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350 Sacramento is a child organization of, a left-of-center environmentalist organization that advocates for a total elimination of conventional energy. 350 Sacramento also has a youth division, named 350 Sacramento Youth, which it sponsors to hold its own protests and strikes. 1


350 Sacramento has helped organize protests against the development and use of conventional fuels. It has also protested the trains and pipelines that transport conventional fuel. 23

In 2019, California began requiring that new homes be built with solar panels as their main energy source. Critics of the law state that it could cost new homeowners over $10,000 extra to purchase a new home and will reduce revenue of utility companies. 4 350 Sacramento advocated against a proposal for deregulation that would allow new construction homes to have the option to use community solar panels. 5

350 Sacramento has advocated for the California government to commit to eliminating the use of conventional fuels and for the transition to incorporate “justice standards” based on supposed social injustices, which it does not define. 6

350 Sacramento also has advocated for legislation supporting the Green New Deal at the federal and state levels, including government spending to create an infrastructure that solely uses environmentally friendly energy. Additionally, it advocates for unionizing the jobs created under the Green New Deal. 7


Laurie Litman is the president of 350 Sacramento, serves on the Sacramento Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change and is a member of the Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative. 8

Martha Turner is cofounder of 350 Sacramento and Fossil Free California. 9


350 Sacramento is an independent nonprofit organization. It reported $69,256 in revenue and $33,148 in expenses in 2018. 10


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Supported Movements

  1. Green New Deal (GND)
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