State Priorities Partnership


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State Priorities Partnership is a liberal network of more than 40 independent, nonprofit research and policy organizations.

Directors, Employees & Supporters

  1. Amy Hanauer
    Governing Body Member

Coalition Members

  1. Arise Citizens’ Policy Project (Non-profit)
  2. Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (Non-profit)
  3. California Budget and Policy Center (Non-profit)
  4. Colorado Fiscal Institute (Non-profit)
  5. Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis (Non-profit)
  6. Connecticut Voices for Children (Non-profit)
  7. DC Fiscal Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  8. Economic Progress Institute (Non-profit)
  9. Every Texan (Non-profit)
  10. Fiscal Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  11. Florida Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  12. Georgia Budget and Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  13. Hawai’i Appleseed (Non-profit)
  14. Hope Enterprise Corporation (Non-profit)
  15. Kansas Action for Children (Non-profit)
  16. Kids Forward (Non-profit)
  17. Louisiana Budget Project (Non-profit)
  18. Maine Center for Economic Policy (Non-profit)
  19. Maryland Center on Economic Policy (Non-profit)
  20. Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (Non-profit)
  21. Michigan League for Public Policy (Non-profit)
  22. Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Non-profit)
  23. Montana Budget and Policy Center (Non-profit)
  24. Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (Non-profit)
  25. New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  26. New Jersey Policy Perspective (Non-profit)
  27. New Mexico Voices for Children (Non-profit)
  28. North Carolina Justice Center (Non-profit)
  29. Oklahoma Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  30. OpenSky Policy Institute (Non-profit)
  31. Oregon Center for Public Policy (Non-profit)
  32. Policy Matters Ohio (Non-profit)
  33. Public Assets Institute (Non-profit)
  34. Voices for Utah Children (Non-profit)
  35. Washington State Budget and Policy Center (Non-profit)
  36. West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy (Non-profit)
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