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Education advocacy organization

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Latinos for Education is a left-of-center advocacy group founded in 2016 that focuses on issues related to education in the Latino community. 1


In 2020, Latinos for Education launched a campaign demanding that Massachusetts give every Latino student in the state universal access to technology, signing a letter with more than 150 organizations to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 2

Latinos for Education launched an advocacy campaign in support of the Massachusetts Educator Diversity Act, 3 establishing programs to prepare, support, and retain teachers of color across Massachusetts. 4 Latinos for Education also reports and publishes its research and ideas on various issues, including the effects of the pandemic on Latinos in Massachusetts and hiring teachers based on race. 5

Latinos in Education operates various fellowships for Latinos in positions in the education sector, such as the Aspiring Latinos Leaders Fellowship 6 and the Latino Board Fellowship. 7 In March 2020, Latinos for Education launched Ed Centro, a members-only online platform that connects Latino education professionals to professional development, career opportunities, and their peers. 8 The organization also hosted the first annual State of Latino Education Convening in October 2021. The event’s 900 attendees engaged in discussions about the practices, policies, and advocacy efforts surrounding Latino education. 9


Latinos for Education received a grant for $5 million from the foundation of MacKenzie Scott, 10 the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the third-wealthiest woman in the world. 11 In 2020, the CEO and co-founder of Latinos for Education, Amanda Fernandez, received an award from the Catalyst Fund program of the McNulty Foundation to support Latinos for Education. 12 13


Amanda Fernandez is the CEO and founder of Latinos for Education. Previously, she worked as the vice president of Latino external engagement at Teach for America and as a director at the Bridgespan Group. Fernandez is a trustee of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. She also is a trustee of Roxbury Community College. Fernández graduated from Western Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree and from Fordham University with a master’s degree.

Daniel Velasco is the president of Latinos for Education. Previously, he joined the organization as vice president of strategy and programs in 2017 and later became chief growth and impact officer. Before joining Latinos for Education, Velasco worked as Boston Executive Director of Johns Hopkins University and later as regional director for five years. Velasco was also a program faculty member at Harvard’s School Turnaround Leadership program for six years. He is a board member of the Rocketship Public School, the Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, and Teacher Residencies. He is a graduate of the ICN Business School in France, received a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Central Florida, a master’s degree in social change from Clark University, a master’s degree in education policy and management from Harvard University, and a doctorate in education leadership and entrepreneurship from Johns Hopkins University. 14


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