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  • Non-profit

    Climate Voices US

    Climate Voices US’s stated goal is “Fighting Climate Change”.
  • For-profit

    Climate Nexus

    Climate Nexus is an environmental nonprofit that uses research from various fields to propose various climate change solutions.
  • Non-profit

    Climate Justice Alliance (CJA)

    Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is a left-of-center environmental activist group made up of associated organizations from around the world. The organization was launched as a project of Movement Strategy Center, a left-wing nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California with a history of working with organizations that identify themselves as
  • Non-profit

    Climate Hawks Vote Civic Action

    Climate Hawks Vote Civic Action is an advocacy organization that promotes left-leaning environmentalist policies. Much of the organization’s work revolves around pushing Democratic politicians further to the left on environmentalist issues and advocating against the use of any conventional energy sources. The organization has a relatively small budget and no
  • Non-profit

    Climate Action Santa Monica

    Climate Action Santa Monica is a nonprofit that teaches Santa Monica residents about climate change and how it affects them.
  • Non-profit

    Climate Action Reserve

    Climate Action Reserve is an environmentalist nonprofit that supports market-based solutions to climate change.
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    Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL)

    Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is an environmentalist advocacy organization that pushes for legislation to curtail carbon emissions, with an emphasis on carbon taxes. It advances legislation to impose a carbon tax with redistribution to the populace. Founded on October 6, 2007, CCL created 560 chapters throughout the world, with chapters
  • Non-profit

    Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN)

    The Chesapeake Climate Action Network, is the Capital Area chapter of U.S. Climate Action Network and Climate Action Network-International (CAN-I).  It was founded in July 2002 with a seed grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.[50]  USCAN is the national affiliate of Climate Action Network International, a global
  • Non-profit

    Center for Climate Strategies

    The Center for Climate Strategies is an environmentalist organization which seeks to help formulate climate change policies in the U.S. and other countries.
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    Building Energy Exchange

    Building Energy Exchange is an organization that combats climate change by connecting real estate designers with energy efficiency designers.
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    Bronx Climate Justice North

    Bronx Climate Justice and partner Bronx Climate Justice North is an activist organization. It advocates for the transition to renewable energy in New York by the year 2030 and combatting climate change by ending what it considers social and racial inequities.
  • Non-profit

    Climate Majority Project (50/50 Climate Project)

    Climate Majority Project (formerly 50/50 Climate Project) is a left-of-center environmentalist organization that focuses on influencing corporation’s decisions and direction towards adopting the environmentalist agenda. The group seeks to add one or more select climate activists for environmental oversight to boards of directors in companies like Exxon and Chevron. Climate
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    World Climate Report

    World Climate Report is an online climate change newsletter that provides a response to global change reports. It advocates that climate change is largely overblown and promotes the idea of modest changes to improve the environment.
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    Climate Audit

    Climate Audit is a blog that examines and discusses climate data findings. Founded by Steve McIntyre, the blog played a key role in exposing “Climategate,” a controversy involving emails sent by prominent climatologists that appeared to indicate efforts to conceal or manipulate climatological data, in 2009. The site is skeptical
  • Non-profit

    Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change / CO2

    The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change is a non-profit organization based in Tempe, Arizona. The Center produces a weekly online science newsletter called CO₂Science. The Center was founded and is run by Craig D. Idso, along with Sherwood B. Idso, his father, and Keith
  • Non-profit Education Fund

    For the 501(c)(4), see Color of Change (Nonprofit) The Education Fund (CoCEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Oakland, California. The CoCEF is a partner organization of (Color of Change), a prominent, left-wing lobbying group for African-American interests. Since the Anthony “Van” Jones and James
  • Non-profit

    New York Communities for Change (NYCC)

    New York Communities for Change (NYCC) is a New York City-based labor and community organizing group. NYCC is a key agitation force behind the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) “Fight for $15” union organizing efforts, and has received over $7 million from SEIU and its local unions alone
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    Climate Action Network International (CAN-I)

    For funding information, see U.S. Climate Action Network Climate Action Network-International (CAN-I) is the governing organization that unifies each Climate Action Network (CAN) region and chapter. The organization was founded shortly after the formation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). While its original intent was to serve
  • Non-profit

    Oil Change International

    Oil Change International is an environmentalist organization which advocates against the use of oil and other traditional energy sources. Its work consists of research on environmental issues, political advocacy, and blog posts. Oil Change USA is the advocacy arm of Oil Change International. Background Oil Change International was founded
  • Non-profit

    ClimateWorks Foundation

    The ClimateWorks Foundation is a left-of-center “pass-through” funding entity that distributes funds from donors to environmentalist advocacy groups around the world. Many of these nonprofits lobby for emissions taxes, restricting coal use, international climate treaties with strict enforcement mechanisms, and diminishing the use of cars. [190] The