Arabella Advisors Holdings, LLC


Holding Company (presumed)

Beneficial Owners:

Eric Kessler

Bruce Boyd

Sampriti Ganguli

Jennifer Steans (via Concentric Equity Partners)

Chris Hobbs

Gwen Walden

Hilary Cherner

Shelly Whelpton

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Arabella Advisors Holdings, LLC, is a private District of Columbia corporation created in June 2021. 1 While few details are known, the company is believed to act as a holding company to Arabella Advisors, a consultancy to left-of-center foundations and donors. 2 A related corporation, Arabella Acquisition LLC, is also listed as the controlling entity for Arabella Advisors in Illinois; the relationship between the two holding companies is unknown. 3

Arabella Advisors in turn manages a network of nonprofits whose collective revenues totaled nearly $1.7 billion in 2020 alone. 4 This “dark money” network in turn controls a vast collection of activist groups and websites working on center- and far-left political causes.

Beneficial Owners

According to filings with the District of Columbia, Arabella Advisors Holdings reports the following beneficial owners: 5

Concentric Equity Parkers is a Chicago-based private investment firm run by Jennifer Steans, an investment manager who also runs Financial Investments Corporation, which owns Concentric Equity Partners. 6 7

Steans is chair of Arabella Advisors’ board of directors. 8 She is also listed as the sole beneficial owner to Arabella Advisors in filings with the District of Columbia. 9

Steans has donated at least $226,000 to Democratic Party candidates since the mid-1990s. 10


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