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New Georgia Project is a left-of-center voting and redistricting oriented organization formerly headed by then-Georgia State House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams. The organization was previously a fiscally sponsored project of NEO Philanthropy, a non-profit grantmaking entity that supports a number of left-of-center and liberal causes.

The organization advocates a left-progressive identity politics and aims to register largely Democratic-leaning non-whites to vote across the state of Georgia. The organization faced accusations in 2014 of misreporting voter registration statistics and mismanaging organization funds.

2014 Controversy

Stacey Abrams, former state House Democratic Leader, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, and vocal left-of-center advocate, previously served as the CEO of New Georgia Project. She faced accusations of financial mismanagement for taking a salary of $177,500 while working only 20 hours per week for the organization. The organization was also accused of financial mismanagement for paying more than $1.5 million to a Washington, D.C. based voter registration firm rather than using any of its own methods. The organization, though it raised more than $3 million, also failed to meet its quota for registering voters in Georgia. While Abrams claimed the organization would be able to register 120,000 voters in the same year, it registered only 46,000. [1]

Identity Politics

New Georgia Project is open about its advocacy for race- and ethnicity-based identity politics. The organization advertises on its website the goal of registering all voters “of color” in the state of Georgia. The organization claims that voting right of people of color are “under attack” and that the state willfully prevents people of color from voting. [2]

NGP partners with religious organizations with predominately African-American congregations to host voter registration drives and to educate congregants of voter rights. NGP also hosts an online left-of-center and liberal forum it calls “Forum for Faith and Politics,” to push identity politics. Speaking topics have included titles such as, “Politics, Black Liberation, and Theologies of Resistance,” a podcast in which executive director for NGP, Nse Ufot, discussed extreme liberal race politics with Michael Honor, a pastor at a Georgia church and author on similarly motivated issues. [3]


Raphael Warnock is the chair of the board of directors for NGP. Warnock is a pastor in Georgia and a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. His campaign for public office runs primarily on the sentiment of beating the GOP and stopping Trump administration agendas. He runs on the slogan, “Turn Georgia Blue.” [4] [5] He was tapped by the Obama administration to deliver numerous prayers and dedications for Presidential events during Barack Obama’s presidency. [6]

Nse Ufot is the executive director for NGP. Ufot previously worked as a lawyer in the Atlanta, Georgia area and serves in a number of capacities for organizations in the area. Ufot’s time as an attorney was spent negotiating labor contracts. She also worked in the political arm of AFSCME, a large labor union representing government workers. [7]

Funding and Associated Organizations

The New Georgia Project received a grant of an undisclosed amount in 2020 from the Marguerite Casey Foundation, a left-of-center grantmaking entity, as part of a $5 million grantmaking effort that the foundation dedicated to increasing voter engagement from left-leaning demographics across the country. [8] It also received a grant in 2015 of an undisclosed amount from the Northstar Fund, a New York based left-of-center grantmaking entity. [9] The group also received grants of undisclosed amounts from Democracy Fund, a left-of-center grantmaking organization which funds a variety of left-of-center and liberal entities. [10]

New Georgia Project is a partner organization with the Center for Popular Democracy, a left-of-center multi-issue organizing and press group funded and endorsed by a plethora of liberal grantmaking entities such as Democracy Alliance and the Ford Foundation. [11]


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