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    Law for Black Lives (L4BL)

    Law for Black Lives (L4BL) is a self-described “political organization” [1] that includes more than “6,000 radical lawyers, legal workers, and law students.” [2] [3] L4BL members in 48 states support the dismantling of current government systems and democratize access to legal resources and
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    Communities In Schools (CIS)

    Communities In Schools (CIS) is an education advocacy and assistance organization which promotes the expansion of taxpayer-funded benefits programs offered through the public education system. In particular, the organization pushes for more existing social services to be integrated with public schools and placed under the control of the school system.
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    People United for Privacy (PUP)

    People United for Privacy (PUP) is a nonpartisan advocacy organization that advocates for public policy that protects the privacy of American citizens, especially those contributing financially to public advocacy. [82] Although the State Policy Network (SPN) is an unrelated organization, tax records filings that in 2019, People
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    Chase Koch

    Chase Koch is the son of billionaire Charles Koch of Koch Industries. He is the president of Koch Disruptive Technologies and chairman of Stand Together Ventures. [96] Media reports have cast him as less political than his father and his late uncle David Koch, though he still
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    Stacy H. Shusterman

    Stacy H. Schusterman is a left-of-center philanthropist and energy and real estate executive who is the chair of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, which is among the largest grantmakers in the United States. Schusterman is the daughter of Charles Schusterman, an oilman who died in 2000, and
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    The College Fix

    The College Fix is a right-of-center campus news website run by the Student Free Press Association (SFPA). The College Fix supports young conservative journalists on college campuses and publishes stories that support the principles of a free society. [135] The College Fix maintains the online “Cancel Culture Database.”
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    Speech First

    Speech First is an advocacy organization that supports free speech for students on college campuses to protect students’ First Amendment rights. Supported by a membership base of students, parents, alumni, and faculty, Speech First files court cases challenging issues on campus such as speech codes, bias response teams, and acceptable use
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    The Leadership Academy

    The Leadership Academy is a left-of-center non-profit consulting organization that provides services to schools and organizations to aid in the production of systems that promote equal outcomes for their students, teachers, and leaders. [176] It promotes concepts and ideas developed by Ibram X. Kendi, a left-wing advocate
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    Mary Montle Bacon

    Mary Montle Bacon is a consultant and owner of Images of a Culture, a far-left for-profit organization. She works primarily with school systems to incorporate critical race theory-aligned equity standards for various identity groups. [195] Bacon is an advocate for using identity politics as a foundation for
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    Images of a Culture

    Images of a Culture is a far-left for-profit consulting firm that advocates for policy that would set equity standards in education. It works primarily with school systems and schools, offering various forms of trainings and workshops. [209] Images of a Culture is operated by its founder and CEO
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    Stand for Children Inc.

    Stand for Children, Inc. is the advocacy arm of the left-of-center Stand For Children Leadership Center education advocacy nonprofit, which operates the critical race theory-inspired Center for Antiracist Education (CARE). [222] Stand for Children advocates for left-of-center education policies, is active in nine states, and is a controlling
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    The Fund for American Studies

    The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) is a non-partisan, educational organization that promotes liberty, limited government, and free-market economics through its academic programs. [294] The Fund for American Studies is an associate member of the State Policy Network, a coalition of free-market state-level policy organizations.
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    Center for Racial Justice in Education

    The Center for Racial Justice in Education is a critical race theory-aligned diversity consultant that provides training, consulting and long-term partnerships to educators. Originally named Border Crossers, the organization rebranded as the Center for Racial Justice in Education in 2019. [323] The Center for Racial Justice in Education
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    Access Fund

    Access Fund is a left-leaning environmentalist group that advocates for free rock-climbing spaces and works to increase ethnic minority involvement in the rock-climbing community. Access Fund was founded in 1991 to protest U.S. National Park Service restrictions on using rock climbing bolts on cliffs. Since then, the group has expanded
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    Saul Alinsky

    Saul Alinsky (1909-1972) was a leading political activist and theorist, social critic, self-described “radical,” and an architect of the modern Left’s structure and approach to advocacy and electioneering. Alinsky pioneered “community organizing,” a form of coalition-building centered on aligning the common goals of multiple interest groups too small or electorally
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    John Eastman

    John Eastman is a retired constitutional law professor and right-of-center activist who became well known for his support for former President Donald Trump during and after the 2020 presidential election. [493] In August 2020, Eastman received widespread criticism for an article which he wrote questioning whether then-Democratic
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    Accountable Justice Action Fund

    The Accountable Justice Action Fund (AJAF) is a left-of-center advocacy nonprofit created in 2017 by the Open Philanthropy Project as a separate vehicle for funding left-of-center criminal justice reform projects. AJAF was designed to allow “external donors” to fund criminal justice reform projects hand-picked by the fund’s treasurer,
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    American Constitutional Rights Union

    The American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) is a conservative legal group founded in 1998 as the American Civil Rights Union. [575] Former Reagan administration adviser Robert Carleson started the organization to advocate for the Boy Scouts of America in litigation over whether the Scouts were required to
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    ExcelinEd (formerly the Foundation for Excellence in Education) is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy think tank that advocates for educational innovation. ExcelinEd advocates for policies that support school choice, increased technologies and online learning, and programs that better prepare graduates for college and careers. [607] ExcelinEd was founded
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    Charles Koch

    Charles G. Koch is and American businessman, donor, and the current chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, the second largest privately held company in the United States. Koch, along with his late brother David, is a prolific donor to and founder of many right- and libertarian-leaning nonprofit advocacy organizations and