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  • Non-profit

    Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP)

    The Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) is an advocacy organization that supports left-of-center criminal justice policy. Originally founded as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition in 2002, the organization was intended to combat drug prohibition but has since expanded to pursuing left-of-center criminal justice policy more broadly.
  • Non-profit

    First Liberty Institute

    The First Liberty Institute (FLI) is a non-partisan, non-profit legal organization that exclusively defends religious freedoms for Americans of any faith. 1 The First Liberty Institute is an associate member of the State
  • Non-profit

    Turning Point USA

    Turning Point USA (TPUSA) is an ostensibly student-based right-of-center organizing and advocacy group which claims to have a presence on over 2,500 campuses,1 though its figures have been disputed.
  • Non-profit

    Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom

    The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) (formerly the Citizens’ Council on Health Care) is a non-partisan, public policy think tank that supports freedom of choice in health care. CCHF advocates for policy that supports individualized patient care, increased choice in health care, and patient privacy rights.
  • Non-profit

    Archbridge Institute

    The Archbridge Institute is a right-leaning public policy think tank that conducts academic research in order to propose policy solutions intended to increase opportunities for individuals. The Institute purports that “artificial barriers” created by public policy limit opportunity and thereby stand in the way of individual success, especially at is
  • Person

    Anne Filipic

    Anne Filipic is a Democratic political operative who became the White House Director of Management and Administration at the beginning of the Biden Administration in early 2021. She has worked in several other positions for Democratic politicians and Democratic-aligned organizations, including the Obama Administration, the Democratic National Committee,
  • Person

    Robert M. Bass

    Robert Muse Bass is a billionaire entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He inherited $2.8 billion from his oil tycoon uncle in 1959 and grew his fortune through investments and ventures. On the Forbes Billionaires 2021 list, he placed at number 550 with a net worth of $5.1 billion as of June
  • Government Agency

    Biden-Harris Transition

    The Biden-Harris Transition refers to the process of transitioning the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris in the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. As part of that
  • Non-profit

    Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

    Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights is a left-of-center nonprofit organization that provides legal representation to unaccompanied undocumented immigrant children. 1 The Center also also advocates for changes to U.S. immigration
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    National Rifle Association

    The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is a single-issue right-of-center advocacy organization that promotes responsible firearms ownership and use. It is involved in firearms-related education, training, and political activism, supporting policies that it sees as furthering the right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the
  • Non-profit

    Walter Funder Initiative

    The Water Funder Initiative (WFI) is a left-of-center environmental advocacy group and a project of the Windward Fund,1 a sponsor of environmentalist projects associated with the Arabella Advisors network of left-progressive “dark money.”
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    Nathaniel Simons

    Also see Sea Change Foundation (Nonprofit) Nathaniel “Nat” Simons is a billionaire, hedge fund manager, and major donor to left-of-center causes and organizations, much of it through the Sea Change Foundation, a San Francisco-based grantmaking foundation he co-founded in 2006 with his wife, Laura Baxter-Simons.
  • Political Party/527

    New Politics

    New Politics is a left-of-center PAC that supports candidates with experience in the military or other public service agencies. In 2016, New Politics formed the New Politics Leadership Academy (NPLA), which trains supported candidates to run for office. The NPLA has been accused of wrongfully disbursing funds to politicians in
  • Non-profit

    Farmworker Justice Fund

    Farmworker Justice Fund is an advocacy organization that seeks to promote left-progressive organizing and labor unionism among migrant and seasonal farm workers. Farmworker Justice Fund was founded in 1981. 1 In 1996, Farmworker Justice
  • Movement

    Trump-Russia Collusion Claims

    See also: For a more complete list of public figures who promoted collusion claims, please see this resource  from the Capital Research Center. Starting at least by July 2016 and continuing through March 2019, the FBI and then the office of Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert
  • Non-profit

    Action Now Initiative

    The Action Now Initiative is a center-left advocacy nonprofit created by liberal donors John and Laura Arnold in 2012. 1 It is closely associated with two more grantmaking organizations
  • For-profit

    Arnold Ventures

    Arnold Ventures is a for-profit philanthropy. For more information, see the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (Nonprofit) Arnold Ventures is a center-left philanthropy founded in early 2019 by liberal donors Laura and John Arnold. Arnold Ventures is a for-profit limited liability company (LLC) and its creation represents a
  • Person

    Laura Arnold

    Laura Arnold, born Laura Munoz, is an American philanthropist and activist. Together with her husband, the retired hedge fund manager John D. Arnold, she is the co-founder of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and the grantmaking organization Arnold Ventures. She is also a founding partner of
  • Non-profit

    Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC)

    The Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC) supports and works with organizations across the United States-Mexico border that focus on liberal expansionist immigration legislation within the United States. It is a program of the Equality Alliance of San Diego County (commonly known and referred to as Alliance San Diego), a
  • Non-profit

    No More Deaths

    No More Deaths (NMD), also known by the Spanish “No Mas Muertes,” is an immigration advocacy group founded in 2004 to protect illegal immigrants facing life and death struggles crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. In 2008, it became an official ministry of the left-of-center Unitarian Universalist Church of