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  • Non-profit

    Our Oregon

    Our Oregon is a labor union-funded advocacy organization that aims to institute left-wing economic policy in the state of Oregon, specifically to promote the expansion of government education and government control of healthcare. The group is a major supporter of left-wing ballot initiative campaigns, providing over $1.4 million to ballot
  • Person

    Adelaide Park Gomer

    Adelaide Park Gomer is an heiress to the Park Communications and Duncan Hines fortunes. Gomer is now the president of the left-of-center environmentalist Park Foundation based in Ithaca, New York. In addition to her activism with the foundation, Gomer is a trustee of Ithaca College and a substantial donor
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    Nancy R. Bagley

    Nancy Bagley is the president of the Arca Foundation, a foundation funder of various left-of-center causes and groups. She is also on the board of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, a North Carolina-based funder of left-wing groups and causes in that state. She also is the editor of
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    Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation

    Also see Jonathan Soros (Person) The Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation (JJASF) is a grantmaking foundation created in 2009 by left-wing philanthropist Jonathan Soros and his wife, Jennifer Allan. Jonathan Soros is the chairman of the JJASF and the third child of left-leaning billionaire activist George
  • Person

    Robert Reich

    Robert Reich is a left-of-center lawyer, professor, author and public figure who served as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration from 1993 to 1997. As Secretary of Labor Reich promoted most of the generally centrist economic policies of the administration, such as the North Atlantic Free Trade
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    SourceWatch is a wiki-style website run by the left-leaning Center for Media and Democracy.1  The website’s content has a liberal bias
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    Park Foundation

    The Park Foundation is a left-of-center funding group for several of America’s most prominent environmentalist organizations. Led by liberal megadonor and heiress of the Duncan Hines foods and Park Communications media fortunes Adelaide Park Gomer, the foundation leads the movement to prohibit exploration for America’s natural gas resources.
  • Movement


    Antifa–short for “anti-fascist” or “Anti-Fascist action”–is a left-wing extremist movement that violently opposes groups it considers “fascist,” including democratic, center-right conservatives.1
  • For-profit

    New Heights Communications

    New Heights Communications is a lobbying and public relations firm in Washington, D.C. Its clients are left-of-center nonprofit and advocacy groups. It was founded by longtime Democratic operative Christy Setzer in 2010. Background New Heights Communications is a public relations firm based in Washington, D.C. that primarily works with political
  • For-profit

    FitzGibbon Media

    FitzGibbon Media was a high-powered left-of-center PR firm working for major liberal clients like and Planned Parenthood founded by Trevor FitzGibbon. Trevor FitzGibbon was a former state-level communications director for President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.
  • Labor Union

    Wisconsin Education Association Council

    Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) is a left-of-center teachers’ union representing teachers and other public-school employees in Wisconsin. The union was formed in the 1970s and is an affiliate of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers union. The union frequently advocates for left-leaning policies in Wisconsin. The
  • Non-profit

    Verified Voting

    Verified Voting is a left-of-center nonprofit organization that advocates against the use of electronic voting machines, instead championing the use of verified paper ballots to allegedly promote election security.
  • Labor Union

    United Federation of Teachers (UFT)

    The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) is a government worker union representing schoolteachers in New York City. It is an affiliate of the national American Federation of Teachers labor union as AFT Local 2 and the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and is one of
  • Non-profit

    American Prospect

    The American Prospect is a left-progressive publication that promotes left-of-center public policy through articles on its website and in print. Founded in 1989 by Robert Kuttner, Paul Starr, and former Clinton administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, the Prospect has received grants from a number of left-of-center
  • Non-profit

    Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

    Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is a chapter-based drug-legalization advocacy organization with affiliates in over 30 countries. 1 The SSDP network advocates for drug decriminalization locally, nationally, and internationally while arguing for the de-stigmatization of
  • Non-profit

    Southern Vision Alliance

    The Southern Vision Alliance is a left-of-center advocacy organization based in Durham, North Carolina. The organization serves as an incubator for left-wing organizing targeted at young people. The organization also serves as a fiscal sponsor for other far-left organizations. The organization has alleged ties to the communist Workers World Party;
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    ReThink Media

    ReThink Media, founded in 2008, is a combination public relations firm, advocacy organization, and pass-through funding entity for left-of-center organizations. It uses messaging techniques through all forms of media to promote the left-of-center framing of issues related to national security, ethnic and religious minority interests, and left-of-center electoral legislation. ReThink
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    Progressive Maryland

    Progressive Maryland is a lobbying and advocacy organization and network of left-progressive organizations in Maryland. The organization works to promote its agenda by outreach, public education campaigns, lobbying, direct public action, research, and support for left-of-center candidates. The Progressive Maryland Education Fund, Progressive Maryland’s affiliate organization, supports these efforts.
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    New Organizing Institute (NOI)

    NOI is defunct. For its successor, see Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) New Organizing Institute (NOI) was a left-progressive group that trained digital organizers and campaigners for the Democratic Party and liberal political causes. The organization, described by a Washington Post reporter as “the Democratic Party’s Hogwarts
  • Non-profit

    Move to Amend

    Move to Amend (MTA) is a coalition of hundreds of left-of-center organizations that advocates for wealth redistributionist policies, social and racial justice initiatives, and the restriction of political donations. It opposes the landmark 2011 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC, contending that political contributions are not speech and