Green New Deal Coalition



United States

Sponsored by:

Sunrise Movement

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The Green New Deal Coalition is an advocacy campaign sponsored by Sunrise Movement that supports the Green New Deal legislation introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey in the 116th Congress.

Directors, Employees & Supporters

Child Organizations

  1. 350 Eugene (Non-profit)

Coalition Members

  1. 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East (UHE) (Labor Union)
  2. 32BJ SEIU (Labor Union)
  3. (National) (Non-profit)
  4. Alliance for Climate Education (Non-profit)
  5. American Family Voices (Non-profit)
  6. American Sustainable Business Council (Non-profit)
  7. Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO (APALA) (Labor Union)
  8. Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (Labor Union)
  9. Avaaz Foundation (Non-profit)
  10. Aytzim: Ecological Judaism (Other Group)
  11. Backbone Campaign (Non-profit)
  12. Bold Alliance (Non-profit)
  13. California Student Sustainability Coalition (Non-profit)
  14. Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) (Non-profit)
  15. Clean Water Action (Non-profit)
  16. Climate Generation/Will Steger Foundation (Non-profit)
  17. Climate Hawks Vote Civic Action (Non-profit)
  18. Climate Mobilization (Non-profit)
  19. Climate Xchange (Non-profit)
  20. Code Pink (CODEPINK) (Non-profit)
  21. Common Defense (Other Group)
  22. Cool Hive (Other Group)
  23. Courage Campaign (Non-profit)
  24. CREDO Victory Fund (CREDO Action) (Non-profit)
  25. Data for Progress (Non-profit)
  26. Demand Progress Action (DPA) (Non-profit)
  27. Democracy for America (Political Party/527)
  28. Demos (Non-profit)
  29. Green for All (Non-profit)
  30. Earth Guardians (Non-profit)
  31. Earth Island Institute (Non-profit)
  32. Earthjustice (Non-profit)
  33. Earthworks (Non-profit)
  34. ECHO Action NH (Non-profit)
  35. Enviro Show (For-profit)
  36. Franciscan Action Network (Non-profit)
  37. Harry Potter Alliance (Non-profit)
  38. Honor the Earth (Non-profit)
  39. Human Agenda (Non-profit)
  40. Important, Not Important (Other Group)
  41. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (Non-profit)
  42. Institute for Policy Studies (Non-profit)
  43. Interfaith Moral Action on Climate (Other Group)
  44. Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Non-profit)
  45. Justice Democrats (Political Party/527)
  46. Justice First (Non-profit)
  47. Labor Network for Sustainability (For-profit)
  48. Latino Victory Project (Non-profit)
  49. League of Conservation Voters (LCV) (Non-profit)
  50. Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution (Non-profit)
  51. Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (Non-profit)
  52. Massachusetts Peace Action (Non-profit)
  53. Monadnock Progressive Alliance (Other Group)
  54. Mothers Out Front (Non-profit)
  55. MoveOn Civic Action ( (Non-profit)
  56. Movimiento Cosecha (Non-profit)
  57. National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) (Non-profit)
  58. Partners for Dignity & Rights (formerly National Economic and Social Rights Initiative) (Non-profit)
  59. New York Communities for Change (NYCC) (Non-profit)
  60. NextGen America (Non-profit)
  61. North Carolina Climate Solutions Coalition (Non-profit)
  62. Partnership for Policy Integrity (Non-profit)
  63. Partnership for Working Families (Non-profit)
  64. Philly Thrive (Other Group)
  65. PolicyLink (Non-profit)
  66. Power Shift Network (Non-profit)
  67. (Presente ACTION) (Non-profit)
  68. Public Citizen (Non-profit)
  69. Rachel Carson Council (Non-profit)
  70. Resilience Force (Non-profit)
  71. Secular Student Alliance (Non-profit)
  72. Seeding Sovereignty (Non-profit)
  73. SEIU Local 509 (Labor Union)
  74. Sierra Club (Non-profit)
  75. Solutionary Rail (Other Group)
  76. Solutions Project (Non-profit)
  77. Strong Economy for All Coalition (Non-profit)
  78. The Indivisible Project (Indivisible) (Non-profit)
  79. Tikkun (Non-profit)
  80. Unitarian Universalist Association (Non-profit)
  81. #VOTEPROCHOICE (Other Group)
  82. Women’s March (National) (Non-profit)
  83. Working Families Party (WFP) (Political Party/527)
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