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Climate Hawks Vote Civic Action is an advocacy organization that promotes left-leaning environmentalist policies. Much of the organization’s work revolves around pushing Democratic politicians further to the left on environmentalist issues and advocating against the use of any conventional energy sources. The organization has a relatively small budget and no full-time employees yet is frequently quoted in the press as a voice for far-left climate activists.

The organization also operates a super PAC, Climate Hawks Vote Political Action. 1


Climate Hawks Vote Civic Action was founded in 2013 by Democratic political operative and activist R.L. Miller, who serves as Chairwoman of the California Democratic Party environmental caucus. Miller stated that the idea for the organization was born as former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (D) considered a run for the United States Senate. Miller decried the Montana Democrat for being an “open cheerleader” for the coal industry and founded Climate Hawks Vote as an “idea that we need to do is make climate change more of a litmus test within the democratic party than it already is.” The group has since grown to a national focus and concentrates on attacking Democrats who do not perceive climate change as a “top-tier issue.” 2

The group touts its small-donor approach and describes itself as a “counterweight” to billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate and openly speculates that the organization has more donors than NextGen, which is largely funded by Steyer. The group endorses in a variety of Democratic primary elections at all levels from city council to U.S. House and Senate. 3


Much of the group’s effort has been towards formulating a scorecard that ranks members of congress on their outspokenness and votes on environmentalist issues. The groups scorecard is considered more aggressive on issues than the left-of-center League of Conservation Voters’ scorecard, which ranks members on various environmentalist votes and gives members advance notice when they are considering a certain measure for scoring purposes. 4

Climate Hawks Vote has endorsed several candidates in elections dating back to the 2014 election cycle, the group currently focuses endorsements on candidates who support a Green New Deal, an environmentalist proposal criticized as a “radical, top-down socialist makeover of the entire U.S. economy.” 5 The group focuses its endorsements on Democratic primaries, touting that its endorsed candidates won 6 of 8 primaries in 2018. It endorsed incumbent Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI). The group also backed then-California State Senate President Kevin de Leon’s unsuccessful far-left challenge to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). 6

During the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary, Climate Hawks Vote somewhat praised Vice President Joe Biden’s climate plan. In response to Biden’s plan, Climate Hawks Vote founder R.L. Miller stated that the plan was worthy of “Definitely a B-plus grade when we were expecting C-minus.” adding further that “It’s great to see that he’s more or less embraced the ‘No Fossil Fuel Money’ pledge and the Green New Deal.” 7


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