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    Climate Central

    Climate Central is a nonprofit news organization that analyzes and reports on climate science. Composed of scientists and science journalists, the organization conducts scientific research on climate change and energy issues, and produces multimedia content that is distributed via their website and media partners.
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    State Innovation Exchange (SIX)

    The State Innovation Exchange (SiX) was founded in late 2014 to promote the progressive agenda at the state level amid substantial losses for progressives in state legislative elections. A merger of several progressive organizations, including the American Legislative Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE), the Progressive States Network (PSN) and its affiliated
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    Sea Change Foundation

    The Sea Change Foundation is a major left-of-center foundation whose grantmaking focuses on supporting environmentalist think tanks and advocacy groups, most notably the Energy Foundation, an environmentalist pass-through funder, and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an advocacy nonprofit. Sea Change was founded in 2006 by Nathaniel
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    Color of Change

    For the 501(c)(3), see Color of Change Education Fund (Nonprofit) Color of Change is an online organizing organization created by the Obama administration’s former “green jobs czar” Van Jones and the former director of grassroots mobilization for, James Rucker, in 2005.[50] Jones and
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    Americans United for Change (AUFC)

    Americans United for Change is a left-of-center 501(c)(4) group characterized as a “dark money group” by the left-leaning Sunlight Foundation for its support of center-left causes and Democratic candidates. [117] The organization was headed by controversial Democratic operative Brad Woodhouse from 2016 to 2017.[118]
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    NextGen Climate Action

    Not to be confused with the similarly named super PAC NextGen Climate Action Committee Also see Steyer Network NextGen Climate Action is the 501(c)(4) organization arm of NextGen America, a 501(c)(3), and the super PAC NextGen Climate America, environmentalist organizations based in San Francisco, California. Together they
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    Climate Reality Project

    Founded by former Vice President Al Gore in 2006, the Climate Reality Project (formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection), is a leader in advocating for aggressive policies to combat what it sees as apocalyptic, human-caused global warming.[151] CRP is a major backer of the Paris Agreement, a plan
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    Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy

    The Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy is a think tank formed in 2018 in Washington, D.C. The organization is named after Reconstruction-era U.S. Rep. Joseph Hayne Rainey (R-SC), the first Black man to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. [174] The group has described itself as
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    Wren Winslow Wirth

    Wren Winslow Wirth is the wife of former U.S. Senator Tim Wirth (D-CO) and a Democratic political activist that advocated for left-of-center environmental policies like population control, the elimination of fossil fuels,[220] and the Green New Deal. She has worked for or sat on the boards of
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    Wisconsin Native Vote

    Wisconsin Native Vote is a voter turnout initiative of Wisconsin Conservation Voices. The initiative has been active since 2011, and it was formed out of a partnership with the Bad River Band to oppose the development of an iron-ore mine near the Bad River Reservation in northern Wisconsin.
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    Tax Justice Network

    The Tax Justice Network is a left-of-center network based in the United Kingdom that focuses on advocating for left-of-center tax-related policies and increases in corporate taxes worldwide. [276] It also advocates for left-of-center policies on issues such as climate change including the Green New Deal, and carbon
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    Accountable.US Action

    Accountable.US Action is the advocacy and political arm of Accountable.US, a self-described “watchdog” nonprofit that focuses on climate change, “right-wing corruption,” and economic mobility in the U.S. Accountable.US Action is a project of Sixteen Thirty Fund, a pass-through and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit managed by the consulting firm
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    PowWow the Vote MN

    PowWow the Vote MN is a voter registration and turnout initiative supported by Honor the Earth. [292] During the 2018 and 2020 elections, PowWow the Vote MN was active in registering Native American voters in and around the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota. PowWow the Vote
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    Atlantic Council

    The Atlantic Council is a think tank based in Washington, D.C. that focuses on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Atlantic alliance, and international affairs. Spread across fourteen different centers worldwide, the Atlantic Council focuses on a variety of policy issues including climate change, economic development, and advocacy of
  • Labor Union

    American Clean Power Association

    The American Clean Power Association (Clean Power) is a left-of-center trade association that has over 1,000 member companies and 120,000 members. Clean Power advocates for a transition to an energy infrastructure that is solely reliant on environmentalist energy sources. [359] Clean Power provides resources to its members to assist
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    Pacific Legal Foundation

    Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) is a libertarian public interest law firm founded in 1973 that represents clients at no charge. [373] PLF’s founders believed public interest law had drifted into supporting, rather than challenging, government authority. [374] They intended the firm to be an antidote to
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    Nebraskans for Peace

    Nebraskans for Peace is a left-of-center social advocacy organization that has historically opposed all American military efforts since the Vietnam War. Nebraskans for Peace organizes campaigns through a network of affiliated local chapters, some of which are located on college campuses. More recently, it has aligned itself in support of
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    Natasha Lamb

    Natasha Lamb is an investment advisor who is a managing partner at Arjuna Capital, LLC, a left-of-center investment firm based in Durham, North Carolina, that specializes in activist investment strategies in environmentalist and left-of-center social policy causes. Lamb’s work centers around pressing companies to adopt left-leaning Environmental, Social,
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    Bishop M. Garrison, Jr

    Bishop M. Garrison, Jr. is the senior advisor to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) on human capital, diversity, equity, and inclusion. [489] [490] Prior to joining the Biden administration, Garrison held positions with Democratic political campaigns, left-of-center advocacy groups, and
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    Metropolitan Group

    Metropolitan Group is a public relations firm that services many left-of-center organizations, including Fair Fight, the Kresge Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Earthjustice, Interfaith Power & Light, Trust for America’s Health, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Power to Decide. [548]