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  • Non-profit

    Action Now Initiative

    The Action Now Initiative is a center-left advocacy nonprofit created by liberal donors John and Laura Arnold in 2012. [1] It is closely associated with two more grantmaking organizations funded by the Arnolds, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and the for-profit Arnold Ventures. Funding Financial
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    Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC)

    The Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC) supports and works with organizations across the United States-Mexico border that focus on liberal expansionist immigration legislation within the United States. It is a program of the Equality Alliance of San Diego County (commonly known and referred to as Alliance San Diego), a
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    No More Deaths

    No More Deaths (NMD), also known by the Spanish “No Mas Muertes,” is an immigration advocacy group founded in 2004 to protect illegal immigrants facing life and death struggles crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. In 2008, it became an official ministry of the left-of-center Unitarian Universalist Church of
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    Community Justice Action Fund

    Community Justice Action Fund (CJAF) is the lobbying arm of the gun-control advocacy and criminal justice reform group Community Justice Reform Coalition (CJRC). CJAF acts as a centralized funding organization[57] for advocacy work done by both groups, which is largely focused on stemming gun violence against Black
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    Wade Rathke

    Wade Rathke is a professional political organizer, labor union activist, and co-founder of the now-defunct Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a controversial, left-of-center community organizing group. Rathke also worked as ACORN’s chief organizer from 1970 to its closure in 2008. Aside from his work with ACORN,
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    Resilient Democracy Fund

    The Resilient Democracy Fund (RDF) – also referred to as Resilient Democracy – is an activist group which pushes for changes to election laws that favor left-of-center candidates and constituencies. The managing director of the RDF is Nick Chedli Carter, who previously worked for the far-left Vice Media, the
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    Tuti Scott

    Tuti Scott is a left-progressive philanthropic officer who, as of September 2020, works as the interim CEO of the Tides Foundation, a left-of-center pass-through funding nonprofit. [142] She has held the interim position since September 2019 after spending most of her career as a consultant advocating for
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    Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL)

    The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) is a Chicago, Illinois-based center-left election reform advocacy group formed in 2012. The organization pushes for left-of-center voting policies and election administration. It has a wide reach into local elections offices across the nation and is funded by many left-of-center funding organizations
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    State and Local Legal Center

    State and Local Legal Center (SLLC) is a legal policy advocacy group that supports the advocacy of state and local governments before federal appellate courts, especially the Supreme Court of the United States. It files amicus (“friend-of-the-court”) briefs to the Supreme Court on behalf of state and local governments.
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    Equal Citizens

    Equal Citizens is a left-of-center organization that seeks to institute major changes in how American political institutions are organized, primarily through initiatives that seek to weaken voting integrity laws, curtail campaign-related speech, and undermine the traditional role that the Electoral College has played in political representation. [387] Equal
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    Center for Civic Design

    The Center for Civic Design (CCD) is an election-administration policy organization that frequently partners with left-of-center organizations like Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund. [400] It cites examples of poorly structured ballots and low voter turnout as responsible for key Democratic losses including former Democratic Vice President
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    Andrea Soros Colombel

    Andrea Soros Colombel is the daughter of financier and liberal political donor George Soros. She sits on the global board of her father’s Open Society Foundations[435] and the board of the foundation-affiliated lobbying group Open Society Policy Center, which the Center for Responsive Politics
  • Movement

    1619 Project

    The 1619 Project is an artistic and journalistic project of the New York Times Magazine that asserts the central event in the founding of the United States was the first importation of enslaved Africans to Virginia in 1619  and not the Declaration of Independence in 1776 or the drafting of
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    Immigrant Justice Corps

    Immigrant Justice Corps (IJC) is a non-profit organization that trains attorneys to represent defendants in U.S. immigration proceedings and places them in two-year fellowships with legal groups that advocate for increased legal immigration and other liberal expansionist immigration policies. Immigrant Justice Corps receives several million dollars a year in funding
  • Political Party/527

    Jesse Jackson 1988 Presidential Campaign

    Left-wing activist and preacher Jesse Jackson ran two campaigns for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in 1984 and 1988. The 1988 race was the more successful of the two attempts, with Jackson briefly taking first place in the delegate race after a strong showing in
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    Kinder Institute for Urban Research

    The Kinder Institute for Urban Research is a left-of-center think-tank run by Rice University in Houston, Texas which focuses on combining research with direct political action. [700] The Institute produces the annual Houston Area Survey, the longest-running urban area survey in the United States. In addition to the
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    Participant (formerly known as Participant Media) is a film production company founded by Jeffrey Skoll, a left-leaning billionaire who was formerly the president of eBay. [748] [749] As of January 2020, Participant had produced more than 100 films. [750] [751] A
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    Ron Unz

    Ron Unz is a financially successful former investment industry and software entrepreneur. Since 2013, he has been the publisher of the Unz Review, a website notable for spreading anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories, especially about U.S. policies related to Israel and the Middle East. Unz Review writers, including Unz himself, have
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    Center for Secure and Modern Elections (CSME)

    The Center for Secure and Modern Elections (CSME) is a left-of-center advocacy organization created as a project of the New Venture Fund, a leading “dark money” pass-through funder and fiscal sponsor, to promote sweeping changes to the elections process, including state laws that automatically register voters at state agencies.
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    The New Teacher Project (TNTP)

    TNTP, previously known as The New Teacher Project, is an organization that works to ensure that children in low-income schools have access to effective teachers. The organization attracts and trains skilled professionals in teaching while simultaneously supporting education reform policies and practices that places higher accountability on teachers.