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Samantha Campbell

Budget (2022):

Revenue: $104,953,410

Expenses: $22,432,168

Assets: $374,073,206 1


  1. Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990-PF). The Campbell Foundation. Part I, Line 1. 2022.

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The Campbell Foundation is a left-of-center grantmaking organization that primarily supports environmentalist organizations focused on issues relating to the Chesapeake Bay and environmentalist organizations on the West Coast. 1 The organization contributes to numerous local chapters of the Waterkeeper Alliance, 2 referred to as Riverkeeper organizations, an environmentalist and anti-nuclear energy organization for which Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. worked for a period. 3


The Campbell Foundation was founded in 1988 by investment advisor D. Keith Campbell to support environmentalist organizations focused on issues related to the Chesapeake Bay as well as other Atlantic coastal bays. 4 The organization has expanded its mission to include support for environmentalist organizations on the West Coast and left-of-center organizations that do not have an environment-focused objective. 5


In 2022, The Campbell Foundation received $48,521,460 in contributions, 6 and $104,953,410 in total revenue after accounting for sales of assets, interest, and dividends from securities, 7 it incurred $22,432,168 in expenses, 8 and held $374,073,206 in net assets. 9


Chesapeake Bay

The Campbell Foundation supports a variety of Chesapeake Bay related environmentalist organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation. 10 The National Wildlife Federation is one of the most active environmentalist organizations that lobbies the federal government. 11

However, the Campbell Foundation has also supported organizations not related to the Chesapeake Bay area, such as PennFuture, an environmentalist lobbying organization located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 12 that lobbies against drilling and fracking for natural gas. 13 The Campbell Foundation has also contributed to Make the Road States ($30,000), an organization that engages in immigration and race-based advocacy through its state chapters. 14

In 2023, the Campbell Foundation made 177 financial contributions to environmentalist organizations focused on issues related to the Chesapeake Bay and the East Coast. These include the Chesapeake Bay Foundation ($1,010,000), Chesapeake Conservancy ($600,000), Lancaster Clean Water Partners ($505,600), ShoreRivers ($297,500), Green Fin Studios ($291,193), National Wildlife Federation ($278,037), Maryland League of Conservation Voters Education Fund ($165,000), Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay ($160,500), Commons ($160,000), Lancaster Conservancy ($160,000), Potomac Riverkeeper ($141,000), Lancaster Farmland Trust ($127,500), Nature Forward ($112,129), Donegal Trout Unlimited ($111,000), Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association ($107,000), PennFuture ($105,000), Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association ($103,500), Center for Watershed Protection ($100,000), Lancaster County Community Foundation ($100,000), Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake ($98,375), Mid-Atlantic 4R Nutrient Stewardship Association ($96,000), Preservation Maryland ($95,221), Moonshot Missions ($95,000), Virginia Conservation Network ($95,000), Lower Shore Land Trust ($94,887), Blue Water Baltimore ($91,252), Arundel Rivers Federation ($90,000), Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation ($90,000), Virginia League of Conservation Voters Education Fund ($89,602), Sustainable Chesapeake ($85,000), James River Association ($85,000), Clean Water Fund ($85,000), Environmental Integrity Project ($75,000), Bay Journal Media ($75,000), 9b Group ($73,500), Chesapeake Bay Trust ($70,000), Nanticoke Watershed Alliance ($69,138), Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership ($65,000), Gunpowder Riverkeeper ($65,000), Friends of the Rappahannock ($64,610), Waterkeepers Chesapeake ($60,000), United Way of Lancaster County ($59,945), River Network ($57,500), Eastern Shore Land Conservancy ($54,681), Potomac Conservancy ($50,000), American Rivers ($50,000), ($50,000), Anacostia Watershed Society ($45,000), Common Cause Education Fund ($45,000), Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts ($45,000), Piedmont Environmental Council ($44,000), Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council ($43,820), Wetlands Watch ($40,000) Ducks Unlimited ($40,000), Chesapeake Legal Alliance ($40,000) Dickinson College’s Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring ($35,000), Pennsylvania Voice ($35,000), Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy ($35,000), Conestoga River Club ($30,000), Coastal Conservation Association Maryland ($30,000), Clergy United for the Transformation of Sandtown ($30,000), PA Alliance Foundation ($30,000), Make the Road  States($30,000), Alliance for the Shenandoah Valley ($30,000), Pennsylvania Environmental Council ($29,147), Shore Legal Access ($25,000), The Links Foundation ($25,000), Chesapeake Stormwater Network ($25,000), Assets Lancaster ($25,000), Oyster Recovery Partnership ($24,258), West Virginia Rivers Coalition ($22,500), The Child & Family Foundation ($20,000), Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore ($17,500), Wildlife Leadership Academy ($17,000), Minary’s Dream Alliance ($15,000), LEAD Maryland Foundation ($12,800), Forever Maryland, ($12,500), Earth Force ($10,000), Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore ($10,000), Alliance for Justice, ($10,000), Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation ($10,000), Maryland Onsite Wastewater Professionals Association ($7,000), University of Maryland Eastern Shore ($5,007), Wicomico Environmental Trust ($5,000), Delaware Association of Conservation Districts ($5,000), United Way of Lower Eastern Shore ($5,000),  and the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore ($5,000). 15

Non-Environmentalist Organizations

In addition to environmentalist organizations, the Campbell Foundation made financial contributions to other general organizations, with some but not all tied to specific terms and conditions relating to an environmental objective. This includes the Center for Independent Documentary ($490,000), National Aquarium in Baltimore ($250,000), The Better Angels Society ($75,000), Sinai Hospital of Baltimore ($50,000), Hippodrome Foundation ($50,000), City Kids to Wilderness Project ($15,000), National Shell Museum and Educational Foundation ($10,000), Star Of The Sea Foundation ($10,000), Tech Impact ($10,000), Thread ($9,600), UnionDocs ($5,000), Maryland Reentry Resource Center ($5,000), Good Call NYC ($5,000).  YMCA of the Chesapeake ($10,000), YMCA of Central Maryland ($5,000), and the Bright Side Opportunities Center ($5,000), Key West Film Society ($5,000), Key West Literary Seminar ($5,000), and VineCorps ($5,000). 16

In addition to supporting environmentalist organizations on the West Coast, the Campbell Foundation made financial contributions to other general organizations, with some tied to specific conditions relating to an environmental objective. 17 This includes Children’s Day School ($395,000), Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation ($275,000), Tides Center ($175,000), First Fruits Farm ($125,000), San Francisco Zoological Society ($100,000), Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability ($100,000), Social Good Fund ($90,000), and the Family Connections Centers ($80,000), French American International School ($50,100), Self-Help Enterprises ($50,000), Women’s Audio Mission ($50,000), University of California Santa Cruz Foundation ($30,000), Weintraub Public Affairs ($26,000), ACT for Women and Girls ($25,000), Black Wellness and Prosperity Center ($25,000), Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative ($25,000), Central Valley Partnership ($25,000), Cinequest  ($25,000), New Performance Traditions ($25,000), Nuestra Casa de East Palo Alto ($25,000), Puente de la Costa Sur ($25,000), Turkish Philanthropy Funds ($25,000), Keiko Fukuda and Shelley Fernandez Girls and Women Judo Foundation ($20,000), Pie Ranch ($20,000), San Francisco Village ($25,000),  Lost Sierra Food Project ($20,000), Redbud Resource Group ($16,200), 826 Valencia ($15,000), American Orff-Schulwerk Association ($10,000), Hopi School System ($10,000),  Art with a Heart ($10,000),  Civic Influencers ($10,000), Empowerment Works ($10,000), Phoenix Legal Action Network ($8,500), Latino Equity Advocacy & Policy Institute – The Leap Institute ($7,000), Huckleberry Youth Programs ($7,000), Movement Strategy Center ($5,000), Cheyenne River Youth Project ($5,000), Crafting the Future ($5,000), Fairmead Community & Friends ($5,000), Journalism Funding Partners ($5,000), Probolsky Research ($5,000), Rappahannock Tribe ($5,000), Rose Haven ($5,000), Rural Community Assistance Corporation ($5,000), Source LGBT Center ($5,000), Tandem Partners in Early Learning ($5,000), and The Challenge Program ($5,000). 18

West Coast

In 2023, the Campbell Foundation contributed to 240 environmentalist organizations located on the West Coast, with an emphasis on organizations located in San Francisco. 19 Similar to contributions made to Chesapeake Bay-related organizations, in addition to contributing to environmentalist groups, the foundation made environment-related contributions to otherwise non-environment oriented organizations. This includes financial contributions to the University of California Santa Cruz Foundation ($30,000), 20 which were tied to the university’s Seymour Marine Discovery Center. 21

In 2023, the Campbell Foundation contributed to the Resources Legacy Fund ($5,350,000), Environmental Defense Fund ($3,000,000), National Geographic Society ($500,000), Water Foundation ($450,000), Community Water Center ($200,000), California Environmental Voters Education Fund ($150,000), California Coastkeeper ($87,500),San Diego Coastkeeper ($80,000), California Trout ($75,000), Trout Unlimited ($75,000), Los Angeles Waterkeeper ($70,000), Orange County Coastkeeper ($69,000), Tuolumne River Preservation Trust ($165,603), Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation ($60,000), South Yuba River Citizens League ($70,000), California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation ($50,000),Cannabis for Conservation ($50,000), Ecdysis Foundation ($50,000), Global Conservation ($50,000), North Carolina Coastal Federation ($50,000), TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation ($50,000), Earth Island Institute ($55,000), Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association ($40,000), California FarmLink ($40,000), Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources ($40,000), Santa Barbara Channelkeeper ($55,000), The Sierra Fund ($40,000), Earth Echo International ($40,000), Scott River Watershed Council ($35,000), Shelterwood Collective ($35,000), Groundwork San Diego – Chollas Creek ($30,000), Sonoma RCD ($30,000), Sustainable Economies Law Center ($30,000), The Watershed Project ($30,000), Environmental Action Committee of West Marin ($34,000), First Nations Development Institute ($25,000), Friends of the San Juans ($30,000), National Young Farmers Coalition ($30,000), Ocean Discovery Institute ($25,000), Physicians for Social Responsibility, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter ($25,000), Projecto Pastoral ($25,000), San Francisco Botanical Garden Society at Strybing Arboretum ($50,000), Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation ($25,000), Waterside Workshops ($37,400), Alpine Watershed Group ($27,150), Central California Environmental Justice Network ($20,000), Cooperative Agricultural Network ($20,000), Regenerative Agriculture Foundation ($20,000), San Diego Canyonlands ($20,000), Soil Born Farm Urban Agriculture Project ($16,100), Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust ($20,000), Center for Aquatic Sciences ($10,000), Center for Land-Based Learning ($15,000), FISH of Sanibel-Captiva Inc ($20,000), Glynwood Center ($15,000), Heyday ($10,000), Humboldt Waterkeeper ($10,000), Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center ($15,000), Minorities in Shark Sciences ($10,000), Organic Farming Research Foundation ($10,000), YES Nature to Neighborhoods ($10,000), San Francisco Baykeeper ($5,000), California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation ($5,000), Chattahoochee Riverkeeper ($5,000), Conservation Lands Foundation ($5,000), Ding Darling Wildlife Society ($10,000), Feather River Land Trust ($5,000), Friends of Ballona Wetlands ($5,000), Friends of Plumas Wilderness ($5,000), Justice Outside ($5,000), Regenerative Organic Alliance ($5,000), Russian Riverkeeper ($5,000), Ten Strands ($5,000),Sacramento Valley Conservancy ($5,000), Sanctuary Forest ($5,000),  Coral Reef Alliance ($5,000). 22


Samantha Campbell, the daughter of the Campbell Foundation’s founder Keith Campbell, is the president of the organization. 23 The organization’s grantmaking is at Samantha Campbell’s direction. 24 She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in advertising design from Syracuse University. 25


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