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Victory 2020 (PAC)


Washington, DC


May 2020 [6]


Fundraising PAC

Aligned With:

American Bridge 21st Century (PAC)

Unite the Country (PAC)


Bradley Beychok

Victory 2020 is a Democratic-aligned political action committee (PAC) created in May 2020 as a joint fundraising committee for American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal PAC that attacks Republicans, and Unite the Country, a PAC created in 2019 to support the presidency of 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden. [1]

Victory 2020 has received substantial funding from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a 501(c)(4) advocacy nonprofit created and managed by the Washington, DC-based consultancy Arabella Advisors.


As of September 2020, Victory Fund’s total contributions was $5.9 million and it had disbursed just under $5.9 million in the 2019-20 election cycle. [2]

In 2020, the Sixteen Thirty Fund donated $5.7 million to Victory 2020, accounting for 96.3 percent of the PAC’s total receipts (as of September 2020). [3] The PAC’s next-largest donation was $75,000 from film director and producer James L. Brooks. [4]

In June 2020, Victory 2020 contributed $3.6 million to Unite the Country, a PAC aligned with 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and $2.3 million to American Bridge 21st Century (“AB PAC”), a PAC created by Democratic operative David Brock to create advertisements attacking Republican politicians. The next-largest contribution by the PAC (as of September 2020) was $1,536 in June 2020 to ActBlue (“ActBlue Technical Services”), a fundraising platform for left-of-center nonprofits and PACs. [5]


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Victory 2020 (PAC)

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