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Stop Corporate Tyranny is a project of the Back to Neutral Coalition, hosted by the National Center for Public Policy Research and comprised of various right of center groups. The project is geared towards combatting the involvement of large corporations that have embraced a left-of-center and “woke” agenda and implement policies that de-platform and cancel conservatives.

Founding and History

Stop Corporate Tyranny was established as a coalition of various right of center groups in early 2021. The project is hosted by the National Center for Public Policy Research and is comprised of members of the Back to Neutral Coalition who seek to rein in the increasing role that large corporations play in American politics by supporting left-of-center organizations and policies and de-platforming dissenting social and political viewpoints.1

Back to Neutral Coalition Members

The Back to Neutral Coalition is comprised of a range of right of center organizations. The Stop Corporate Tyranny project is hosted by the National Center for Public Policy Research, and offers as speakers representatives of the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Center for Economic Opportunity, Americans for Limited Government, and the Capital Research Center.2

Other partner organizations include 2nd Vote, a conservative organization that rates corporations based on their political support and policies; 60 Plus Association, a right of center senior advocacy group; the Independent Women’s Forum, the Job Creators Network, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, and the Tea Party Patriots Foundation.3

Balancing the Boardroom

Balancing the Boardroom is a campaign to exert pressure on corporations that support and utilize left of center organizations to attack conservative persons and institutions. The project released a corporate voter guide entitled the Investor Value Voter Guide that encourages corporate shareholders to vote against sitting boards of publicly traded companies if those board members have targeted conservative persons and organizations or are hostile to religious faith. The inaugural report divides its target into two categories: companies where shareholders are encouraged to vote out the entire board, and individual board members for whom the report urges a “no” vote.4 5

Companies the report urges to be “scrubbed clean” by voting out the entire board include Google parent company Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, and Verizon.6

The report also highlights several people and organizations that the project considers to be harmful to conservatives and America in general. One notable spotlight is on the Human Rights Campaign and its anti-religious influence on corporations related to LGBT issues. Another is the Southern Poverty Law Center, which regularly designates conservative organizations as “hate groups.” The report also notes instances in which these designations have allegedly led to physical violence against conservatives.7

The report also spotlights individuals such as BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, who have used corporate assets to fund left-of-center groups.8


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