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The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation is a major grantmaking foundation created by Dell Technologies founder and CEO Michael Dell and his wife Susan. The organization makes grants to support education-related initiatives in the United States, India, and South Africa. As of 2019 the foundation had dispersed over $1.6 billion in grants and other funding. 1

Foundation Initiatives

Education Technology

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation supports initiatives to improve digital education programs. Explaining the foundation’s priorities in this sector in May 2019, Michael Dell said: “We must apply our expertise, our technology and our giving to ensure that students everywhere have the skills to succeed, the critical thinking skills to succeed in the digital world.” 2

Some examples of these grants include:

University of Texas: In January 2020, the foundation announced a $100 million grant to University of Texas—Austin. The grant included the foundation “integrating” its own staff into the staff at the university to provide services for students. Despite the foundation website stating it does not provide computers or “related technology equipment,” part of its partnership with the University of Texas includes gifting computers to students. 3 4 5 The foundation also gave $50 million in 2013 to build the UT—Austin medical school. 6

African EdTech: In October 2019, the foundation sponsored an incubation program for education technology firms in Africa to apply for financial and advisory resources. Resources include research prepared for selected candidates. 7

University Placement Services: The foundation funds EdNavigator, which sells student advisor services for school and university placement. 8 It also funds Strive for College, a similar advisory service for the college application process. 9 10

Nepris: In 2020 the foundation gave funding to U.S.-based Nepris, which sells education technology to host virtual teaching sessions targeted at technical education and training. Part of this package includes curricula, course recommendations, and video content produced by Nepris. 11


The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation granted $1.8 million to schools founded by Teach for America through Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), a program founded by Teach for America. 12

The Dell Foundation also gives variable interest loans to schools, designed as financial incentives to improve “student learning outcomes” and the rate of return on “social impact.” The loans are given at higher interest rates to poorly funded schools, with the possibility of a loan rebate which is contingent on a percentage increase in average student performance. 13 At least 339 schools in India are part of this program. 14

Notable Donors

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $2,318,319 in 2018. 15

Michael Dell gave $8,811,214 in 2018.

Michael and Susan Dell granted a lump sum of $1 billion to the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation in May 2017. 16


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