Emma Bloomberg


May 10, 1979


New York City, New York


Jeremiah Kittredge


Michael Bloomberg


CEO Founder of Murmaration/Philanthropist

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Emma Bloomberg is a philanthropist and the daughter of billionaire former New York City mayor and unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination Michael Bloomberg. She is the founder and CEO of the data analytics and tech company Murmuration and the former chief of staff of the charity Robin Hood Foundation.

Bloomberg also worked briefly at Pfizer as a summer marketing associate. She is also chairwoman of the educational advocacy groups Stand for Children Leadership Center and the Knowledge is Power (KIPP) Foundation. 1 Emma Bloomberg is married to former Families for Excellent Schools CEO Jeremiah Kittredge. 2

She sits on the boards of the lobbying/advocacy group Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE), and its research-oriented sister organization the Leadership for Educational Equity Foundation (LEEF). These organizations both partner with teacher training and placement group Teach for America. She is a board member of New Classrooms Innovation Partners. 3

Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Foundation

The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Foundation is a private charitable foundation that supports education and animal rights groups. In 2021 this organization donated more than $1 million total to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, DogTrust USA, and Animal Medical Center of New York. Smaller donations were given to New Classrooms Innovation Partners, Stand for Children Leadership Center, and the KIPP Foundation. 4


In 2014 Emma Bloomberg founded Murmuration, a data analytics and technology company which initially stated it would focus on favorably shifting educational outcomes. In an online conference as part of the Vatican’s Unite to Prevent campaign, Emma Bloomberg described Murmuration as “policy agnostic,” stating that the company prefers to align its practices with those of its clients. 5

Murmuration partners with official DNC data partner TargetSmart Communications, as well as the District of Columbia and Maryland-based powerhouse law firm Venable LLP. 6

In an apparent strategical shift, Murmuration began acquiring smaller firms, both directly, and later indirectly through its subsidiary company Helm, previously known as Tech Co. Through Helm, Murmuration absorbed numerous tech companies, such as the data analytics/customer relationship management firm Crowdskout and the political canvassing app Organizer. 7

In April 2021, Helm acquired Tuesday Company, which had its origins in the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Through this acquisition, Murmuration/Helm gained access to the Team digital app, a political organizing platform. It also gained control of the VoteWithMe app, which provides users with the voting history of individuals on their contacts list. This company also conducts social and behavioral experiments to gauge societal effect of its messaging and determine which approaches will have the highest impact. 8

2021 Unite to Prevent Conference

In 2021 Emma Bloomberg was invited to participate in the Unite to Prevent health policy conference hosted by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture and the Cura Foundation. This event was sponsored in part by the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust and the John Templeton Foundation. 9

Emma Bloomberg Center at Princeton

In April 2021, Princeton University announced the establishment of the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity. The program will absorb or expand several already-existing programs at Princeton, including its Summer Journalism program and the Program for Transfer, Non-Traditional, and Veteran Students. 10


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