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    Nse Ufot

    Nse Ufot was the former chief executive officer of the New Georgia Project (NGP) and the New Georgia Project Action Fund, the voter-turnout groups created by Georgia Democratic politician Stacey Abrams. Ufot and the NGP rose to prominence in the 2020 elections when they played key roles in
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    Robert Soros

    Robert Soros is a philanthropist, investor, art collector, and the eldest son of billionaire financier George Soros. He is the founder and president of Soros Capital. Robert Soros is media-averse and quiet about political affairs compared to his father and most of his family, though he contributes extensively to
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    Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

    Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is a right-of-center super PAC. It is affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots Foundation and the Tea Party Patriots Action. Based in Georgia, it was founded in 2013.
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    Rosa Brooks

    Rosa Brooks, born Rosa Ehrenreich, is the daughter of longtime feminist activist Barbara Ehrenreich and is a law professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. 1 She is also an adjunct
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    Gen Z for Change

    Gen Z for Change is a left-of-center political advocacy organization that promotes Democratic Party campaigns and left-of-center causes through a network of social media influencers who have large online followings. The group was founded as “Tik Tok For Biden” during the 2020 election and was organized with the goal of
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    Voter Formation Project

    The Voter Formation Project is a left-of-center voter mobilization organization launched following the 2020 election by Tatenda Musapatike, a former Facebook employee focused on political ads, to use digital advertising to boost Democratic candidates. The organization aims to increase voter registration in minority communities where registration is lacking to
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    LiberatED LLC

    LiberatED LLC is a left-of-center educational consulting company founded by Dena Simmons, a speaker and writer on education policy and social justice. Through this company, Simmons markets her speaking and workshop services focused on social-emotional intelligence and critical race theory-aligned “anti-racism” and “racial oppression” in education.
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    WorkMoney Inc.

    WorkMoney Inc. is a left-of-center “dark money group” 1 with “prominent connections to the U.S. labor
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    Leadership Center for Attorney General Studies

    The Leadership Center for Attorney General (AG) Studies is a left-leaning think tank associated with the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) that provides research and educational materials supportive of left-leaning policies. The organization’s work focuses on powers held by state attorneys general and encourages action by attorneys general to
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    Votebeat is an online media platform under the Civic News Company that reports on local elections across the United States from a left-of-center perspective. The platform publishes content by corporate sponsors and prominent donors in addition to its routine reporting. Votebeat also states that it times its reporting to match
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    Florida Rising Together

    Florida Rising Together is a left-of-center advocacy group headquartered in Miami, Florida, that advocates for a variety of left-of-center economic and social policy stances with an emphasis on criminal justice and environmental policy. The group conducts voter registration drives and training for community organizers. Florida Rising Together is the charitable
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    Nebraskans for Responsible Lending

    Nebraskans for Responsible Lending was a coalition of left-of-center organizations and a registered lobbying organization that led the successful campaign in support of Nebraska Ballot Initiative 428, which lowered annual percentage yield interest rates on short-term “payday loans” in the 2020 election cycle.
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    Family Friendly Action Fund

    The Family Friendly Action Fund is a left-leaning political advocacy and lobbying organization headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire. The organization was founded by Deborah Butler, a Democratic donor in New Hampshire who is the Chief Financial Officer of a private family office affiliated with the 1911 Trust Company. The organization has
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    True the Vote

    True the Vote is a Houston-based right-of-center nonprofit founded in 2011 by Catherine Engelbrecht that focuses on election integrity and stopping voter fraud. 1
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    Stand for Children Inc.

    Stand for Children, Inc. is the advocacy arm of the left-of-center Stand For Children Leadership Center education advocacy nonprofit, which operates the critical race theory-inspired Center for Antiracist Education (CARE). 1
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    Economic War Room

    Economic War Room is a right-leaning digital media and weekly broadcast by Kevin Freeman that focuses on financial news, geopolitical matters, and investment news. 1 The outlet warns of “financial warfare” against the United States
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    Kate Krontiris

    Kate Krontiris is a researcher, strategist and facilitator associated with left-of-center activism. 1 Krontiris has provided consulting services to several large organizations such as Google, Facebook, and the Democracy Fund, as well
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    Stop the Steal

    Stop the Steal is a far-right advocacy organization which formed to contest the results of the 2020 election after Democratic nominee Joe Biden (D) was declared the winner. The organization alleged that then-President Donald Trump (R) had won the election, and that the results had been stolen by
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    Ring Foundation

    The Ring Foundation is a Los Angeles-based grantmaking nonprofit. It has provided six-figure annual grants to left-leaning organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund.
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    Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

    Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a state-run voter monitoring system in which states periodically submit their voter rolls for review to identify incorrect and outdated voter information. Its membership consists of state-level election officials from 31 states and Washington, D.C.