Karl Frisch




Executive Director, Allied Progress

Former Principal, Karl Frisch Associates, LLC

Former Communications Director, Media Matters for America

Former National Press Secretary, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Karl Frisch is a left-wing Democratic strategist who has served with several progressive political campaigns as a communications director. Press secretary, and field director at the federal level. He serves as executive director with Allied Progress, senior fellow with Media Matters, and was a candidate for Fairfax’s County School Board from Providence District.

Connected Organizations

  1. Allied Progress (Non-profit)
    Executive Director
  2. Allied Progress Action (Non-profit)
    Executive Director (Allied Progress)
  3. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) (Political Party/527)
    Former National Press Secretary
  4. Karl Frisch Associates (For-profit)
    Former Principal
  5. Media Matters for America (Non-profit)
    Former Communications Director
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