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Urban Triage is a left-of-center nonprofit organization that advocates for critical race theory-inspired “racial equity” approaches and various forms of racial reparations. It advocates for abolishing capitalism, which it asserts is white supremacy. 1

Urban Triage was a main organizer behind Black Lives Matter protests in Madison, Wisconsin following the death of George Floyd in 2020. Urban Triage expressed support for riots and looting that occurred surrounding the protests, with Urban Triage activist Brandi Grayson saying, “The spirit that you see right now exploding from our youth is the warrior spirit.” 2


Urban Triage is a nonprofit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin that campaigns for far-left policy addressing race issues. It is a member of the Movement for Black Lives (MBL) and supports MBL’s call to redistribute wealth for racial reparations, supports government welfare exclusive to Black people, and has organized MBL protests. 3

Brandi Grayson, Urban Triage’s founder and CEO, has created and worked for multiple nonprofit activist organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. 4 Grayson criticized news coverage of Black Lives Matter protests that were organized by Urban Triage because the coverage described the protests as peaceful. Grayson claims calling the protests peaceful damaged the group’s activism as it disassociated the protests from the riots. 5


Urban Triage offers various paid consulting services and trainings in racial activism to other organizations. The trainings discuss how any individual or organization can help abolish capitalism, which the group asserts is a form of white supremacy. Additionally, Urban Triage promotes activism that advocates for critical race theory-inspired racial equity, defunding the police, and “removing all Black people from Dane County Jail.” 6 7

In July 2021, Urban Triage partnered with Dane County, Wisconsin after the county received $12.5 million from the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan for rental assistance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Urban Triage was appointed to handle the administrative tasks of distributing the money and received $1.6 million to do so. 8

Black Lives Matter Protests

In response to the death of George Floyd in 2020, Urban Triage helped fund and organize protests and riots. Urban Triage helped to coordinate the blocking of roadways, which prevented law enforcement from accessing the protests and riots, and it gave out food and water to participants. Urban Triage and its CEO Brandi Grayson openly claim responsibility for “direct actions and protests” in June 2020; those actions led to a fire-bombing attack on the Madison city council building and the beating of a state senator. After Dane County was criticized for partnering with Urban Triage to administer rental assistance under the American Rescue Plan, Sheriff Dave Mahoney (D) admitted knowing that Urban Triage participated in the coordinating and facilitating of the protests and riots. 9


Brandi Grayson is the founder and CEO of Urban Triage and Grayson Consulting. She has worked with and founded multiple nonprofit organizations aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement, is an outspoken critic of capitalism, and is strong advocate of radical-left racial policy. 10


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