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    One Fair Wage

    One Fair Wage (OFW) is a left-of-center organization that advocates for a full minimum wage for workers receiving tips as a major portion of their income, such as restaurant service workers, ride-share drivers, and food delivery drivers.
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    Tracy Sturdivant

    Tracy Sturdivant is president of The League, an organizing collective that grew out of the Make it Work Campaign, which she also co-founded. Sturdivant is a veteran organizer for left-of-center causes and a self-professed “one woman coalition.”
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    The League

    The League is a left-of-center social policy advocacy organization. It is headed by activist Tracy Sturdivant and grew from the Make It Work campaign, which pressed for left-of-center economic policies targeted toward women. It is a fiscally sponsored project of the New Venture Fund,
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    State Power Caucus

    The State Power Caucus is a radical left-influenced advocacy coalition, founded in 2017, made up of 22 organizations from 15 states, created with the purpose of enhancing state-level progressive organizing and voter mobilization through cooperation among its members.
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    Participant (formerly known as Participant Media) is a film production company founded by Jeffrey Skoll, a left-leaning billionaire who was formerly the president of eBay.
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    Skoll Fund

    The Skoll Fund was founded by billionaire philanthropist Jeffrey Skoll,1 also the founder of Participant, a firm that produces films such as An Inconvenient Truth, the 2006 documentary featuring former Vice
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    Jeffrey Skoll

    Jeffrey Skoll is a left-leaning billionaire and former president of eBay. He has since become founder of the film production firm Participant, and a network of grantmaking foundations that include the Skoll Foundation, the Skoll Fund, and the Skoll Global Threats Fund. In 2019, Forbes
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    Audrey Cappell

    Audrey Cappell is the founder of Foundation for a Just Society (FJS), a left-of-center organization which makes grants to smaller LGBT advocacy organizations across the globe. Cappell is the daughter of hedge fund manager and left-of-center mega-donor James Simmons. Much of the funding for FJS comes from the
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    Take Back the Court

    Take Back the Court (formal name: Take Back the Court Foundation) is a left-of-center advocacy group which aims to add seats to the United States Supreme Court once Democrats gain control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate in order to effectively nullify Republican Supreme Court appointments. Take
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    Fuerza del Valle (FDV)

    Fuerza del Valle (FDV) is a labor activist and pro-illegal immigrant advocacy group located in the Rio Grande Valley. The organization focuses primarily on educating low-income workers as to their rights to collect earned wages. FDV is a member of the two-organization group, Border Workers United (also known as Labor
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    Alexis McGill Johnson

    Alexis McGill Johnson is the acting President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She entered the role on July 16, 2019 following the departure of Leana Wen.
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    Libra Foundation

    The Libra Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation that supports left-of-center advocacy organizations in the United States and around the world. Its funding priorities include left-of-center social policy, immigration, abortion, and the environment. Notable recipients of large Libra Foundation grants include the ACLU Foundation, the National Economic and Social
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    Alexander Soros Foundation

    The Alexander Soros Foundation is a private foundation established by Alexander Soros, son of billionaire investor and liberal advocacy philanthropist George Soros. Its stated mission is to promote social justice and human rights, though its grants also focus on environmentalism, education, cultural causes, and more. Soros, who calls
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    Sarita Gupta

    Sarita Gupta is a left-of-center activist who currently serves as the director of the Ford Foundation’s Future of Work(ers) program. Gupta’s radical associations include greeting the 7th National Convention of the Young Communist League.
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    Alexander Soros

    Alexander Soros is the son of finance billionaire and political mega-donor George Soros and deputy chair of the Open Society Foundations, his father’s left-of-center private grantmaking foundation. 1
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    Google Foundation

    The Google Foundation (also known by its internet address, is the corporate charitable arm of Alphabet, Inc., and its subsidiary, Google. It is a major funder of left-wing advocacy, having contributed at least $70 million in the decade between 2007-2016 to organizations such as the Tides Foundation, a provider of
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    People Organized to Win Employment Rights

    For more information on this organization, see Causa Justa Just Cause. People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based left-of-center community organizing group. In 2015, it merged into Causa Justa Just Cause, another Bay Area community organizing entity. Organization People Organized to Win
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    California Labor Federation

    The California Labor Federation (CLF) is a labor union in California associated with the American Federation of Labor–Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). The Federation includes more than 1,200 member unions which claim to represent over 2.1 million California workers.
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    We Belong Together

    We Belong Together is a campaign sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Domestic Workers Alliance,, United We Dream, and the Women’s Refugee Commission advocating for lenient immigration enforcement policies.
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    Ai-jen Poo

    Ai-jen Poo is a left-of-center labor organizer and executive director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA). Poo is closely aligned with a range of left-of-center foundations and organizing groups, sitting on the advisory boards of, MomsRising, and the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.