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Build Back Better USA (BBBU) is a nominal advocacy group supporting President Joe Biden’s (D) Build Back Better proposals founded and led by Democratic activist Carlyn Barclift.

BBBU is a member of Declaration for American Democracy, a left-wing coalition under Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen Foundation. 1


Build Back Better USA was founded and is led by Carolyn Barclift. She is a co-founder of the Media and Democracy Project, a left-of-center volunteer group that promotes political awareness. 2 Barclift is also a co-founder and steering member of Olympia Indivisible/Washington State Indivisible Coalition. 3 Branclift was registered as a lobbyist on behalf of the Washington State Indivisible Coalition in 2019. 4

Branclift held a school board position at Olympia School in Olympia, Washington, in the mid-2000s. 5

Virtual Community Event

Build Back Better USA was featured in a weekly meeting hosted by the Democratic National Committee. 6 BBBU founder Carolyn Barclift is a co-host of DNC Weekly Town Hall. 7


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