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Labor-union aligned advocacy organizations

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The Brazilian Worker Center is a left-of-center advocacy organization focusing on illegal immigrant-related labor law, gender issues, and other issues concerning expansionist immigration policies. The organization is fiscally supported by a number of labor-union aligned organizations and works to promote labor organizing with workers in Boston, Massachusetts and multiple cities in Connecticut.

The organization also runs a legal clinic to provide attorneys to workers in wage-related legal cases. It has also worked with large labor unions to promote legislation regarding labor organizing and employment mandates in the state of Massachusetts. 1 2

Labor Union-Aligned Advocacy

Natalicia Tracy, executive director for BWC, worked closely with 11 Massachusetts branches of the AFL-CIO to write the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, a Massachusetts state bill designed to place increased mandates on households employing domestic workers. The bill also covers a number of liberal issues such as expansionist immigration issues, and gender-based issues. The Massachusetts bill was signed into law in 2017. 3

Racial Agenda

The Brazilian Worker Center has advocated for left-progressive racial activism, producing a film series with Showing Up For Racial Justice, a far-left agitation group focused on getting white Americans to participate in racial reconciliation advocacy. The organization also took part in a city-wide “race dialogue” in Boston, an event organized in order to protest the housing of higher-income people and broader revitalization in Boston. The event was hosted by the Hyams Foundation, a left-of-center grantmaking organization that funds left-of-center and liberal racial-interest groups. 4 5

Partner Organizations

BWC lists a number of left-leaning and liberal organizations as advocacy partners on its website. Most notably, the organization lists National Domestic Workers Alliance, a labor-union-aligned left-of-center organization funded by major left-wing funding organizations such as the Ford Foundation and George SorosOpen Society Foundations that campaigns for mandates on the employers of domestic workers. The website also lists a number of smaller, labor-aligned organizations local to Boston, such as Community Labor United, the Labor Resource Center of the University of Massachusetts, and the Boston Women’s Fund as partners. 6


Natalicia Tracy is the executive director for Brazilian Worker Center. She also works as a sociology lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where she teaches classes on labor studies, immigration policy, and race issues. 7 She was named one of the nations “25 Key Black Women Leaders” by the AFL-CIO, the largest federation of labor unions in the United States. 8 In 2019, Tracy was recognized as a Barr Fellow, a fellowship offered to Boston-based left-progressive leaders by the Barr Foundation, a left-of-center Boston-based grantmaking organization. 9


BWC lists a number of funders, many of which are left-leaning or liberal grantmaking organizations, or organizations aligned with labor union interests. Notably, the organization received a grant of $35,930 in 2018, from National Domestic Workers Alliance;10 $100,000 from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, a left-of-center grantmaking organization that funds labor-aligned organizations;11 and an undisclosed amount from a recently defunct Berger-Marks Foundation, an organization that made grants to labor unions and organizations advocation for labor union interests. The organization also received a $129,800 grant from OSHA, the government agency tasked with enforcing workplace-safety legislation. 12


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