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Robert Musil

Rachel Carson Council (RCC) is an environmentalist advocacy organization that writes reports on various industries and advocates for left-of-center policies based on its own work and that of other environmentalist groups. RCC engages in advocacy based around regulating and opposing certain agriculture and farming practices such as pesticide use and conventional energy sources including natural gas, nuclear power, and biomass fuel.


Rachel Carson Council supported the passage of legislation which would have consolidated electoral matters under federal jurisdiction. RCC called for the “strongest possible version” of the bill, while other left-of-center organizations like the ACLU condemned the bill, arguing that it would “unconstitutionally burden speech and associational rights.” 1 2 3


Wood Pellet Production

In January 2019, Rachel Carson Council published a report accusing forestry biofuel organization Enviva of creating an “unnecessary” product that was particularly harmful to “communities of color.” The report was criticized for fabricating misleading and erroneous claims. 4 The report also calls for supporting various left-wing organizations to take legal action against Enviva and the wood pellet industry, including Environmental Integrity Project, Southern Environmental Law Center, Clean Air Carolina, and Natural Resources Defense Council. The report also criticizes the European Union’s 2020 Renewable Energy Directive for defining wood pellet industry as “renewable,” and partners with Dogwood Alliance to oppose the use of trees as an energy source. 5 6

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Rachel Carson Council opposes the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, working with the Sierra Club to oppose its construction, and lobbying for legal action that led to an appeal before the U.S Supreme Court as of October 2019. 7 8 9

Pork farming

Rachel Carson Council opposes large hog farms by opposing bills written to protect the property rights and safety of farmers and their livestock. 10 11

RCC also works to prevent poultry and pork farming in association with Food and Water Watch (FWW) and Waterkeeper Alliance. It also works with North Carolina Workers’ Center, which partners with the AFL-CIO labor union federation to demand higher wages for employees on livestock farms and to accuse farms of supposed “wage theft”. 12

RCC supports regulations proposed by the left-wing Government Accountability Project and the Humane Society of the United States,13 a vegan advocacy organization. 14


The Foundation for the Carolinas, a donor-advised fund provider which reportedly has been used by controversial environmentalist grant-maker Fred Stanback,15 has provided six-figure contributions to Rachel Carson Council. 16

MARPAT Foundation donated $10,000 to Rachel Carson Council in September 2018. 17


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