Robert McChesney

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Robert McChesney is a professor and political activist known for his role in founding Free Press and Free Press Action, groups which have advocated for a far-left and anti-free speech agenda. McChesney has praised democratic socialism as “a very good foundation for what we should be fighting for today” and is a defender of greater government control of the Internet through net neutrality rules, which he helped develop during his tenure at the University of Illinois. [1]


  1. Mark Karlin. “Robert McChesney: Capitalism Is a Bad Fit for a Technological Revolution.” Truthout. May 8, 2016. Accessed December 1, 2018.

Connected Organizations

  1. Free Press (Non-profit)
    Co-Founder, Former Board Member & President
  2. Free Press Action Fund (Non-profit)
    Co-Founder, Former Board Member & President (Free Press)
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