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    Massachusetts Voter Table

    Massachusetts Voter Table (MVT) is a left-of-center advocacy group that works to increase civic engagement among racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, women, young people, and low-income communities in Massachusetts. MVT is the Massachusetts state affiliate of the left-of-center advocacy group State Voices, which is composed of state-based coalitions called
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    We Can Vote

    We Can Vote is a left-of-center project of the New Venture Fund (NVF), a Washington, D.C.-based left-of-center pass-through funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit managed by Arabella Advisors, a consulting firm that controls a multi-billion-dollar “dark money” network which supports left-of-center causes.
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    Nicco Mele

    Nicco Mele is a nonprofit manager and university instructor. He is the former Chair of the board for Democracy Works, an activist group which works to increase the voter participation among left-of-center demographics and receives funding from leading left-of-center philanthropic institutions, such as the MacArthur Foundation and the
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    American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a right-of-center nonprofit think tank that also functions as the nation’s largest voluntary membership association for state legislators. It also offers membership to private sector companies and think tanks. The group authors a variety of publications and utilizes member task forces to adopt
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    Fix the Senate Now

    Fix the Senate Now (FTSN) is a campaign that promotes changes to the procedures of the United States Senate that would make it easier for lawmakers to pass left-of-center policies. In particular, the campaign blames the “filibuster,” the Senate’s long-standing practice of requiring super-majority votes to end debate on legislation,
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    Institute for Free Speech

    The Institute for Free Speech (IFS; formerly the Center for Competitive Politics) is an activist organization that works to stop perceived threats to freedom of expression and assembly. The institute provides education and training, conducts research, engages in advocacy, and files lawsuits in order to achieve its objectives. IFS claims
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    James Madison Institute

    The James Madison Institute (JMI) is a right-of-center think tank headquartered in Florida. JMI advocates for free markets, limited government intervention, and economic freedom. JMI publishes reports and articles that have garnered national media attention on topics including elections, labor union activity, school choice programs, and healthcare.
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    United States Election Assistance Commission

    The United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is an independent federal agency created to report on election administration procedures and provide resources to election officials. 1 The Commission was established under the Help America Vote
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    Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans (PANA)

    The Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans (PANA) is a San Diego-based organization that advocates for left-of-center policies that expand immigration and make it easier for refugees to come to the United States. The organization was founded and is staffed by refugees. PANA took part in lawsuits against the
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    Amber McReynolds

    Amber McReynolds is a left-of-center vote-by-mail advocate and member of the United States Postal Service board of governors, appointed in 2021 by President Joe Biden as an “independent,” a legal designation that observers dispute.
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    Stewart Bainum, Jr.

    Stewart W. Bainum, Jr. is an American businessman and former Democratic state legislator from Maryland who is the Chairman of Choice Hotels and a former Chairman and CEO of Manor Care, both companies that he inherited from his father, Stewart Bainum, Sr. Bainum is a longtime donor to Democratic candidates
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    Twitter (known officially since a 2023 rebranding as “X”1) is a social networking website founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams.
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    Jack Dorsey

    Jack Dorsey is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter and the founder and CEO of Square. Dorsey has said little publicly about his political beliefs, aside from supporting calls for a “universal basic income” welfare program. Dorsey has previously donated to Democratic candidates, particularly in the 2020 election cycle
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    ProGeorgia is a left-of-center nonprofit group that drives civic participation and voter engagement among traditionally left-of-center constituencies. The organization coordinates multiple local groups’ efforts and messaging in favor of left-of-center causes. 1  Director Tamieka Atkins was one
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    People Not Politicians Oregon

    People Not Politicians Oregon (PNP Oregon) is the Oregon affiliate of People Not Politicians (PNP), a national redistricting project organized by Let’s Fix This and the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma, two left-of-center advocacy organizations.
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    Nebraskans for Independent Redistricting

    Nebraskans for Independent Redistricting is a coalition sponsored by several left-of-center organizations in support of a ballot initiative to create an independent redistricting commission in Nebraska. 1 The group,
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    California Clean Money Action Fund

    California Clean Money Action Fund is a left-of-center lobbying organization that opposes private campaign contributions. Contending that deep-pocketed donors unfairly influence the democratic process, it believes election campaigns must instead be funded by the government.
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    Noah Praetz

    Noah Praetz is an election security consultant who currently advises the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Election Security Initiative. 1 Prior to his work with CISA, Praetz ran elections in Illinois’s Cook County, where
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    Declaration for American Democracy

    Declaration for American Democracy is a coalition of left-leaning activist groups that advocates for a series of governmental and electoral administration policy changes. The main priorities of the coalition are to criticize the 2020 election process and support Congressional legislation that would enact several left-leaning policy priorities surrounding elections including
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    Democracy Funders Collaborative

    Democracy Funders Collaborative Census Subgroup, sometimes abbreviated to Democracy Funders Collaborative, is an unofficial group of left-of-center grantmakers that assembled in 2015 to strategize activism surrounding the 2020 Census count. Democracy Funders Collaborative is currently chaired by Adam Ambrogi of the Democracy Fund and Ilona Prucha of the