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Nevada Law & Justice PAC

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527 Political Action Committee


Whitney Tymas

Nevada Law & Justice PAC is a left-of-center PAC created in May, 2018 to fund the unsuccessful campaign of Robert Langford, a progressive candidate for Clark County District Attorney in the 2018 Nevada Democratic primary.[1] The organization is the Nevada branch of the vast “Safety and Justice” network, a project of left-leaning billionaire George Soros that used a network of similarly named state-level PACs to finance the campaigns of progressive Democratic candidates for district attorney in more than a dozen of America’s cities.


According to campaign finance records kept by the Nevada Secretary of State, in the leadup to the 2018 Democratic primary Nevada Law & Justice received a single $1.2 million contribution from the Law & Justice PAC, a federal branch of the “Safety and Justice” network.[2] Records also show that, after Langford was defeated by Democratic incumbent Steve Wolfson, the organization refunded the Law & Justice PAC $769,000 in unspent funds.[3]

Political Activities

Nevada campaign finance records also show that during the 2018 Democratic primary Nevada Law & Justice made large payments to several left leaning organizations for polling and advertisements to support Langford’s campaign. The organization reported paying left-leaning campaign communications firm Berlin Rosen roughly $760,000 for advertising and consulting, as well as smaller payments to Lake Research Partners, Color of Change PAC, and People’s PAC for polling activities.[i][4] [5] [6]


Nevada Law & Justice is led by its treasurer, Whitney Tymas, who serves as the head of the widely dispersed “Safety and Justice” network. Tymas also served on the board of the Civic Participation Action Fund (CPAF).

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