Megan Hull

Megan Hull is a left-of-center advocacy philanthropist, who regularly donates to Democratic candidates and left-progressive causes. Her father is Blair Hull, an investor, a former unsuccessful Illinois Democratic politician, and the multi-millionaire founder of the left-of-center grantmaking nonprofit the Hull Family Foundation.


In 2006, Megan Hull co-founded the Secretary of State Project, an effort sponsored by members of the Democracy Alliance to elect senior state elections officials, typically state secretaries of state, from the Democratic Party. [1]

According to her biography on the now-defunct organization’s website, in 2004 — prior to her work at the Secretary of State Project — she “was a Project Director for Democracy Reform at the Center for Civic Participation.” [2]

Currently, Federal Election Commission donation filings list Hull as a self-employed consultant in Washington, D.C. [3]

Political Philanthropy

Like the rest of her family, Megan Hull benefits from the profits generated by Hull Investments, LLC, the investment company that was created out of the $531 million sale of her father’s Hull Trading Company to Goldman Sachs. [4]

As a result, she donates hundreds of thousands each year to Democratic candidates and political committees. In 2019 alone, as of October 2019, she has donated $346,712 to such causes, with $150,000 going to the left-of-center Be a Hero PAC. [5]


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