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    Our Story Hub

    Our Story is a project of the Proteus Fund established to work with left-of-center advocacy organizations and elected leaders on communication strategies and messaging. Our Story provides consulting services to facilitate the development and dissemination of left-of-center political propaganda. Our Story provides previously developed “narratives,” designed to be “used
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    Adam Albright

    Adam Albright is a private investor that used his wealth to fund left-of-center environmentalist organizations. He founded and principally funds the environmentalist grantmaking ARIA Foundation and served on the board of directors of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Rocky Mountain Institute, and Rainforest Alliance. According to the
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    Embrey Family Foundation

    The Embrey Family Foundation is a Dallas, Texas-based private grantmaking foundation which finances many left-of-center causes and organizations. The foundation also finances gender studies college courses and other scholarships for women. The foundation makes most of its grants to Texas-based causes and groups. It has made grants in the Roaring
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    SumOfUs is an environmentalist organization which pressures businesses to adopt left-of-center policies on the environment and animal liberation. It is also involved in other left-leaning issues such as pro-abortion advocacy, support for gun control, and pro-Palestinian activism. Funding In 2017, SumOfUs reported receiving $5.4 million in grants and contributions.
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    Majority Forward

    Majority Forward is a Democratic Party-aligned advocacy group that campaigns against Republicans and conservative causes. It works on voter registration and voter turnout operations. It is associated with the Senate Majority PAC and has established working relationships with other left-of-center groups such as Vote Vets. The organization was
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    Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

    Mary Reynolds Babcock founded the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation (MRBF) as a grantmaking organization in 1953. Like the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, also co-founded by Babcock, MRBF supports left-of-center advocacy organizations in 11 states in the southeastern United States through various means, primarily through grantmaking.
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    People Organized to Win Employment Rights

    For more information on this organization, see Causa Justa Just Cause. People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based left-of-center community organizing group. In 2015, it merged into Causa Justa Just Cause, another Bay Area community organizing entity. Organization People Organized to Win
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    California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) Education Fund

    California Public Interest Research Group Education Fund (CALPIRG) is the policy research arm of the California Public Interest Research Group. It is the California state affiliate of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (US-PIRG), a left-of-center organization which oversees a federation of state liberal advocacy groups also known
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    PushBlack is a left-of-center racial-activist media and voter-outreach organization that creates media content targeted to Black Americans with the overarching goal of “black liberation.” Founded in 2015, the group claimed in 2024 that its content reached 9 million individuals monthly and that it had sent over 400 million voting-related messages
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    Power California

    Power California, formerly known as Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, is a voter-registration coalition that pushes left-of-center ideas and voter engagement with immigrants in the state of California.1 Despite calling itself a non-partisan organization, Power California promotes
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    Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation

    The Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation is a private foundation established in 2003 that donates to causes including Holocaust education, mental health, and left-of-center organizations that support left-progressive advocacy in the United States and Israel.
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    Kendeda Fund

    The Kendeda Fund is the private philanthropic foundation created by Diana Blank in 1993. Blank, the ex-wife of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, was not known to be the Fund’s principal donor until 2015.
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    FairVote is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Takoma Park, Maryland that promotes and is a principal activist for ranked-choice voting (RCV), universal voter registration, and abolition of the Electoral College. FairVote was founded in 1992 in Cincinnati, Ohio by a group of activists, educators, and former government officials, and
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    Darren Walker

    For more please see Ford Foundation. Since 2013 Darren Walker has been President of the Ford Foundation, one of the largest left-leaning granting foundations in the United States.
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    Ai-jen Poo

    Ai-jen Poo is a left-of-center labor organizer and executive director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA). Poo is closely aligned with a range of left-of-center foundations and organizing groups, sitting on the advisory boards of, MomsRising, and the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.
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    United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA)

    United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is the main labor union representing teachers and other staff of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in southern California, the nation’s second-largest school district. UTLA is affiliated with both the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers. UTLA has engaged in
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    Americans for Tax Fairness

    Americans for Tax Fairness is a project of the New Venture Fund that advocates for left-of-center tax policies. The organization purports to be a coalition comprised of 400 organizations. Americans for Tax Fairness advocates for higher tax rates for individuals, increased corporate taxes, and the repeal of tax breaks
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    CREDO Victory Fund (CREDO Action)

    Also see CREDO Mobile (Working Assets) CREDO Action is the left-wing advocacy arm of the San Francisco-based CREDO Mobile, which was originally formed in 1985 under the name Working Assets.
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    Tax March

    Tax March is a left-of-center group that lobbies for tax increases. The group is a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a left-of-center funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit managed by Arabella Advisors, a philanthropy consulting firm in Washington, D.C.
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    Perkins Coie

    Perkins Coie is a Seattle-based law firm of more than 1,000 lawyers, roughly 40 of which work for its political law practice that serves Democratic and left-of-center political candidates and non-profit clients. Perkins Coie received at least $26 million for legal fees and related expenses during the 2016 election cycle