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Massachusetts Voter Table (MVT) is a left-of-center advocacy group that works to increase civic engagement among racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, women, young people, and low-income communities in Massachusetts.

MVT is the Massachusetts state affiliate of the left-of-center advocacy group State Voices, which is composed of state-based coalitions called “state tables.” The state tables work with smaller organizations within that state to organize and increase civic engagement and voter turnout among targeted groups. 1 MVT is sponsored by left-leaning TSNE MissionWorks. 2


State Voices was launched in 2008 to coordinate left-progressive “state tables” conducting voter outreach and mobilization across the country. As of 2021, State Voices has 23 tables in the network. Massachusetts Voter Table was formed in 2011. 3 MVT works with small progressive organizations within Massachusetts to organize and increase civic engagement, focusing on communities of low income and people of color. 4


Democracy Hubs

Massachusetts Voter Table worked with Massachusetts Voter Education Network (MassVOTE), the Massachusetts Immigrants and Refugees Advocacy Coalition, and Asian Pacific Islanders’ Civic Action Network to develop six regional Democracy Hubs (Holistically Unifying Blocs of Solidarity) in Massachusetts to increase voter turnout in the 2020 election, and future elections. 5 HUBS include cities that have 30 percent or more residents of color. 6


Massachusetts Voter Table, as part of the Election Modernization Coalition, supported the VOTES Act, a Democratic bill to overhaul voting practices. 7 The VOTES Act would expand same-day voter registration, mail-in voting, and voting by incarcerated individuals. 8

Partner Organizations

Some of the organizations that are members of the Massachusetts Voter Table coalition include Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG), Massachusetts Voter Education Network (MassVOTE), Massachusetts Community Action Network, Massachusetts Immigrants and Refugees Advocacy Coalition, Chinese Progressive Association (Boston), Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts, and Neighbors United for a Better East Boston. 9

Fiscal Sponsor

In addition to donations, Massachusetts Voter Table is supported by the left-leaning TSNE MissionWorks. 10 TSNE MissionWorks supports nonprofit organizations and community groups through fiscal sponsorship, training, and consulting. 11 MVT is under the TSNE MissionWorks umbrella as part of a fiscal sponsorship. 12


Beth Huang is executive director of Massachusetts Voter Table. Previously, Huang worked for Jobs With Justice (JWJ) in Washington, D.C. 13 Huang is on the steering committees of Raise Up Massachusetts and the Election Modernization Coalition. She is on the boards of directors of State Voices, Better Future Project, the Massachusetts Immigrants and Refugees Advocacy Coalition, and Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts. 14

Jordan Brandt is data and targeting director of MVT. Brandt has the same role at Mass Alliance. Previously, Brandt was the targeting and data director of the Montana Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign. 15


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Associated Organizations

  1. State Voices (Non-profit)
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Massachusetts Voter Table

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