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    Center for Political Education

    Center for Political Education (CPE) is a radical-left Marxist, “internationalist, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist” political activism training group. 1 CEP is a project of the Kendra Alexander Foundation.
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    We Are Home

    We Are Home (WAH) Campaign is a far left immigration activist coalition of 18 immigration, civil rights, faith, and labor organizations with more than 50 partner organizations. 1 WAH advocates amnesty for all
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    The Miller-Wehrle Family Foundation

    The Miller-Wehrle Family Foundation is a left-of-center private family grantmaking foundation based in Washington, D.C. It supports left-of center labor-oriented groups, such as the Coalition for Immokalee Workers and National Domestic Workers Alliance; immigration-oriented groups including United We Dream; environmentalist groups such as the National Audubon
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    Bafrayung Fund

    The Bafrayung Fund is a New York City-based private grantmaking foundation established in 2018. 1 The foundation makes the bulk of its large contributions to numerous left-of-center to radical organizations. People The chair of the Bafrayung
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    Blue Shield of California Foundation

    Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF) is a grantmaking foundation created by Blue Shield of California, an insurance company which was founded and operated as a nonprofit until California revoked its tax-exempt status in 2014. BSCF primarily focuses on domestic violence and public health, though it also supports organizations that
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    CARE Fund

    The Care for All with Respect and Equity (CARE) Fund is a grantmaking organization which channels contributions from major donors into initiatives related to child care, elderly care, and other types of care for people with assisted living needs. The fund focuses on initiatives that further left-of-center causes related to
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    Population Connection Action Fund PAC

    The Population Connection Action Fund PAC is a left-leaning political action committee that donates to Democratic congressional candidates who support left-leaning policies regarding abortion, contraceptive use, and environmentalism. 1 The organization
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    Goldhirsh Foundation

    The Goldhirsh Foundation is the Los Angeles, California-based private foundation of Upworthy and Good Ventures founder Ben Goldhirsh. It contributes to left-of-center advocacy projects, most notably the Hopewell Fund’s Economic Security Project. The Goldhirsh Foundation has in recent years begun to focus its giving towards projects in and around the Los
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    Collective Future Fund

    The Collective Future Fund is a non-profit advocacy and funding organization that promotes left-leaning social and economic policies in the United States surrounding race, gender, and sexual orientation. The organization is a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a large funding and program management group that has founded and manages
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    ProGeorgia is a left-of-center nonprofit group that drives civic participation and voter engagement among traditionally left-of-center constituencies. The organization coordinates multiple local groups’ efforts and messaging in favor of left-of-center causes. 1  Director Tamieka Atkins was one
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    Black to the Future Action Fund

    Black to the Future Action Fund (BFAF) is a political advocacy group associated with Black Lives Matter. BFAF aims to educate and organize left-of-center African-American voters to elect African-American officials to further its political goals. The organization’s Black Agenda 2020 lays out a left-wing platform for reforming the allegedly
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    San Francisco Rising

    San Francisco Rising (SFR) is a project of the left-wing Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) that operates under the umbrella of Bay Rising (BR). BR is fiscally sponsored by the left-wing Movement Strategy Center (MSC).
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    Filipino Advocates for Justice

    Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAJ) is a left-of-center advocacy and political organizing group based in Oakland, California. FAJ focuses on Filipino-Americans and Filipino immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area, advocating for left-of-center social and economic policies that would impact those populations. It has close ties to a number of
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    Black Futures Lab

    Black Futures Lab (BFL) is a voter mobilization and advocacy group targeting African-American voters run by Black Lives Matter leader Alicia Garza. BFL is a project of the San Francisco Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), a left-of-center to radical-left advocate for low-income Asian Americans. Black to the Future
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    Brazilian Worker Center

    The Brazilian Worker Center is a left-of-center advocacy organization focusing on illegal immigrant-related labor law, gender issues, and other issues concerning expansionist immigration policies. The organization is fiscally supported by a number of labor-union aligned organizations and works to promote labor organizing with workers in Boston, Massachusetts and multiple cities
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    Rising Majority

    Rising Majority is a coalition of left-of-center activist groups that organize collectively across multiple issues including economics and labor, climate change, feminism, and immigration. It is a project of the Movement for Black Lives, which itself is a fiscally sponsored project of the radical-left fiscal sponsorship organization Alliance for Global
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    BlackOUT Collective

    BlackOUT Collective is a direct-action organization founded in 2014 in the wake of anti-police riots that started in Ferguson, Missouri, after the police shooting of Michael Brown that offers training and support to anti-police and other radical-left protesters. It is associated with the broader Black Lives Matter movement, and though it
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    Grassroots Policy Project

    Grassroots Policy Project (GPP) is a nonprofit which provides academic research findings and training to activist groups to promote left-wing activism. The organization was founded in 1993 by Richard Healey, a former leader of the radical socialist New American Movement, which later merged into the Democratic Socialists of America.
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    Deirdre Schifeling

    Deirdre Schifeling is a left-of-center political operative, pro-abortion activist, and former executive director of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. In 2019, Schifeling founded Democracy for All 2021 Action to help generate a wave of left-progressive legislation should then-President Donald Trump lose the 2020 election. Schifeling was also the leader
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    Campaign for America’s Future

    Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) is an American nonprofit progressive political advocacy organization. Founded in 1996, the organization bills itself as “the strategy center for the progressive movement.” 1 The organization signed a petition