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Accelerate Change is a left-of-center organizing group which mainly funds and provides organizational consultation services to likeminded left-of-center organizations. It is a project of the Center for Public Interest Research within the Public Interest Network, a controversial group of left-of-center advocacy organizations.


Accelerate Change promotes the organizational strategy of “functional organization.” It emphasizes the building of a large membership base by providing benefits to those members (benefits listed as examples include discounts and collective bargaining). Once a large membership base is assembled, the organization in question can, according to the website, be used for “civic engagement and advocacy.” Successful examples of groups that use this model, according to Murray, are labor unions in general and Planned Parenthood in particular. [1][2]

Center for Public Interest Research

For more on Accelerate Change’s parent organization, see Center for Public Interest Research

The Center for Public Interest Research, the parent organization of Accelerate Change, is a left-of-center 501(c)(3) policy research and fundraising group, which is both a member of the Public Interest Network organized under the National Center for the Public Interest, as well as the charitable counterpart to the left-of-center lobbying group Fund for the Public Interest.                             

The Public Interest Network

The Public Interest Network, which is the parent organization of the Center for Public Interest Research, which is in turn the parent organization of Accelerate Change, is a left-of-center umbrella organization that contains over one hundred nonprofit and for-profit groups, including the United States Public Interest Research Group, Environment America, Environmental Action, Toxics Action Center, Pesticide Watch, Green Century Capital Management, Green Corps, National Environmental Law Center, Frontier Group, Community Voters Project, Snowriders International, Impact, and Bold Alliance. Notably, many of these groups share staff members. [3]

The Network, which originally sprung from the Public Interest Research Group, was developed in the 1970s by activists Ralph Nader and Donald Ross—both of whom were executive directors of the New York Public Interest Research Group for roughly under a decade between 1973 and 1982. [4]

According to critics of the Network, Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., a for-profit consultancy belonging to the Network, engages in exploitative employment practices. Specifically, former employees of Human Rights Campaign, a left-of-center organization that contracts with Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. have advocated for a separation between the two groups on the basis that Grassroots Campaigns overworked its employees, provided canvassers with especially low pay, and neglected reports of abuse and harassment. [5][6] In that vein, the Network has also been criticized for advocating against proposed regulations supported by the Obama administration that would have raised the salary threshold for an exemption from time-and-a-half rules regarding overtime compensation. [7]


The following individuals constitute the leadership of Accelerate Change:[8]

  • Peter Murray, President
  • Eli Andrews, Director of Innovation
  • Sahil Kotak, Director, Venture Strategy
  • Darrell Scott, Director, PushBlack
  • Abeni Jones, Digital Content Manager, PushBlack
  • Veronika Geronimo, Senior Entrepreneur
  • Julian Walker, Creative Director


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