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    Young People’s Alliance

    Young People’s Alliance is a North Carolina-based student advocacy organization consisting of college students and young adults. 1 It solicits students to lobby elected officials in North Carolina, and during the 2022 and 2023
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    Digital Action

    Digital Action is an international advocacy group operated by the New Venture Fund that operates campaigns opposing “Big Tech” and supporting government policies of strict regulation, content moderation, and censorship of social media platforms in the United States, European Union, and elsewhere in the world. The group is
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    American Endowment Foundation (AEF)

    American Endowment Foundation (AEF) is a donor-advised fund (DAF) provider that manages over $4 billion in assets and consists of 10,000 individual donor-advised funds 1 serving donors in all 50 states.
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    Washington Monthly

     Washington Monthly is a left-of-center magazine and media outlet that serves as a political watchdog and commentator on Washington D.C. politics. Washington Monthly is known for espousing neoliberalism, a more pro-market or pro-business variant of traditional American liberalism conceived by Washington Monthly founder and former editor-in-chief Charles Peters. History Washington
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    Sentencing Project

    The Sentencing Project is a criminal justice activism organization. 1 Since its founding in 1986 as a legal assistance and training organization for prisoners with
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    Psephos is a nonprofit known for founding and managing the National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC), a bipartisan electoral watchdog that includes conservative members like Americans for Tax Reform and left-leaning members like the Brennan Center for Justice. NEDC has also included libertarian members in the past, like
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    National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC)

    National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC) opposes what it perceives as a Republican effort, influenced by former President Donald Trump, to oppose to fair and free elections. It favors of election reforms that would lead to widespread vote by mail, frequent and standardized election recounts, and opposition to what it
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    Public Citizen Texas

    Public Citizen Texas (PCT) is a branch of the left-of-center Public Citizen, founded by left-wing consumer advocate and politician Ralph Nader. It advocates, lobbies, and supports local and state action in favor of weather-dependent solar and wind energy production and against the use of oil, gas, and coal.
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    Out for Justice (Out 4 Justice)

    Out for Justice (sometimes styled as Out 4 Justice) is a left-of-center organization based in Baltimore, Maryland, oriented around criminal justice issues, particularly those affecting the ability of individuals with criminal records to gain access to education, employment, and the electoral franchise. Background Out for Justice was founded as a
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    ACLU Pennsylvania

    The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania (ACLU-PA) is a state-level affiliate of the national American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The organization litigates, educates, and advocates for left-of-center positions including reduction of prison populations, elimination of cash bail, and promotion of mail-in ballots.
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    American Opportunity

    American Opportunity is a lobbying group funded in large part by billionaire media executive, former New York mayor, and unsuccessful presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, a major financial contributor to numerous left-of-center causes and Democratic Party political campaigns. The organization attracted media attention in March 2023 after launching a large-scale
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    Election Verification Network (EVN)

    The Election Verification Network (EVN) is a network of election officials and experts who meet annually to discuss election policies and reforms. Although the EVN claims to be nonpartisan, many of its members work at left-of-center advocacy groups, and its funding comes from similar groups. Membership As of March 2023,
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    100% Democracy

    100% Democracy is an advocacy group founded and run by Miles Rapaport that supports universal mandatory voting in the United States. The organization is a project of the New Venture Fund. Leadership Miles Rapoport Miles Rapoport is the co-founder and executive director of 100% Democracy. Rapoport is the former
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    Miles Rapoport

    Miles Rapoport is a left-wing activist and Democratic politician who served as Secretary of State of Connecticut and ran the left-of-center advocacy groups Demos and Common Cause. He is currently the executive director of 100% Democracy, an advocacy group for mandatory voting based on a book of the
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    VoteOurVoice is a left-leaning monitoring organization that reports on the policy positions of elected officials. The organization tracks politicians both in the United States and around the world andclaims that its work “creates communities” in order to “bring positive change to their political systems.” The organization lists several corporate partners,
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    Un-PAC is a political action committee (PAC) that recruits young adults to become activists for left-wing causes with a particular focus on campaign finance laws and election administration policy. The PAC has endorsed the For the People Act, which would increase federal involvement in state election administration and place constraints
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    Stamp Stampede

    The Stamp Stampede was an activist project that aimed to promote left-of-center policies on taxation, welfare programs, campaign financing, criminal justice, and other issues, primarily by recruiting volunteers to stamp political slogans on dollar bills and releasing them into circulation. The project’s organizers described their money-stamping campaign as a “sustained
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    What’s Next Washington (WNW)

    What’s Next Washington (WNW) is an organization of formerly incarcerated people and activists who work to help rehabilitate people with conviction histories when their incarceration ends. WNW advocates for and works with employers to change their rules and policies to remove barriers they have in place against hiring and supporting
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    Reclaim Our Democracy

    Reclaim Our Democracy is a social action group at First Parish, a Unitarian Universalist church in Concord, Massachusetts. It is part of the Unitarian Universalist Association which supports left-of-center social action.
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    People’s Agenda

    People’s Agenda, also known as the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda (GCPA), is an advocacy organization focused on increasing Black voter turnout in Georgia. It was founded in 1998 by civil rights activist Joseph Lowery.