350 Connecticut


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350 Connecticut is a left-progressive environmental organization that advocates for the elimination of carbon emissions and use of conventional energy and is a child organization of It advocates for environmentalist policy that addresses allegedly associated “major” issues, including capitalism, white supremacy, and pandemics. 1


350 Connecticut holds meetings and panels to discuss environmentalist policy and how it can be promoted. It engages in protests, lobbying, and digital campaigns to support policy that implements aspects of the Green New Deal. 2 350 Connecticut advocates for a complete transition to environmentalist energy, ending new natural gas projects, expanding mass transit, and hiking government spending to prioritize hiring minorities for so-called “just transition” jobs. 3

Political Advocacy

350 Connecticut has been critical of both left- and right-wing politicians. Its activists have demonstrated against Connecticut governor Ned Lamont (D), to the point of having to be removed from Woodstock Fair for protesting him. 4

In response to the Trump administration’s environmental policies, 350 Connecticut has organized digital campaigns in protest and sent buses of activists to Washington, D.C. to participate in the People’s Climate March. 5 350 Connecticut chair Ben Martin has stated that participation in protests was aimed at gaining then-President Trump’s attention and warning him that they wanted his environmental policies reversed. 6


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Supported Movements

  1. Green New Deal (GND)
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