvetson is a physician and major donor to Democratic Party and left-of-center political causes.

Political Donations

Jurvetson is a major supporter of Fair Fight PAC, a Democratic-aligned political action committee formed by former Georgia legislator Stacey Abrams in 2019. According to FEC records, she donated $1,028,160 to the PAC in January 2019, making her the group’s single largest individual contributor. [1]

Jurvetson’s single largest donation was $5,402,259 in May 2018 to the Democratic-aligned PAC Women Vote! In July 2018, she gave $1,003,869 to the Democratic-aligned Senate Majority PAC. [2]

Other groups that Jurvetson donated to between 1998 and 2018 include: [3]

  • Democratic National Committee (DNC): $117,050
  • Democratic Executive Committee of Florida: $175,000
  • House Majority PAC: $133,218
  • MoveOn PAC: $101,850


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