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    Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change / CO2

    The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change is a non-profit organization based in Tempe, Arizona. The Center produces a weekly online science newsletter called CO₂Science. The Center was founded and is run by Craig D. Idso, along with Sherwood B. Idso, his father, and Keith
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    American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

    The American Legislative Exchange Council is a nonprofit organization of conservative state legislators and private sector representatives who draft and share model state-level legislation for distribution among state governments in the United States. In August 2019, ALEC members met in Austin, Texas to discuss the “Green Real Deal,” a centrist
  • Non-profit Education Fund

    For the 501(c)(4), see Color of Change (Nonprofit) The Education Fund (CoCEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Oakland, California. The CoCEF is a partner organization of (Color of Change), a prominent, left-wing lobbying group for African-American interests. Since the Anthony “Van” Jones and James
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    Climate Action Network International (CAN-I)

    For funding information, see U.S. Climate Action Network Climate Action Network-International (CAN-I) is the governing organization that unifies each Climate Action Network (CAN) region and chapter. The organization was founded shortly after the formation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). While its original intent was to serve
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    Oil Change International

    Oil Change International is an environmentalist organization which advocates against the use of oil and other traditional energy sources. Its work consists of research on environmental issues, political advocacy, and blog posts. Oil Change USA is the advocacy arm of Oil Change International. Background Oil Change International was founded
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    ClimateWorks Foundation

    The ClimateWorks Foundation is a left-of-center “pass-through” funding entity that distributes funds from donors to environmentalist advocacy groups around the world. Many of these nonprofits lobby for emissions taxes, restricting coal use, international climate treaties with strict enforcement mechanisms, and diminishing the use of cars.[83] The William
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    Climate Central

    Climate Central is a nonprofit news organization that analyzes and reports on climate science. Composed of scientists and science journalists, the organization conducts scientific research on climate change and energy issues, and produces multimedia content that is distributed via their website and media partners.
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    State Innovation Exchange (SIX)

    The State Innovation Exchange (SiX) was founded in late 2014 to promote the progressive agenda at the state level amid substantial losses for progressives in state legislative elections. A merger of several progressive organizations, including the American Legislative Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE), the Progressive States Network (PSN) and its affiliated
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    Sea Change Foundation

    Nathaniel Simons, the billionaire son of Renaissance Technologies co-founder and progressive donor James Simons, established the Sea Change Foundation in 2006.[154] The foundation, based in San Francisco, California, was created as a 501(c)(3) exempt private foundation.[155] The foundation’s mission is to address “serious threats posed
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    Color of Change

    For the 501(c)(3), see Color of Change Education Fund (Nonprofit) Color of Change is an online organizing organization created by the Obama administration’s former “green jobs czar” Van Jones and the former director of grassroots mobilization for, James Rucker, in 2005.[176] Jones and
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    Americans United for Change (AUFC)

    Americans United for Change is a left-of-center 501(c)(4) group characterized as a “dark money group” by the left-leaning Sunlight Foundation for its support of center-left causes and Democratic candidates. [243] The organization was headed by controversial Democratic operative Brad Woodhouse from 2016 to 2017.[244]
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    NextGen Climate Action

    Not to be confused with the similarly named super PAC NextGen Climate Action Committee NextGen Climate Action is the 501(c)(4) organization and Super PAC of NextGen Climate America, an organization dedicated to protecting the environment based in San Francisco. Together they support environmentalist candidates, organize attack campaigns, and
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    Climate Reality Project

    Founded by former Vice President Al Gore in 2006, the Climate Reality Project (formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection), is a leader in advocating for aggressive policies to combat what it sees as apocalyptic, human-caused global warming.[264] CRP is a major backer of the Paris Agreement, a plan
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    Larry Fink

    See Also: BlackRock, Inc. (For-Profit) Larry Fink is the co-founder, CEO, and Board Chairman of BlackRock, the world’s largest money management firm, where he has worked since 1988. [287] Fink is known for left-leaning politics, was a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidency in 2016 and has
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    BlackRock, Inc.

    See Also: Larry Fink (Person) BlackRock is the world’s largest investment management company, with nearly $7.5 trillion in managed assets as of January 2020. [345] In April 2020, the company was tasked by the U.S. Federal Reserve Board to oversee the Fed’s program to inject money into
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    Novara Media

    Novara Media is a British far-left media company that claims to report on address “issues that are set to define the 21st century,” which include the “crisis of capitalism,” racism, and climate change. The company writes “output actively intends to feed back into political action,” rather than moderate a debate
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    Green New Deal

    The Green New Deal (GND) refers to a U.S. House of Representatives resolution and various legislative proposals supported by radical environmentalist groups. While details of the “Deal” are unclear and frequently change, an attempt to estimate the cost of the plan that critics call a “radical, top-down, socialist makeover of
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    David Blood

    David Blood is a co-founder and senior partner of Generation Investment Management (GIM), a London-based “sustainable” investment fund which bases its $25.1 billion portfolio on an environmentalist ideological outlook and the “environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance” (ESG) investment philosophy. Blood, who was a long-time executive at Goldman Sachs, is
  • Government Agency

    California State Teachers’ Retirement System

    The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) is a state government agency that manages pension and health benefits for public school educators in California. It relies on environmental-social-governance (ESG)-related investing for most of its funding. Despite currently having an investment portfolio value of approximately $243.2 billion,[451] CalSTRS was
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    Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

    The Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi is an order of Catholic sisters that work in the Franciscan tradition, which emphasizes community life and charitable works in the world. [477] Like many modern Franciscans, the order emphasizes environmentalist concerns. The order’s political action is mainly local. History In