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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap (MTG) is a left-wing Super PAC dedicated to helping Democrats win elections. The PAC funnels millions of dollars from Silicon Valley executives to help elect Democratic politicians.


In 2018, the PAC created a statistical model which attempted to score the impact each dollar donated would have on Democrats winning back control of the House of Representatives. The group ultimately raised more than 20 million dollars in its successful attempt to win back control of the House for Democrats.

MTG is known for its secretive operations, where it attempts to quickly gather donations over a short period of time in order to prevent Republicans from mobilizing their own donors in response. The PAC is managed by Stanford law professors Barbara Fried, Paul Brest, and Graham Gottlieb. Of the three, only Gottlieb has political experience, having served former President Barack Obama as a staffer during his 2012 re-election campaign and in the White House. [1]


Major donors to MTG includes Google executive Shona Brown and venture capitalist Russell Siegalman. [2]


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